All The Sh*t You Need Before Festival Season Hits

I'm not gonna lie (because my friends will probably read this and call me out), I am not a festival person. The thought of stomping around in dirt, sleeping in a tent in 40 degree weather, and not showering for 4 days sounds like a form of torture to me - so you definitely won't find me buying a $350 festival ticket.

However, in saying all of that, my iPhone screen time is predominantly spent on Instagram (so I know what the kids do at festivals these days), and I'm pretty much a beauty hygiene expert. SO, if I was going to a festival, this is the sh*t I'd be taking with me to get by.

Alternatively, maybe you've got an invite to Bec Judd's next Coachella-inspired house party and want to look the part.

IGK HOUSE PARTY Hair and Body Glitter Stick

As the name suggests, this product is made for partying. This vegan and cruelty-free formula allows you to create versitle festival looks, like adding glitter to your hair part, and going all out with shimmering up your decollatage. It's also in a no mess, wind up gel stick so you don't have to worry about glitter being all over everything in your bag.

IGK HOUSE PARTY Hair and Body Glitter Stick

This isn't JUST a festival product - in fact, this glitter is super wearable on a night out (or if you just like being extra on the daily). Available in 5 shades, this easy to apply glitter shimmer is perfect for use on the eyes and cheeks, and adds a stunning pop when applied to the inner corners of the eye. There's no fall out or mess involved.

Ok, this is my cleanliness coming into play. Please promise me you'll at least use a Face Halo to clean your face? All the dirt and gunk that'll build up on your face, not to mention the makeup and sunscreen you're (hopefully) wearing, need to come off. With just water and your Face Halo, you can manage a pretty effective cleanse and possibly avoid a major breakout from sleeping in your makeup.

If you're going to a festival for 3 or 4 days, likelihood is you'll need a dry shampoo. This is one of my faves, and comes in a mini so it won't take up too much space. This dry shampoo cleanses and refreshes the hair, helping to extend time in between washes by absorbing excess oil and restoring natural volume and texture.