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The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer 30ml

4.4 of 445 reviews


4 instalments of $2.21

Or 4 instalments of $2.21 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $2.21

Or 4 instalments of $2.21 with LEARN MORE

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Ideal to use alone for a naturally perfected finish, or under makeup to improve longevity, The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer uses advanced adaptive silicones to act as a matte, hydrating, blurring primer for makeup that looks higher in definition and adheres for longer.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

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GREAT - 84% recommend

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  • 30s
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  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer

The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer

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The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer Reviews

4.4 of 445 reviews

84% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Your foundations best friend


This primer rocked my world! You can even just out powder over the top. It so silky and luxurious, doesn’t make my foundation cake up. Smooths complexion.

Most Helpful Criticism

Works sometimes


Sometimes this primer would work and create a beautiful smooth base for foundation, but other times it would just end up a greasy mess. I have dry skin so it should have been a good match. Sometimes it even broke down my foundation from underneath!
  1. Overall great base


    It seems to absorb well and is a great simple primer. Still looking out to try others that are exceptional though. I think like all skincare and make up, you got to find the one that works best on your needs.
    Did keep foundation on longer.

    Good first purchase I think in this brand, not too big or expensive. Looking forward to trying other products by this brand in future.
  2. Your foundations best friend


    verified purchaser
    This primer rocked my world! You can even just out powder over the top. It so silky and luxurious, doesn’t make my foundation cake up. Smooths complexion.
  3. Great value!


    I've tried this primer over the last couple of weeks, and really love it. I've learnt that less is more - is tempting to just pop lots on but it does make your makeup slippery if you put too much on. I'd recommend just using a small amount, and really pressing in your foundation with a beauty sponge. So worth trying for the price! I have dry, sensitive skin and a nose that just loves to get oily a...
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  4. Love this


    I really love this primer, and will be buying more. It's very silky and does a great job providing a layer before foundation after using lots of serums. Only problem is that a bottle goes quickly - though it's so affordable this isn't a biggie.
  5. Greta primer


    Great primer for acne-prone skin.

    Directions for covering acne or acne scarring

    - The Ordinary Hyaluronic acid
    -Thin layer of this primer all over face.
    -Nars Soft Matte Concealer dabbed on with a concealer brush over acne or scaring.

    Wait 2 minutes.
    Apply foundation with a beauty blender.
    The three work perfectly to create a full co...
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  6. great


    this is a great primer and it is very affordable compared to other high end ones that work just as well
  7. My go to


    Really locks in my skin care underneath my make up and has the most incredible consistency. Is so silky and makes my makeup go on lovely and last!
  8. Inconsistent results


    I find that it typically works well when I use a light layer of foundation only. Otherwise it starts to get too slippery and it's hard to get my foundation to adhere to my skin.
  9. Smooooth


    This primer goes on so smooth and helps to make my skin look really smooth (especially on my dry/flaky areas) when I put my foundation on. The price is also incredibly affordable. The one downside for me is that it has a smell that I can't quite describe and it's quite strong that I'm not a fan of.
  10. Great value Primer


    Very happy with the ordinary silicone primer. First silicone primer I have ever used so cant compare to other branded silicone primers. But for the price point I cant complain. I have sensitive skin and have no issue with irritation from this product. The primer is easy to apply and feels good on my skin, not greasy at all. I use it under makeup and with a setting spray over my makeup but it lasts...
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  11. LOVE IT!


    Favorite primer! Great for my acne prone skin - so refreshing. Helps my makeup last longer particularly around the nose area where it usually flakes.
  12. It’s okay on it’s own.


    I bought this and the fluid primer because I’m so indecisive and honestly I prefer the fluid primer more because it feels a bit lighter and easier to spread. This one is nice though on it’s own for a little bit of a smoother appearance without looking like I’m wearing any makeup.
  13. not for me


    this one is not for me, while it feels really amazing on the skin, and does blur your pores to a certain extent, it also made my make up slip and slide and wear off in about an hour! not a fan personally
  14. Works sometimes


    Sometimes this primer would work and create a beautiful smooth base for foundation, but other times it would just end up a greasy mess. I have dry skin so it should have been a good match. Sometimes it even broke down my foundation from underneath!
  15. Love this primer!


    Makes my skin feel really smooth before applying makeup, for a great price! Doesn’t make my skin feel greasy either. I recommend :)
  16. Great primer


    I'vce re-purchased time and time again...a good primer! I still use in conjuction with a setting mist, but it does the job well..
  17. great


    this is a really great primer, it does a really good job at minimising my pores and keeping my make up on.
  18. Great value!


    This primer has become an absolute staple within my make-up bag that I cannot go without! Due to my natural shine, it works best with my powdered make up. For best results, I let the primer soak into my skin for several moments before applying make-up.
  19. primer


    creates a really smooth base for foundation. very impressive, imperfections are all blurred thanks to this!
  20. Good primer


    Purchased to use with The Ordinary Coverage Foundation. Glides on so nicely, blurs pores and imperfections, and foundation lasts pretty well (slight touch ups needed, more due to foundation than primer I think). Comparable to Instablur from The Body Shop, though not sure it stays as matte, but is less than half the price.
  21. Great base


    This primer is a great base and makes the makeup last for hours and it’s super affordable
  22. a good, different type of primer!!


    This primer feels soooooo different going on my skin after freshly cleansed and moisturised skin. So different from anything I've used before! The silicone makes the primer go on smoothly and it feels almost oily, but there's no actual oil residue. I can't explain it, but you can actually feel that it's providing a second skin between your skin and make up! And I like that feeling, especially beca...
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  23. Love it!


    I love this primer. It’s makes my skin so smooth and silky. Perfect for wear prior to makeup application or for a fresh face! I’m now onto my second bottle and will repurchase again. Such a bargain!
  24. Matte finish


    Stops my foundation from sliding off my face from oil through the day. Good budget option too!
  25. Not for me


    I like how this felt but I broke out after using it
  26. Keeps me matte


    My oil doesn't show through my foundation with this primer and its got a great price point
  27. Great Value


    Keeps foundation on my face all day and is more affordable than other primers
  28. My skin loves this stuff!


    Feels amazing on my skin, holds my make up and lasts all day. I am obsessed with this! I've tried so many primers over the years but this is the best for my skin. So easy to apply and the price point is wild! It's a favourite in my skincare/make up kit!
  29. MakeUp's Bestfriend


    Save your foundation and make your skin so smooth and glidy for application ! This primer is perfect to go over sunscreen but under makeup, it's Light and Airy and feels so soft on application.

    Make's my makeup last a little longer and also prevents breakouts from happening after having a long wear make up day as it creates that little barrier between layers.

    Such a gr...
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  30. Great primer


    I was super happy with how this primer performed. Its not super slippery like some silicon primers and glides on the skin nicely. Reduced the visibility of my pores.
  31. Love this!


    This is so nice and makes the skin so smooth prior to foundation!
  32. Yes but not for an everyday use


    Hello there, if you have dry skin, don't read this :)
    As for my shiny girls out there, I loooooove this primer :) my pores look so much better after I apply this primer and start painting my face on my face :)
    BUT, I wouldn't use it everyday, because of the silicone in it.. Silicone can clog the pores and if you are using it everyday, make sure you double triple cleanse.
  33. Smooth skin primer


    Amazing primer! Smooths out my skin for make up application, holds well through out the day
  34. Eh


    Wasn't bad but wasn't amazing either. Don't see a need for it in my routine.
  35. Amazing product!!


    Great primer!!! Makes my base makeup look stunning!!!
  36. Excellent Product!!


    The primer is really smooth and dosen’t feel like it’s clogging your pores
  37. Great primer


    This is my second tube of this Primer. It feels light on the face and helps longevity of makeup.
  38. Fab for the price!


    I’ve used a lot of cheap primers in my time and this one is one of the best ones I’ve used so far! I would give it 5 stars but I’ve found for it to look flawless I also have to pair it with The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid so 4 from me.
  39. Perfect with Patience


    I was so happy with the Ordinary Silicone Primer (you don’t need a lot), that I’ve just bought The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer 30ml, and another 3 of these silicone primers. The 30mls lasted approx 40xdays using it 5xtimes/day.

    It works best allowing time, or applying a fan, before applying makeup.
    While using this, I found my skin drying through the day so started...
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  40. Umm HOLD UP


    I have tried a few primers over the years and thought I had finally found a decent one with Benefit. I had been using a particular Benefit primer for about two years or so but lately found it just didn't work like it used to. Not sure if the formula changed (Unlikely) or my skin changed (More likely - I mean duh, you get older right). So thought, given the price and how happy I had been with the ...
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  41. Good primer


    This is awesome. Such a good product for the price, it really really fills in the pores and allows the skin to have a super smooth texture before makeup. Definitely worth a try!
  42. Makes my Ordinary Serum foundation pill


    ...so it's not really working for me as a primer. Perhaps it may have something to do with me also wearing face moisturiser, then sunscreen and then applying this over the top? (I do always wait until each product has absorbed before applying the next product though). Hmmm...not for me.
  43. silicone primer


    nice and smoothing on my pores, it makes a nice base under makeup. it can pill if you rub it in too much
  44. Nice primer


    Really nice - when I've used it my make up has gone on smooth and has lasted all day
  45. A little ordinary


    While the texture is nice, it smooths on beautifully and doesn't break me out, as others have mentioned it does cause my foundation to pill and drag, which defeats the purpose of a primer. The price point is great, and I wonder if the reason why it works for some people and not others is the variations in their foundations and skin type. Its worth a try due to the price but I won't repurchase.


    I have honestly tried so many primers, and so many expensive primers, but this stuff does the job and at a lower cost. I have tried the benefit pore primer and thats what this one kind of feels like, a bit rubbery, just like a primer should feel. No smell and I love that. Definitely recommend, this is the only thing I will use now to prime my face!
  47. Amazing for the price.


    Wow I didn’t expect this to be as good for the price. It’s easy to use and creates a smoother base for makeup. This definitely makes my makeup last longer, perhaps not as long as more expensive brands I’ve tried, but the small compromise is worth it for the price. Doesn’t clog pores too.
  48. Great Primer for the price!


    This primer leaves skin super soft. I use over my spf moisturiser and really helps makeup to stay all day long, and no clogging of pores! I have hormonal acne, so this was a big concern for me.
  49. lightweight and cheap


    I love how well this primer works. Especially for the price, it works so smoothly as a primer and is lightweight on the skin too
  50. Good price


    This primer is a great price! It feels nice on and also sits well under makeup. My skin broke out after using this product to a point that I decided to stop using it, however, I would recommend it if you have oily skin that isn't sensitive to products.
  51. Nice and lightweight


    A really nice and smooth primer. Incredibly inexpensive yet works well and is not drying.
  52. Good for large pores


    This is an impressive primer, especially considering the price. I wasn't sure what to expect, but found that it did smooth my skin considerably. I found that it sat well with my foundation (Dior Backstage and The Ordinary foundations) and did not cause any break outs in my acne-prone skin.
  53. I buy this again and again


    I love this primer! I'm trying to stick away from using liquid foundation (while I sort my skin out) and apply this under my powder and damn! my powder stays on all day.
    The feel of this primer is a little odd, I typically prefer more of a gel texture, however I really cant go past this for the price.
    Would absolutely recommend.
  54. Wow!


    Starting using The Ordinary routine in the last 2 weeks - and wow! Exceeded my expectations. The primer smooths the skin, and makes putting on your makeup so much easier. Absolutely love the price also - more affordable for purchasing the regime.
  55. Amazing Primer for the Price


    I bought this primer along with a high end primer as well and I definitely think this one works so much better in terms of keep my makeup mattified throughout the day. Will definitely continue to use this primer
  56. Good value for money


    Really good value and good price. It’s a very good primer as well. My makeup stays on all day. It’s really ‘light’ also and it is easy to apply.
  57. Amazing for the price


    I used to use an expensive primer but have since switched to The Ordinary. It’s just as good! I only had one instance where it pilled under foundation. I avoid this by letting it dry for a minute before adding other layers.
  58. Great primer


    I love The Ordinary and recently started using their foundation which I am really happy with. I decided to try this primer to compliment the foundation and it works great at keeping my make up in place all day. I receive compliments on how bright my complexion is and how flawless my skin looks when I use these two products together. The primer smooths on very nicely and sits well under foundation....
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  59. I like it!


    Look, I don't wear a lot of makeup, so wasn't really sure where to start with a primer and didn't want to spend much $$. I'm a lover of The Ordinary brand so thought I'd give this one a try. I only use it when I go out or if I know I want my makeup to last a bit longer. The texture is really nice, the scent is fresh and clean and it feels nice on my skin. It's easy to rub in and absorb, and I do g...
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  60. Love it !!


    for how cheap this is it worked amazing! it rubs right into my skin and i love the feeling of it. it made my skin look so natural and glowy with foundation
  61. best primer


    this is the only primer i have found that actually stays on my skin all day. I have just repurchased my second tube.

    I used to find that if i used a primer my makeup wouldn't last or it would just rub off/not set. Which is strange as isnt that what its meant to help do (aka make the makeup longer lasting?).

    I have oily skin, with some large pores and pimples. This make...
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  62. Great Value!


    This make-up lotion is really cheap, but it's amazing. It's very suitable for my oily skin. It's really a good product.
  63. Great value


    Not the best formula I have ever used, doesn't smooth the surface and hydrate as much as other formulas (such as Benefit or Hourglass) however is amazing value for money and does the job.
  64. Great value!!


    Really good value and good price. It’s a very good primer as well. My makeup stays on all day. It’s really ‘light’ also and it is easy to apply.
  65. Amazing!


    Such a lovely product! I never used primer before but wanted to try one out and this is amazing! Makes your skin so soft and smooth while taking away shine. Plus you only need to use a small amount because it spreads so easily
  66. Very good and great price!


    I used to spend too much on primer! I tried this one about six months ago and I have just bought my second tube. Easy to apply. Makeup glides on nicely and for the price it is amazing! Another winner from The Ordinary!
  67. Love this! Cannot recommend it enough!


    Okay, this primer is just WOW. I've been looking for a nice mattifying primer for YEARS. I've never found something which keeps my skin hydrated but prevents oiliness - till now.

    This primer is miraculous. I am way less oily throughout the day and my makeup lasts forever! This product is unreal, would definitely recommend purchasing!
  68. Excellent Product!!


    This primer is fantastic for it's price - one of the best I've used. Definitely rates compared to more high end/expensive brands.
  69. Lightweight and Effective!!


    This is the first primer I've ever used and its improved the longevity of my make up. It also gives it a smooth, natural finish and moisturises the dry parts of my skin preventing the dryness and cracks from showing through my make up. A little goes a long way as well :)
  70. Best primer for low price


    This primer performs really well to cover pores etc and it is not too thick as well. Its texture is not too siliconey that it feels suffocating on the skin. but, it doesn't control my oil too well.
  71. Best affordable primer !!!


    I normally use o skin range, I got this accidentally must have tapped on it at some stage when putting my order through. So glad I did everyone I know will be getting this my skin is so soft for the price I can’t believe what it has done. Smoothed, tightened evened out my skin tone, when I used it at night after my normal routine but have just used it under my makeup its stayed Smooth didn’t crack...
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  72. silicone primer


    Created a lovely smooth base for my foundation. Would recommend waiting a few minutes to let it sink in otherwise my foundation balled up a bit with the primer. Can't beat the price
  73. Dried my skin


    It flaked and gave a dull appearance to my skin even after moisturizing well.
  74. Great Value


    Bought this as it was so affordable and wasn't expecting much but really loved this product. It's a great base under my makeup and helps cover my dry patches. would recommend.
  75. Not Bad. Ok.


    It wasn't a bad primer but I've used better. It's great at the start of the day but I found my makeup became cakey after a few hours. I've switched primers and no longer have this issue.
  76. the best


    this is great, I have large pores, oily skin & this primer takes care of that. I keep this in the fridge so it goes on nice & cold, wait about 5 mins before I do my make up. I would buy this again
  77. Perfect Base


    I have very normal to dry skin and I always worried about makeup flaking or looking clumpy. This primer is very easy to spread and absorbed well (but not too much) and was the perfect base for my Ordinary Serum foundation. Will buy again!
  78. first time buy


    I have never used primer before due to my sensitive skin. However this primer is amazing. Makes my face feel amazing and my make up looks so good. definitely recommend it
  79. Affordable and amazing


    Love this primer! Completely blurs your pores and smooths over your entire face, great for my oily skin. It does have a very silicone feel to it, but for the price point and the results, it's a great product
  80. Tried so many primers but this is the one


    I am frankly amazed that this primer is so good and sells at such a low price point. It gives excellent coverage - some primers are so thick you can feel them sitting on your skin, I hate that. This one goes on with a matte finish that's so good it can take powder or liquid foundation (I use both interchangeably depending on what I'm doing that day). Doesn't slide off on my oily areas, though if I...
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  81. Not For Me


    I have been searching for a primer thats not super expensive but will help my make makeup last well. My friend recommended this primer however I was disappointed with the results. It made my skin really oily and therefore my makeup didn't stay on well. It also make my makeup sit more noticeably in my pores. I really like other Ordinary products so I guess this one isn't for me.
  82. Perfect for oily skin


    This primer goes on so smooth and keeps my foundation lasting all day without caking or turning into an oil slick. Will definitely be purchasing again.
  83. This product has changed the primer game!


    This product is amazing! I didn’t expect it to be that good as the price was low but it is the best primer I have bought especially for its price! I have very oily skin and my makeup renders to slide off. This really made my makeup set and hide my skins redness. It’s not to heavy and a little bit goes a long way. Would highly recommend.
  84. Lovely texture


    Using this under my makeup. Love the way it feels but not sure if it makes a difference to the longevity of my makeup.
  85. Great value for money


    I always used the benefit primer and the fenty beauty primer, both of which I loved! But this is pretty much on the same level and a whole lot cheaper! Perfect for my oily combination skin.
  86. Affordable and actually great


    I have tried expensive and chemist primers and haven't been satisfied due to texture, feel and smell. This one feels nice and soft like a butter, no awful scent and locks everything right in.
  87. Helped my powder foundation stay put.


    I have used few primers before but this has been the best. Definitely holds my powder foundation better than any other, despite regular nose blowing due to allergies. I have slightly oily middle aged skin. My 23 year old daughter found it balled up under her liquid foundation so it might depend on what products you use with it or how vigorously you apply over the top. Perfect for m skin though ...
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  88. Great for oily skin

    Ally J

    I have oily skin and this smooths over my face really nicely. It makes anything look amazing on top! I do think this primer does hold up with sweat or humidity but it nice to wear at inside events (doesn't cause any flashback with photos).
  89. Not bad


    For the price point I'm actually impressed with the results, I have quite oily skin so I rely on primer to keep my base flawless. I feel like this primer really helped to matte- ify my face. However it did seperate around my nose which I rarely ever get.
  90. amazing price for great primer


    I use this before applying makeup. i've definitely noticed that my makeup goes on easier, and has a smooth texture. does a good job of covering up pores too.
  91. Not bad!


    The value for money is amazing! It’s a great primer that feels really smooth and luxurious.
    I do feel that it takes a bit longer to absorb than other primers. But I just start on my hair it do other chores I need to for about 10 mins.
  92. a great primer


    this is so good, makes your foundation go on super smooth
  93. Nice budget friendly option


    This was a nice budget friendly option. Can't complain because the price is amazing at it feels nice and smooth. Wasn't the best for my super oily skin.
  94. Pretty Good...


    This primer worked so well with my oily skin!
    The cheap price-point also adds a massive plus. Will be repurchasing again, might even make it a staple in my routine.
  95. Pore reducing


    I don't really wear make up, so I bought this for the benefits of being my last layer on my face during the day. It spreads onto the face really easily and definitely reduces the appearance of wrinkles while also giving a sort of air brushed look. Highly recommend.
  96. Amazing value


    Definitely extends longevity of foundation - it’s a good grippy staple, scentless and so inexpensive. I have 44 year old combo dry skin and it works well under every foundation and tinted moisturiser I own.
  97. Love Love Love


    Absolutely fell in love the first time i used, i have trouble with primers making my skin really oily and not setting on my face. I have had no trouble with this, it has had made my morning routine so much easier
  98. Great if you have oily skin.


    My skin changes from season to season. I can only use this product in summer. When my skin is dry in winter it doesn’t absorb and spread. I find you have to warm it up in your hands whenever you use it. However when my skin is more oily it’s fantastic. Hides pores around my nose and chin really well.
  99. Sunk into my skin like butter.


    I was really impressed with this primer, I have used a few before but found some to be too dry or greasy. The Ordinary's primer was perfect for my skin and you don't need to use much for each application.
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