Lanolips 101 Ointment Multi-balm - Strawberry 10g

4.6 of 99 reviews


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4 instalments of $3.74

Or 4 instalments of $3.74 with LEARN MORE

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Lanolips 101 Fruities - Strawberry is a little tube of magic for super dry lips, skin patches, cuticles and dry patches. This super dense balm locks moisture in, holding over 200% of its weight in moisture.

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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Lanolips 101 Ointment Multi-balm - Strawberry

Lanolips 101 Ointment Multi-balm - Strawberry

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Lanolips 101 Ointment Multi-balm - Strawberry Reviews

4.6 of 99 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Super product


I bought this because I love the multi balm and this is cheaper but just as good! The smell is nice and it leaves my lips moisturised + it is compact for carrying it with me.

Most Helpful Criticism

Good balm but bad applicator and smell!


Super fake strawberry smell with this one. Great formula but the smell and applicator turns me off. Applicator distributes so much product it is so annoying. End up having to use my finger.
  1. Solid lip balm


    verified purchaser
    A great trusty lip balm you can use any time of the day. I like that there is no colour or tint so can also be used on top of a matte lipstick. It gives my lips great moisture and smells fruity!
  2. Super product


    verified purchaser
    I bought this because I love the multi balm and this is cheaper but just as good! The smell is nice and it leaves my lips moisturised + it is compact for carrying it with me.
  3. Best lip balm


    verified purchaser
    This is the best lip balm I have ever used, including vaseline, burt's bees. Great for sensitive skin - minimal ingredients. Very hydrating. Better for night use as a lip sleeping mask. Taking one star off because of the price. The strawberry taste is very very mild and soft. There is no smell. I prefer the peach flavour myself, but this is great too. The applicator is great - no need to use hands...
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  4. Beautiful , the smell is on point too


    Works so well, I personally like it a lot. The smell is nice too, I love it :)
  5. Amazing for dry lips


    My lips have been super dry from being indoors with heater usage. This ointment is so moisturising, and it helps make my lips super plumped and shiny. Although this is a little thick, but it does the job!

  6. That smell


    I'm such a sucker for products that are effective but also smell divine and this one tops the cake! Not a sickly smell but fresh and a bit sweet!
  7. Good but not my favourite lanolips product


    verified purchaser
    This 101 ointment is pretty good, I find the consistency to be a little heavy for me. I prefer their lip balms. The smell is nice though
  8. Iso Saviour!


    My lips have been so dry during this Melbourne winter (and iso period) and this product has bought them back to life!! Love the strawberry flavour and how shiny this makes your lips look and feel. Definitely want to try the other flavours too.
  9. Best lip product.


    I absolutely love everything Lanolips. They heal my lips like no other. I wear at night and by morning my lips are silky smooth and ready for gloss. These fruity ones are so tasty.
  10. Another goof scent by Lanolips


    Lanolips really have their scents figured out - while I don’t love this as much as the minty one, it’s still very nice, without being sickly sweet smelling.
  11. Yum


    This smells like I want to eat the whole tube but I have resisted because it’s such a great product. I have chronic dry lips I pick at and I haven’t had either issue while using this.
  12. Lasting Moisture


    The packaging is so cute and easy to take with you when you go out. It has the most amazing scent and feels so nice on the lips. My lips were left moisturized for a long time so the product actually lasts longer then you would expect.
  13. Thicc Strawberry!


    This is delicious! I love applying it (usually my lips however have used it on my elbows). It dries down and isn't sticky. I love, love the smell. Remember to warm it up, easily done with the tips of your fingers.
  14. Super hydrating


    I love Lanolips lip products, especially their multi-purpose balms. This is lovely balm and as the product states is super dense but perfect for when my lips are dry and in need of some TLC.
    It doesn't slide off straight away like other lip balms I have used and is also perfect for rubbing into my dry cuticles. The applicator is nice and I don't mind the smell, although I prefer the origin...
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  15. Makes my lips soft & prevents cracking!


    This is literally the sweetest lip balm and I love it. It is perfect to throw in my purse or keep in my car and gives perfect moisture, shine and strawberry flavour!
  16. Super hydrating


    Super hydrating, love using this after my skincare before bed. Smells beautiful.
  17. I wanted to love this


    It seems everyone loves this but I did not! It is very very thick to use as a lip balm which is what I gather a lot of people use it for even tho I do understand it is multifunctional. This biggest issue is the SMELL. It smells like old wet wool after only a couple of weeks which made me think it had gone off. It actually made me gag putting it on my lips. Would never ever buy again.
  18. amazing, but wish it was tinted


    its super hydrating and smells amazing but I wish it had a tint
  19. Candy sweet


    Smells like candy! Is so sweet and lovely to use, feels great on, leaves lips feeling great and almost good enough to eat!
  20. Great product


    Can't go wrong with this- soo hydrating i use before bed.
  21. Smells good and is very shiny


    I love the smell and it is very glossy. It does feel a bit sticky on my lips though.
  22. Hydrating AF


    I bought this lip balm after Jo recommended it on the podcast, and I am so grateful I did! I'm prone to dry lips, but this balm hydrates them so well! I like to use this at night, as it's quite thick, and find that my lips are so smooth and the perfect canvas for lipstick in the morning!
  23. Love Lanolips


    I love this, I like the smell and how my lips feel so soft after using it, I never get dry lips with this! Only giving it 4 stars due to the packaging, I really just don't like the applicator.
  24. Yum!


    Strawberry smells amazing! This is literally my favourite lip balm of all time!
  25. The Best Balm


    Lanolips has the BEST lip balm Ever. I have soo many of them.
  26. Moisturising


    This is a super dense balm that locks moisture in and nourish my lips.
  27. The only lip balm I use now!


    I love this lip balm. Everyone who uses my lip balm falls in love with this lip balm. It is so moisturising and lasts such a long time for such a small tube. Word of warning, it is a mildly sticky balm when first applied. If you don't like that texture, I would stay away.
  28. A little quick fix in winter


    I am from a tropical country. My skin reacts badly in winter, cuticles, lips and knuckles would get really dry and patchy. This ointment help me a lot. I would repurchase.
  29. Best balms


    I really love the lanolips balms. Nice and moisturising with a natural tint. Love these multi balms as you can use for so many things - lips, cuticles, dry skin. Such a good product.
  30. Amazing


    Such a sweet and perfectly hydrating balm
  31. great smell


    love strawberry so much. great smell and taste.
  32. Strawberry kisses.


    Love Lanolips, all their products I've tried so far have truly worked for me, and where would we be without a couple of their balms in our handbag, desk, bedside table, car, bathroom vanity...

    I've tried most of their balms, including the original and best, and these fruit scented beauties are a real favourite of mine, this strawberry one especially. I've nearly finished my tube of th...
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  33. Great lip balm


    This is a really nice lip balm. It's very thick and a little gloopy so you only need to use a very tiny amount at a time. One little tube has lasted well over a year for me. It doesn't have any colour so it's great for putting over lipstick to sheer it out or just on its own as a moisturising lip balm.
  34. Lips are never dry anymore


    I recently just repurchased this product and even bought it in a second scent. I apply every morning and night and sometimes during the day, but even just applying once a day means my lips are never chapped.
  35. Lips to kill


    I never bought into the hype over the lano lip products until I used my friends and I was hooked!!
    Honestly one of the best lip products I’ve used in years!
  36. THE BEST


    This is literally my favourite lip balm of all time! Both strawberry and peach smell amazing!
  37. go to product


    nice smell and super moisturising. very affordable too!
  38. Amazing


    So moisturising and strawberry sweet, love it
  39. Hydrating


    i really like the effect of lanolip's lip balms, looks shinny and moisturising at the same time
  40. Smells like fake strawberry


    I love the applicator and the glossy finish, but the sweet smell was a tad sickly if I'm honest
  41. LOVE


    I'm a sucker for a little on the go product and this one does not disappoint! love it and smells amazing, just like the coconut one- FAVES.
  42. Best lip balm ever


    This lip balm is amazing and versatile! So hydrating and not sticky or anything. Even my male friends steal this off me at festivals. Love !
  43. My holy grail for lip balm, although quite sticky


    I first purchased this from Adore Beauty after sticking to the Smith's Rosebud Salve Lip Balm for years. I haven't gone back. Despite the price, it is a really long-lasting balm. However, it is quite sticky so if this isn't the texture you like, I would advise against.
  44. Long lasting balm


    This lip balm helped my chapped lips and was very long lasting. Didn't really smell like strawberry however.
  45. Quite a sweet scent


    This one has a little artificial strawberry scent, but goes on clear like a gloss. The lanolin can be a bit hard in the cold weather, but easily warmed between fingers. Thick protective layer for heavy duty protection
  46. Really liking it


    This lip balm is a thicker consistency than I thought but it’s really nice - lasts a good amount of time and the smell is really nice but not over powering I am a fan! Can’t wait to try some others.
  47. Good balm but bad applicator and smell!


    Super fake strawberry smell with this one. Great formula but the smell and applicator turns me off. Applicator distributes so much product it is so annoying. End up having to use my finger.
  48. Strawberry


    Can definitely smell the strawberry, but I like a fruity smell to distract from the lanolin a little. This hydrates my lips for ages, and can almost feel a bit thick if you apply too much
  49. The smell is soooo yummy


    Smells amazing and tastes so nice. I love this brand and I’m very happy I tried it out.
  50. Strawberry


    Love how this has a bit of a strawberry scent to it but still looks clear like a gloss. Perfect for an effortless look!
  51. Great in Winter


    This remains my favourite lip balm for winter. Super hydrating on dry lips and long lasting. I do however prefer the apple flavour.
  52. Very moisturising!


    Sweet taste, sweet smell, very moisturising! I love it!
  53. So thick and moisturising!


    I’m obsessed with this lip balm! It is very thick so if your not a fan of those kind of lip balms maybe this isn’t for you. However, it hydrates and repairs my lips like there’s no tomorrow! It leaves my lips feeling so soft and plump and gives them a nice shinny look, plus it smells amazing! Definitely recommend!!
  54. Perfect for winter


    While I find this too thick for summer, it is perfect for hydrating my dry lips in winter. It is long lasting and I have enjoyed all the 'flavours' I have tried.
  55. Super cute and hydrating


    Hydrates my lips and smells divine!
  56. I'm addicted!


    Absolutely love Lanolips. The strawberry and peach flavours are my favourite, and I literally have one by my side at all times of the day!
  57. smells divine


    absolutely love the lanolips formula and the scents are absolutely divine. perfect for dry cracked lips. formula is super thick so can become super hard in winter but can be warmed inbetween your palms.
  58. Must have! So hydrating smell amazing


    This is sooo good. So hydrating and smells so good


    Got my friends hooked on this lip balm!! So hydrating, long lasting and gives a nice natural and not overly done glossy sheen to the lips! Perfect for everyday but even so suitable for a full makeup look with natural glossy lips! The scent is an added bonus! Strawberry is all my friends favourite flavour and I really love the coconut one!
  60. smells amazing


    My lips are always chapped and dry especially in winter, and I always have to use something, this product definitely works, my lips arent chapped anymore, love the smell too its so yummy
  61. Sweet scent


    This is such a nice balm from Lanolips. Nice and sweet scent and is perfect for hydrating the lips.
  62. Awesome


    my go to! beautiful smell
  63. i do love lanolips


    i love lanolips, mainly the peach one. this does smell amazing but i find for some reason the peach and apple sit better on my lips than the strawberry, not sure why? still works great tho very moisturising
  64. Excellent formula, works incredibly well.


    This range of lip balms by Lanolips are just fantastic- they are long lasting, highly moisturising and a good price. My only issue is that I've had a few tubes that have split which has resulted in a bit of a mess and hard to continue using once the tube has split.
  65. Awesome


    love all their lip balms. one of my fav
  66. They've done it again thank you lanolips!


    I adore lanolips products I have this in green apple aswell and love this product it is the holy grail of lip treatments. I like to pile it on overnight when my lips need some tlc and it hydrates them so well! Could not fault their lip balms.
  67. Very moisturising


    Really moisturising.. Gave it 4 stars because is a little sticky when first applying. Will be great for winter.
  68. The best!


    Lanolips are one of the best products you can buy for your lips. They’re a little sticky but when you wear it for a while it sort of melts into your lips and becomes a nice moisturizing gloss. This has been a God sent especially after getting lip filler. I have about 5 tubes around my house right now haha
  69. My new go to lip balm


    Love this lip balm goes on great and leaves my lips feeling hydrated
  70. Super yummy and lovely gloss


    I love the taste and scent of this! So yummy and it makes my lips nice and soft. Would definitely recommend
  71. Pretty smelling sticky stuff


    Love the smell and flavour. Dont like how sticky this product is and also doesnt leave my lips feeling hydrated. They actually feel worse the more i use it.
  72. Amazing holy grail


    This is my new go to lip mask. I wear matte lipstick every single day and find my lips get a little dry in the evening. I applied this after my lip scrub and it felt so moisturising and nourishing on my lips. I now use it in the morning and put it on while I apply my face and massage it in just before I apply my lipstick. I will be ordering a lot of these little babes
  73. Amazing


    As a self confessed lip balm addict....this stuff is legit. It stays on for so long, without feeling sticky and yuck. Super hydrating and smells amazing.
  74. Great Hydrator


    A lipbalm that actually leaves your lips hydrated hours after application, this product is absolutely beautiful and I sometimes even wear it over the top of a matte lipstick to give it a glossy look!
  75. Lip-tastic!


    The best lip balm I have ever used, does not go sticky or leave a horrible residue. Long lasting and smooth!
  76. Can't live without balm!


    You know when people ask you if you were stranded on a deserted island, what would be the one thing you would take? Well this is my one thing - absolutely love this balm and couldn't live without it! Extremely hydrating with a beautiful strawberry scent. Highly recommend!
  77. Long-term Admirer, TRY TO BELIEVE


    This juicy lip balm saved me while on Oratane (drying medication for ance sufferer). This was recommened to me for my lips as they suffer quite severly on the medication. However while I don't think this does the job at healing cracked and chapped lips. Lanolips was my go-to lip product when I was going out and wanted a juicy lip, that was great also at hydrating. This is great as lipstick and liq...
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  78. Delicious!


    I love this balm - the fragrance is more subtle than I was expecting and very delicious! It's a truly moisturising balm and I carry it everywhere so I can keep reapplying when needed. It's quite sticky, but lasts a long time. I'll be buying this again.
  79. Yum yum yim


    I LOVE this! works just as well as the regular lanoliops, but smells absolutely delicious! Great to have in my bag and always makes lips look great without being 'done'. So good.
  80. Great


    I just love this item. I have a few & they are just so versatile. If I have dry lips it replenishes the moisture & if I just feel like a balm it’s not over top sticky or thick. Just Perfect!
  81. Delicious lip balm


    Lovely lip balm, hydrates dry and chapped lips and smells delicious. A must in winter and a staple in my bag.
  82. Amazing lip balm


    Amazing lip balm that hydrates dry lips and has a lovely strawberry taste!
  83. Great stuff


    This stuff is a little pricey but the tube last ages and it smells great and works amazingly. Perfect for dry lips!
  84. Smells amazing!


    The strawberry scent is soo nice and my lips absolutely love this.
  85. smells so nice!


    I love the original lanolips but this one smells amazing, it really protects my lips in harsh weather :)
  86. beautiful


    super hydrating and very thick , it can go a bit too thick in colder months but its very nice in winter when your lips feel like they need a protective layer, I love the smell too
  87. Pretty smell, good packaging


    Love this! keeps my lips soft and smooth, no more chapped dry lips, I find it very nice smelling too, a very soft natural strawberry scent.
  88. in love


    love this ! makes my lips feel so soft and smooth and love the flavour :)
  89. Very soft lips


    This makes my lips so soft. I love how smooth it is and how I only need to use a little bit.
  90. Very soft lips


    This makes my lips so soft. I love how smooth it is and how I only need to use a little bit.
  91. To thick


    I wish it wasn't so thick and sticky, and I hate the feeling and it leaves a film in my mouth?!?

    Other than that this one is a fave for lips. I own nearly everyone of these flavoured ones!
  92. Smells divine


    I love this product! The lanolin is a winner for dry, cracked lips as it instantly soothes and helps heal. The strawberry scent is a massive bonus! Great lip balm in a handy applicator tube.
  93. Love your lips


    I am someone who uses lipbarm all the time due to my naturally large lips and my lips still seem to crack while I sleep ( I can’t breath through my nose). I put this on before bed and my lips are no longer split. I wear it all day as it looks amazing on. It’s like the best looking lipgloss. I put it over my lipstick for a longer lasting wear with a skin or a small amount under it for a flawless ap...
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  94. Made my lips dry and irritated


    My lips didn't really like this product unfortunately! It makes them look so glossy and plump but then they start drying out and burning! Not for me but I have read many other good reviews! :)
  95. Glossy

    Theresa Green

    I absolutely love this balm! i apply it over my lipstick to give a shiny glossy look and it stays on even after coffee you still have a soft gloss. Even applying just on its own gives your lips a shiny look that stays on!! (woohoo) My next purchase will include the Rhubarb colour balm as this looks a great colour to wear at night!!
  96. Love Love Love ❤️ Lanolips


    I have used lanolips products for about 8 years and love it. My go-to lip balm. It smells great and leaves my lips feeling amazing. Def recommend!
  97. Love it!!


    I've tried so many lip balms for my dry/cracked lips and nothing worked. Lanolips is amazing! I put a little on before bed and wake up with the softest lips! It smells great too which is an added bonus! I've recommended it to all my friends!
  98. Lanolips Lover


    Have used this Lanolips brand for years and I still love it!... have tried banana and strawberry, even better. Thanks for saving my lips, so soft for hubby to kiss them! Lol
  99. Best balm i've ever purchased!


    Packaging looked great but the feel and how good it made my lips feel was amazing! Helped my chapped lips. And smells great :)
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