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Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub 100ml by Alpha-H

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With a superior new formula, Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub is a facial exfoliator delivers a new freshness to your skin. Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub now contains Pure Jojoba Beads, an eco-friendly, biodegradable alternative to keep your scrub sustainable.


Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub effectively removes dead skin cells with micro beads while moisturizing with Macadamia Nut Oil, brightening with Cucumber Extract, exfoliating and regulating melanin production with Rice Bran and with the refreshing aromatic and antibacterial properties of Peppermint Oil. Naturally derived Glycolic Acid has been combined with the botanicals to ensure skin smoothing and renewal benefits.

Left on the surface, a build up of lifeless skin cells can slow down the skins renewal cycle, leaving your complexion dull and rough. Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub restores radiance by unveiling the skin trapped beneath the surface. The micro beads are finely milled to be round for gentler buffing action and the Cucumber Extract provides post-cleanse skin brightening. A new addition to the formula is Natural Caffeine Extract that works as a powerful anti-oxidant to keep your skin bright and firm

Micro Cleanse Super Scrub helps to treat skin-texture imperfections, pigmentation, acne, enlarged and decongested pores and the signs of sun damage. It is suitable for all skin types with the exception of those who have delicate, sensitive skin.

Refer to the product images to see an Alpha-H recommended skincare routine for Combination Skin. 


Aqua, Caprylic/capric Triglyceride, Glycolic Acid, Glyceryl Stearate, Potassium Hydroxide, Polyethylene, Glycerin, Ceteth-20, Cetyl Alcohol, Oryza Sativa Bran Cera, Cetearyl Alcohol, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Cucumis Sativus Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Caprylyl Glycol, Dimethicone, Mentha Piperita Oil.


Use Alpha-H Micro Cleanse 1-3 times per week in place of your regular Alpha-H cleanser. Apply a small amount to damp skin and massage in very gentle circular motions, avoiding the eye area. Rinse well.

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Reviews (40)
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Helps brighten - 09-03-2018 by

I received a sample of this with my last adore order. I was a bit worried about using it as I already use a range of exfoliating products and I was concerned about the beads. I shouldn’t have worried. It’s great! I’ve been using it prior to applying liquid gold and it’s really helping to brighten my skin. I’ll definitely be buying the full size product.

Love it - 06-03-2018 by

I received a sample sachet of this scrub and tucked the empty packet away to make sure I bought some with my next order. The tiny beads don’t feel like they’re scratching your face and the peppermint has a lovely tingle when you’re rubbing it in. I leave it on for a minute or two before rinsing off. Leaves your skin glowing and feeling really clean. Would definitely recommend.

Scrub-A-Lub-A-Dub-Dub - 06-02-2018 by

Alpha H is the kind of brand that makes you want to be a better person. It won't stop you from using Tinder, but it certainly encourages you to update your beauty regime and use complimentary skincare products to really create a difference.
I first came across this scrub as a tiny little sachet that was sent to me as a sample, and I have never looked back. I was using a St Ives scrub that I found was starting to become abrasive on my skin, and creating tiny little cuts on surface spots. This is a peppermint dream, that is soft on the skin, and ensures your face will be completely cleaned of impurities.
I paired this with Liquid Gold and the Essential Hydration Cream. Soon after, I ran into my arch-nemesis from High School, who said my skin 'looked great'. You can't argue with the school bully.

WOW - 06-02-2018 by

OMG i really love this scrub
I like to leave it on my face for a few minutes and i can feel slight tingling sensation
After i rinse off my face feels so smooth and baby soft
My skin has never looked healthier it glows
Do yourself a favour and give this super scrub a go

Its mild but effective - 05-02-2018 by

I am so happy with this exfoliant, it feels so lovely and natural. It is not a harsh exfoliant but very effective, leaves the skin really soft and refreshed. Love it, will repurchase

Mixed feelings - 04-12-2017 by

This left my skin feeling clean & fresh but not tight & dry like other scrubs but I didn't notice a lot of difference to blackheads & found I had breakouts after using.

My favourite skin care product - 19-10-2017 by

This stuff is a bottled miracle! It's an invigorating scrub that helps to make my skin feel soft, refreshed and incredibly clean.
The little beads in the scrub let you know that they are doing a job, without being rough on my skin. My pores feel and look tighter and cleaner after using this and my skin is always glowing when I wake up after using it the night before.
Every time I use it, I am reminded of why I love it so much.

Excellent scrub - 02-09-2017 by

This is one of the best scrubs I’ve had. It’s not rough on the skin but you can tell you’re still getting a deep clean. It’s very easy to use and applies just as easily as it rinses off. I love that it’s fragrance free and I had no reaction at all which sometimes happens to me with exfoliating –it just felt like a very fresh, natural wash. I’ve started using it daily and especially love it before bed, I feel so clean afterwards. Can’t really fault this one – definitely worth a try, especially for the price when you compare it to what some of the other brands are charging.

Yes! - 08-08-2017 by

I definately love this scrub as it's not too harsh on my sensitive skin! Still leaves my skin feeling refreshed

Love this scrub! - 31-07-2017 by

I use this scrub everyday and I’ve noticed a marked improvement to my skins texture. It feels smoother, and very refreshing. I really like the fact that this product doesn’t appear to have a strong fragrance, if at all. The granules are fine and the formula is creamy, it doesn’t feel abrasive at all. I would definitely recommend this scrub to any bloke who is looking for an everyday exfoliator.

Love this scrub! - 18-07-2017 by

This product helped to cleanse and remove impurities of dead skin cells, revealing healthier looking skin and leaving my skin smooth and revitalised. The peppermint fragrances gives a refreshing feel afterwards. I love this micro cleanse super scrub!

Great scrub! - 16-07-2017 by

I love this scrub! I have normal to combination skin and am prone to congestion. You can really feel this scrub working. It leaves my skin soft and smooth, with a visible reduction in blackheads. I use this twice a week and am seeing great results - would definitely recommend!

Really left me feeling fresh and rejuvenated - 15-07-2017 by

Now I have very sensitive skin, meaning that some exfoliating scrubs can be hard for my poor face to handle. If I were to use this product on a daily basis it would definitely be a problem. However, I have kept it to only two/three days a week and it has worked great at clearing up my skin after a hard days work in a warehouse. A very very dusty warehouse that is.
This scrub does feel harsh during use but afterwards I feel very refreshed and clean. I would highly recommend it, just not everyday.

My face feels thoroughly clean and fresh - 11-07-2017 by

After using the micro cleanse super scrub my face feels thoroughly clean and fresh. The slightly coarse jojoba beads do their job of removing any dead skin without the need to exert too much force, yet are delicate enough so the new layer which is revealed feels, soft, moist and refreshed.

One of the only things that don't cause me breakouts! - 17-01-2017 by

I recently purchased the Skinstitut Glycolic 14% Scrub (which by the way I also really like so far). This scrub came with as a sample, and I took the risk of trying it out - I generally read lots of reviews beforehand and make purchases very carefully due to my problematic and acne prone skin.

I was really impressed with this scrub as it didn't cause me any irritation and my skin felt so soft and cleansed afterwards (no redness at all). Even the sample sachet lasted me 3 washes, so a little will go a long way. Would buy this in future, or recommend to friends. P.s. it has a slight peppermint smell as well which is lovely.

One of the only things that don't cause me breakouts! - 17-01-2017 by

I recently purchased the Skinstitut Glycolic 14% Scrub (which by the way I also really like so far). This scrub came with as a sample, and I took the risk of trying it out - I generally read lots of reviews beforehand and make purchases very carefully due to my problematic and acne prone skin.

I was really impressed with this scrub as it didn't cause me any irritation and my skin felt so soft and cleansed afterwards (no redness at all). Even the sample sachet lasted me 3 washes, so a little will go a long way. Would buy this in future, or recommend to friends. P.s. it has a slight peppermint smell as well which is lovely.

Great product! - 13-09-2016 by

Love this scrub. Been using 2-3 times per week for a month. I suffer from hormonal acne and It leaves my skin super soft, bright and has helped with my acne and scarring. Will definitely repurchase

Fantastic! - 30-08-2016 by

Love this product. I have oily acne prone skin and this micro scrub feels refreshing and removes dry skin and reduces scarring. Smells fantastic and my skin is so soft! I use this daily after my triple cleanser to help remove my scarring. I follow up with liquid gold and daily moisturiser. Even using daily, this does not irritate my skin because the micro beads are so refined

My all time favourite, quick results - 06-06-2016 by

I have combination/oily skin and would suffer bad break outs around that time of the month and from constantly wearing heavy make up to cover up break outs (irony!). Since using the micro scrub I have noticed a dramatic change in my skin over the years (I have stuck with this product since 2014!) - it feels softer and smoother after exfoliation, pores on my cheeks are no longer clogged and appear smaller, blackheads on my nose are non-existent, and it has lightened my acne scars. Highly recommend!

Love this! - 30-11-2015 by

I am a recent convert to Alpha H products. It started innocently, just a month ago, with a cleanser that was recommended to me, now I have 8 products in the range and my skin looks and feels amazing (at 48 this is quite an achievement). I received the micro-cleanse today and have just used it and it's perfect. I am not normally one to be loyal to a brand, I chop and change all the time, but I really feel that I've found a brand that is perfect for my skin. Worth every cent. Thank you.

Love this product - 10-09-2015 by

I recently switched to this from the Clinique exfoliator and I haven't looked back. I did have a few breakouts when I started using it but they've cleared up now and my skin looks and feels great. Will definitely buy again.

Love this product - 10-09-2015 by

I recently switched to this from the Clinique exfoliator and I haven't looked back. I did have a few breakouts when I started using it but they've cleared up now and my skin looks and feels great. Will definitely buy again.

Makes skin so soft and smooth - 28-07-2015 by

This is my favourite exfoliator of all time! I use to have really bumpy/acne-skin and after using this for the past year or so (along with other products in my skin routine), my skin is now so soft and smooth, and my pores look much smaller. It is super refreshing, non-drying and doesn't cause any breakouts or reactions on my skin. I got the 2 for 1 offer and I still have yet to finish my first tube and I literally use this scrub about 4-5 times a week. It is really good at removing the last traces of makeup and just leaves my face clean and glowing. Highly recommend and would re-purchase.

Amazing Cleanser - 09-07-2015 by

This Micro Cleanser is amazing. My skin felt so clean after using it for the first time. I have since noticed how easy it is to clean my make up off and ensure my face is clean. I don't use much either which means this product is worth every cent and will last a while even with everyday use… I will buy this product again 100%

The best thing I have ever used to stubborn blackheads - 09-08-2014 by

I've had blackheads for 5-6 years that I haven't been able to get rid of and Alpha-H Micro Cleanse actually does it!

After 2 weeks they are all pretty much gone and that's only from using it every 3 or 4 days! I really can't recommend Micro Cleanse enough to anyone who has stubborn blackheads and/or dry flaky skin. Solved every single skin problem that I have.

Best Face Exfoliant I've used! - 30-07-2014 by

Alpha-H Micro Cleanse has very fine but effective exfoliating beads and it leaves my skin feeling extremely smooth, but not irritated. It is definite value for money!
I buy this time and time again!

A suberb daily exfoliator - 13-06-2014 by

This product is a gem. Gently resurfaces the skin leaving it feeling super soft, refined and more even toned. I would not recommend this product to people who have overly sensitive or dry skin but for everyone else, i would say this one's a winner, it delivers results!

Great Product - 08-06-2014 by

I use this product twice a week with Alpha-H triple action cleanser. Basically they have improved my skin in an amazing way, My skin is much clearer, to the point where I'm not afraid to go outside without any make up on.

My only concern (as I have not been using it for longer than a month) is that it is extremely strong, though I suppose that is the point, but don't scrub just use it gently and it will clean your skin, always moisturise because it is a little drying. My skin is sensitive so maybe that's why I've noticed it but it hasn't caused any irritation so far, so if your skin is sensitive, this is a good cleanser.

new favorite product - 22-03-2014 by

I started this product after running out of my last glycolic based scrub and having heard good things about alpha-h. Has been great, not drying at all, has reduced congestion and blackheads and leaves my skin feeling pretty amazing.

Would recomend for sure and i would definately order again

My Holy Grail - 12-01-2014 by

This product is my absolute favourite...EVER! It has significantly reduced my congestion and the blackheads on my nose have all but disappeared. My face is glowing after using this product and my friends keep complimenting the improvements. I have normal/dry skin, so I follow this up with the Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream at night, and use the amazing new Alpha-H Protection Plus Daily SPF50+ every morning as the Micro Cleanse makes the skin more sensitive to the sun. My partner has now copied my routine, and loves the results also!!

Turned my skin around! - 01-07-2013 by

After what feels like forever with oily breakout skin, I tried Alpha H Micro cleanse, and saw a difference in my skin in only weeks. I've since started using other Alpha H products and am hooked! Finally in my thirties I no longer have to worry about spots and blackheads and my skin feels infinitely smoother. This cleanser is gentle, smells fantastic and actually improves the skin as well as exfoliating it. It has definitely had a drying effect too, so don't scrimp on the moisturiser!

Alpha-h balancing cleanser, micro cleanser, clay mask & hydrator gel - 14-05-2013 by

My 15 year old son and 12 year old daughter have been using these products in a programme recommended by my local beauty therapist. My sons skin was bordering on cystic acne and over the past 4 months we have seen an amazing improvement.. His cheeks and jawline were always red and painful with his acne, but after using these products this redness has nearly completely gone. He is so much happier and a lot less embarrassed, it has improved his self-confidence so much.
Our programme was:
Mornings:, balancing cleanser and hydrator gel.
Evenings: balancing cleanser was used 4 - 5 times per week, micro- cleanse 2 times per week, clay mask 3 times per week and hydrator gel every night.
It is expensive, but I'm happy that I'm not putting harsh drying chemicals on my kids skin.

Beautiful - 30-04-2013 by

I have tried many exfoliants they always make my skin dry and tight this used with other Alpha -H products leave my skin glowing and nourished I always feel like I have just been to the beauty salon after using them

Best exfoliator around - 10-03-2013 by

I've tried many exfoliators over the years, and this one is my favourite by far. I have oily congested skin, but my skin stays smooth and clear by using this twice a week. If I miss a week I can definitely see a difference and I just crave this product. It is the only exfoliator that I have ever used that really makes me feel like I've done the job properly. Highly recommended.

A pleasant surprise - 27-02-2013 by

I'm a hardcore beauty junkie from way back and have tried more glycolic-based cleansers than I could possibly remember. I'd never heard of Alpha-H products before (having recently moved to Australia from overseas) and decided to try the Micro Cleanse based on good reviews. Quite simply it is a fantastic product and possibly the best cleanser I have ever used. I have never looked more radiant! A definite repurchase.

Results in super healthy looking skin! - 10-02-2013 by

This is the first product I have tried in the Alpha-H range and after using it, I will definitely be giving some of their other products a try!
It is gentle, yet effective and while it does have small exfoliation beads, they are not harsh and don't tear the skin which is perfect for my normal/dry skin. Immediately after using it, my skin felt much smoother and cleaner. Now after using it roughly 3 times a week for 3 weeks, my skin looks far clearer than before, and somehow more luminous!

Best exfoliator! - 06-01-2013 by

I'm a massive fan of this product! I've been using Alpha-H products for the last 2 years, and nothing beats the gentle resurfacing you enjoy when you use it. My skin is smooth and it works to get rid of all manner of blackheads and dry patches.

Amazing on blackheads! - 11-11-2012 by

This stuff is amazingly gentle yet thoroughly cleansing - I love it, I have sensative skin and it does sting a little bit but after using it for nearly 3 weeks now it dosnt iritate my skin just stings when i use it and i use it every morning. Great product!

Best value exfoliator around - 22-10-2012 by

I simply adore this one. After I ran out I tried the daily exfoliator and also Jurlique fairly exfoliator and this one wins hands down. It is awesome. My skin looks healthier and feels softer than it has in years!

Works like a charm - 07-03-2012 by

I find this is the only exfoliator that actually works on the really stubborn blackheads on my nose and the odd dry patches I get on my forehead. After using this for a month they were reduced massively. When I eventually ran out I tried the gentle daily exfoliator and everything came back as before. Makes my skin so lovely and smooth.

Q & A
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  • From Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub 100ml at 7/09/166:44 PM
    • Q: Would you please tell me what the micro beads that are in the Alpha-H super scrub are made from? Thank you
    • A: Hello,
      Thank you for contacting us- The Alpha-H super scrub beads are made from Jojoba Beads.
      I hope this helps.
      Kind Regards,
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