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The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer 30ml

4.4 of 259 reviews


4 instalments of $2.21


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4 instalments of $2.21


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Ideal to use alone for a naturally perfected finish, or under makeup to improve longevity, The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer uses advanced adaptive silicones to act as a matte, hydrating, blurring primer for makeup that looks higher in definition and adheres for longer.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

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GREAT - 80% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer

The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer

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4.4 of 259 reviews

80% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great Product


This product did exactly what it was meant to! It feels so soft and smooth once applied.
It smells like a brand new doll, but I don’t mind the smell.

Most Helpful Criticism

So so


Very affordable like the rest of the range, I have purchased quite a few of their products and this is the least favourite. Sits nicely on face however reacts with my Ella badge eye cream to create a new substance I have to wipe off my face. I’ve tried it a few times but I really can’t tell the difference when I wear it and when I don’t. I have combination skin with an oily t-zone, mildly sensitive and prone to redness and breakouts. Might be great for other, at this price it’s always worth a try, however I won’t be repurchasing.
  1. Great for Price


    It's a nice base, leaves your skin feeling very smooth and soft.
    Really does have a blurring effect.
    I like to use this on days where I don't wear makeup to soften the texture of my skin.
    It's not my favourite primer or my favourite product from the Ordinary but it does work well.
    I find that while it is super cheap the container also doesn't last very long.
  2. Great Product


    This product did exactly what it was meant to! It feels so soft and smooth once applied.
    It smells like a brand new doll, but I don’t mind the smell.
  3. Best primer I have ever used


    I have tried a few primers previously but have not found anything that I think work. I get an oily tzone by the middle of the day. I have used this product now for a few weeks and I have not had the problem with my Tzone since then. I love it and have bought more of them. The price is another winner!
  4. Great primer!


    This primer feels silky and light and doesn’t have that strange silicone feel like many other cheaper primers. Smoothed out my skin and felt moisturizing. People commented on my skin, and this was the only new addition in my makeup routine. Makeup lasted throughout the day with no touch ups. So affordable too!
  5. So so


    Very affordable like the rest of the range, I have purchased quite a few of their products and this is the least favourite. Sits nicely on face however reacts with my Ella badge eye cream to create a new substance I have to wipe off my face. I’ve tried it a few times but I really can’t tell the difference when I wear it and when I don’t. I have combination skin with an oily t-zone, mildly sensitive and prone to redness and breakouts. Might be great for other, at this price it’s always worth a try, however I won’t be repurchasing.
  6. Great!


    Can't beat this for the price.
    I'm so in love with the ordinary and highly recommend most of their products.
    including this..
    Best silicone primer for the lowest price i've ever seen.
  7. Great primer!


    Love how smoothly this primer glides on and that’s it’s super affordable. Perfect for someone that is new to the primer world!
  8. Smoothing


    So smoothing and makes my skin look blurred. However, I think the silicone makes it pill - so use a bit less, or wait a while to apply foundation after
  9. what sensational value!


    I love The Ordinary's products and price point - honestly - it doesn't get better!

    The prime is great - smooth on application, gives your skin that nice, soft, velvety feel. Makeup glides on and stays on.

    This product over-delivers in my view for the negligible price tag in the world of skincare :)
  10. Amazing price


    This primer is great for under make up and is an amazing price. Definitely worth giving it a go.
  11. pretty smooth


    im not really one for heavy makeup so i dont really need a primer, but i really like the look of matte skin so i decided to try this out since my sister is a big fan of it! it's actually pretty good, but it does feel a bit sticky and does not feel light on the skin. to describe it best, it feels like wearing lipbalm on your skin. overall, it does its job!
  12. I'm impressed


    I love this primer. I have mature skin and it really does diminish fine lines and helps my foundation glide on smoothly, making my skin look and feel softer.
  13. Wow


    Makes all the difference for a smoother look. Cannot believe the affordable price for such a great product! Only used once so far and I'm in love already.
  14. Amazing.

    Angela Kay

    Amazing. I’ve never found a primer that works so well with my skin, and for the price, how could you go wrong? Once I found this primer, I haven’t even bothered trying any other, I’m sold.
  15. Love this


    This primer evens out my skin making a smooth base to apply makeup. A little goes a long way.
  16. Great introductory product


    First time primer user here and I’m really happy with the price point and the feel of this product. My makeup glides on after use and no skin irritation, so a massive plus!
  17. Best primer for oily skin

    Ming Min

    This primer is the best for oily skin, as it can stay long.
  18. Good price but not right for me


    When I tested the product on the back of my hand it feels and look so smooth. Once put on the face as the last step before make up I find my foundation does not blend well. Will give it another try but for now I’m not quite sure.
  19. Wow wow WOW


    Wow this primer works wonders. I only bought it yesterday but wow I am impressed. And for such a cheap price too!! You can’t beat this!!
  20. Average


    I found this does not give the velvety base that most silicon primers do. However, if you’re after a more natural look it may work well for you.
  21. Close dupe for Hourglass Primer


    I use this during the daytime as a substitute for my beloved Hourglass Primer as they are both very similar in terms of function (matte, oil control, silky). I have to pat rather than swipe otherwise little balls of silicone show up depending on what moisturiser I have on underneath. Will repurchase once it runs out
  22. great value


    this really helped with my foundation application and such great value
  23. good


    This is a really good primer. makes my face feel really smooth. Makes my foundation sit well
  24. Not my thing


    I haven’t found that this primer positively affects the wear of my make up, I find that it feels like my make up is sitting above a layer rather than adhering to my skin. Not sure if it’s because of the particular foundation I use, my skin type or the primer. Much prefer to use ‘the ordinary’ moisturiser under my make up instead.
  25. Effective and affordable


    It goes on well and makes my makeup last better and look better. Is also great value!
  26. Good value primer


    Primer does the job and is great value for money
  27. Amazing for the price!


    Who would have thought such an affordable primer would be so amazing?!
    I was a bit worried about it making my skin oily, but it definitely didn’t. Made my skin look smooth and helped The Ordinary foundation stay on really well - such a great combo.
  28. Love it


    Love this primer, makes my skin feel hydrated and it helps the foundation to go on super smoothly
  29. Makeup does not budge


    I used this primer today and my makeup was the same at 8pm as it was at 6am! It worked so well and is so cheap!
  30. Great base


    Makes my skin feel so so soft and a great base for foundation. Can tend to break me out if I don't wash it out well
  31. Amazing primer at such a cheap price point!


    I love this primer and think it’s comparable to Hourglass’ Veil Mineral Primer and it’s only a fraction of the price. Helps smooth my skin (fine lines and uneven texture) and my makeup stays put all day!
  32. Excellent value


    Feels silky smooth on my dry skin. Great value primer. Would definitely recommend.
  33. Great as moisturiser - but not sure as a Primer


    Only need a tiny pea size drop for entire face.
    The first time I put it on, I loved it. It provided a matt finish to cover off all the serums and squalane I use from the Ordinary range.
    However, as a primer, I do not like it. I feel like it stops the makeup absorbing effectively into my skin, which given my face a powdery and plasticy makeup look.
    So I am not using it as a primer anymore, simply using it as a final step to cover the other serums on my face.
  34. Smooth


    This primer is lovely. Makes a smooth vase to apply makeup, but is also great on its own. Wish it was a bigger tube. Excellent value for money.
  35. Not for me


    I personally didn't like this primer as it balled up instantly when applying my foundation. I could apply my foundation with my fingers, a brush, beauty blender and it would steel pile. I even tried changing up foundations to a non-silicone base but that also didn't work for me. Really wanted to love it but didn't. I have quite oily skin so that may have affected the outcome also.
  36. An Ordinary product where you can’t go wrong


    Blurs my pores and is the perfect base for foundation! Skin feels so smooth and makeup lasts noticeably longer.
  37. Lovely


    Such a lovely primer that leaves my slim super soft and ready for foundation. Makes my foundation look heaps nicer too. Unfortunately it went off in about 6months though and then it started balling up every time I used it
  38. Beautiful primer


    Really nice primer, goes on smoothly and makes your foundation glide on easily and last longer. Doesn't feel too thick or gluggy like some others do
  39. Fab


    Love this product so much! It’s a really good price and it makes my makeup go on top of it so smoothly! It minimises my pores and makes my makeup look flawless
  40. Awesome


    i wanted this because i have large pores on my nose and cheek and it fills them up nicely so foundation doesn't crease in them
  41. Base primer


    I applied it on before my make up and it created and silky smooth texture.
  42. Can not believe the price point!


    This primer is amazing & for the price you cannot go wrong. Skin glows & I use less foundation. Perfect base!
  43. Good


    This is a great primer for my oily skin and my foundation stays in place all day without my skin getting greasy. Recommend it
  44. Smooth as silk!


    Creates such a smooth base for makeup. I’ve stuck by my Napoleon primer for years but decided to give this a go. My skin is definitely more “glowing” with this, and not using as much foundation either..
  45. excellent


    This primer is so good! makes my foundation and all my makeup go on so smoothly and smells so nice LOVE IT!
  46. favourite


    I love this, for some reason this one plays nicer with my skin and the products I use. if you have combination skin, use lots of oils and wear very minimal base makeup / cream products like I do then I'd absolutely recommend this over the spreadability one.
  47. Does not play nice over my skincare


    This primer literally slide right off my face on contact with my skincare. It turned into a water like substance and I had to re-wash my face and start all over again. I bought this based on reviews and for concealing pores as I do not have oil skin so do not need it to mattify. I am combo/dry with extra dry flaky patches at the moment due to my nightly tretinoin cream.It does not play nice over an intensely moisturising skincare routine like mine. Sent it back for a refund.
  48. Excellent primer


    This is the third time I’ve bought this, very silky and effective primer. Highly recommended
  49. For what its worth, this does wonders.


    I have the oilest of oilest skin known to man. I have had friends tell me that I could fuel their cars that's how oily my face is. This primer does wonders in keeping my oils to a minimum considering the price. Prior to this primer I was spending $50+ for primers that achieved a minimal matte finish on my face. This $8.80 does the job that more expensive primers claim to do. I can also use any cheap foundation over this and it still helps to keep the oils down. Would recommend.
  50. Not for me.


    Unfortunately the only one of these products that doesn't work for me, caused breakouts.
  51. love it


    blurs my skin, smoothing it before applying makeup! Increases the longevity of my makeup, lasting all day
  52. Can't go wrong!


    Best primer I've ever purchased and by far the cheapest too! Goes on so easily and my foundation looks so good over the top. You only need a little bit and it lasts all day!
  53. okay


    I love the ordinary. This makes my skin more even, smooth, toned, and soft! An amazing product for the price and lasted a fair while considering the size of the bottle!
  54. Love love love


    I love this primer! Feels so great on my skins before makeup.
  55. Great affordable primer, pay attention to the use by


    This is a great, pore filling primer that helps your makeup adhere and prevents oxidation. If you haven't used a silicon primer before you may not like the texture, but personally I find this primer very effective, especially at this price point.
    The only negative experience I've ever had with this product was my fault, but I'll include for the sake of honesty: I wear makeup pretty infrequently, so about one third of the product went off-the formulation got thicker, my concealer began to ball up and my foundation would split. That's totally on me though, I should've paid more attention to when I had bought and first used this product.
  56. Perfect primer


    I have oily skin with patches of dryness around my nose and chin, this primer goes on perfectly after my skin routine before make up. The primer is velvety and even though I only wear powdered foundation my skin still looks smooth with no dryness around my problem areas. Thumbs up!
  57. Great


    I love this primer. Has easy spreadability and my skin feels so velvety soft. Make up is definitely breeze to apply after using this product.
  58. A must for oily and combination skin


    I found out about this product through the Wayne Goss Utube channel and its amazing. Love it. I have oily skin and it does not make it worse. Perfect base for longer wear and works really well with powders. Love!
  59. Primes and controls oil


    Good primer for the price. Comparable to Hylamide matte primer. It definitely controls oils for a good portion of the day. It doesn't pill my foundation up either.
  60. Good for the price


    I don't reach for this everyday but I think it's great for under $10. It may be the foundation I use that doesn't work well so I would definitely recommend giving it a go.
  61. Yes


    For the price you cannot go wrong with this for everyday wear, my makeup went on smoothly so im happy!
  62. Smooth and silky


    Really nice on the skin after moisturizer. Sits well under makeup I’ve found. Skin isn’t getting oily throughout the day either and makeup stays a bit better. Plus, the cost compared to most of a similar product is great, and it’s natural.
  63. Great primer


    For the price this primer is really good. It leaves the skin feeling so smooth and perfect for foundation application. It definitely makes my makeup stay on longer and overal look better
  64. The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer


    I find Primers really make a difference when applying foundation. This one glides on, and my foundation glides on top of it. It is soft and silky to use, and you don't use much at all. I found it had no smell also which is good. I will keep using it, as it seems as good as any of the expensive ones I have tried over the years and the price point unbeatable for the quality.
  65. Great primer! Makes application of foundation so much easier. One of my favourite products from Adore!


    Great primer! Makes application of foundation so much easier. One of my favourite products!I find the primer assists with hydration and prevents foundation from drying out. It’s the primer I turn to before applying make up. It also be used on its own for a make up free matte finish.
  66. Quite nice


    This works amazing with silicon based foundations. My makeup always applies sooo smoothly and flawless when I use this. I highly recommend.


    This is the first time i have used a primer and im quite impressed, it just glides on and feels great.
  68. Works well


    For the price it works very well for day wear. I will continue to buy.
  69. Glides On & So Cheap


    I bought this primer because I’m switching to cruelty free beauty products. I love the no fuss, simple packaging and the price is great! It glides on and provides a nice base for my foundation. I will buy again!
  70. Good buy


    I have normal skin but a fair amount of texture, so this primer is a great purchase and you can't beat that price. The only negative is that if this primer gets too old, it makes products build up and doesn't work anymore. But that's probably on me for not paying closer attention to expiration dates on my products. Regardlwss-this is a solid everyday primer that works well with most makeup
  71. Works amazingly, great price!


    This is my go to broke primer.
    I love how cheap it is and it glides on!
    Covers up all my pores!
    Yes it's silicone but it works a treat. My make up goes on like a dream after using it! Yes it is my I'm to broke to buy my usual but as a back up it's pretty close to being on par with it!
    All in all I love it!
  72. Very oily and patchy


    I did not like this primer! It may be the combo w my other makeup not being compatible but I found it to be very oily and make my foundation apply patchy. The primer balled up and wouldn’t spread after I *tried* to apply foundation
  73. Pretty good


    You cant expect too much from a primer of this price - its not one I would use for an event or night time going out makeup but its great for day to day wear. I cant say I love the scent its not that great. Has a strong silicone scent as expected in the name. But as for value its as good as it gets. Its applies easily to the skin and keeps my makeup on which is what its meant for. Its definitely worth a try at this price.
  74. Great primer


    I have had nothing but success using the ordinary products my skin looks and feels great for the first time in years. I had been using nude by nature primer but when it was time to buy a new one I had to try this. It's just as good if not better. I can use it without make up to give my skin a more even texture. When I use foundation over it, it spreads well and stays on. The price is so good. Another winner from the ordinary.
  75. Like but only works with a base


    I find this makes my makeup stick really well but I find I can't wear just the primer otherwise it slips, with moisturiser underneath its great!
  76. Pretty amazing


    I was really happy with this! My makeup stayed on all day and looked super natural. I have tried many primers and find that I reach for this quite often! Worth a shot!
  77. Great day time primer


    I cant seem to fault any of the ordinary products. They are so high quality and well priced. I usually only use expensive makeup/skincare brands but decided to try this one out because I wanted to get a cheaper primer to use in the day time when im just going to work (instead of wasting expensive ones). This was so lovely. Its a decent size. Its a thick consistency so I applied with my fingers and didnt use a brush but it applied so nicely and left a beautiful dry touch smooth feeling. My makeup applied well too. A little went a long way. I will 100% be purchasing this again to use as my day time primer!
  78. True to its Name


    This primer did have good adherence, especially if you wore setting spray on top of the makeup. Lasted full 10 hour days of work for me. The formula was quite moisturising also, however sometimes left my skin feeling a little greasy/slippery.
  79. Probably better for normal to drier skin types


    I didn't like this primer for a few reasons. The first was that I found that it made my face significantly oilier than normal (which being oily, wasn't welcome). The second was, no matter what I did, I could never get my foundation to blend smoothly on top of it. I always found it getting streaky, wouldn't stick at all, and even when I was trying to powder it down, my foundation would slide right off, which is not a problem I have ever had before, bare-skinned or not.

    The one good thing about it that I definitely can attest to, is that it's ridiculously smoothing, so if you want a smooth canvas, you really can't object at this price point.


    Smooth skin, minimised pores, blurring, what is not to love?! This surpasses all luxury brand primers I have used. Once again The Ordinary knocks it out of the park!
    I have combination, acne prone skin and have had ZERO negative effects from this product. Do yourself a favour and add this to your makeup bag! I even use this on days I am not wearing makeup to blur the pores
  81. Prevents 3pm slip and slide


    After applying this primer, I can feel my skin is definitely smoothed out in terms of texture and foundation goes on a lot smoother. It also makes my foundation last a lot longer on my oily combo skin.
  82. Good primer


    I like this primer, it's a light consistency and feels very smooth when applied. I find that it blurs out my pores and my foundation (the ordinary serum foundation) applies seamlessly with a beauty blender when I use this primer as a base. Good price point and does its job!
  83. Works good if your skin is not oily


    It works beautiful with all skin types except oily. I notice that it works better when applying foundation on top with beauty blender that foundation brush.
  84. Great texture


    This primer is quite light once applied. It is not sticky or drying and leaves make-up also feeling light and smooth without caking. Allows for easy blending. The price is also great!
  85. Works Great, especially for the price!


    A great primer which makes my foundation and make up stay put all day long - it applies easily and absorbs well into my skin. The price is also super affordable! Can't fault this product!
  86. Holy grail primer!


    I have sensitive skin, this primer is the best I've used. Applies smoothly, feels light and velvety on skin, blurs pores and imperfections. Foundation applies well over it and lasts all day. Super cheap, and product lasts a long time.
  87. Great Primer for oily skin


    I have oily skin and have trouble with primers actually helping keep my foundation on my face, I purchased this seeing as it has an amazing price point and I thought it wouldn't hurt to at least try, I love it! I live in a very hot environment and it kept my make up on all day
  88. Best primer i have used


    I love this primer, i find with alot of other primers i am quite shiny and oily by the end of the day but this baby is perfect, it helps your make up stay on all day and all night, it feels nice and soft applying and the product lasted me forever, have already re ordered but my first tube last me about 4 months and i used it every day. Love it!
  89. Best primer for my skin


    I have combination skin (oily t-zone). I've been using this product for a while now. I'm on my third tube. So far this has been the best product and best value for money. I'll continue using it.
  90. Super smooth!


    This primer absolutely glides on and makes the best smooth base for your foundation. I find it helps reduce pores and my make up or BB cream stay in place all day. The smell is a little unpleasant at first but disappears once on the skin. My absolute fav primer!
  91. Fantastic primer also great without foundation!


    As I’m completely in love with TO’s line and use heaps of their products, this choice was a no-brainer! The speadability is excellent, a little goes a long way, make sure you let it dry and that doesn’t take long. Not only does foundation adhere extremely well, this also blurs lines and pores exceptionally well, so much so I frequently use this alone and go foundation free. I’m absolutely religious about skin prep and even over an emollient rich moisturiser this is amazing. I’ve tried all the best selling primers and for me this one beats the others hands down. This is and will remain my go to primer, please TO don’t stop making this!
  92. Makes my makeup last longer and skin feel smoother


    After applying this primer, I can feel my skin is definitely smoothed out in terms of texture and foundation goes on a lot smoother. It also makes my foundation last a lot longer on my oily combo skin.
  93. Great for daily use


    I really like this primer and wear it daily with The Ordinary Foundation. It goes on smooth and light and acts as a great base for makeup. Really good value for money and a little goes a long way with this primer.
  94. Cheap primer that does the job


    This primer works incredibly well with my silicone based foundations such as the Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr. It is light and provides a good base for makeup application. I have oily skin so my foundation won't look fresh throughout the whole day but if I use this primer along with a setting spray, my makeup will last much longer. Bear in mind my makeup stays on for a while, average 9-10 hours a day.
  95. My new go to primer!


    I absolutely love this! It works perfectly on my combination/oily skin and I find a little goes a long way. Great value for money!
  96. Skin feels so smooth


    I love this primer, it’s so cheap and leaves my skin feeling smooth and makeup goes on perfectly. Only downside is the smell but I can deal with that
  97. Amazing, affordable!


    Makes my skin look smooth and makes my skin feel smooth, glides on easy, doesn’t feel heavy, love this product!
  98. Best value primer


    This primer is great! and for only $8.80!! Goes on really well, only need the smallest amount and it works really well! I order two at a time, I just cannot get enough
  99. smooths and controls oils


    Great price point! This primer is good at controlling oil and blurring pores. It creates a nice base for makeup, the silicone really makes my skin seem smooth.
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