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Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub 100ml 100ml

4.7 of 361 reviews

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4 instalments of $10.62

Or 4 instalments of $10.62 with LEARN MORE

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With a superior new formula, Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub is a facial exfoliator delivers a new freshness to your skin. Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub now contains Pure Jojoba Beads, an eco-friendly, biodegradable alternative to keep your scrub sustainable.
  • Cosmeceuticals

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

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Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub 100ml

Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub 100ml

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Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub 100ml Reviews

4.7 of 361 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Why haven’t I heard of this before?


I received a generous sample of this and hadn’t heard of the brand. Plain, non descript packaging. Don’t judge a book by its cover!
Creamy texture, lightest of light clean smell (faint) I gently smoothed the paste like cream over my face and neck and décolletage. I have rosacea, so I went easy on my face and really worked it into my neck and décolletage. No burning, no bright red face, tiny tingling sensation. It felt so nourishing at the same time - not like a stripping sensation some exfoliators have.
My neck and face felt so smooth after and my sensitive face loved it too - no red reaction at all.
So I just purchased a full size order, and I’m trying out a couple of other items from the brand. It’s Australian and it is a game changer for me. I’m in love with this product and it’s going into my permanent exfoliation routine. Magical stuff so so happy. (I got 4 full uses of the sample sachet face down to chest so the product goes a long way.

Most Helpful Criticism



Received as a sample. Honestly I don't have much opinion on this. It was fine. Nothing to write home about. Would try a different scrub as this one did feel a bit harsh and drying.
  1. Why haven’t I heard of this before?


    I received a generous sample of this and hadn’t heard of the brand. Plain, non descript packaging. Don’t judge a book by its cover!
    Creamy texture, lightest of light clean smell (faint) I gently smoothed the paste like cream over my face and neck and décolletage. I have rosacea, so I went easy on my face and really worked it into my neck and décolletage. No burning, no bright red face, tiny...
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  2. Smooth Operator


    verified purchaser
    This Scrub is the holy grail of scrubs in my opinion. The morning after i have used it, i feel like a new person. I especially love to use this over the top of my dry Alpha H Clear skin Clay mask. Mix on top with a bit of warm water, rinse and BOOM, the best clear skin! My savior!
  3. Okay


    Its a nice gentle scrub that doesn’t irritate my skin. Works pretty well in renewing my skin. But its not crazy amazing or anything.
  4. I LIKE IT


    I received this as a sample with one of my first adore beauty orders years ago and have continued to buy. I use it once a week on the weekend and love the exfoliating effect it has on my skin. After using my skin is soft and glowy.
  5. Super scrub


    I received this as a sample, and went on to buy the full size product. I like the level of exfoliation and also that you can leave it on your face a bit longer for a mask effect. Overall, I like the product and would recommend.
  6. Pretty good, but not the best I've tried


    I have received samples of this and took a while for me to get to using it, as I have been using the skinstitut exfoliant until now. This alpha h product is quite good and feels relatively gentle on the skin which is good. I do prefer the skinstitut product though which makes my skin feel a little clearer and glowing than this product does. I have oily combination skin so perhaps this alpha h prod...
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  7. the exfoliant we all need

    may j

    hadn’t heard of alpha H before but tried the sample and after the second time trying I received compliments on my skin.. made me purchase the full size right away. bit rough in texture from super fine beads but leaves skin feeling so soft.
  8. What a great Scrub!


    My skin feels really clean and tight after using this which makes me feel the product really is doing a great job and getting right into those pores for a good clean! I don't feel like it over drys my face and no irritation at all. The little micro balls are not at all abrasive on my sensitive skin. Really love this product!
  9. Love this scrub!


    I received a sample of this and will likely be purchasing the full size. I love how soft and smooth my skin felt after using this. It is a gentle yet effective exfoliant for glowing skin. It didn't irritate my skin and wasn't too harsh (as often scrubs can be) and I really enjoyed using it
  10. Amazing exfoliant


    I got this as a free sample with some other products I purchased and it was one of those rare times you get to try something and from the very first use you love it. I am a big fan of physical scrubs already so with this being both a physical and a chemical exfoliant it's next level good. My skin was insanely smooth and soft from the first use and my pores seemed smaller as did some really stubbor...
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  11. Weekly exfolitor!


    I use this as a weekly exfoliator and find it works a treat! A bit harsh if you use more than that per week. Clear and clean skin!
  12. Great Glycolic acid cleanser/scrub


    I received this as a sample and I enjoyed the gentle and small exfoliating particles. My skin feels clean, hydrated and does not feel like I have completely stripped it. Perfect to treat my skin 1-2 a week.
  13. my favourite


    Absolutely love this scrub, it leaves my face super clean and hydrated. Definitely buying again. I also love that Alpha-H products are Australian made and recyclable.
  14. A lovely gentle exfoliator


    I received this as a sample and loved it! I like chemical exfoliants but having a physical exfoliator for stubborn skin that isnt harsh is sometimes what I need, and this is definitely one of those! Highly recommend, my skin feels so soft afterwards.
  15. Great for face and bacne


    I received a sample of this and was reluctant at first as I haven’t used a physical exfoliant in a while. The exfoliant is fine and non-abrasive. Also used some on my back acne with great results offer two uses.
  16. Love this


    As much as I love chemical exfoliants, sometimes I just feel like a good old physical scrub. So combining the two in this product is great, my skin feels smooth and incredibly clean afterwards. Great product.
  17. Nice exfoliation but a bit aggressive


    I tend to avoid micro cleansers as I have sensitive skin but I received this as a free sample as decided to give it a go. I definitely liked the effect this had on my skin in terms of the smoothness and cleansed, fresh feeling. However, it did leave my skin a bit red afterwards though that subsided after a few minutes.
  18. Good exfoliating scrub


    This is a decent scrub if you are into physical exfoliators. I prefer chemical ones so I found this to be a little too harsh on my sensitive skin, even though it was gentler on my skin than most other physical exfoliators I have tried. I found myself using quite a lot of this at a time, as I wanted to make sure I was getting a thorough exfoliation on each area, but that is probably just me. My ski...
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  19. I really liked it


    Works really well with Alpha-H Liquid Gold. Keeps skin clear
  20. Too rough


    This scrub has very fine beads which feel quite rough on your skin. I have active breakouts on my chin and this scrub inflamed them too much.
  21. Just ok


    I received a sample size of this, and while it was fun to use it was not good enough to convince me to purchase a full size. The exfoliant is a nice consistency but might be a bit rough for sensitive skin, and the mint oil might also be irritating.
  22. Super results


    I love it when a free sample is enough to convince me of a products worth. After being converted to the liquid gold, I have now added the micro cleanse to my routine. Lovely product that is gentle but effective. I use it on my décolletage, neck and face for super refined and glowing skin.
  23. Unexpectedly awesome!


    Have never looked at Alpha H before but received a sample of this and was blown away, the smoothest scrub I've ever used and left skin soft and refreshed.

    Not at all harsh on my sensitive skin and will definitely be buying.

    Also love that this product is made in Australia as well.
  24. Meh


    Received as a sample. Honestly I don't have much opinion on this. It was fine. Nothing to write home about. Would try a different scrub as this one did feel a bit harsh and drying.
  25. Not a massive fan


    This cleanser is a little bit harsh. Never really had sensitive skin until I started to use this. After irritation occurred I then gifted it to one of my friends and her skin had the same reaction. Not sure if it is just our skin types, but didn't do much for me. Do enjoy Alpha H as a brand however will not be purchasing this again.
  26. Hands down best scrub I have used!


    Received this scrub as a sample from my last order and I just have to have it. It’s so gentle on my skin and leaves it feeling so soft, smooth and refreshed!!! You will not be disappointed.
  27. Love it!


    I'm lucky to have received this as a sample as I wouldn't have looked at it otherwise. I thought having both physical and chemical exfoliants would be too harsh but this stuff is magical! For me it is both gentle and effective and it leaves my skin so smooth. Best scrub I've ever used, can't wait for my full-size bottle to arrive.


    I received a sample of this in my last order and just HAD to have it... ordered it immediately after using it. It's amazing. I've used it a few times now and my skin is smoother and my pores are clearer. Love it! Highly recommend!
  29. results are amazing


    I received this scrub in a sample size and now can't wait to get the full size. It's been 5 days since I used it and my skin still feels luscious and smooth.
  30. amazing


    this is such a fine scrub. The micro beads are so tiny, it does not irritate your skin and feels so lovely on. I will buy again
  31. A M A Z I N G


    I received this as a sample in an order and I can’t say a bad word about it!

    I loved it! I got to use it 3 times and I can’t wait until my current exfoliator runs out so I can buy this one.

    It smells great, it’s not rough on your skin at all (I usually prefer rough ones) it smells great and leaves your skin feeling so so smooth and clean!

    Worth every cent
  32. Great little scrub


    Despite the shift in acid exfoliants (which I also love) - I always love to keep a scrub on hand and this one is my go-to. The scrubbing beads are super fine, and the product provides a cooling refreshing hit - so satisfying.
  33. Beautiful exfoliant!


    I love this exfoliant! It leaves a lovely tingle on my skin before I wash it off and leaves it feeling soft and resurfaced ! It also doesn't strip my skin or leave it feeling dry
  34. Not harsh


    I always prefer a chemical exfoliant because I find the particles in physical scrubs too abrasive. Not the case with this one! The particles are packed in so it's effective and the beads are not scratchy at all.
    I leave this on for a minute as the packaging suggests, to let the chemical exfoliation work longer, and afterwards my skin looks and feels clear and smooth.
    It doesn't irritat...
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  35. LOVE IT!


    Got a sample of this with my order and now I've re-purchased. I know liquid gold is the favourite of the alpha h range but this suits my life sooo much better. I feel like this does the same job but I can still use my serums and moisturiser after. The peppermint in the product is beautiful and makes me fell very fresh.
  36. Worth every penny


    I love this product, you really feel like you have scrubbed your face without feeling like you have lost the top layer of skin. I love the fresh feeling you get after. My husband who works on the mines also uses this every couple of nights to get the red dirt out of his pores and he loves it!!
  37. Ticks all boxes


    This is probably my favourite exfoliator as it has it all, from the sensorial experience to the visible results! I really like the smell and consistency of the product and it's also not too harsh like some other scrubs I have used. In terms of results, it leaves behind soft and smooth skin so it's a clear winner for me.
  38. Beautiful Product


    A great gentle exfoliant at a good price. I received a sample of this and will definitely purchase a full size. The texture isn't too harsh but exfoliates thoroughly and prepares skin for serums etc
    My pores were visibly smaller after use
  39. Great value


    This is a fantastic gentle scrub.
    Super clean without stripping.
    Great value and good size.
    Alpha h is great value products which are excellent quality.
  40. Super smooth skin


    I received a sample of this and was surprised at how gentle yet effective it is. I've stayed away from physical scrubs for a while now as they tend to be too harsh for my sensitive skin, but this was gentle but left my skin feeling super smooth! I love the combo of physical and chemical exfoliation - best of both worlds, and you don't need to leave it on too long.
  41. Works so well


    I bought this scrub after receiving a free sample. I had deliberately stayed away from harsh scrubs for many years, but this is gentle and still very effective. Skin is so smooth after use.
  42. reasonable scrub


    I got a sample of this and although this is not my favourite scrub I do think it's a reasonable scrub for the price. I prefer glycolic scrubs as they make my skin feel smoother and fresher.
  43. Works well


    This micro cleanse super scrub does exactly what it says . Skin feels refreshed and glowing after using . Serums and moisturisers glide on effortlessly after using this high quality sample I received recently. Highly recommend.
  44. I like it!


    Received the most generous sample of this (used it last night, and can probably get another 2-3 uses from it - yay!) and it's actually really good. I was coming on here to check the price and I am impressed. Was expecting it to be a lot more.
  45. Just used the sample and wow


    I have sensitive, dry flaky skin and I have been looking for a nice exfoliator that gets rid of the flake but doesnt irritate my skin (making it sore and red) and I think this is it! Just tried the sample and all the flakiness is gone with no harsh scrubbing - which never seems to help with my flakiness anyway. Im amazed. Awesome, awesome product.
  46. So refreshing!


    I use this twice a week on my acne prone skin and it's so refreshing and not irritating. I love the deep clean feeling without being overly drying and the minty smell.
  47. Good Scrub


    I received it as a gift with purchase. Although its smell is not very good, it can remove the cuticle of the skin and make the skin in better condition, especially suitable for the skin with too much oil secretion.
  48. Great exfoliator


    I love alpha h products and this one does not disappoint! I use this twice a week on nights I don’t use the liquid gold and it shows instant results. Highly recommend!
  49. Minty scrub


    Not a favourite but definitely smells so refreshing and heaps of small beads to really feel exfoliated. They can feel a little harsh the beads so I normally use a little warm water to break them up.
  50. Not sure if I would re-purchase?


    A beautiful product, not completely sure I would re-purchase for the cost. It might be a step in my skincare routine that may not be needed.
  51. Love love love!

    Mrs TCH

    I use this product twice weekly and in the shower after a good cleanse. Its fresh and minty and leaves my skin feeling clean. Highly recommend! My skin is snesitive but this works a treat!


    OK, so I am pretty sceptical when it comes to products and hype etc. But this company and this stuff is amazing! I legit have never had clearer skin or so many comments about my skin. I got a sample of this in an adore beauty package and had to buy the full size! I have finally found something superior than my dennis gross products and cheaper! I wish id tried this range sooner! also, it isn't har...
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  53. Sample sold me


    I received a deluxe sample of this scrub and describe it as a very gentle almost ground rice type scrub, super gentle my skin really benefited from it. You can feel the physical exfoliation of it but it is not very harsh or stripping. My skin feels soft and supple after using it.
  54. LOVE


    I've been using this scrub for a few years now and I love love love it, best exfoliant in my arsenal. This is the product I reach for whenever I get breakouts, and my skin is always much softer in the morning. Smells amazing too which is always a plus.
  55. Love it !


    Got this as a sample and now im just about to purchase it !! My skin normally hates exfoliation but this one is gentle yet very effective !!! Instantly my face was brighter and reddness was reduced. It was even great for my rosacea !
  56. Great AHA exfoliant, not too harsh


    I received this as a sample and liked it so much I bought the full sized product. My skin is quite sensitive - if I use too harsh of an exfoliant (ie P50) my skin tends to retaliate however I have not found that the case with this product. Makes my skin feel fresh and I love the feel of the jojoba microbeads on the skin. Additionally, a little goes a long way, you don't need much product at all. I...
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  57. This stuff was surprisingly good


    I don’t usually change scrubs, I normally stick with an enzyme/manual scrub from Kate Somerville but I used this when I was just fed up with my skin one night and I used it on a wet face to lower the abrasive feeling, my skin immediately felt like butter which is usually does after a scrub but the real surprise came over the next few days when that insanely smooth feeling just didn’t go away. I bo...
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  58. So soft!


    I received a sample of this in a previous package and was so impressed, I had to buy it! I have combination skin and always see a massive improvement in my dry patches and texture after using this. I also have quite sensitive skin to products and was honestly surprised I didn't react to this.. It's honestly the best facial scrub I've ever used and will definitely repurchase.
  59. Seriously Obsessed


    I have purchased a lot of alpha h products and i have never been disappointed. this product makes me skin SO SMOOTH, i am glowing the day after using it and i have noticed my acne scarring is lighter. i use this twice a week a long with liquid gold and im super happy with the results
  60. Goooood


    I got this as a sample. I quite like it. I need to find out if the beads in it are compostable or if they are a bio hazard.
    But apart from that the product is good
  61. Great scrub


    I love this scrub leaving my skin so soft and smooth. Very happy with this sample. Will going to buy the full size.
  62. This brand is blowing me away


    I got this as a sample and was amazed at how soft my skin felt after I used it just once. Went and got myself the full size and have been using it twice a week and don't see myself stopping anytime soon. Holy wow! Even got rid of some milia I had where acne had healed and left behind bumps. I am loving everything about this brand. It's by far the most effective range I've used.
  63. Awesome cleanser


    I have been wanting to try this cleanser for quite sometime and finally got a sample of it!. I love glycolic cleansers and this is one i will be purchasing next when I need a new one. Leave y skin clean, fresh and smooth so if a sample can do that imagine what a full bottle of it could do!
  64. Pretty great


    This made my skin look beautiful and clear and made it feel very smooth. Wouldn't recommend for every day but for every few days it's great to make your skin look fresh and new.
  65. The best scrub!


    Love this scrub! Instantly makes my face look brighter and smoother. I use it at night once or twice a week and leave it on for a minute before washing off to really help it activate. The next day my skin always looks amazing and my makeup sits on perfectly. Definitely recommend!
  66. Definitely buying again


    I received this as a sample and I will definitely be buying it again. Hands down best exfoliating scrub I’ve personally used. My skin feels so healthy and smooth after using this.
  67. A favourite


    I received this produce as a sample and had ordered the 100ml tube after using it. Firstly the product smells great which makes using it in the shower a really pleasant experience. The scub doesn't produce a lot of lather and I needed to use more than other cleansing scubs I've used. I have normal to oily skin and It left my skin feeling so clean and fresh and soft. It feels gentle enough to use d...
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  68. Such a great physical scrub


    I love this scrub as well as all of the other alpha h products I've tried. I just want to use this scrub everyday it's that good. My skin always feel so nice and smooth but also hydrated after using this product. Love love love it
  69. Super scrub


    I am so impressed with this brand.
    Received this as a sample and am blown away.
    Skin looks and feels great.
    Gentle , tingling particles which give a great clean and exfoliation.
    So reasonably priced for great products.
    This will definately be my new scrub at half the price I was paying.
    Very impressive.
  70. Best exfoliant


    I received this first as a sample and when I first tried it out my skin never looked more smooth and clean! Great exfoliant and not too expensive, love using this twice a week at night and then using my liquid gold after for the perfect beauty sleep mask
  71. Beautiful


    A beautiful scrub that doesn't leave my skin dry after use but leaves it soft and lovely!
  72. Refreshed and renewed.

    Laura-Kate O'Toole

    I received this as a sample size. I've used the Liquid Gold from this range previously which I have always loved. This exfoliant is a beautiful texture and I love the way it starts to pill after rubbing into skin for a few seconds. After washing off my skin felt softer, looked brighter and more vibrant. I am about to add a full size to my cart to incorporate into my weekly exfoliant routine. I've ...
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  73. Great Product


    I received this as a sample and was quite excited as I tend to love the Alpha-H products. This product does not disappoint. I did watch the YouTube clip attached to this product and found the tip re touching you T zone as a guide to see if you required the scrub was great.
    I have added this product to my list of my ever growing favourites.
  74. I love this scrub!


    I received this as a sample and have used it quite a few times. I have sensitive skin and this is one of the best scrubs I have tried. The exfoliating beads are tiny and very gentle and it leaves a light tingling sensation if left on for a few extra seconds which I assume is due to the glycolic acid. It has a minty fresh smell which also makes it pleasant to use. Leaves my skin looking radiant and...
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  75. Love this scrub!


    I love this scrub! I received a sample and was so impressed. Very gentle but effective. My skin feels amazing after using.
  76. Creamy Refreshing Scrub


    I received this scrub as a freebie so had no expectations but was super impressed with it. It has a nice refreshing scent and feels really soft and creamy. Its suitable for all skin types as it's not abrasive or harsh on the skin as most scrubs can be.
  77. Great scrub!


    If you like to use a physical scrub, nothing beats this! I have used weekly for years. It leaves your skin feeling so clean, clear and fresh!

    I'm a big Alpha H fan, they can do no wrong!!
  78. Smooths the skin


    I love this scrub, I use it once a week to get the stubborn build up off my skin and just feel so refreshed and smooth afterwards.
  79. Good exfoliate


    Received as a promotion
    Very good exfoliating
    I’m still using this
    I would recommend for combo skin
  80. Better products out there


    I have a combo of congestion and sensitive skin thanks to rosacea (yay!) and I was hoping that this product would help with my congestion. Whilst I found it gentle enough, it didn't really make much difference for my congestion. I'll finish the bottle, but wouldn't buy it again
  81. Best scrub ever


    I love this scrub! It is gentle but really makes my skin feel so smooth afterwards! Highly recommend!
  82. The most gentle scrub I’ve come across


    I recieved a sample with my order and gave it a try.I loved it.It’s very soft and creamy.Not harsh on your skin at all unlike the other physical scrubs I’ve used before.The jojoba beads exfoliate the skin very well without damaging it.I’ve recently decided to drop the physical scrubs because they’re too harsh on skin.But if I were to start using one again I think I’ll choose this one.Love the prod...
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  83. The Scrub


    I received this product as a sample, and I have been using it weekly.
    I believe this is meant to be used daily, however I use it once weekly as a exfoliation product rather than a daily cleanser. And I love it.
    It is soft enough not to irritate my skin but strong enough at the same time to take away all of my dead skin for the whole week and leave a fresh base. I, personally, could no...
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  84. My favourite Apha product


    If you are looking for a great cleanser that does a thorough job and is not expensive, this is awesome.
    I have been using this product for some time and it has become a new favourite.
    The beads are not harsh but give a great scrub and the milky consistency leaves the skin replenish and feeling like it has had a great clean.
    This is one product I would recommend highly from thi...
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  85. A gentle, physical scrub


    I received a deluxe sample of this scrub and describe it as a very gentle almost ground rice type scrub. You can feel the physical exfoliation of it but it is not very harsh or stripping. My skin feels soft and supple after using it.
  86. Best scrub ever!


    I love this scrub as well as all of the other alpha h products I've tried. I just want to use this scrub everyday it's that good. My skin always feel so nice and smooth but also hydrated after using this product. Love love love it
  87. Smells good & relaxes me


    I received a sample in a goodie bag, used it & loved it! The smell was kind of minty and it kind of chills on your skin too! It also works pretty well as a scrub but to be honest I use it just because how enjoyable it is to use.
  88. Okay

    Emma Loves Skincare

    I love the peppermint scent but I do agree with other reviewers saying it can be a bit much. I like the product overall but I think it's a bit rough for my skin - I prefer softer exfoliators.

    For reference my skin is oily/combination and I am 31 years old.
  89. Love


    I received this as a sample so cant rate the long term use yet, but after using this my skin was so so smooth and bright I love it!! Planning to buy this when current exfoliator runs out.
  90. effective but slightly harsher scrub


    This is somewhere between a rice scrub and a traditional stronger scrub. It does leave your skin feeling soft but I don't use it every day. A little goes a long way
  91. Effective scrub


    This is pretty effective as far as scrubs go but it did leave my skin feeling quite sensitised and red. The next day however my makeup applied very effortlessly and my skin felt incredibly smooth.
  92. Great product


    I received this product as a 30ml sample bottle.
    This product smells minty fresh and leaves the skin so soft! Highly recommend.
  93. Very refreshing


    Received a sample of this in goodie bag..it is lovely to use..the micro beads feel amazing and the fresh minty feel afterwards is very nice..feels on my skin like i couldn't use it everyday..but im looking forward to using it once or twice a week
  94. Gentle scrub


    I received a 30mL sample in a goodie bag. The scrub is very fine and smells really nice and fresh. I usually prefer just chemical exfoliators, but this combined physical and chemical exfoliator is still quite gentle. It's also a great cleanser that doesn't dry out or irritate the skin.
  95. Gentle yet effective

    Gentle scrub

    I have sensitive skin and this is gently yet effective exfoliating scrub.
    Using it once a day I can feel my skin feel smoother and cleanse

    It is truly one of the best I’ve ever used
  96. Love this scrub


    It is good for getting rid of congestion and makes your skin feel super soft and smooth. It works great at getting rid of blemishes
  97. Pretty good!


    I have quite sensitive skin and haven't had any issues using this product. It's a little bit tingle-y if I leave it on for a minute or so but not to the point that it hurts and I need to take it off. I've been using it about every 3 days and have noticed my skin feeling softer but I haven't noticed any dramatic improvements.
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