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Elevate the ambiance of any room with an Urban Apothecary London candle. Hand-poured at their own factory in England, this candles are carefully crafted using the highest quality raw ingredients.


A team of expert artisans oversees every stage of production, from the fragrance blend to the wax and wick. Each candle is made to a secret recipe, ensuring that every finished piece burns slowly and evenly while delivering a rich release of scent.


Urban Apothecary London candles are made using soy wax, a natural wax that offers an excellent fragrance throw, and natural cotton wicks. After reviewing thousands of options, only the best were selected, so that each candle can live up to its full potential. Once the hot wax has been blended with the fragrance oils, the mixture is hand-poured into waiting glass jars with the wicks already in place. Each jar has been mouth-blown, to ensure only the highest quality.


What is the best way to enjoy my Urban Apothecary London Candle?

Each wick has been carefully selected so that the flame is just the right size to create a melting wax pool that reaches the edges of the jar.

On each use of your candle, you should ensure that you burn it for as long as it takes for the entire surface of the candle to liquify, to prevent tunneling.

After extinguishing the candle, wait for the wick to be cool to the touch, and if necessary, centre and straighten it.

As the wax cools and begins to set, remove any matches or debris that may have fallen in, in order to prevent flaring and secondary wick formation.

Trim the candle wick to 5mm after every use, to create the perfect size flame for an even burn and minimise any wisps of smoke.


Adore Beauty is an official stockist of Urban Apothecary London Candles.


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Urban Apothecary Fig Tree Candle 70g
Urban Apothecary London
Urban Apothecary Fig Tree Candle 70g

the best packaging

I love the look of these candles, they look so nice and classy around my house, this smell is very nice too
Urban Apothecary Fig Tree Candle 70g
Urban Apothecary London
Urban Apothecary Fig Tree Candle 70g


Such a pretty decorative candle! Scent isn't my fav but worth it just for looks

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