Alpha-H Liquid Gold: Testing The Best Cruelty Free and Clean Active Exfoliating Serum

Alpha-H Liquid Gold is designed for all skin types as a skin resurfacer and exfoliating serum. It aims to give the skin a smoother texture and a more radiant appearance.

Alpha-H Liquid GoldAlpha-H Liquid Gold

Active ingredients in the Alpha-H Liquid Gold include Glycolic Acid (5%), moisture binding Silk Protein and soothing Licorice extract. Combined with a unique low pH of 2.8 – 3.0, these ingredients work together to encourage skin turnover, stimulate and energise the complexion and assist in reducing the appearance of uneven skin tone. Silk proteins leave the skin soft and supple.

A skin treatment like the Alpha-H Liquid Gold can be an extremely beneficial addition to your evening regime, as advanced treatments tend to have better skin-boosting capabilities than a normal two or three step skincare routine. 

Alpha-H Liquid Gold is a liquid treatment that’s used three evenings a week after cleansing. To apply, simply add a small amount to a cotton pad and swipe it all over the face and neck. For maximum efficiency leave to work on the skin uninterrupted or If you wish, follow with your preferred night time moisturiser.

Alpha-H Liquid GoldAlpha-H Liquid Gold

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Ingredients

The Alpha-H Liquid Gold contains 5% Glycolic Acid, which is an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) that exfoliates by removing dead skin cells and bringing newer skin to the surface. Glycolic acid can help minimise the appearance of uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles and assist in reducing breakouts in blemished and acne-prone skin. Liquid Gold also contains liquorice extract to soothe and brighten.

Effects of Using Alpha-H Liquid Gold

The Alpha-H Liquid Gold is essentially a night-time firming treatment that instantly boosts the skin’s natural turnover increasing radiance and helps to even out uneven skin tone and texture. As this is a chemical exfoliator, results are progressive and continued use leaves the skin feeling firmer and looking more even toned and hydrated.

Though it may tingle slightly on application this is a sign the product is working and perfectly normal. Liquid Gold is suitable to use on normal to dry, oily, blemished, scarred, or acne-prone skins.

This treatment is ideal for helping to reduce breakouts, as it helps to unblock pores, clear congested skin, and calm spots. These results will not appear overnight, but with continued use, the skin will begin to look healthier.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold: A Holy Grail Product? 

Alpha-H Liquid Gold has become somewhat of a cult product in the beauty world, and it’s easy to see why. Whilst ageing, oily, and blemish-prone skin will benefit from its use, users of all skin types should see a marked, positive difference in radiance and texture.

How To Use Alpha-H Liquid Gold

  1. Alpha-H Liquid Gold can be used every other night, but should your skin be more sensitive, twice-weekly use is perfect

  2. Simply swipe over your face. Neck and decolletage. Liquid Gold may also be applied to the backs of the hands

  3. If you have sensitive skin start slowly by applying to a moistened cotton pad to dilute slightly

  4. Follow with moisturiser

  5. It’s also highly important for all users to apply an SPF the day after use, as Glycolic acid can cause sensitivity to the sun

How Long Before I See the Effects of Alpha-H Liquid Gold?

Whilst this resurfacing treatment has several benefits, it’s important to give it time to work before you assess the results. Any skincare product can take up to four weeks to make a noticeable difference in your complexion, so be patient, as the Alpha-H Liquid Gold is an amazing treatment for anyone with fine lines, large pores, blemishes, or dull skin.

What Alpha-H Moisturiser Goes Best With Alpha-H Liquid Gold?

If you're using active ingredients, it's best to use a day cream that contains SPF. A favourite is the Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF50+.It's a lightweight, but effective, moisturiser and will give you that all important SPF protection without clogging your skin or leaving a white cast.

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