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The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane 30ml

4.6 of 215 reviews


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4 instalments of $3.48

Or 4 instalments of $3.48 with LEARN MORE

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The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane is a lightweight plant-derived solution to support healthy hydration.

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SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane

The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane

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4.6 of 215 reviews

93% recommend this product

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I find that this is one of my favourite serums for my dry skin. My skin is now soft and smooth

Most Helpful Criticism

Feels nice


I really wanted to like this, it feels amazing when I put it on, but sadly it made me break out. I don't usually get blemishes and every time I tried using this I'd wake up with a spot or two the next day. Definitely felt very moisturising though and layered well with my other products.
  1. Nicely moisturises skin


    Good for dry skin, leaves skin radiant and reduces flakiness.
  2. Perfect


    I find that this is one of my favourite serums for my dry skin. My skin is now soft and smooth
  3. Don't love the texture


    I don't think this is at all a bad product since it does perform its function to help the skin retain its moisture. It's just that personally I think the ordinary has other products that perform the same function even better on my skin. I don't particularly like the feel of this on my skin, it sort of reminds me of a dry oil but a little more gritty. For those who have the experienced the same thi...
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  4. Perfect


    My skin is so much plumper, softer and smoother because of this product
  5. My saviour


    verified purchaser
    This stuff is BLISS! I've had unsettled skin for ages (dry in patches but oily on occasion), but I'm not committed enough to step into the Korean routine. I've found that this squalane after applying The Ordinary's Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% (morning and night) has turned me into the person who gets asked "oh my gosh your skin is looking gorgeous, what do you use?" ... Never in a million years did ...
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  6. Impressed


    verified purchaser
    I was a bit skeptical about this making much difference but boy was I wrong. I have very dry skin and this leaves my skin feeling super smooth. I have noticed a difference in the texture of my skin over time. I use this after my serums and also find this is great as a primer under makeup.
  7. Moisturising


    Its a moisturiser derived from plants so i was keen to try it. I use it for my hair as i have thick and dry hair. I apply a litle bit on the ends after blow drying, makes the end look soft and calms them down
  8. soft skin


    I absolutely love mine! It has changed the softness and suppleness in my face so much
  9. lightweight and smoothing


    This is lightweight and left my face soft and smooth. Super affordable too.
  10. Plant derived skin heaven


    verified purchaser
    The Ordinary have produced this plant derived sqalane which is packed with skin loving fatty acid goodness..
    It’s very lightweight clear and smooth. I use a few drops (2-3) rubbed between my fingers and pressed and smoothed onto my skin after a serum (The Ordinary Buffet or Niacinamide) or mixed with it as a booster and for extra lovelyness I’ll add a drop or two of The Ordinary Marula oil f...
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  11. Great for hair!


    I didn't find this product to help too much with my skin... it was a little oily for my liking and made my skin super shiny. It did however, do wonders for my hair! It added extra shine, and made my hair silky smooth through applying it to my roots before washing my hair.
  12. Silky and lush


    This is hands down one of my favourite Ordinary products. I have dry skin and this product is great a leaving my face feeling super moisturised and smooth. It is so silky and easily absorbs into the skin. I am not sure about the science behind the product but I find all the sqaulane product really good for drier skin
  13. Light and hydrating

    Lola Beth

    I bought this after coming across squalane in my search for a non-comedogenic face moisturiser. I really love it and will keep using as my main facial moisturiser. My skin is typically very dry and sensitive. I have been using it for a few months now, applying a small amount after I shower or wash my face. It's not greasy, very lightweight, kind of just like water, and it hasn't upset my skin at a...
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  14. Good product for hair


    I use this product on my hair. I have dry damage hair and I use this product as hair oil. I only apply it during night time when I know I will wash my hair the next day. So far, I find that it helped my damage hair and it feels softer now after washing it. I would not recommend using it during the day as it feels heavy and too oily for the hair. I have not tried it on my skin because I have oily s...
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  15. love it


    I absolutely love the feel of this - so enjoyable to apply to the skin and keeps my skin feeling soft and smooth.
  16. very nice


    this product has a really great consistency, and applies very evenly to the skin giving a good amount of hydration. would definitely recommend this one, i have been using it at night after serums and am making up with very dewy skin.
  17. Makes your skin soft

    Rachel Lane

    I like the Squalane drops before I go to bed on nights when it's just too hot and humid to put much on your skin (Queensland summer). I wake up looking refreshed and my skin looks very calm in a.m., I get redness around nose/cheeks, when I don't use Squalane.
  18. Wonderful product


    This really delivers. The oil is not oily its more creamy, it soaks into the skin very quickly and left it lovely and soft. Would buy again.
  19. My everyday product


    I use this squalane oil in conjunction with my Hyaluronic acid and moisturiser/sunscreen every morning and it’s the best combination I’ve used. My skin is sometimes dry, sometimes oily and so difficult to please but since adding squalane oil it has added moisture to my skin making it feel really evened out.
  20. amazing, amazing!


    I was looking for something hydrating and light to use on my dull dry skin. I had tried using some face oils but every time I did, my skin would breakout but this is works well for my combination skin. Within a weeks of using it, I started to see a difference on my skin, as it felt hydrated . This product is light and hydrating without clogging the pores.I would definitely recommend it to other pe...
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  21. So hydrating


    Although I have dry skin, oil products tend to make me break out. This one does not. I use it morning and night to provide extra hydration, and unlike other oils (rosehip, etc.) I find that it is absorbed by my skin really well.
  22. Squalane cleanser


    Removes makeup so well but leaves a slight film. Go in after with a foamy cleanser and you'll be fine
  23. Perfect for dry skin


    I love this product, i use it on top of my moisturiser when my skin is feeling extra dry. but on its own its really lightweight and gives a nice glowy look to my skin
  24. Made my hair soft!


    I purchased this after reading the benefits of squalene oil. However applied at the end of my nightly skincare routine it pilled. I also found it didn’t absorb well. So I have been applying it occasionally like a face mask and it does hydrate my skin. If I mix it into my foundation it works well for any dry areas without pilling. But overall I found this product worked best on my hair. My ends can...
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  25. Cheap and effective squalene oil


    I am currently trying to use some glycolic acid serum which is super harsh on my skin, but great result. So, I got recommended this oil for a mix in by some friends. it works wonderful together! it moisturise and kinda protect my skin barrier as well while im using the serum.
  26. Nice for dry skin


    This is a nice product to heal and repair dry skin and maintain the moisture barrier! Highly recommend for those with sensitive skin
  27. Beautiful


    I use this squalane oil in conjunction with my moisturiser every morning and it’s the best combination I’ve used for moisture. My extremely dehydrated skin is so difficult to please but since adding squalane oil it has gotten so much softer. A must have for dry skin types.
  28. The Best


    Since stating accutane I have been using a lot of oils. Squalane is a lot lighter than other pure oils and one I will definitely use when my skin returns to normal.
  29. Very moisturising


    After battling eczema, dry and sensitive skin during my pregnancy and post pregnancy, I had tried so many different products with none helping my dry, flakey, itchy and sensitive skin. I now use the Squalane oil as the last product in my skincare routine at night. I previously would never use an oil at night, instead opting for moisteriser as I felt the oils weren't hydrating enough, however this ...
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  30. Amazing


    Can this be used with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. I use those two serums Am and PM are doing wonders wanted to add another one cause I loveeee this product.
  31. Dermaplaning saviour


    Ok this might sound completely bonkers, but I spread this fairly generously all over before at-home dermaplaning, and my skin just loves me for thinking of that. It provides the perfect natural slip. I then remove the excess with a warm microfibre cloth. Et voila, I am a newborn baby.

    I have also been known to pat a couple of drops on top of everything when I'm feeling a bit dry, but ...
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  32. amazing


    This is definitely slightly more expensive, but worth it for the great quality! I feel like I have new skin!
  33. Feels nice


    I really wanted to like this, it feels amazing when I put it on, but sadly it made me break out. I don't usually get blemishes and every time I tried using this I'd wake up with a spot or two the next day. Definitely felt very moisturising though and layered well with my other products.
  34. Good for oily skin


    I love this product as it doesn't make my skin feel oily or greasy, and it absorbs quite fast. this product is good to apply in the morning when you need something lightweight. It makes my skin feel smooth and helps with dry patches.
  35. Best Moisturiser for Acne-prone Skin


    I have oily, acne-prone skin that can also become dry at times so I was looking for a product that could soften and moisturise my skin without making me break out. This product has been amazing and has improved the texture, tone & hydration of my skin. It soaks in and actually feels like it regulates oil production. I mix a couple of drops with my foundation and it works like a dream.
  36. Did not really do much


    I apply this to the ends of my hair before and after blow drying and have honestly noticed no difference. It did not make my hair shinier nor healthier.
  37. Simple and effective


    I use this after Niacinamide at night. I find it a little too shiny to wear during the day if I’m not wearing makeup powder but it is so hydrating!
  38. So soothing!


    I love this product and use it as a moisturiser post-serums at night time. I love it as I can apply a lot after a treatment, such as derma rolling, or a little, on those humid summer nights. I find this works well with T.O serums and I will buy again
  39. Worth it


    Definitely worth it, I use this before bed for hydration and find it helps keep my skin looking good. Not too oily and soaks in well, doesn't leave residue over pillowcases etc. Lasts a long time for how small the bottle is, you don't need a lot.
  40. Great for my sensitive skin and a lot of hydration


    Super hydrating, i use this one when i feel that my skin is getting a little dry and wake up feeling hydrated and my skin looks plump and fresh
  41. Light oil for some extra hydration

    Sharon V

    I use this am for extra hydration after cleansing, toning and using the Buffet and Hyaluronic acid, and before sunscreen.

    Very light and easily absorbed.
  42. Beautiful. lightweight, good for sensitive skin


    I have sensitive/eczema prone skin and this has been a lifesaver! Lovely and soothing, great moisturising serum. Can be hard to apply properly straight from the dropper so I add a few drops to my moisturiser for easy application.
  43. Second purchase, love it even more


    I've been using this as a final moisturising step at night after my other Ordinary Serums. Heavy oils just make me break out, but the Squalene is just right. Leaves my face a bit too dewy to use in the morning under makeup.
  44. Okay product


    This is okay. It feel luxurious when applying, but doesn't really do much. It's good for hair which is what I mainly use it for.
  45. Must have


    This oil is amazing. I use a drop or two every day with my moisturizer and my skin has never been so hydrated and even. The price is fantastic too
  46. Understated but great results


    I didn't realise how much this was doing for my skin until I looked at pictures from a few months ago and saw how much it had changed. I have very dry, very sensitive skin, and it's looking dewy and feeling moisturised. It doesn't really have a scent at all, and it goes a long way. In the morning I put it on before makeup or I put very little on before sunscreen and I'm good to go for the rest of ...
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  47. Ahh-mazing


    This is my favourite face oil by far, and I have tried quite a few, and now that I've found this one I don't see myself searching for another! It doesn't leave my skin feeling heavy or sticky. And it soaks into the skin really nicely.
  48. Great for hair, okay for face


    I bought this product to use after serums, and before moisturiser for my face. However, I feel that it does little for my dry skin, more like sitting on top of my skin than really sinking in. I do still use the product every few nights following exfoliation. I now use about four drops after showering on my hair and have noticed significant changes, with my hair being silkier and less prone to beco...
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  49. Lovely light oil.


    I was previously using the ordinary borage seed oil and I thought I loved that.
    Then I read up more on this one and decided to try it.
    It's beautifully light and sinks straight into my skin.
    I mix it with my moisturiser and niacinamide and it's like a dream!

    Highly recommend.
  50. The perfect oil for oily skin — a wonderful miracle


    My. Skin. Is. Finally. Cured.

    I cannot believe this has worked...this is my first time delving into the world of skincare after years of being a makeup addict — which I think now I'm saying goodbye to after trying The Ordinary.

    Introducing oils into my routine is a very foreign concept with oily skin as mentioned, so I have been hesitant to try. However, this squalane oil...
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  51. On par with other oils


    I've tried lots of different oils, i.e. argan, rosehip, blends... not sure if I've found any particularly better than another. I think it's great to have a non comedogenic oil in your routine, just not sure it really matters which one!

    Side note, I also put this in the ends of my hair, so that's handy! I've actually put this with my hair stuff as I've found I've been reaching more fo...
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  52. Dewy skin


    If gone through a few bottles of this now in conjunction with The Ordinary Buffet and Hyaluronic and I love it.

    I use it day and night and even under The Ordinary Serum Foundation for a dewy finish.

    I have oily skin and I love how hydrated, plump and comfortable this makes my skin feel especially on days with low humidity when it feels extra dry and tight.

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  53. Sinks in fast


    A light-textured, non-greasy oil. I use this after my serums and before TO's Natural Moisturising Factors. Would repurchase.
  54. Amazing product


    I tend to stay away from moisturizers after applying serums as they seem to clog my pores on my t-zone, so was looking for alternatives, this oil did wonders, it does exactly what the product says.
  55. The best moisturiser I've ever used


    I'm on my fifth bottle of this! I have quite sensitive skin that at times was frustratingly dry in some areas and spotty in others. I've switched up my skincare routine and this is now the moisturising product I use after cleansing/toning/serums.
    I can't believe how soft and hydrated my skin is. It is a little oily to begin with, but soaks in rapidly and feels lovely
  56. Helped soothe and moisturise my dry, sensitive skin

    This product helped to moisturise and soothe my dry skin as well as reducing redness and irritation caused by my eczema.
    Depending on how lazy I feel I’ll either apply to clean skin or apply after a water based moisturiser to help seal in moisture.
    Three drops are more than enough for my whole face. There’s no noticeable smell and I don’t find it leaving me greasy. (I do only use it ...
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  57. Absolutely Beautiful!


    As a mature woman of 57 years, a major concern for me is dull, dehydrated skin - which just makes me look older and who wants that? I started using The Ordinary's Retinol in Squalane a few weeks ago and noticed an immediate enhancement in my skin. It looked so hydrated and lovely the next morning and was an improvement on the Retinol I had been previously using from another brand. I was curious...
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  58. Hydration!!


    My favourite oil so far by The Ordinary. I have very oily skin so i only use it at night and wake up with lovely hydrated skin. To make it less oily you can mix with a moisturiser. Will definately purchase again.
  59. Feel lovely on skin


    Leaves the skin feeling lovely and smooth.
  60. Non Greasy and Hydrating

    Ming Min

    This serum really hydrated my oily skin as it is not greasy, and it works on hair too!!!
  61. Super hydrating


    I have combination dehydrated and oily skin so i was quite keen to give this ago in replace of my traditional moisturiser and i wont be looking back!

    I use it at night and apply a small amount to my whole face allowing it to work its magic overnight and i have found my skin to feel more hydrated and funny enough blemish free.
  62. Amazing


    I use this in my hair and it’s amazing for the ends. Makes it super shiny and soaks in well. Not greasy.
  63. Hydrating, but greasy


    I used this product on my dry, acne prone skin and found it took a long time to absorb (or didn't at all). I found it best to just mix a couple drops in with my moisturiser for extra hydration. I also used this product in the ends of my wet hair to decrease frizziness.
  64. Great, uncomplicated oil


    If you aren’t sure about the whole oil gig and whether to dive in, this is a no risk purchase. My skin loves it, especially in winter, but even if your face doesn’t, your neck, body and hair will. I just wish it came in a bigger bottle (or that someone would fill my bathtub with this).
  65. Love to mix with moisturiser


    I love mixing this oil with my moisturiser to really increase hydration. Because there is no fragrance/ essential oils it also is very calming if your skin is irritated.
  66. moisturising!


    this oil makes my skin so supple and hydrated! it looks especially nice under makeup, however it has not done anything for the tone of my complexion
  67. Night time face oil


    It spreads very well and only need one or two drops for whole face and neck. It gets absorbed very quickly and doesn’t feel too greasy. I am happy with the hydrating effect. I prefer using it only at night as my combination skin looks a bit too shiny when used in the morning. I’ve noticed when this oil is applied after Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone, sometimes it accelerates the stinginess o...
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  68. Very light face oil


    I have bought this after reading the reviews and also I was looking for the face oil to be used on regular basis. It is very light texture oil not thick or oily at all. I apply this over the ordinary serum. No smell really. I feel very safe to be used on the sensitive skin.
  69. Affordable face oil


    This oil spreads well although I find it leaves a slightly greasy residue so I only use it every few nights. It is very good for the price though.
  70. Moisture for the softest skin


    I have sensitive, dry skin and this is wonderful. I use this after The Ordinary’s HA at night. It is intensely moisturizing without feeling greasy. It absorbs quickly, and leaves your skin feeling supple and soft. And with all of their products it’s amazing value. Love it!
  71. Excellent!


    I was using The Ordinary anti-aging regimen but started a new job with high levels of stress and started to have a few break outs on my jawline and forehead. So, I switched to the blemish control regimen. It is SO good. My skin cleared up really quickly and is now super smooth and delish! So affordable too!
    The squalane is an optional extra in the regimen and I wouldn't recommend it if you ...
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  72. Love it


    I've tried The Ordinary rose hip seed oil and thought I wouldn't find something I love more than that. I find that the squalane really sinks into my skin leaving it really hydrated without leaving an oily residue.
  73. Amazing


    I use this before my moisturiser when my skin is feeling extra dry. It leaves my skin plump, glowy and hydrated and it helps my skin
  74. Great addition to the winter months


    I have loved using this mixed in with my moisturiser in winter as my oily skin can get dehydrated and a lot of other products can make my skin look really shiny but this is perfect and my skin feels so plump
  75. Works like a dream


    Love this serum, it instantly leaves my hair feeling softer and gives it a wonderful gleam. Easy to apply and doesn’t have that greasy feeling a lot of other similar products do. Great inexpensive product
  76. this one its good


    this is good. can be added to face cream or foundation. good product
  77. Just not for my skin


    This is a lovely texture and feels quite nice, but it just does not suit my skin. I've since used a couple other squalane products, and like this one they tend to just sit on my skin offering little hydration or effect. At worst, this oil can break me out. I have combo-dehydrated skin. I will stick with Rosehip oil!
  78. Everyone can benefit from this


    The perfect thing to mix into your moisturiser when you're feeling a little more dry than usual. Not as full a "commitment" as mixing a bit of oil in, so you never go overboard. Also a great mid-day dry patch remedy when it's so bad that moisturiser won't do.
  79. yas the best


    probably my number one facial and body oil to use. hair as well. couple of drops in your palms and rub through your hair and BOOM its magic. really nice neutral oil for the face as well, wake up super hydrated and glowy in the morning. love this oil to death. i also have eczema on my face and eyelids, so this has been a really nice thin absorbant nonclogging oil to use.
  80. I LOVE this!


    I am obsessed with the ordinary - this worked perfectly on my oily skin (I was concerned as it is a oil). I found a little goes a long way. Definitely feel moisturized and refreshed after popping this on. Super light and beautiful.
  81. OK moisturiser but oily texture


    This is good at providing moisture but I did not like the oily texture and sheen it left on my skin.
  82. Great for Winter


    This product has helped my skin beat the winter blues. My skin feels more hydrated after use and does not leave an oily residue or excess oil.
  83. Works really well


    I love the ordinary. This makes my skin more even, smooth, toned, and soft! An amazing product for the price and lasted a fair while considering the size of the bottle!
  84. so hydrating!


    f you want glowy, soft, plump and hydrated skin, you need this oil. No chemicals, no preservatives, no fragrance. I used it for 2 days and I had super soft skin!
    My skin type is combo and I get dry patches around my mouth. I have never had a pimple or acne and my skin is not sensitive. I do not like fragrances in skincare products so I tend to stay away from them. I have used Rosehip oil, vi...
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  85. Light and not greasy


    I have combination skin and find other face oils either don’t absorb or leave a sticky residue. This product is a great layer between other serums and a moisturiser. Light, quickly absorbed, and doesn’t make my skin break out.
  86. Not for fungal acne. Great for body


    As a fungal acne patient I was told squalane was the perfect oils. But began to break out and discontinued usage on my face, but for my body it was great. Mix a couple of drops to your thick body moisturiser for hydrated skin! Especially after the shower
  87. Great


    Great for oily skin
    I use it before bedtime, and it honestly helped me with my oiliness. I used to think that I shouldn't put moisture on top of my oily skin but honestly this is really helping me, I would recommend it to any skin type
  88. Lovely and lightweight


    Purchased this to wear under my moisturiser and SPF during the day and its absolutely lovely. It absorbs quickly and hydrates my skin all day long !
  89. Definite Winter MUST!


    Fantastic for any winter skin-burn out! My skin drinks it in morning and night, adds an extra layer of moisture that my skin is so thankful for.
  90. Light but effective moisturiser


    I use this as my regular moisturiser now. It’s very light so if you have dry skin, you might need something more emollient but for my normal-oily skin it’s perfect. Doesn’t break me out and so cheap. Love it!
  91. Good for dehydrated, blemish-prone skin!


    I have acne-prone, dehydrated skin - especially in winter! I mix this in with my moisturiser at night and it adds just a little extra hydration, which stops my skin from getting dry and irritated.
  92. Skin feels great


    My skin has been feeling very dry and dull, tried this product on a whim due to the price point. Love it so far, thought it wouldn’t work for more as feels oily and most face oils cause me to break out but so far so good. A little goes a long way, feeling more hydrated and skin feels less tight than usual.
  93. Really great


    This is really hydrating and its been preventing my skin from drying out in the harsh winter winds.
  94. daily must use


    I use this everyday along with The Ordinary's Moisturising Factors + HA and I don't think I will ever stop. this coupling has completely changed my very oil but dry/flaky skin into a perfect normal skin type - no joke!
  95. Incredibly Hydrating


    Love this product, it initially gives you SUCH a shiny complexion that I'd recommend more for the PM than the AM, and try not to get it in your eyes by accident (might just be me as I'm a klutz)
  96. So moisturising!


    I love love love the squalane and would drown my whole body in it if I could. When I first started using it I thought it was a bit too greasy and that it took too long to absorb but I think that was my skin oils overproducing due to a lack of proper moisturiser. I now use a few drops daily at night before my night cream and love how it feels. Adds so much moisture to my skin and no longer feels gr...
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  97. Love this oil - my favourite face oil


    Fantastic light soft face oil, I love how this looks and feels - it gives a beautiful dewy base which is perfect for putting makeup over the top. I think it is on par, if not better than more expensive face oils (like Go To Face Hero, which I'm slowly phasing out for this) - I love it. I am keen to try the other Ordinary face oils, like the Rosehip one, but pretty happy with this one for the tim...
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  98. One of my favourite Ordinary products


    So hydrating and easy to use.. it's one of my favourites in the line. It does take a little for it to soak into the skin but keeps it hydrated day or night.
  99. Love


    This is super hydrating I love it. It's great for older dry skin, my mum loves it
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