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The Ordinary Supersize Squalane Cleanser 150ml 150ml

4.7 of 111 reviews


4 instalments of $8.73

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4 instalments of $8.73

Or 4 instalments of $8.73 with LEARN MORE

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Ever had a reaction to a cleanser? The Ordinary have designed a cleanser designed to complement all routines and all skin types. Inspired by the efficacy of oil cleansers, The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser uses a blend of squalane and skin-similar esters for a more gentle, more smoothing effect, especially compared to your average cleanser.

  • Alcohol Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Supersize Squalane Cleanser 150ml Reviews

4.7 of 111 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great for dry skin


Went out on a limb and purchased based on reviews alone. So glad I did, as my dry winter skin has loved this cleanser. Leaves my skin feeling soft and clean without that stripped feeling. Seems to remove make up quite well, although I don't wear a heavy base and not sure it would be heavy duty enough to tackle that. It's been a saviour for my skin this winter, which is not coping with the cold Melbourne air, heating and my nearing 40 year old hormones...I'll be purchasing again.

Most Helpful Criticism

Okay product


A good cleanser - however doesn’t deeply clean and I feel like I need to follow up with a stronger cleanser. I think its good to remove make up but not as a stand alone cleanser.
  1. Great for dry skin


    Went out on a limb and purchased based on reviews alone. So glad I did, as my dry winter skin has loved this cleanser. Leaves my skin feeling soft and clean without that stripped feeling. Seems to remove make up quite well, although I don't wear a heavy base and not sure it would be heavy duty enough to tackle that. It's been a saviour for my skin this winter, which is not coping with the cold Mel...
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  2. Super Gentle


    My skin had a freak out at the start of quarantine and none of my usual products were playing nicely with it. I stripped my routine right back, and didn't want to spend too much on replacements, so decided to give this a go. I am such a fan! Super gentle and not stripping at all. Love the consistency, it's very therapeutic to massage it into my skin for a few minutes each night.
  3. Good option


    verified purchaser
    I like this cleanser, it is working effectively with the rest of my routine. It is interesting to use, if your hands and face are too wet this cleanser virtually turns to milk and you feel like you're cleansing your face with nothing but water. I recommend only having a damp face and hands so theres not too much water and no water running down your face or hands. This way you can still feel the pr...
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  4. Go-to cleanser


    This is the perfect everyday cleanser if you have normal to sensitive skin, there is nothing harsh in it and your skin is left hydrated and cleansed. However this doesn't deeply cleanse and get rid of makeup
  5. perfect gentle cleanser

    new fan

    If you have sensitive skin. This cleanser is perfect for you. The squalene cleanser helps hydrate and soften skin without causing oli or leaving a film on the skin. Someone who has combination skin would find this perfect. The texture is very silky and melts to an oil onto the skin and foams up when you wash. Very gentle can even use as a make up remover. Will be restocking on this from now on. I ...
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  6. Gentle cleanser


    I love this cleanser. I use it morning and night and it hasn't let me down. It's very gentle and doesn't strip my skin of all the good oils/hydration. It's a great cleanser for someone more on the dry skin side.
  7. THE BEST!


    verified purchaser
    This is my all time favourite makeup remover. As long as you work it in your hands before gentle rubbing it all over your face it will remove all of your makeup! (I like to take it off with a face washer and then double cleanser with asap gentle cleanser!)
  8. Clean without stripping


    I bought this super sized cleanser as I had loved the 50mL sized product. It does what it says it's going to do, which is great. I don't find that this makes my skin any worse which is nice as it's quite dry with acne/congestion. If I couldn't afford any high level oil cleansers, this one can definitely replace those in my opinion.
  9. Nice cleanser for sensitive skin!


    I really like this cleanser as it doesn't leave my sensitive skin feeling stripped of its oils. The instructions say to warm the product between your hands until it turns from a cream consistency into an oil, but I have really cold hands so that never works. Instead, I apply the cleanser directly onto my face and gently start to massage it in - the heat of my face then turns it into an oil and you...
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  10. So good for sensitive skin!


    I have extremely sensitive skin and this was a dream to use! So soothing and really removes everything well. Doesn’t strip your skin at all I love
  11. fantastic


    This cleanser is wonderful to work with. I enjoy that is emulsifies into an oil and is easy to work with and not messy. I can just use my fingers, no cotton pads needed, no frothing and foaming. Comes off nice and easy with a cloth pad and removes the dirt from my skin fantastically without irritating it. I have mature dry skin with spot breakouts.
  12. great oil cleanser


    After using this product for a few months I can confirm that it does remove face + eye makeup easily and it's very gentle on my sensitive skin, but it is a little *too* greasy/oily for my combo skin to be used on its own.

    I use it as a first step in my double cleanse routine and follow up with a gel cleanser. For the price I will definitely keep re-purchasing!
  13. A dry skins best friend!!


    I have super, super dry, eczema prone skin & I had heard about Squalene and how nourishing it was but I was still blown away when I tried it. Not only did it make a world of difference for my dry skin, it also seemed to do a really good job taking all the dirt and sunscreen and day in life stuff off at the end of the night & I've never felt fresher! Hugely recommend for anybody with dry skin, I t...
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  14. Gentle cleanser


    I have combination/unpredictable/pregnancy skin
    Rosacea, hormonal chin break outs are my biggest skin concern
    I love the Squalane cleanser because it’s so gentle, yet manages to get all my make up off
    Although your skin doesn’t necessarily feel squeaky clean afterwards, so I think this is best used as step one of a double cleanse
    Would buy again purely for bang for buck
  15. Not the best Ordinary Product


    While I love the Ordinary range, this product just doesnt work for me. I didnt like the consistency, i felt i was using a lot of product to cover my face and hated the feeling after.
  16. Love this for my double cleanse


    This product is soo nice, you rub in into dry hands and apply it to a dry face and it goes from a cream to a soft oil and it literally melts off make up and other product on your face. I use it as a precleanse before i use my other cleanser at night, or i use it alone in the mornings as it washes off nice and isn't oily.
  17. this is a great product!


    I love the texture of a cream to oil and it never dries out my skin but leaves me feeling well cleansed!
  18. Fantastic cleanser


    I love this cleanser. It’s such great value for money, and it does exactly what you want a cleanser to do. I’ve spent so much time shopping around spending too much money trying to find a suitable cleanser for sensitive skin that still actually DOES something, but this one is it. It doesn’t irritate my sensitivities, whilst still providing a deep clean in the usual oily areas.
  19. Gentle cleanser


    This cleanser is very gentle and hydrating! It doesn't leave the skin dry afterwards. I am loving it
  20. Okay product


    A good cleanser - however doesn’t deeply clean and I feel like I need to follow up with a stronger cleanser. I think its good to remove make up but not as a stand alone cleanser.
  21. Best Cleanser EVER!


    It LITERALLY worked wonders for my skin, I have suffered with acne for years and I haven’t been able to find a cleanser that hasn’t left my skin irradiated or lead to major breakouts. I’ve had this cleanser for two weeks now and I haven’t had a break out since I started used I will definitely be sticking with this cleanser from now on.
  22. Love it


    Yep this is just lovely to use ! I love to clean my face before serums that's just me, I clean my face with a face halo then rub the cleanser in and wipe it off. It feels so soft and I love it. Total bargain for the price.
  23. New fave cleaner! Feels cleaner!


    I had been trying to locate a good cleanser at a fair price for a while. I considered going into oil cleansers but had some reservations about not using water (habit). So I was reccomended this one by ordinary. Feels nice and soft, no harsh cleansing and redness. New favourite!
  24. Makeup remover


    Loved this cleanser and how it removed makeup really well. Only use this cleanser when double cleansing to remove makeup tho, a good investment
  25. Love!!


    I’m about 1 month into using this cleanser every day and it’s my new favourite! I love that it turns to an oil/balm texture and doesn’t foam. Skin feels cleaner, even and hydrated after use!
  26. Love of my life


    I have never found a cleanser that I have truely ever loved apart from this! Great smell, consistency and size! Feels like heaven on your face and I am obsessed. Highly recommend!
  27. Skeptical at first


    I was skeptical at first using an oil based product on my oily skin. I really stay away from anything with oil in it due to breakouts. But actually this is awesome. Its quite strange to use on dry skin, but my skin feels so clean and fresh after using it.
  28. Converted!


    I was skeptical about using a 'dry' cleanser, as i've previously always used cleaners in the shower. However, I was really happy after trying it- it felt like it cleansed my skin thoroughly (without drying it out like some cleansers too).
  29. Feels nourishing and gentle


    FYI I have mature dry sensitive skin. When looking into my skincare routine I realise the way I was cleansing was too harsh and drying. I decided to try this cleanser as I know Squalane can help with hydration. I went straight for the larger option as I feel the small one will run out very quickly. It's so nice on the skin. You rub it between your fingers which turns it into a gel like consistancy...
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  30. My favourite go to cleanser


    My cousin and mum recommended me to use this, at the start I was sceptical on the use of an oil-based cleanser on oily skin but its honestly MAGICAL. I love it! I use it as a day and night cleanser and the first one in my double cleanse routine. Highly recommend to everyone of all ages.
  31. Melts away makeup


    Looks at first like a moisturiser, turns into an oil when rubbed into dry palms. Glides easily over the skin removing makeup and waterproof mascara without irritating the skin or eyes. I use a warm face washer to remove and use this cleanser as my first in a double nightly cleanse.
  32. great for the price point


    This cleanser took some getting used to, however, if you use it properly, it spreads really well and takes off makeup beautifully. I'm someone who feels like cleansers strip their skin, but not this one. Love the larger size. Will definitely have this one on repeat order.
  33. Best gentle cleanser!


    I recently repurchased this cleanser. It lasted me for a long time because a little goes a long way! You really dont need much for your whole face. Warming it up on my hands prior to showering works really well. If I am wearing sunscreen or makeup I will use it as my first cleanser and then I will go in with a foaming cleanser (dermalogica special gel) and it gets rid of all my makeup. If I am not...
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  34. Love this


    This product is amazing and you only need a little bit so it lasts a long time
  35. Great


    I have oily and dehydrated skin and this is the perfect cleanser. Just wish it was more affordable
  36. Good


    I absolutely love how it cleanses my skin but also moisturiser it. However, I find that I need to use a generous amount and I goes through this product quick
  37. Love this cleanser!


    I really like this cleanser! I originally bought the smaller size however decided to buy the larger size this time around so it lasts longer. I have normal/dry skin and find this cleanser doesn’t strip back the skin layer and it feels moisturising on the skin. Don’t buy if you don’t like using a cleanser that doesn’t foam because you will be disappointed - this cleanser is more of a silky, silicon...
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  38. hydrating


    This cleanser has become my new go-to. I use it as a second cleanse after removing make up and it helps remove the left over make up from the first cleanse and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated (I have dry skin). My only issue is that I don't think it is as well priced as other items from the ordinary. This says 'supersize' but really 150ml is standard size for a cleanser and you can get hi...
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    Love love love this cleanser and the convenient large size! It's my favourite cleanser, it's melts make up off my face and leaves it feeling so nice and clean and soft. Would recommend
  40. Value 4 money


    Got the normal sized one and within a few days bought the supersized one! Great gentle cleanser. If you're used to a foaming cleanser you might take a bit to get used to.
  41. Great gentle cleanser in a great size and price!


    I've been using this cleanser daily both in my morning and night routine so far. It's gentle and has been working well for my dry/oily/acne-prone skin.
  42. Super gentle first cleanse

    Chloe Rose

    I love using this as a first cleanse at night to melt away make-up and SPF. It is extremely gentle, and doesn't leave me feeling tight or squeaky. I also burned through this, so I'm happy it's been released in a supersize.

    I'd also recommend this for people who don't like the feeling of putting an oil/oily balm on as a first cleanse. This has a similar melting effect, but is a creamy...
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  43. Not for me


    I'm not a fan of this cleanser. I feel like i have to use so much to get decent coverage. Removes make up ok, skin feel fine after use. I will use until it's finished but will not re-purchase.
  44. Melts away the day


    I bought the supersize after buying the regular size cleanser. Put a dollop on your hands, rub together until it becomes an oil and then rub onto your dry face, including your eyes. Use a warm facewasher to remove the excess. One of the only cleansers that feels like it doesn't strip my face after use - it actually feels more hydrated. Also love that I can rub it into my eyes to get rid of my masc...
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  45. Can’t go wrong

    Qualified MUA - Skincare fusspot

    I use this as my morning cleanser. It’s not drying or harsh. It reminds a bit of an oil cleanser, but it’s a cream. It’s gentle and effective. I’ll be repurchasing when I run out
  46. BEST cleanser


    I LOVE this cleanser. I have combination skin, so find cleansers either leave my skin too stripped/dry or gentle ones leave it not feeling clean enough. This squalane cleanser has my skin feeling nourished and hydrated but not oily.
  47. Love it


    I love this product to take off my makeup and SPF before doing a workout. It's fantastic because it doesn't dry my skin out but gets rid of all the product on my face. I find usually a cloth helps to remove all the product.

    I think it made me break out a little when I first used it but that went away after a week or so
  48. A great cleanser


    I love that I was able to buy this in a super sized size! It's my favourite cleanser, it's melts make up off your face (I don't wear too much at all so not sure about a full face) and leaves my face feeling clean and soft. I have combination skin and find that it works really well on both the oily parts of my face and the dry parts.
  49. Makeup remover


    I jumped on the double cleansing bandwagon and started using this as a makeup remover before I cleansed in the shower. Mascara glides off with this which I love. I already have oily skin but I don't find that this affects it in any way.
  50. A great addition


    I use this at night in conjunction with The Ordinary no brainer set and my skin has been blemish free ever since starting. It cleans your skin without drying it out. I’m a true believer after being an enormous sceptic.
  51. Good Cleaser


    I brought the supersize with is value for money, it last a good 6 months, I find it takes of makeup well, and skin feel clean and smooth, my skin is sensitive and no problems.
  52. Not great


    I have to use a huge dollop of this easy time as it doesn't spread very well - I ended up using the small bottle up in about 10 uses. It did a poor job at getting rid of my makeup and required me to follow up with another makeup removing cleanser.
  53. A bit of a let down


    I am not a fan of this cleanser. I already have oily skin and this cleanser leaves an oily residue behind. I’ve also found that I need to put in a lot of work to remove my makeup, mascara in particular. I wish I bought the normal sized product, not the super sized one as I do hate wasting products. I’ll use it until it’s finished but I will not purchase again.
  54. No fuss


    A simple and functional cleanser that does its job! Not too soapy or foamy.
  55. Can’t live without it.


    I’m obsessed with this cleanser! Melts off my makeup at the end of the day, and I also use it in the morning with my Luna 3 for a beautiful soft morning cleanse. Squalane is wonderful for sensitive skin like mine, and I don’t feel tight or dry after using this.
  56. Luxury in a bottle


    I'm so glad I found this product. I feels heavenly when. You massage it into your skin and it removes all the dirt - mascara included.
  57. Effective and great value


    This product works really well. Of course it probably won't take a full face of makeup off all on its own - you should follow it up with aregular cleanser - but that's how oil based cleansers generally work anyways. I always use this prior to my regular cleanser if I have any makeup on and it is becoming an essential part of my routine. I used to start with an oil based mascara melter and get a st...
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  58. Great oil cleanser


    Ive been using this product for a couple of months as part of the double cleansing method. It is extremely effective at removing all makeup and sunscreen and has really helped to keep my skin clear. It doesnt have any strong smell and a little goes a long way
  59. Best Cleanser, Great price!


    I can't get enough of this cleanser! I have oily skin so it feels odd to cleanse with an oil based cleanser but it leaves my skin feeling clean but not stripped. It's also great for removing makeup and also stubborn eye makeup. It's such great value for the price too!
  60. Love love


    I adore this cleanser. I spend several minutes gently massaging in and leave to sit a bit before lightly rinsing. I use a micellar wipe first as I wouldn’t rely on this to completely remove makeup. Makes my skin feel luscious, soft and nourished.
  61. The most gentle cleanser


    I love this cleanser - however i use it as my second cleanse. it so so gentle on the skin which is great however I recommend either using it to first get rid of (most) of your make up and then use another cleanser or opposite way round, use a cleansing balm or oil and then use this cleanser. Its super gentle but definitely doesn't get rid of all make up on the first go (and I don't wear that much ...
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  62. Removes heavy make up


    It took me a while to get used to a non foamy face wash but I love this for use after the gym and after the end of the day to take off make up. It takes off probably 90% of make up then I do a light wipe with micellar water. It leaves my skin feeling really soft too. Really recommend especially for the price
  63. Love it!


    Love this stuff. Started out with the smaller bottle, knew i had to get the big one! Ordered as soon as i was running low.
    I use it morning and night - great at taking off makeup.
  64. It works


    It feels gentle. Doesn’t really lather and so it doesn’t feel like it has much of a cleansing effect but my skin looks brighter afterwards.
  65. Amazing cleanser


    Love this cleanser. It’s cream to oil formulation means that you really only need a pea sized amount to get beautiful clean skin. I love the texture of the product too and I’ve already noticed a change in my skin. Great price, highly recommended it.
  66. My favourite cleanser ever!


    I was looking for a gentle cleanser for mature skin and stumbled across this brand a year ago mad have been using it ever since! It feels great and the price point is really affordable...I am now using multiple of their products and my skin is loving it!
  67. Best make up remover


    I love this! It takes off my makeup really well and I don’t have to use much at all.
  68. Love this cleanser


    I initially bought the 50ml and fell in love so needed to upsize, obviously. This is GREAT as a first cleanse for removing makeup, sunscreen, general grime from the day. I have really dry, sensitive skin and this feels really soothing and nourishing. Removes everything without leaving your skin feeling tight. Can't beat it for the price point.
  69. Excellent

    Sarah P

    Switched from Clinique skincare regime to the Ordinary about 4 months ago. Experienced no purging what so ever and my skin looks more moisturised and I am experiencing less breakouts too. A little goes a long way with this product too - just a small squirt for the face. I actually prefer it if my face is wet although the instructions say to apply on a dry face. It isn't drying and it takes away th...
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  70. The small tube isn't enough


    When i bought this for the first time, i purchased the small tube just in case i didn't like it but as soon as i used it i regretted it! This is the best cleanser i have ever used! It takes EVERYTHING off and leaves behind lovely soft skin. I love the fact that it doesn't foam and make a mess when i wash it off. I've always hated water dipping all over the place when i'm washing off cleansers. I t...
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  71. Best for Make up removal


    This product for me is best as a make up remover than an everyday cleanser. I think that I pull and drag my skin when I massage it in and I dont like the feeling of sticky oiliness. It does do a very good job of
    removing makeup and leaves the skin soft. I will buy again but only the smaller tube and use when I have a full face of makeup.
  72. Great makeup removal


    This is a great makeup remover or first step for cleansing. Once warmed on the hands and face, it dissolves all makeup, including eye makeup. Great price!
  73. Gentle on the skin

    Joan H

    This is a lovely cleanser. Took me a little bit to get used to using a dry cleanser but it’s lovely and gentle on the skin, removes makeup and cleanser and leaves your face feeling hydrated.
  74. Great cleanser


    This was my first oil-based cleanser and I LOVE IT! Every cleanser I’ve used in the past dries me out immediately and gives me flaky skin. You have to really warm it up between your palms and massage it into the skin. Also make sure your hands and face are completely dry before using, and it reacts instantly to water and disapates.
  75. Thank god they super sized this


    Loved the cleanser, now I cannot go without this as my first step. I always follow this with a gel cleanser and then glycolic acid toner.
    so glad they super sized the product.
  76. Perfect for everyday use


    I was a bit hesitant to use this product at first. I have normal-oily skin and thought that due to it's oil-like consistency when massaged onto the skin it wouldn't do a good job of removing excess oil but I WAS WRONG! The first time i used it i couldn't believe how soft and clean my skin felt so was very excited to see The Ordinary had come out with a supersized version. I use it every day along ...
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  77. Balancing


    Great cleanser to balance skin and remove impurities
  78. Gentle


    Lovely and gentle cleanser that is perfect for drier skin types! I love to use this as both a morning and evening cleanse particularly if my skin is feeling a bit dry and irritated.
  79. Best cleanser tested to date!


    I had heard and read great reviews about The Ordinary products. After battling eczema, dry and sensitive skin during my pregnancy and post pregnancy, I had tried so many different products with none helping my dry, flakey, itchy and sensitive skin. This cleanser, along with a number of other products from The Ordinary, has been amazing with my skin completely clearing within two weeks of using the...
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  80. Best cleanser tested to date!


    I had heard and read great reviews about The Ordinary products. After battling eczema, dry and sensitive skin during my pregnancy and post pregnancy, I had tried so many different products with none helping my dry, flakey, itchy and sensitive skin. This cleanser, along with a number of other products from The Ordinary, has been amazing with my skin completely clearing within two weeks of using the...
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  81. Love it!


    Love this cleanser! Starts as a cream then turns to an oil which I love! I have oily skin and doesn’t make my skin extra oily. Very hydrating, and doesn’t sting around the eyes. Very good cleanser for all skin types.
  82. Big Fan


    I'm a big fan of The Ordinary. I absolutely love this cleanser - it easily removes my make up and leaves my skin very soft. I find similarities with Toleriane by La Roche Posay in terms of accommodating my skin sensitivity. Would suit all skin types - would definitely recommend.
  83. Gentle and perfect


    It’s gentle, and hydrating on skin, and doesn’t have an overwhelming scent. I really like it’s consistency and it didn’t clog my pores, and it’s a great, affordable price!
  84. Nice


    I have acne prone, dry and sensitive skin and this cleanser didn’t irritate my skin. I use it in the morning before applying makeup and in the evening. So far so good. Definitely recommend for sensitive skin.
  85. Love this product


    So this would be the 5th time I have ordered this product. Love it..
    Using on my 9 year old son and its working well. Hello add this to your routine. No disappointment.
  86. Go to cleanser


    I have acne prone and sensitive skin and this cleanser didn’t irritate my skin. I use it in the morning with a glycolic cleanser in the evening. So far so good. Definitely recommend for sensitive skin.
  87. Amazing!


    This product is actually amazing. A lot of the “long wearing” makeup products are a b!tch to get off, but this literally just melts it off!! Leaves your skin soft and beautiful.

    I would compare it to the Clinique version “take the day off” or whatever it is, but it’s so much cheaper!

    10/10 would recommend. It won’t let me review with 5 stars. How rude!!

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  88. Very happy


    I have quiet sensitive skin and this is the best cleanser I have used. It makes my face so smooth and clean. I recently purchased the big bottle, wouldn’t see myself switching to any new cleansers any time soon. Would recommend
  89. Love this cleanser


    Really great cleanser so I bought the supersize after buying the smaller one originally!! Will buy again !
  90. my go-to cleanser


    Purchased the bigger tube of this cleanser because it worked so well for my skin. Some products can react to my skin but my skin has never looked better since I started cleansing with this.

    I use the cleanser with a warm cloth everyday to take off makeup or sunscreens. However, it doesn’t remove heavy makeup completely.

    The price is great for a basic everyday cleanser t...
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  91. Best I've tried


    I use this morning and night, its gentle on my skin and gets make up off easily! I love how clean and smooth my skin feels after it.
  92. OK but not fabulous


    Not my favorite The Ordinary product. A big fan of other products in this brand, I'm struggling to get used to this oil based cleanser. Although it doesn't irritate or dry out my skin, and does leave it feeling soft, it just doesn't really feel properly cleansed, even when used with the ASAP facial cloth. I also don't like the feel of using serums after cleansing with it, as it seems to leave an o...
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  93. Found the one


    I’ve found my long-term cleanser in the Ordinary. Perfect trifecta of gentle everyday cleanser + makeup remover + great value.
  94. Excellent for my sensitive skin


    I have been washing my face with water only for years because so many cleansers I've previously tried have made my skin freak out in different ways because it's so sensitive. No freak outs with this cleanser though! It's easy to apply and I noticed a difference in how my skin felt within the first few uses. Love it.
  95. Easy to use cleanser

    Sharon V

    I decided to give the Ordinary's products a try, and this is the cleanser I chose. I love the moment it changes to oil on my face, such a satisfying sensation.

    Doesn't dry out my skin.
  96. Brilliant for removing makeup


    I have combination skin, with both very oily and very dry patches. I am a long time fan of The Ordinary, and was very excited to try the super-sized value pack of the Squalane Cleanser. It is absolutely perfect - as long as your expectations of the product are right. This is not a foaming or generally "cleansing" cleanser - it has a balm texture, and looks like moisturiser, which turns to oil when...
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  97. Non irritating cleanser


    Cheap price for effective cleansing. Buttery cleanser that melts off make up and grime, great for dry or sensitive skin. I used this after a harsher exfoliant treatment.
  98. Best cleanser ever


    I have dry sensitive skin and this cleanser is great for my skin. My skin is clearer already and I love that it goes straight onto dry skin
  99. YES, YES, YES

    Neysa ilayne

    I'm so in love with this cleanser and as soon as they bought out the supersized I had to jump on it.
    My skin is so sensitive to cleansers and I've tried so many. But I keep returning to this.
    It keeps my skin clean and clear without stripping it, giving me bumps and redness.
    I find I massage it into my skin and then with a bit of luke warm water and wash of with a wash cloth and...
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