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The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane 30ml

4.5 of 243 reviews


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4 instalments of $4.95

Or 4 instalments of $4.95 with LEARN MORE

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The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane is a water-free solution that contains a 5% concentration of an advanced retinoid active complex called Granactive Retinoid that has been shown to offer better results against multiple signs of ageing than retinol without any of the irritation and drawbacks common with retinol.

  • Alcohol Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • First signs of ageing
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane

The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane

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The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane Reviews

4.5 of 243 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Sensitive Skin - Rosacea


I have been using Granactive Retinoid 5% in for almost 3 months now. I have Rosacea and pigmentation issues and I stumbled upon this product researching skincare to finally fix my rosacea. I use The Ordinary RELIGIOUSLY! I have tried a lot of products and none are quite like these.

When you first use this product, your skin will feel dry and you will experience some peeling and possible redness but that is the retinoid's way of quickly regenerating your skin by stripping the first few layers of your skin. After about a month-6 weeks I no longer experience irritation. I started by using this with just Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 every night and I have now built up a full skincare routine (integrating only one product at a time so I know what causes irritation and what doesn't) and I have done a lot of research on order of application and potential interactions.

If you would like to know my full routine, I am currently using:

Squalane Cleanser
Caffeine Solution
Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
EUK 0.1%
Natural Moisturising Factors (or Hyaluronic acid 2% + B5 if I am wearing makeup that day - the cream has a thick texture and silicone*
High-Spreadability Primer (If I am wearing makeup)
*I do also use sunscreen but it is a different brand - none of these items have SPF - I use Neutrogena ultra sheer dry tough*

Squalane Cleanser
Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
Retinoid 5% in squalane (every two days)
Lactic Acid 5% (Alternating days from retinoid)
Hyaluronic Acid
100% cold-pressed virgin marula oil (press onto the skin)

Most Helpful Criticism

Nice texture, feels good on the face


It feels nice on my skin but tbh I'm not convinced it did much. I wasn't at all sensitive to it (although had started with a lower percent) and it will say it felt lovely on my skin, the texture is gorgeous. I will progress to other brands and see if their retinols give me more wow factor. I think for the price, TO retinols are a good start point.
  1. Sensitive Skin - Rosacea


    I have been using Granactive Retinoid 5% in for almost 3 months now. I have Rosacea and pigmentation issues and I stumbled upon this product researching skincare to finally fix my rosacea. I use The Ordinary RELIGIOUSLY! I have tried a lot of products and none are quite like these.

    When you first use this product, your skin will feel dry and you will experience some peeling and possib...
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  2. Perfect Addition


    verified purchaser
    Love The Ordinary products for their affordability and how amazing it makes your skin feel after being used consecutively with a selection of other The Ordinary products. This, in conjunction with other The Ordinary Products has made my skin smoother and more firm. Can't wait until it comes back in stock.
  3. Just made a start after using the 2%


    I've just made a start on this after using the 2% for several months with good results. So far so good with the 5% too. I recommend letting it sink into your skin for a few minutes before going to bed otherwise it makes your pillow all oily.
  4. Great product


    I have used 2 bottles of the Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalene which had great results & decided to try a higher % of retinol. Is a beautiful texture, the squalene feels nice on the skin & feels nourishing, & this serum evens skin tone & refines texture. I’m 49, with sensitive skin that can get a bit congested & this really helps with clarity & doesn’t irritate. Will buy again.
  5. So far so good!


    I really like this product, I have found my overall tone and complexion is so much better the morning after I use it. I can get some irritation on my forehead and around my eyebrows if I use it too frequently so I only use it every 2nd-3rd day.
  6. LOVE


    LOVE this retinoid. Have just moved to this product from the 5% and it's lovely. Doesn't irritate my skin at all, and leaves it feeling lovely the next day.
  7. A week for results


    Moved away from the Retinoid emulsion and this is a way better product. It feels oily but absorbs quickly when using 2-3 drops in the evenings. Skin is clearly and far smoother. I feel like I'm reliving the skin from my 20s.
  8. lovely


    Have seen a definite reduction on breakouts and congestion, but not 100% gone, so investing in a product for spot treatment. Would still highly recommend this product, especially for the price, omg I love The Ordinary like F I wish I knew of this brand earlier. With all serums, make sure you use them sparingly.
  9. Moisturising


    Very oily. Use sparingly. Very good for moisturising. Use only at night.
  10. Good retinol and super affordable


    For the price it’s a great retinol!! It takes a while for you to see a difference but it def works! It’s very oily tho only reason why I wouldn’t give 5 stars.
  11. Nice texture, feels good on the face


    It feels nice on my skin but tbh I'm not convinced it did much. I wasn't at all sensitive to it (although had started with a lower percent) and it will say it felt lovely on my skin, the texture is gorgeous. I will progress to other brands and see if their retinols give me more wow factor. I think for the price, TO retinols are a good start point.
  12. Excellent for acne prone skin


    It’s a really good affordable product for acne prone skin. The process is quite slow, It’s gentle to the skin, not stripping. I’d definitely buy this product again.
  13. Recommended


    Look, I knew before I started using this, that you have to keep it away from your lips, due to sensitivity.
    I thought I was being careful enough, but I am afraid not. I must have transferred product when applying my moisturiser. I gave myself dry, peeling lips for a month. I am not complaining just reminding people to be careful. I had been using other Vit A creams prior to moving up to thi...
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  14. The softest skin


    I just blind picked this retinoid after wanting to try The Ordinary products and I love it. I have very dry skin with sensitive cheeks. I used it every third night then every second night. I have a lot of freckles and some pigmentation. In three weeks this has reduced significantly. My redness has reduced too. It’s non irritating and easy to use. I find it melts in quite quickly. I now combine it ...
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  15. pretty impressed given the price point


    I would suggest starting at a smaller concentration before grading up, but apart from that I would agree that I have seen some dramatic improvement in my skin. Reduction in pigmentation from acne scars, smoothing out of fine lines/ skin, and an overall general plumpness after using this product as well as the ordinary's other products. Affordable and does the job. The squalene does mean that it ca...
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  16. Love love love


    My favourite thing about The Ordinary’s retinol products is that they’re so smooth to apply and sink straight into the skin. I will often use The Ordinary’s Niacinamide +Zinc product first, moisturise over the top and then wait between half an hour to an hour before applying retinol over the top, right before bed. In the morning I have glowy, soft skin! Love this product!
  17. Good but there is better at the ordinary


    I bought this product as a step up from the ordinary granactive retinoid emulsion 2%. Although it is good, I will mostl likely go back to the other ordinary product I was using before that has more visible effects on the skin.
  18. Great for combination skin


    Bought this along with some other products by the ordinary as my skin was so very oily especially on my forehead. I used this as part of my night time routine to help the excess oil and even my skin for a healthy look.
  19. Next level up from 2%


    The usual good quality I've come to expect from The Ordinary. Having stepped up from the 2% version, I would definitely urge a light hand in application, as it's noticeably stronger! Assists with a variety of skin concerns including texture, and hormonal breakouts.

    I'm 40, have dry/sensitive/combination skin,and use this as my final skincare step a couple of nights a week, after mois...
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  20. Low budget but high quality


    I find this product so good and a great low budget option! My skin feels amazing after using at night!
  21. My favourite brand!


    Hands down anything from this brand is a beautiful product that actually works. This product really helps get rid of age spots and skin discolouration from sun damage. It is very oily to apply but once absorbed it leaves beautiful skin. I apply about an hour or so before bed. Love it!
  22. One of the best products from the range

    Ally J

    I could not live without this product. I have cystic acne and this has definitely changed my skin texture. My pores have reduced in size and overall has helped with scarring.
  23. Love this


    I use this basically every night and i apply it after i apply vitamin c serum, its super gentle and doesnt irritate my skin.
  24. Highly irritating (at least for me)


    I had been using the 2% granactive retinoid emulsion daily, and thought this might be a good next step. After the first night of using it, I woke up with very puffy eyes, like I'd been having an allergic reaction. This has not happened to me before ever, with any other product. I continued using it, keeping it away from my eyes, but it just felt oily, and I did not notice any results. I ended up g...
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  25. Definitely works!


    This is the first Retinol treatment I've used, and it definitely lives up to expectations! Very reasonably priced, doesn't irritate my skin, and I'm already seeing results (improvement in pigmentation, skin brightness, and very fine lines).
    The one thing I didn't expect was that this smells like tequila! It's a little overwhelming at first, but not too bad once you get used to it. Overall - ...
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  26. Good, but very greasy


    I have been using this product for a couple of months now after upgrading from the 2% product. I don't think I have quite gotten used to the feeling of how greasy this product is, and it is the one thing that I don't like about it. You have to be very careful about letting this set into the skin before going to bed otherwise it will (especially if applied prior to night cream) leave a greasy stain...
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  27. Fantastic retinoids


    I’m 43 and was looking for something to help with hydration, cell turnover, and help my hormonal breakout and anti aging and not to be to harsh on my skin and boy am I impressed my skin my is improving and fells fantastic for the price of this one you couldn’t get better I’ll be buying more
  28. Not the right product for me


    I actually wish I could write this review without giving a star rating - the product is not right for me but that doesn't mean it's a bad produce that deserves a low rating. I bought this before I really knew anything about vitamin A. I made the mistake of getting the highest form of retiniod without understanding that skin needs to build up a tolerance to vitamin A. I find the formula very greasy...
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  29. Love The Ordinary


    I love The Ordinary products for their versatile and affordable range. This is one product I use as part of my routine everyday and I have seen more results with The Ordinary then other serums five times the price. Highly recommend them.
  30. Works Well


    Good price point for an oil. It soaked into my skin well at the end of my PM skin routine, and helped with the firmness and prevention of wrinkles.
  31. so far... so good


    Ive been scared to use a retinol treatment - but it really seems to work even after one use! I saw a refinement in my skin texture after one night! and no redness or drying. Has only been one use though... so im still going to take it easy. I have really heard so horror stories so i'm glad this has less side effects, and i cant wait to see the benefits long term!
  32. Even better than the standard retinol


    Love it! I have adult acne and my skin looks great and it doesn’t irritate at all!
  33. Fantastic Product


    I love this product. Only need 3 to 4 drops so it does go a long way. I use in the pm. I have found that in conjunction with the other products I use it leaves my skin soft and supple. I work outdoors so my skin really gets a beating and I am over sixty. I have notice a subtle difference in the way my skin looks and it has only been about a week.
  34. LOVE


    I was really hesitant about purchasing a retinol product as I have sensitive skin & was scared I would react badly. However I'm so glad I did ! I haven't had any irritation and its made my skin SOO much better already. Will definitely repurchase !
  35. Great product for a great price


    Awesome retinoid and probably the most affordable on the market. It does what it is supposed to do, however it obviously is not as strong as the prescription stuff. If you have sensitive skin, start with a much weaker retinoid product, as this will be way too strong. Glass packaging is awesome, but I don't like the unnecessary cardboard packaging.
  36. Smoother skin, great budget-friendly retinol


    I noticed smoother skin after the second use. This is a step up from their 2% retinol for me and is such a great budget alternative for an evidence-based anti-ageing product. Will definitely repurchase.
  37. I think this is my fourth bottle - wouldn't be without it


    This is the only product I've ever used that keeps my active skin under control. I use it every evening, and if I can feel something building under my skin I put a drop on and rub it in and it generally takes care of any pimple. It keeps my skin smooth and I will never be without it. If I leave it out of my routine for a night or two, the pimples come in fast, It's a game changer when I have d...
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  38. Best overnight

    Mama Shaz

    This is great as a part of my nighttime skincare. Doesn't irritate the skin like retinol and hopefully with time it will show the same results. The squalene also helps keep the skin super hydrated overnight.
  39. Good product - too early to see the benefits


    I’ve only been using this product for a week now so I assume it’s too early to tell the results; however the application is easy and there has been no adverse side effects as is common with a lot of retinoid products.
  40. Love!


    I use this at night and my skin always looks fresh and hydrated the next morning. Seems to be helping with pigmentation a little bit too. Amazing for the price.
  41. Great product


    This has done wonders for my skin and it’s so cheap too. My acne has been going down day by day, my face looks brighter and clearer. Really love it
  42. Really good for mature skin


    I have used two bottles of this retinoid serum. It is perfect for mature and dry skin. With squalene, it provides good moisturising benefits and keep my skin really soft. I have less fine lines under my eyes. Love it!
  43. Have added this to my daily routine!


    Great, I use this every night now and it’s helped my acne and just generally makes my skin look better in the morning.
  44. Good product


    This product is good but i find it's not enough for me, I just don't see any results from using it. It's quite oily in texture also which I don't love.
  45. Best product around!


    A superb entry level to retinols for skin. It doesn't aggravate the skin and is a fab way to build up usage to being a regular part of your skin care regime. I bought it for the early signs of ageing and really love this product.
  46. Radiant skin


    I love the feel of my skin in the mornings after I have used this product the night before. My skin is happy and glowing. I have experienced no irritation and love this product as a part of my skincare regime.
  47. Awesome product


    Great product. Feels lovely to put on. Just don't use too much. Awesome for the price as part of my skin care regime!


    Bright and glowing skin as a result from using this.
  49. amazing product


    used this and noticed results straight away! highly recommend
  50. Great price great results


    I bought this for myself, as it said this was less harsh than their retinol. But my mum actually stole it! She has had no reaction and says her lines are looking less noticeable. Also for the price its amazing and am going to get myself another one
  51. instant results the morning after


    i notice results of this product the morning after my skin feels so nice and smooth.
  52. great product!


    have just purchased my second bottle of this product and my skin is loving it! i use it nightly and i love the way it makes my skin feel on application & how it looks when i wake up! very glowy!
  53. But thick


    It’s ok but because I have oily skin it felt quite thick and uncomfortable on my skin, like a lathered oil on my face
  54. OK


    This is probably OK if you have sensitive skin but for me the retinol works much better
  55. Fine lines be gone.


    I was a bit wary of this stripping my skin and not working but no problems at all at starting to see those fine lines gone
  56. Smells like Bunnings but 5/5


    Picked this up a couple weeks back during a sale and have been using ever since.
    Didn’t get any of the peeling/irritation that some people seem to experience. I have a very minimal skincare routine, just the basic Sukin facial moisturiser which goes on well over this oil, no pilling of any sort.
    Has given me a couple of pimples but my skin is glowing and honestly they look kinda cute,...
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  57. Ageing be gone


    Great product to use for those who want to tackle the signs of ageing.... I have been using this product nightly every 3 days for a while now and have seen improvements.
  58. Retinol retinol retinol!


    I have heard about the effects of retinol but only realised them once i tried this product! It has helped with pigmentation and dark spots under my eye. I haven't noticed any photosensitivity while using it but it is a bit watery to apply.
  59. It worked!


    It really worked for me. After solving my acne issue, I was still left with a lot of annoying pigmentation marks/scars which would not go away even after months and months. Using Granactive retinoid 5% improved my skins appearance significantly within a few weeks and after finishing the first bottle I can say the marks have all but disappeared!

    I should add that this was my first fora...
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  60. Great


    This not only helps my skin turnover but also keeps my skin moisturised
  61. Wonderful


    Fabulous! What else could I say ! Definitely recommend.
  62. Value for money


    I use this after my water soluble serums at night and I have noticed a slight change in my forehead smoothing out. I am in my mid twenties with not many wrinkles, but I did notice very fine lines look slightly smoother after consistent application.

    I use this half an hour before bed to ensure it absorbs before sleep. And make sure you wear sunscreen the next day!! Actual sunscreen no...
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  63. worth a try


    i am new to adding retinol in serum form so this is the perfect price point for a test & the ordinary has an awesome range. this one has a slight odd smell but nothing to worry about. it is on the thicker side so don't over do it. 3 SMALL drops max goes a very long way. i am not 100% sure if it has or is working. i am using it for a couple of week snow so maybe too soon to tell, leaves ur face ver...
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  64. A good start


    I have been using this retinoid in my evening skin routine every night and I have found it nourishing and gentle unlike some retinoid products. It has helped my overall complexion. I am looking forward to seeing what continued use will do.
  65. Nourishing


    Gentle, nourishing, my skin feels hydrated and soft in the morning. A little goes a long way.
  66. A great step up from the 2%


    I had been on the retinoid 2% for about a year and was starting to see the benefits slowing down, so thought it was a good time to step up to 5% once I finished my bottle.

    Straight away I noticed a huge difference and my skin was glowing with all the benefits of a retinol again.

    I found the squalane solution a lot nicer to apply, it is silky smooth with an oil-like consi...
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  67. Gentle and non-irritating


    I had been using the Granactive Retinoid Emulsion 2%, but was attracted to the higher percentage of retinoid in this, and intrigued by the Squalane. I get the occasional pimple and some little patches of perioral dermatitis, so figured the additional anti-inflam and other anti aging benefits would be a plus. So far so good! Skin seems to like it in combination with the usual Buffet and ASAP B seru...
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  68. Oily retinol


    I have been using this for a month or so now and I am not sure how I feel about it. I have used a few retinol products previously that I feel like had better results. It’s a very oily product and it seems to take almost an hour to sink into my skin which is quite dry and normally soaks up serums quickly. It is lasting well though so I will keep using it to the end of the bottle. It does seem to ha...
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  69. Good but drying


    I bought this after a recommendation from a friend and I do find this helpful and does help to reduce lines, but it dried my skin (particularly my nose), so I avoid those areas.
  70. quite good!


    I was scared that id feel really oily using this, but surprisingly it does soak into your skin after a little while. you wake up really plump and glowy and I love it. seems like it may breakout some people though
  71. Great


    This is super gentle and moisturising and does not irritate my skin. Second buy
  72. holy grail


    This stuff is amazing! only been using for 2 weeks but can already see a difference. I was able to ramp up to using this nightly almost immediately as it has given me no irritation. Always makes me wake up feeling super hydrated and glowy. If it works in the long run similarly to retinol then that will be an added bonus.
  73. Potent yet Gentle & Affordable


    I haven't had any adverse reactions to using the Grenactive Retinoid and am really impressed with its effectiveness. Such an affordable product!
  74. Great product, great price


    Like most people I heard about this when it got publicity as a cult beauty product. I couldn’t believe the price! Like a few people it did take my skin a couple of weeks to get used to it (no severe reaction, just a bit of dryness and discolouration but it went away- stick with it!)
    Great, affordable product that has great results! My skin is looking and feeling better after 5ish months use....
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  75. Great product, great price


    Like most people I heard about this when it got publicity as a cult beauty product. I couldn’t believe the price! Like a few people it did take my skin a couple of weeks to get used to it (no severe reaction, just a bit of dryness and discolouration but it went away- stick with it!)
    Great, affordable product that has great results! My skin is looking and feeling better after 5ish months use....
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  76. Good product


    I like the ordinary products because they are not overpriced. I use the retinoid daily at night time. It is gentle. No irritation. Not sure if it is as effective as other brands but I will continue to use as it is relatively inexpensive.
  77. Not the holy grail..


    This product has been a bit disappointing overall, though I love so many of The Ordinary formulations. Previously I’ve tried the milky Granactive 2% with ok results and also have used prescription retinoids without irritation, and was hoping this one would really take things up a notch or two. My skin is dry, mature, no breakouts but has fine lines and some deeper wrinkles- after using this produc...
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  78. incredible


    Helped reduce the appearance of my large pores, will definitely continue to use!
  79. Can’t get over the price


    I can’t get over how cheap this is! It definitely doesn’t feel or act cheap. I use this in the evening before bed on top of The Ordinary buffet. I’ve got normal-oily skin, I’ve had no irritation from this product and it’s not harsh on the skin. Definitely recommend!
  80. Liked it...didn’t love it


    I’ve used a full bottle of this & I’ve definitely seen results. My skin is smoother & the fine lines are diminishing. This was my first try with retinol, I didn’t experience any irritation but I did get some mild peeling above my top lip & on my forehead while my skin adjusted. I think I’ll step it up & give the straight 1% retinol a go next though, just to see if I get a better outcome. I’m not a...
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  81. No irritation, good value


    FIne on sensitive skin. Difficult to know if it's doing anything, but retinoid products have a good track record, so as a person in my late 20s I'm happy to keep using it for the long term benefits.
  82. LOVE IT


  83. Lightens pigmentation


    This product is has lightened some pigmentation on my skin and has also brightened my skin more generally.

    The product has almost a dry oil texture when applied so is probably better for drier skins. I have very dry skin so it also helps to moisturise my skin.

    I have very sensitive skin and have had no irritations
  84. Good Value


    Great product at an affordable price, good option if you don’t want to spend hundreds on high end product
  85. LOVE!

    Sarah Q

    Love this retinoid product from the ordinary. I have been using it every night for a few months now and love how fresh my skin is when I wake up! My skin has never been better!
  86. the best retinol serum


    i started using retinol in my skincare routine few month ago my first one was The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane now i have switched to this one. its really good for my dry skin and not harsh like others. i can say i have started noticing the difference retinol makes. i have heard so much about retinol form The Ordinary and will continue using these. not to mention they are good price...
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  87. You're Glowing


    WOW! I only purchased this recently but its already has such a dramatic impact. Just place it on before bed and you wake up a new woman. Just saying!
  88. Great product


    I have acne prone skin at my age and it really helps with my skins’ overall look. Blemishes are less, pigmentation more even and my skin doesn’t look so tired.
    I did find at the start, that I only needed the tiniest amount otherwise my skin looked and felt oily.
  89. Wake up with brighter skin!


    Lovvvve this product. I put it on an hour before bed 3 times a week and when I wake up my skin is glowing. The smell is a little strong, so I find if I put it on straight before I get into bed it's a little too aromatic and distracts me from sleeping. An hour or two before you plan to sleep seems to do the trick though!
  90. I wanted to love this, but turns out I hate squalane.


    I've been using TO's Granactive Retinoid Emulsion 2% for a long time, and decided I wanted to up the ante a little to the 5%. However, the squalane base in this product is awful, and I don't even want to use it up elsewhere on my body, let alone on my face. It's very oily and never absorbs (I have normal skin), and gets all over my pillowcases and sheets. I'm giving it 2 stars because of the hi...
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  91. Great for sensitive skin and for a first step to Retin-A


    I'd get this product if you're new to using Retinols. It's fantastic for sensitive skin and doesn't cause the irritation you expect to get when getting started on the Vitamin As.

    It's not drying and it didn't cause any breakouts. It took a while for my skin to start to look smooth, so prepare to be patient and consistent with it, but it does work!
  92. Love it!


    I really enjoy this product, super cheap and is the second bottle I have purchased. The lines on my forehead are hardly visible and its a staple for my skin care routine. Need to protect face from the sun. I have purchased face sunscreen for extra protection however use hats and sunglasses when going outside :)
  93. Old faithful


    Onto my fifth bottle of this... I love how it feels, and definitely noticing smoother skin. Might step up to the retinal one next
  94. Great retinol


    This retinol is great for sensitive skin. I had no reaction what so ever. Leaves skin smoothe and glowy with noticeable difference
  95. Great serum - definitely does what it says


    I was using this for a few weeks, gradually introducing it to my routine but then I stopped using it for a while accidentally and I really noticed a big difference to my skin texture and brightness when I wasn't adding retinol to my routine. So obviously, I use it religiously now!
  96. It works


    I use this at night before applying The Ordinary moisturizing factors + HA. Definitely has improved skin texture, reduced fine lines and skin looks moisturized in the morning.
  97. great product


    I decided to upgrade to this after using the 2% for about a year. The stronger formula hasn't caused any issues with my skin, which is great! I'll happily keep using it!
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