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The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane 30ml

4.5 of 110 reviews


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4 instalments of $4.58


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The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane is a water-free solution that contains a 2% concentration of an advanced retinoid active complex called Granactive Retinoid that has been shown to offer better results against multiple signs of ageing than retinol without any of the irritation and drawbacks common with retinol.


  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

GREAT - 83% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • First signs of ageing
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

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The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane

The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane

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4.5 of 110 reviews

83% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Must have!


I use this every second night and love it! I don't have any wrinkles yet and am hoping this prevents them.

Most Helpful Criticism

The oil hurt my eyes.


This was the first The Ordinary retinol based product that I used. It is super easy to apply but the oiliness of the product meant it slowly seeped into my eyes and irritated them quite a bit during the night. I have recently changed over to The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion and I much prefer the creamy texture!
  1. Must have!


    I use this every second night and love it! I don't have any wrinkles yet and am hoping this prevents them.
  2. Good value for money


    Wish I could love oils on my face, realised I prefer retinol in cream base. But if you love oils, can't beat this price!
  3. Great for first signs of aging


    I can have sensitive skin but I have not had any issues with this product. It’s oily but I like it. My skins texture improved with a fortnight. I use this after buffet most nights.
  4. Love the smoothness, not so much the sting


    This product overall leaves my skin hydrated and has appeared smoother in just a few days. I did notice it creeps its way into my eyes, leaving them stingy and itchy. Ive started using it sparingly and not going as close to the eye as i could with other retinoids, bit of a down point but other than that an effective product.
  5. Helpful for skin


    Great product and an unbeatable price.

    Started to add retinol into my daily routine and Notice the my skin is smoother and more hydrated
  6. Great product


    Very gentle. It did reduce my pores and make my skin smooth. Love retinoid products.
  7. No irritation and effective


    Not as strong as a retinol, the name and different ranges was confusing but this is a great starter retinol/retinoid. DOes leave skin a little red and can feel the acitvie ingredients but almost no irritation. No breakouts on my skin. I will be trying the emulsion verison of this next as I feel the squalene leaves me too greasy
  8. Affordable and amazing


    I'd been looking for a while for a way to cure my pigmentation from acne scarring and I'd heard about vitamin A. This product is a great starting point to help fade any scars whilst leaving the skin bright, smooth, and youthful! I used this along with the buffet serum and the daily moisturiser.
  9. great affordable product


    This is the first retinoid I have used and I loved it. so affordable compared to other brands. very light texture and doesn't leave skin feeling sticky. occasional skin peeling as expected. left skin feeling smooth. did not have any sensitivity
  10. Fades acne scars but very oily


    verified purchaser
    I found this product did begin to help fade some of my acne scars after a few months of usage but it's a very oily product and doesn't really sink into the skin properly, making it rather uncomfortable to sleep with it on. Probably would purchase the cream version instead next time.
  11. The oil hurt my eyes.


    This was the first The Ordinary retinol based product that I used. It is super easy to apply but the oiliness of the product meant it slowly seeped into my eyes and irritated them quite a bit during the night. I have recently changed over to The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion and I much prefer the creamy texture!
  12. Softens my skin and reduces fine lines and large pores


    This does exactly what it is supposed to. I have been using it for a couple of months, gradually at first and now every night. It is a great no-frills and affordable retinoid which I feel is maintaining my skin breakout free while helping to reduce my fine lines.
  13. It works!


    Noticed visible results in less than a week. Love this stuff! It feels nice on your skin too
  14. Love it!


    As a first time retinoid user, I've been really pleased with this product. I've been using it twice a week and have noticed an improvement in my skin's texture and tone.
  15. Good Value


    Great product at an affordable price, good option if you don’t want to spend hundreds on high end product
  16. Late night hydration


    I have oily skin, but i find that this works fantastically at night to hydrate before going to sleep. Best in small doses though!
  17. No difference


    Not noticed any difference in my skin using this. I won't repurchase.
  18. Breakouts


    This is the second product i have tried from the Ordinary and much to my disappointment they have both caused breakouts and no improvement at all.
  19. Love this!


    I have been using this for almost a year and it has changed my skin for the better! It's gentle (I have sensitive skin) and has evened out my skin tone and I have a smoother complexion and firmer skin. Highly recommend this!
  20. Ok


    I tried this instead of my usual retinoid from the ordinary, I found it didn’t work as well as the one without squalene, it may be good if you have dry skin and find the retinoids on it’s own too harsh however I felt this didn’t work as well for me.
  21. Holy Grail!


    I couldn't love this product more! I have sensitive and fair skin, redness and blemishes and I had noticed my skin becoming textured even with my best skincare efforts - this product has been key in turning that around! Minimised pores, smooth texture and tone, reducing redness and improving overall appearance - is there anything this gem can't do! I didn't experience any sensitivity but others ma...
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  22. Amazing


    I've suffered with PCOS skin issues for years. I've used this for a week with some other products in the range and not only had no more cystic acne popping up but the rough scarring on my chin is already smoother. A must have for PCOS sufferers.
  23. Fabulous non irritating retinoid


    A great product, has taken my skin to the next level. Has made a great difference in improving my skin tone and texture. I have not had any issues with tolerating this product.
  24. Works great


    I started with the 2% and will definitely be moving up to the 5% once my bottle finishes. I found this has helped with my scarring overall skin texture. I personally find that this works best after thoroughly cleansing the skin, applying it on to bare skin and finishing with kiehls ultra face cream. I started finding results after continuous use vs. sporadic
  25. Not good for me


    Didn’t do anything much at all. Not a product that is recommend :(
  26. Love it!!


    I’ve noticed a big difference in my skin since using this product. When I break out it clears up a lot quicker and overall complexion has improved. I want to try the 5% next time but would highly recommend this product to people with problem skin
  27. Good but didn't work well on my acne scars.


    I bought this product to target my acne scars as I was recommended incorporating retinol into my skincare routine. It is a good product generally speaking but I haven't found it to really help much with my acne scars. I know retinol takes time to show effects but even so, 6 months of using it and I'm not overly impressed with the results. That being said, I don't hate the product either. I will co...
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  28. I really wanted to love this


    For the price and hype I really wanted to love this. I felt it Made no difference to my skin..
  29. Perfect intro to retinoids


    Love this! Makes my skin feel so soft and the results are pretty good! I feel that it has definitely with some of my fine lines. Highly recommend!
  30. Helping to reduce pimple scarring


    I have been using this product for around 2 weeks now. It’s an oil-based product, so I put it on after cleansing and toning, but before my night oil (Kiehl's midnight recovery oil). I have to ensure I put lip balm on before using this product, as I have found it dries out my lips. I have also noticed that I have obviously been forgetting to place the product between my nostrils, and the skin there...
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  31. Great


    I have combination/acne prone skin. This product is great for anti aging and it also helps with my scar. I don’t have any negative reaction using this and I’m also grateful for the price. Definitely recommend.
  32. Better than other high end retinoids


    Super hydrating, feels like silk. I’ve used other high end products and this is just as good if not better!
  33. Like it


    I love the ordinary. This makes my skin more even, smooth, toned, and soft! An amazing product for the price and lasted a fair while considering the size of the bottle!
  34. Great


    So happy with this product
    I've been using this product for at least 6 months now and keep getting compliments about how clear my skin is. A bit oily, but easily absorbed. I am very happy with the results!
  35. Best value


    This bottle lasts a long time and the product goes a long way. Such good value so you can’t go wrong
  36. 10/10


    Retinol is great for anti aging and I couldn’t be happier that this product caused no irritation to my sensitive skin.100% recommend and grateful for the low price!!!
  37. Great


    ive had irritation with retinol before but never with this!


    this helps me achieve my flawless skin! I sometimes use it all over the body! It is cheap but it works! This is a must!
  39. No turning back! Amazing


    This was the first retinol product I ever used and since then I have not looked back! Retinol is a must have product ingredient for anyone looking to fight the signs of aging. I have since moved on to a stronger retinol as my skin became use to this one but that was after a very long time. I have very sensitive skin which is combination (break outs but also dry and some fine lines) at first my ski...
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  40. Great product


    Great product containing a vitamin A metabolite without producing redness or sensitivity. Unlike other vitamin A products, this made my skin smooth and plump without any redness or hypersensitivity. Great price point and overall, an excellent product.
  41. AH-MAZING!


    Such amazing results for the price and still a very potent formulation. It did take some adjusting for my skin but the reaction definitely wasn't horrible, and the results are worth it!
  42. My first retinoid - took some time to adjust


    I purchased this product as i was interested in trying a retinol / retinoid product and i had read that this was a good one to start with for those with sensitive skin.

    I did find that my skin took several weeks to adjust and i had some flaking and dryness for the first 3-4 weeks. I am glad i stuck with it as have been very happy with the results, both in terms of fine lines and mild...
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  43. best Retinol serum in my skin


    It works in my skin definitely and I am a big fan for Squalane as well.
    Less irritated but enough retinol, so it is a great serum.
    The price is so friendly, will repurchase and highly recommended.
  44. Packs a moisture punch


    I use this in my night time skincare routine, and it packs a lot of moisture into my skin. I just let it sit while I sleep and I wake up the next morning with dewy skin!
  45. Awesome product that doesn't break the bank


    I've been using The Ordinary's Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalene for about a year. I have found that since adding it to my routine, my skin has looked clearer - with the product helping some of my cystic acne scars.
  46. gently on skin


    Been using this few weeks. It doesn't irritate my skin. I use whole face and eyes. Will upgrade to higher dose 5% once finish
  47. Fantastic!


    Love this product! I only use a few times a week and am starting to see the benefits. Love the packaging too, it's a very cool dropper and glass bottle.
  48. Great product. I've noticed a difference in my smile lines


    I've been using this product since mid-last year and I've noticed a difference in the appearance of the smile lines under my eyes, in particular. When I haven't been using it for a period due to running out, they definitely look more pronounced.
    It layers beautifully with my other nighttime products (TO Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, TO 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil).
    It hasn't...
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  49. My 1st The Ordinary product

    Broken Silver

    I have almost finished the bottle. I did not get any allergic reactions to the product. Whats nice is that it spreads very easily and lasts for a long time. I recently up graded to the 5% Granactive Retinoid. There is what I believe to be a natural smell to the product, meant to be used in the PM/night anyway.
  50. No difference in my skin


    I am about half way through this bottle. The only positives about this product would be that it didn't irritate my skin. This is the first time for me using retinol. I am 34, with combination, acne prone skin. I don't show any visible signs of aging skin such as wrinkles, however my skin is a bit dehydrated and it shows more around my eyes. My main skin concern is acne. I have been using this seru...
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  51. Rich in moisture


    I use this in my night time skincare routine, and it packs a lot of moisture into my skin. I just let it sit while I sleep and I wake up the next morning with dewy skin!
  52. Very easy to use & great for sensitive skin


    Purchased for my Mum who has had bad reactions to other anti ageing formulas in the past. This is a very thin serum, easy to apply & doesn't cause any irritations to her skin. Benefits are already beginning to show after only 2 applications over the past week. Highly recommend
  53. Dewy skin base


    This serum adds so much moisture back into my skin straight out of the shower. I get dry skin and it loves this product. I’ve been using it for months and it’s my favourite Ordinary product!
  54. Great product


    Really nice to apply & no inflammation / redness on my skin - which you can sometimes get with Retinoids.
    I will definitely be purchasing again!
  55. Amazing


    I changed to this from the emulsion version as I herd it is better for younger skin - I love it :) skin looks more soft and plump in the morning and soaks in quick - I have combination skin and this doesn’t make my face shiny
  56. Great!


    Just finished my first bottle of this!

    I’m a 28 year old with oily, sensitive skin prone to a lot of white heads and a few dark spots due to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. No signs of deep wrinkles yet, but a few tiny lines around my eyes and that’s it.

    I love the consistency of this, a little goes a long way as it spreads quite easily. Felt even moisturising whils...
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  57. Love it


    A great retinol product - it produces great results and hasnt given me any breakouts. My skin is smoother and brighter than before. A great price point.
  58. Very effective


    Started using this again a few weeks ago and have really noticed a difference in my skin. I love it. Will repurchase for sure. Very cost effective for the quality of the product.
  59. Promising early results


    Backround info: 28, fair skin that is prone to cystic acne and scarring, no signs of ageing yet. Purchased to even out my skintone and improve scarring/pigmentation after many years of acne. I currently wear another brand of oil to bed so I'm used to this squalane formula. Normally, I wake up with nice and even skin from the oil I was already using, but notice when I use the retinoid, I am waking ...
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  60. Like it at first but now I have second thoughts (Follow-up review after 1 month)


    I have used this for more than a month now. I really appreciate the effect of retinoid. Although the ordinary claims that this product is very mild, it still causes some irritation to me which is tolerable. The main thing that I don't like about his product is the solvent - Squalane. When I applies it to the skin, it feels like it's not absorbing and just stay on top of my skin. Because of this, I...
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  61. It’s working


    I have started using this the last 2 weeks, 3 times a week. I use it along with other The Ordinary products and it’s definitely working on my skin. I’m in my 40s and so far it has brightened my skin but I’m hoping it ends up reducing pigmentation over time. I’ve sensitive skin and have had no reactions. Worth a try for the price!
  62. Retinol at its finest!


    I really like this serum. I use it at night, after the lactic acid serum. It's plumps out my skin and in the morning, I swear it's less wrinkly. I have combination skin and I find it helps keep down flakiness and oiliness.
  63. Good start, great for hands!


    I'm 42, dry skin, freckles. As I have never used retinols/retinoids I started at this low strength formula. I did find it a bit greasy, though it did not break me out. As I have been really getting in to caring for my skin, I'm not sure what positive attributes this is causing on my face as I use many products, I have however found a BIG difference in my hands. I have been applying this to my ...
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  64. Finally a product which prevents acne!


    I am a twenty five year old woman who has fair combination complexion prone to hormonal acne. I have been using The Ordinary's Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane for approximately 6 months now and I am still on the same bottle! I use this product approximately 5 times a week at night. I have not noticed any visible changes in my skin, although I have not suffered from any major signs of ageing (ye...
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  65. Fantastic


    Lovely product. This is my first retinol, and it's definitely refined my skin tone
  66. Great


    I've used it a couple of times now with no irritation. Every other Retinoid I've used has irritated my skin horribly. Definitely worth a try, especially at such a reasonable price.
  67. Amazing!


    My skin looks glows, product didn't irritate my sensitive skin, great over moisturiser in winter months.
  68. Night treatment


    Amazing to use before bed if you want to wake up with clear smooth skin. Fights wrinkles effectively.
  69. This is amazing!


    My skin has not looked this good in forever, I’ve been using this every night for the past few months. I loved it so much I recommend it to everyone and even brought my mum a bottle.
  70. Great product for a great price


    I’ve used other retinol products with a much heftier price tag so wanted to give this one a go for its affordability and reputation and so far I’ve been very happy. I started out using it slowly, once a week, then twice now the recommended 3 times a week and haven’t had any reactions. My skin overall looks clearer and I think it’s having an effect. Will definitely continue using!
  71. Amazing products but need to be cautious when introducing it to the skin


    This product has amazing effects. After I use it for two times, it causes a really good purging with blackheads coming out of the pores every time I wash my face. It feels so good with them leaving my pores. However, be aware that your skin will look very rough and horrible during the purging. It looks worse before it gets better. Make sure you will not be around some mean friends after using this...
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  72. Repeat purchase - awesome stuff!


    This is a brilliant product for all-round improvement to the appearance of my (40 year old) skin. I'm on my 2nd bottle. Lasts ages, even with nightly use, and I have never experienced any irritation. I have also tried The Ordinary's Granactive Retinoid Emulsion, and find this much more effective. Highly recommended.
  73. Great!


    I bought this about 10 months ago and have been using it on and off (not a fault of the product, just me getting lax with skincare for a few months) and my skin doesn't have an issue with it at all! I really enjoy how soft it makes my skin feel especially because of the squalane. I'm not sure how well the retinol is doing however. My skin is usually quite dry so the minimising of my smile lines mi...
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  74. Good


    I've used it a few times every night and have already noticed a difference in the really fine lines under my eyes. I have very oily skin and thought I'd be able to omit moisturizer from my nightly regimen (since there is oil in the product). However, I noticed tiny dry patches appearing when I put my foundation on. This is nothing bad against the product, but I'm going to use a moisturizer again a...
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  75. good product :)


    I recently just got introduced to the maze of chemical skincare and a friend of mine told me to have a try on The Ordinary Retinoid/Retinol products. I have normal/dry skin and had no irritation/reactions from using it on my face and neck area. However, it made my neck all red and sensitive. I had to strain myself from scratching all over the neck area. Luckily, it only lasted for 2-3 days. Now I...
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  76. Nice evening product


    I purchased this as part of a new regime from the Ordinary. I have used it for about ten weeks. My skin is somewhat oily but this hasn’t broken me out at all and feels nice and smooth. I have used it for a bit of light evening Gua Sha and it works pretty well for that - it stays slippery for a few minutes. I can’t say for sure that I’ve seen any dramatic improvements through using this hence the ...
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  77. Skin feels lovely


    Have just started using this, I have normal to dry skin so was worried this would dry out my skin. But I had no reactions to it and my skin felt so soft and dewy the next morning. I haven't been using it long enough to judge the effects on my pores or wrinkles yet so will need to update my review at a later date.
  78. needed something for my first signs of age


    I have been applying this on my fine lines and enlarged pores and have noticed my skin looks better in the morning, my normally HUGE pores dont look so obvious. I plan to go to the next strength up after this bottle because I've had no iriitation or problems with it at all.
  79. Very Happy with the results


    I have been using The Ordinary range of products for approx 5 weeks now and the result I have achieved have been better than I could have ever expected.
    I use the Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane in the evening prior to The Victamin C 30% and my skin is smoother and clearer now than 10 years ago.
    It was little oily at first so I used a little and only in the evenings but I am now n...
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  80. Amazing


    The most amazing product I’ve ever used .
    Wake up in the morning with the most refreshed smooth skin and seams to be helping with pores
  81. Worth the purchase


    Purchased this product after recommendation from The Ordinary via email. A small amount goes a long way. Used at night so no issue with applying foundation over the top of it. Although appears oily on initial application it is quickly absorbed into the skin. Very happy with purchase.
  82. Amazing


    I purchased this product to help lighten some post acne pigmentation, and its definitely made a difference to my skin. I use it every night and not only does it slowly but surely lighten pigmentation my skin also wakes up looking much more plump and healthy. I'm also convinced its stopped my breakouts! im excited to try the 5% formula
  83. Made my skin shiny


    My skin became very shiny after using this product, so much that my foundation just wouldn't buff into my skin and would just sit on top and wore off really quickly
  84. Definite results but a little sensitivity


    I’m 40 and have oily/acne/sensitive/patchy skin with a few wrinkles in all the usual places. I have used this three times so far and I have to say, it’s the first Ordinary product with which I have noticed immediate results. My skin is definitely plumped, more smooth and the tone much more even. As a result, I probably got a bit carried away and put it on too often (despite instructions otherwis...
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  85. I don't notice a difference


    I haven't seen any improvements having used The Ordinary products for around a year, including The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane. I don't think it has a negative affect however.
  86. I'm obsessed!


    I love this product line! I have purchased at least 5 of their products over the last 9 months and really loved every single one. However, if you only grab one, this is the one to try in my opinion. I bought it because Kim Kardashian recommended it (I know, I know... but if its good enough for her, right?) and at this price point, I wanted to compare to my super pricey Luna oil.

    I s...
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  87. Great value!


    I love the ordinary line because they offer quality products at a low price! This is perfect for sensitive skin as it doesn’t doesn’t cause the same irritation as other retinols do. Great for preventing aging, or for when you’re just starting out with anti aging. If you need something stronger you could go for the 5% but as I’m only using it for preventative measures at the moment I feel like this...
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  88. Fantastic and effective product


    Being in my 30s made me realise that I should be actively looking for anti-aging products that won't break the bank and yet provide sustained and long-lasting effects. This is one of those products.

    I can really see the difference in my skin's texture and appearance after a few uses. My skin seems to thank me profusely whenever I use this! I would definitely continue using and purchas...
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  89. Meh


    This product is fine - didn't break me out, but didn't do anything particularly amazing, either. I have sensitive, acne-prone, dehydrated skin.
  90. Perfect solution for me!


    I have combination dehydrated skin which can be sensitive at times, especially when I exfoliate. This product definitely helps with my fine lines and aging just without the tingling that other retinoids have caused me. Love the product! Recommended.
  91. Reduced pigment


    Hate the squalone as it doesn't help with pimples and can't seem to layer with sucess as it doesn't soak in. However, it significantly reduced my hyperpigmentation from pregnancy (mild pregnancy mask). I'm shocked as I had a 4mm patch under my eye, like a big freckle, and after a few months of twice weekly it is gone!!! I feel paler BUT it might be due to avoiding the sun now and being more SPF aw...
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  92. great product to start with


    this stuff is great. I had never used retinol when I purchased this, so I opted for the lower percentage. no irritation, and a big difference in the all around appearance of my skin. I now use the higher strength, but this was a good place to start.
  93. Omg in love.


     I am still to see any changes in my skin but I am very sensitive and this didn't cause any redness or stinging like some products which is great!
  94. On the Fence


    I cannot quite work out if I am in love with this product. I definitely like it as I can see/feel it working when I apply it at night (expect slight irritation/warmness to skin and even stinging) but I don't think it works as well as some of the Vitamin C serums that are available. Although their vitamin C products do not have a retinoid, I feel they do a better job on my dry/sensitive skin in rev...
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  95. Amazing!!!


    I have only been using this product for about two weeks and can’t believe the transformation in my skin. I have some very stubborn acne scars which have reduced quite considerably and my skin is looking plumper and so smooth. I have tried so many other skincare products and skin treatments, but nothing compares to the results of this product. Highly recommend this to anyone with acne scarring.
  96. Good, small, but noticeable effects


    I got this product because retinoids are supposedly the best thing you can apply to prevent aging. I like the feeling of this going on; it's a lot more elegant than other The Ordinary products I've tried, and the squalane feels nice and moisturising in a very "natural" way. It doesn't sit like a film on my combination-oily skin.

    I don't have a lot of factors that this serum is here to...
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    This product is literally AMAZING - it goes on so well and is so moisturising, and you cant beat the price point! I use this every second night and I can already see my acne scars fading, I am forever going to be a fan of The Ordinary and I need all of their products!
  98. Already recommended to friend!


    To be completely honest, I was hooked in when I found out that Kim Kardashian used the other version of this but it was sold out so I bought this as an alternative. For the fraction of the price of most other serums, I think it's amazing! I've been using it approx 5 nights out of the week and it've definitely noticed that I wake up to glowy skin.It's helped me achieve a smoother and even complexio...
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  99. Fixed my keratosis pilaris


    Ive suffered from KP for 13 years. I’ve tried sooooo many different products and methods and nothing ever worked...
    I thought I’d give this a try cause I thought $20? If it doesn’t work for that I can incorporate into my face routine
  100. It works


    I used the retinoid emulsion before this and got ok results, but like I this more! I use it at night as it's oily but don't mind that, I wouldn't use it for day wear because of the oil.
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