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Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub 100ml 100ml

4.7 of 225 reviews

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4 instalments of $10.62


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With a superior new formula, Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub is a facial exfoliator delivers a new freshness to your skin. Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub now contains Pure Jojoba Beads, an eco-friendly, biodegradable alternative to keep your scrub sustainable.
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SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

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Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub 100ml

Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub 100ml

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4.7 of 225 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love love love


This cleanser works wonders - love the product been using it for years. Great smell and texture to it.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not for me.


I have tried the Liquid Gold and loved it, but wanted a little bit extra exfoliation (I have congested skin with lots of blackheads). Unfortunately I found that this didn't give me any notable exfoliation. I don't think that it is the product, I think it is just not suited for my specific skin type.
  1. Love love love


    This cleanser works wonders - love the product been using it for years. Great smell and texture to it.
  2. Great exfoliator!


    I have been using this scrub in the shower and have been really impressed with how clean it makes my skin feel.
  3. great


    It is very hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely scent afterwards
  4. Awesome exfoliator


    I love this exfoliator, it is very fine, no rough grains! It exfoliates and smooths the skin, helps with impurities, clears the skin and reduces my oiliness and breakouts.
  5. Love!


    I have acne prone skin and as I am getting older feel like its looking dryer and duller too. This exfoliator is so soft and leaves my face feeling super clean, bright and fresh. I have been using it for a few months however I have recently found that it’s not giving me the same result anymore. I find this with a lot of products though so it might just be my skin.
  6. Smooth & refreshed


    I love this product. I noticed improvements from the first use. Leaves my skin feeling smoother, bright and refreshed. I love the alpha H range.
  7. effective


    I loved how this worked, it left my skin feeling soft, smooth and invigorated. It has a cooling, tingly effect which I really enjoy in face scrubs.

    I didn't notice any mind blowing results but I wouldn't expect to with just over a weeks use, what I did experience was really soft, smooth skin that wasn't irritated.
  8. Good


    I love this scrub. Works really well and my skin feels very clean after I use it
  9. Perfect physical exfoliant


    Love that these microbeads aren't super abrasive on my skin! Leaves my skin feeling actually soft and not irritated
  10. In love


    Oh Alpha H is my new love. This scrub is absolutely Devine. Even the packaging is Devine. Aside from the gorgeous smell and packaging, this really gives results. After a few weeks of use combined with the balancing cleanser and liquid gold my skin has never looked or felt better. The most noticeable difference has been on small lumps and bumps ( milia). My skin feels so much smoother and clearer. Love this product.
  11. not for my skin


    this just didn't work for me. my skin felt a bit irritated afterwards
  12. Love this product!


    Nothing exfoliates and cleans my skin like this product. I have quite oily skin, prone to blackheads and congestion. Consistent use of this product (I apply the exfoliating scrub all over my face with circular motions and leave it on for twenty minutes) leaves my skin literally gleaming after about three weeks. No joke, it’s like super mild microdermabrasion. Probably not suitable for sensitive skin types as the tingling might be a bit much.
  13. Good


    Very good cleanser scrub. Helps to remove excess makeup
  14. Amazing


    My holy grail exfoliator - I'm now on my 4th tube. My skin is very hardy so I use it daily with no issues and it's improved the texture , tone and clarity of my skin no end. Can't fault it
  15. Lovely


    Great scrub, I love how easy it is and I use it on a weekly basis along with the liquid gold.
  16. Great!


    I received a sample of this and it definitely exfoliated my skin without causing it to dry out or become irritated. It prepped my skin beautifully for moisturiser. I’m not sure if I would purchase this only because Alpha H’s Liquid Gold is so brilliant it covers all my exfoliating needs!
  17. If you love ASAP...


    I have been a really long-time user of the ASAP Daily Exfoliating Facial Scrub, and never thought I would change. However, I found after many years of use, that the ASAP wasn't as intensive for my skin as it once had been, and I needed something new.

    Tried this scrub out and found it to be a great alternative. I use it twice a week, max, and have found it has the right balance for me in terms of results and longevity. Personally, I have acne prone skin that is really tough so can handle really intense treatments, and this suited me perfectly.
  18. Not for me.


    I have tried the Liquid Gold and loved it, but wanted a little bit extra exfoliation (I have congested skin with lots of blackheads). Unfortunately I found that this didn't give me any notable exfoliation. I don't think that it is the product, I think it is just not suited for my specific skin type.
  19. best srucb!


    this scrub is amazing! it gets rid of all dead skin and helps with blackheads. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and isn't too harsh either, so really good for sensitive skin. Definitely recommend
  20. The Best!!!!


    This is one of the very best skin products I've ever discovered. I love the results every time i use this product. It's a potent kick-start for getting my skin in better condition when it's been neglected, and for maintenance. It not only improves the condition of my skin, it also moisturizes at the same time, so perfect for all skin types i think!
  21. Love love love


    I have been using this scrub for years and I will never use another! I like that you can really feel it working, the minty freshness leaves your skin with a nice cooling sensation, and afterwards my face is so soft. I only use it once or twice a week and that's all I need. My skin is mature but very oily and I need a good scrub that really gets rid of all the extra dirt and dead skin from my face or I get pimples and this one is the best.
  22. Average exfoliator


    I didn't really like this as an exfoliator. I have oily and heavily congested skin (lots of blackheads) and the product did not seem to work for me. I find chemical exfoliants much better, I haven't really used this much since I purchased.
  23. Physical and chemical


    The physical and chemical exfoliants in this have improved the appearance of scars on my skin. Love it!
  24. Love


    Great scrub to exfoliate textured skin. Leaves skin smooth and soft
  25. Great for sensitive Skin


    I love a good exfoliation. And I love Alpha Micro Cleanse Super Scrub. It was a pleasure to use, my skin was left feeling clean and smooth with no sign of over-drying. It has a slight toothpasty scent, which didn't deter me. I would recommend this scrub, its great
  26. Beautiful cleanser but not very potent


    I have always used a normal cream cleanser every day and then an exfoliating scrub 2-3 times per week which has always given me great results. I use the exfoliating scrub usually on my chin only as my chin is the only area I get pimples. I'm about to finish my first bottle of this scrub now and while I have really liked it, it's not as potent as previous scrubs I have used and I don't think it has the same effect on pimple clearing/prevention. Feels beautiful on the skin and does not irritate so it is a nice option for an everyday cleanser but if you are wanting something to help with pimples I don't think this is quite strong enough. I have normal to combination skin.


    I find I only have to use a small amount to do my whole face & neck. It is not too harsh on the skin as some other scrubs..
  28. LOVE


    I love this scrub, its amazing for oily skin and it really cleans out your skin but without being to harsh and having jojoba in it instead of crushed walnuts it doesn't micro-tear the skin when exfoliating. I love using this in the shower and before I go somewhere and am doing my make up as it really cleans your skin out for a really smooth base.
  29. Great gentle scrub


    Great scrub to use but keep in mind to rub gently and not too harshly otherwise some skin irritation can occur. Leaves my face feeling smooth and refreshed!
  30. fabulous


    I love this scrub, but is much more powerful than a regular exfoliator, so only use every 5 days or so, it really does help with softer, smoother skin, and helps with wrinkles and pimples
  31. Great


    I bought this after I received a sample. I don't usually like harsh scrubs, I prefer chemical exfoliation but this one give you instantly renewed skin!!
  32. Awesome


    love this scrub really gets in and cleans out my pores nicely, removes excess oil from my skin, highly recommend
  33. Hydrating and exfoliating


    My sister recommended this to me as I have dry skin and am constantly on the look out for a good exfoliator. This product lives up to its name. My skin feels hydrated and, clear and smooth after each use!
  34. Loved it


    I love a good exfoliation. And I love Alpha Micro Cleanse Super Scrub. It was a pleasure to use, my skin was left feeling clean and smooth with no sign of over-drying. It has a slight toothpasty scent, which didn't deter me. I would recommend this scrub, its great
  35. Skin buffer


    This product is amazing!! My pores are getting smaller every time I use it! Skin is brighter and less angry breakouts. However I would prefer it not to have the added mintyness, it can tingle and burn my eyes even if I stay clear of them.
  36. Great


    My favourite cleansing scrub. I use this 2-3 times weekly and I love it. I love the fact that it has minty feel after you rinse your face, makes you feel fresh after washing your face. Just be sure to thoroughly rinse the cleanser cause if you don't you'll leave some beads residue
  37. The best!


    I am obsessed with this product, I use it 1-2 times a week and am always happy with the results. I like to use it after I do a face mask to draw out impurities and it does a great job of getting any remaining black heads from my nose. This gentle but effective product is a must have for my sensitive skin. My pores are refined and I have less breakouts. Highly recommend.
  38. Fantastic


    Really like this scrub. Makes my skin feel smooth and fresh after I use it. Would repurchase.
  39. Good but expensive


    For the price, you might be expecting a little more bang for your buck. It's good, leaves skin feeling fresh and plump but it's not my favourite. Stings a bit, might be too harsh for me.
  40. expensive but good!


    A little goes a long way with this product! This product is definitely slightly more expensive, but worth it for the great quality! Very good at removing build up and dead skin, highly recommend!
  41. Very effective


    I received a sample of this product with an earlier order & loved it immediately. I can see the difference in my skin, which looks clear & practically glowing. I bought during two for one promo & could not be happier.
  42. Best scrub ever!!


    I love this scrub! I use it three times a week and prefer in the mornings as it helps wake you up and leave your skin feeling fresh ready for the day!!
  43. Worth it


    This scrub is one of the only physical scrubs that leave me feeling clean but not irritated. Will repurchase.
  44. Didn't meet my expectations


    I love a good physical exfoliation paired with a chemical one however I find that this product is neither here nor there for me. It doesn't seem to have the same exfoliating power or leave my skin feeling as great as the rest of the range does.
  45. The only scrub I use


    The micro cleanse is one of many alpha h products I use. I love how this scrub visibly cleans my pores and leaves my skin looking clearer. My skin always looks glows after using this unlike other scrubs I have used in the past which have left my skin looking and feeling quite irritated. My beauty therapist got me hooked on this skin care range 2 years ago and I haven’t looked back since!
  46. Gentle & powerful


    I scored a sample size of this - definitely going to have to invest in it now. I love the feeling of exfoliation but find most products are either too harsh for regular use or too expensive to justify! However this one leaves my skin feeling brand new with the smallest application. Love it & definitely going to add to my regular routine.
  47. So nourishing


    This product is great for my oily skin, it clears my pores and doesn't leave my face feeling tight and dry. It's so smooth and definitely a new favourite.
  48. Obsessed


    I have used many exfoliants over the years and i always come back to this one. It leaves my skin so smooth and clear and removes all the clogged junk in my pores. ill scrub my face and leave on for a minute to let the acids do there magic.
  49. Great exfoliation and goes a long way


    I use Alpha-H micro cleanse super 2-3 nights per week after cleansing with the Alpha-H triple action cleanser. It has very fine beads that work their way into the good spots without excessive rubbing or pain...like the sides of your nose. I have had no problems with this product, except that I did find if I left the lid open for too long the product started to smell, almost moldy, maybe because it is so creamy?
  50. Great scrub


    Love this product it’s gentle and does a great job but really dislike the packaging change!
    It’s not as easy to use as it was.
    Bring back the flip top and not the twist off
  51. Amazing scrub


    I bought this scrub because I had seen the amazing reviews on this brand and was looking for something with glycolic acid to help clear up my ingrown hairs on my face that I got from waxing. I have used this scrub for 3 days now and already my bumps are clearing up and my pimples are also drying out. I love the smell of the peppermint and the feel of the beads. This is an amazing scrub that really works!
  52. Really good scrub


    I've been using this scrub for years, along with other alpha h products, and it does what it's supposed to for sure. Recently though it hasn't been clearing my spots as it did previously, but that's not necessarily a fault of the product. I'm slowly moving away from alpha h to try some other things because it's breaking out but I'll keep using this until I find something better!
  53. Love


    Have tried many skin products got this in a sample box and fell in love with it leave my skin feeling amazing and has improved my skin dramatically have purchased in regular size and will 100% repurchase this product!
  54. Absolutely amazing


    Leaves your face feeling smooth and tight.
    Definitely can tell a difference in my skin.
  55. Best Scrub


    I love this scrub! The fine exfoliating particles are gentle but effective and I find unlike other scrubs, you only need a small amount of product. I leave the scrub on for a minute before washing it off as the packaging suggests for a deeper exfoliation. This scrub, leaving my skin looking and feeling fresh, glowy and soft.
  56. Nice face scrub


    I am using some of the Alpha-H products and was looking for face scrub for my sensitive skin. It is a lovely product that is suitable for my skin and at the same time does what it promises. My skin feels smooth and glowing after the use. I use it every third day. I will buy it again and will recommend to others with mature sensitive skin.
  57. Amazing scrub


    This scrub is just so lovely! Leaves skin bright and clean and seeing overall evenness in my overall complexion! Love it
  58. this gets better and better


    I have combination skin and second time using this scrub since i bought and totally loving it. It is the gentle, relaxing and scrubs. previously I used washcloth after application. This time I rinsed the product off - not much difference within the 2 either use wash cloth or rinse, gives same results. The peppermint smell is very nice.
  59. Best exfoliator I have ever used


    Gentle on the skin but enough beads to thoroughly clean my skin. I have oily skin and this works a treat. I am in my third tube!
  60. Favourite Scrub!


    I have combo/oily skin that is sensitive and prone to redness. Active ingredients tend to bring warmth to my skin and it becomes bright red. I still wanted to persist with AHAs in different forms, so I gave this scrub a try. There is zero irritation and my skin is baby smooth and glowing afterwards. I absolutely love it! The price is great for the longevity of the product when using it 2-3 times per week!! Definitely recommend!
  61. Fabulous


    I love this scrub. I have normal/dry skin which can be sensitive to scrubs but this one is fabulous. My skin feels amazing & looks glowing.
  62. Really nice scrub


    I got this as a sample and purchased straight away. It’s so nice. I usually scrub and leave on for a minute like it tells you on the back. Skin always feels nice and smooth.
  63. Great


    I loved this scrub, it was the perfect balance of not too rough and not too gentle, but gentle enough for sensitive skin. My skin felt smooth and cleansed after use. I will definitely recommend this scrub to anyone.
  64. Nice product


    Enjoy using this product and love that I got 2 for 1

    Could be a little grainier for me but others with sensitive skin may not agree
  65. Super soft and gentle on face


    I have combination skin. I bought this on a friends recommendation. I am usually skeptical about exfoliates as I am not sure how it will react with my skin and was only hoping this product was worth it. I have used it once so far and it feels good. Easy application and feels more of a spa facial with its smooth milky texture and the smell of refreshing/relaxing peppermint. I followed the instructions on the package and my skin felt quite soft and clean afterwards. The product rubs off gently either after rinse or warm cloth. I followed it with a bit of moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated.
  66. So fresh and so clean!


    I am seriously obsessed with this scrub! I bought a pack of mini Alpha-H products to try and this is probably my fave! Its a nice gentle grain but my skin feels so smooth after I use it. It also has a nice minty smell so you face feels so refreshed afterwards. LOVE this product and will be buying in the larger size when I run out of my mini!
  67. The one!


    The one & only scrub I use. You can use it like you would a normal physical scrub, or what I sometimes do is leave it on a bit longer and it has an chemical peel effect. Skin looks fresh and glowy afterwards.
  68. The best


    I have tried many exfoliants from chemical to physical and this exfoliant would be rated one of the best ive used.
    Regardless of using it regularly I always feel better after I have used this scrub and feel like my skin is softer and more radiant.
    I am quite particular on my face scrubs as I find some are to abrasive or you have some that are too gentle and you question how beneficial they're for your skin - this product is just right and believe most skin types would be satisfied with this product.The cost of this product is affordable for most people.
    Theres a lovely minty fragrance in this scrub.

  69. Gentle and Efficient


    I got this product as a sample and it has been added to my wishlist!
    It is gentle but not too gentle because my skin was left looking refreshed and glowing. I left it on for a couple of minutes and wouldn't leave it any longer. It worked so well that I wouldn't use it more than once a week, I can't say what it does in the long term but I feel that it would be a great addition to any weekly beauty routine.
  70. Hormonal Acne Saviour


    This was highly recommended to me by many different people. I've been using it 2-3 times a week for 3 months and it has made such a difference to my skin. My hormonal acne has reduced and my pores look smaller.
  71. effective but gentle


    Have really enjoyed using this scrub, I don't feel like it is stripping my skin and definitely feel like I have a much more even and smooth skin post use.


    This is the only scrub I will ever need. It feels so amazing on my skin smells divine.
  73. Best facial scrub - by far!


    I have tried a few facial scrubs and this is the best one by far! I have dry skin and this just removes all dead skin but is gentle whilst doing so - i think because of the beads they use. very tiny beeds which are very effective but gentle. I also have sensitive skin and this does not irritate at all. I use about 2-3 per week and it leaves me with fresh and SMOOTH skin.
  74. Love it!


    I have sensitive, acne prone skin, and I’ve been searching for a good scrub that I can use regularly. I should have known alpha-h would provide as I love their products already, and this scrub is exactly what I was after. It’s gentle enough but still offers a decent scrub you can feel. Will definitely re-purchase.
  75. Good


    I have combination skin and I always feel insecure about the blackheads and large pores on my nose. I’ve been using this for a couple of months and it hasn’t break my skin out yet. The blackhead situation on my nose now has definitely improved a lot and I love how my skin feels soft every time after use.
  76. Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub


    I have combination skin and I always feel insecure about the blackheads and large pores on my nose. I’ve been using this for a couple of months and it hasn’t break my skin out yet. The blackhead situation on my nose now has definitely improved a lot and I love how my skin feels soft every time after use.
  77. Very nice scrub


    This is a very nice scrub which is not too harsh on skin and doesn't result in over-exfoliation (if not overused, of course), yet it leaves skin fresh, radiant and clear.
  78. not for sensitive skin


    I like this as it gives quite a deep, cleanse but I have sensitive skin and find the scrub a bit abrasive
  79. One of my favourite products!


    I am a big fan of Alpha H products, and this scrub is one of my favs. It is such a gentle scrub so doesn’t give too much of a harsh exfoliation but enough to leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed
  80. Soft yet Exfoliating


    I love using this product, it's soft yet exfoliating and I always feel like it's working when I use it. I have oily/normal skin and I feel like this does the job of an exfoliator amazingly.
  81. Fresh, Clean & Lumious Complexion


    I received this as a sample from Adore and was sceptical as it was a brand that I'd never used before. I was impressed with its ability to slough away the dead skin to reveal fresh radiant skin. Leaves skin soft and smooth ready to absorb all the goodness of your fave moisturiser.
  82. Great


    Gentle yet exfoliates well. I use this every second day and have had no problems even with how sensitive my skin is. I use in conjunction with the hydration cream and the cleanser and my skin is feeling so much more hydrated and looks so much clearer
  83. Fresh and Clean


    Love this face scrub. I bought a trial pack that included this to start with and loved it. I know have my teenager and partner also using it. Typical teenager pimples are no longer a worry, and my partner who works in a dirty hot environment who was constantly suffering with clogged pores and breakouts no longer has as many issues. Combined this with Alpha H triple cleanser! Great results!
  84. ok scrub but not the best for sensitive acne prone skin


    I didnt mind this scrub but i didnt feel it helped my acne prone skin. It irritated my skin if i used it too often and would aggravate any acne i had.

    When using once-twice a week mainly on nose/chin it was good at preventing blackheads but it felt like you had to use a fair bit of it.

    Not my favourite scrub on the market and not recommended for sensitive skin.
  85. One of my faves!


    I love this product - it’s not harsh on the skin, you can feel your skin tingle when you use it. I like the new packaging & the texture of the exfoliant.
    My skin feels beautiful after I use this.
  86. Favourite face scrub!


    This stuff is my favourite face scrub in the universe! Your skin feels amazing after use.
  87. Improved my skin


    I had oily combination break out skin, I started using this nightly before bed as its gentle scrub and have found a massive improvement!

  88. Part of my skin routine!


    I bought this product as I needed something to really cleanse my skin as I wear makeup every day for work.
    I have combination skin and am prone to break out on my chin, and nose.
    I use the alpha h micro cleanse super scrub every second day after first using my alpha h clear skin daily face wash.
    My skin feels great afterward and I have deffinetly noticed a difference in my skin.
  89. Most effective micro scrub ever!


    Price? On point. Scent? Refreshing. Suitable for oily skin? Yes yes yes! Harsh on sensitive skin? Not at all. After use? Skin feels clean, fresh and smooth. Slight tingle from the peppermint. Does not dry skin out, strip off layers or natural oils. How to use? Small small small pea sized amount is more than sufficient. Dampen face and with soft circular movements this scrub increases circulation and gently buffs away dead skin cells - reducing the appearance of fine lines, smoothing rough and bumpy skin texture and aiding in the reduction of blackheads.

    Be sure to use a quality moisturiser and/or serum after use for next day glowing skin.

    I've used this scrub three times a week for months and can't recommend it enough!
  90. Good but strong


    This is a good micro cleanse, but it is very strong. It is a little drying to my sensitive skin so can only use sparingly. Overall I'm happy with it but unsure if I would repurchase
  91. Love


    This is a great cleanser and it really melts away the makeup, with other cleansers I wash my face in the morning and still have makeup on but with Alpha H cleansers (I have a fair few of them) it ALL comes off.
  92. Amazing!


    I love to use this scrub around once a week for a super good cleanse of my face! My face looks and feels ultra soft and smooth after using this product! It does a beautiful job at exfoliating my skin and feels like I have had a salon treatment. I love how clean my face looks afterwards and how soft my skin is!
  93. Best friend


    This must be one of the best skin care products ever made. My skin is oily and prone to spots and blackheads. My skin is also aging so it’s becoming a problem to find a product that will deep cleanse but also help the wrinkles. This one is the one! I feel so clean and others comment on how healthy my skin looks. I use the scrub twice a week, I leave the scrub on for a few minutes one night a week as it can also be used as a mask, my skin glows afterward. I would never feel clean again without this product. Thank you so much.
  94. Amazing


    I always get so excited to use this, smells heavenly and really leaves your face feeling squeaky clean. I rub all over my face with my hands for about a minute and then scrub the areas that are more texturised than others with a cloth to really exfoliate them (nose, chin and forehead)
    I don’t think it advertises for this but I also noticed that my old acne scars remarkably improved after using this too so wooooo!
  95. Gentle effective exfoliation


    Love this product! I use it twice per week to remove dry, dead skin. It’s super gentle yet really leaves you with smooth, clear skin
  96. exfoliate without the irritation


    love how the this product leaves my skin feeling
  97. Good weekly cleanser and amazing smell!


    This cleanser is really good quality and a good texture with small beads for deeper exfoliation.

    It smells like candy canes!!

    I really feel like this cleanser gives your face a deep clean. My skin feels so fresh and clean after using it. But I wouldnt recommend using it more than once a week.

    If you have any open or damaged skin like a pimple or anything, just be careful as the exfoliator can be a little harsh and could even sting. I wouldn't recommend excessive use for sensitive or dry skin.
  98. Excellent

    Lisa Maree

    I’m 58 and have used a lot of facial scrubs in my time and this is the best scrub I have used hands down it softens and minimises lines I do have and leaves your skin silky soft I love it !
  99. Amazing smell!


    This is my go-to physical exfoliator. I love the peppermint smell, and it's really soothing on the skin too. Tingles slightly if you leave it on for a minute longer, so you know it's working but it's not too much to irritate my skin. Skin feels super soft afterwards.
  100. All you need for exfoliation


    This is the only product I need for exfoliation now. It’s so gentle and combined with other Aplha H products it has brightened my skin tone. A little goes a long way and it feels and smells amazing.
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