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theBalm Manizers 8.5g

4.7 of 112 reviews


$7.49 x 4

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$7.49 x 4

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+


  • Medium

Finish - Powders:

  • Slight shimmer

Finish - Foundation:

  • Slight shimmer

Skin Type:

  • Oily
  • Normal to oily
  • Normal to dry
  • Dry

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theBalm Manizers

theBalm Manizers

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4.7 of 112 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

very shimmery
it shows very well and is great on skin. i have light - medium coloured skin tone and it shows great on my cheek bones and i get compliments

Most Helpful Criticism

very natural
but you can add some fix plus to wet your brush and make the highlight glow more. can be used on a everyday basis because of how natural. doesnt have glitter which is great
  1. very natural

    but you can add some fix plus to wet your brush and make the highlight glow more. can be used on a everyday basis because of how natural. doesnt have glitter which is great
  2. mary lou

    This was my first ever highlighter and I still have it in my collection to this day. It can easily be built up to be a more intense highlight but I love to wear this on a daily basis with a more natural glowy look. Such a staple product in my collection!
  3. very shimmery

    it shows very well and is great on skin. i have light - medium coloured skin tone and it shows great on my cheek bones and i get compliments
  4. The OG of all highlighters

    The Balm highlighters in my eyes were one of the original reasons that I think highlight hit off a few years ago!
    Mary-Lou will always be my favourite, as it provides such a lovely glow without a dark cast on fair skin tones! I also use Mary-Lou when I am fake tanned and it also looks just as beautiful making it very versatile.
    This highlighter is perfect, not too glittery and just the perfect amount of pigment. I apply this produce with a fan brush and it just looks flawless on the skin and distributes perfectly.
    I have had this highlighter for such a long time now and I can safely say I don't think any highlighter can beat it and trust me I have tried many!!
  5. Easy to blend

    It's very easy to use this and blend into my make up. Great during summer too
  6. Love Betty Lou manizer

    I absolutely love Betty Lou manizer. The others I don't rate so much but this one is amazing. Perfect shimmery glow and easy to blend. Pan is huge and lasts for ages!
  7. Intense and beautiful

    The perfect Cupid’s bow and eyebrow arch highlight. I find this is too intense for cheekbones, but if you like blinding highlights than you probably won’t have a problem. I apply it wet for extra effect. Had it for years and I use it for every glam look.
  8. last all day

    shows up quite intense on my skin so I use a tiny bit for an everyday look so a little does go a long way for me. it lasts all day too and blends really well. glad I finally tried it!

    I have been wanting to try this highlighter out for a while, I'm so glad I did. It's so beautiful and has a gorgeous golden tone. I'm in love. Also, I'm so glad I ordered on Adore Beauty because they have one the best customer services ever, I also received a tim-tam in my delivery box too :)
  10. Too dark for me

    I have a medium skin tone, and was looking for a nice bronzer. Since the Mary Lou Maniser is my holy grail I wanted to try out the Betty Lou Maniser. However I found it to have far too much of an orange undertone for my liking. It worked great as an eyeshadow but I was disappointed it didn't work out as a bronzer to match my skintone.
  11. Sublte highlighter

    I use Mary for a suble highlighter with everyday makeup. I'm deep olive toned and the colour & intensity is perfect for me
  12. Nice glow~

    Ive tested out 3 of the highlighters and realise that although they are from the same line and the colours are all very nice, the texture of each is different to each other. I ended up purchasing the Mary lou version since I was so creamy and the highlight was so intense but at the same time subtle enough for an everyday look. All the colours were very nice but I would recommend you test out the formulas first if you are picky about this sort of thing
  13. Amazing!

    I brought this highlighter years ago and it's still my go to despite having so many others! It's a classic and I always get so many compliments wearing it. Perfect for my medium skin tone!
  14. One of the best highlighter

    This is my second one and i still love this formula
    - suits everyone very versatile
    - blends so well on the skin and last ages in the skin
    - able to use everyday
  15. love mary lou

    mary lou is absolutely stunning on medium skin tone. if layered looks absolutely blinding
  16. re-purchase, best highlighter i've owned

    Re purchasing this product, amazing. Beautiful pigment and smooth application
  17. Pigmented and Shimmer

    Extremely pigmented and shimmery - also works amazing as a eye shadow.
  18. Beautiful yet subtle!

    If you're new to highlight, this is the one for you. Very subtle but so beautiful, its more of a sheen than a sparkle which makes you glow very naturally. Definitely a necessity in the makeup kit and very affordable.
  19. Lasts a long time

    I have had this highlighter for so long it seems to last forever. Very glowy and highlighting. Applies easily.
  20. Very pretty

    This is a really good affordable highlighter. It’s pretty pigmented but you can build it up
  21. Wow!

    The Cindy Lou-Manizer is fab! It has a beautiful pink tinge to it and looks amazing on the skin. So glowy and amazing. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants a glowy complexion.
  22. Wow

    Such a high pigmented good quality highlight!! Definitely recommend I always use it for my nose
  23. Beautiful

    This highlighter is so beautiful and very buildable
  24. Perfect colour, great payoff

    This product is so worth the hype. It is a beautiful, natural golden colour, very comparable to soft and gentle my other favourite highlight and huge colour pay off. I would definitely say this highlight is on the more dramatic side so a little goes a long way!
  25. Love these!

    I got the 3 pack of Mary/Cindy/Betty a year or so ago when I need a blush/highlighter/bronzer for travelling. I'm very pale so I have to be very light handed with Betty but she's good for when your going out for a night of partying and don't need it to be too natural. Love these and I am so sad I can't get them as the trio anymore. Have bought plenty of others like them but always go back the Manizer Sisters
  26. The hype is real!

    Such a gorgeous product to use. I find it’s so comfortable and lasts so long. The hype for this product is so real and I will re purchase once mine runs out!
  27. Glow

    Delivers a beautiful strong glow, definitely with the hype!
  28. Worth the hype

    Mary-Lou is definitely worth the hype. It's the best highlighter on the market and great value for money. It gives such a nice glow, which you can easily build up to be dramatic and give the 'instagram highlight' look. The packaging is cute too, however it does break easily, so be careful not to drop it! Love that it is talc free also.
  29. Best !

    Mary Lou Manizer is basically the perfect, classic highlight shade, before highlighters became available in 6 million different colours. If you just want one great highlight, that is smooth and perfect white/champagne, make it this! I have fair to light skin BTW.
  30. Lasts so long

    Product itself lasts so long. I know its meant for highlighting (its very shimmery) but I usually like to use it as a eye shadow or inner eye! Lovely
  31. Mary-lou

    Mary lou was probably one of my firsts highlighters! This stuff lasts for ages and definitely really nice on the skin. It does accentuate any pores etc on the skin but it's still a good go-to/beginner highlight for anyone who doesn't want their highlight too blinding!
  32. Great affordable buy

    A great affordable highlight that packs a punch. This does lean just a touch on the shimmery/glittery side, but it is a lovely highlight none the less.
  33. go to

    mary-lou is my go to, packs a punch and lasts all day. Very flattering shade
  34. Very shimmery

    I purchased this in the MARY-LOU shade and its such a lovely highlighter. Definitely good for someone who likes a highlighter that really stands out. Very noticeable and shimmery.
  35. Mary-Lou & Betty-Lou are must haves!

    If you're looking for a blinding highlight I definitely suggest you get "mary-lou" and if you're wanting a bronzer that will add a nice glow to your face I would suggest getting "betty lou" I have both and absolutely love them!
  36. Go-to highlighter

    This is my absolute go-to highlighter! It's got a finely milled formula that's not too chunky; however it can emphasise some evident texture on the skin. However it can be applied delicately for a more subtle look or can be built up to give a blinding glow. Definitely my favourite highlighter!
  37. Mary-Lou glow is amazing

    I use the Mary-lou shade and I love it. It is a great, everyday highlight. I get compliments on my highlighter all the time.
  38. Love Mary-lou

    Love this highlighter. I have Mary-Lou & it’s such a beautiful highlighter. Feels light on the skin & so easy to apply. My go to each day
  39. its a cult classic and good quality and you wouldn't be disappointed

    The balm in generally makes good quality makeup with adorable packaging and the Manizers are essentials not to glittery buildable and finely milled and pressed,With adorable packaging and a flattering shade for all completions its a definite classic and safe bet.
  40. Mary Lou

    This is so pretty it has a nice subtle glow it’s not very intense love this for during the day
  41. Pigmented but a little chunky

    The color of this highlighter is great but for me, it’s a little chunky on the skin, particularly areas where I have a bit of uneven texture. I find myself using this more as a wash of highlight on my eyelids or as a brow bone highlight than a cheekbone one, as I prefer a more natural sheen.
  42. Love these highlighters

    Cheap highlighter! Good quality. I don't love the bronze colour but all the rest are fab
  43. Love it!

    I’m so happy with this highlighter! It’s fantastic for my pale skin as there isn’t much colour pigment in this. The formula has just the right amount of glitter on it so that it shimmers but isn’t too sparkly. It’s lovely and builds easily. This will be a staple in my kit for sure!
  44. Mary-Lou

    Love this highlighter, my first proper highlighter I’ve bought on its own not in a palette and it’s such a pretty colour!
  45. Just not in bright sunlight

    I love this highlighter however I've had a lot of men at my work ask "why do I have glitter on my face" not realising how glittery it looks in the light. Very, very gorgeous highlighter, however just not for everydays as I found it made me look a bit too "done up" compared to my other options in the beauty case.
  46. Mary - Lou amazing highlighter!!!

    I love this product it’s such a pretty sheen highlighter not glittery chunks at all! Always come back to it because it’s pretty!
  47. Mary Lou -Favourite powder highlghter

    I recently purchased Charlotte Tilbury's bronze and glow, but I keep reaching for this highlighter over Charlotte Tilbury's. This highlighter is a beautiful champagne colour and has just the right amount of sparkle. It lend easily, and I even put it over cream blushes and find it doesn't go patchy. And its super affordable.
  48. MaryLou is great!

    This was the first highlighter I have ever owned and it started my obsession. The color is beautiful, it leaves a lovely sheen on the skin.
  49. Mary LouManizer

    Such a great, affordable highlighter and really pigmented. Love this on cheeks or inner corners of the eye. I am moving towards cream highlighters for a more natural look particularly during the day but I will still use this for nights out.
  50. Love the colour

    I love the colour of the Mary Loumanizer on my pale/freckled skin, and finally got around to trying this highlighter. This has nice pop, but mostly made up of chunky glitter/sheen which isn't what I look for in a highlighter. I also find the 'largeness' of these particles accentuates my eye lines, which I find unflattering. Not bad for the price, but I end up using my Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip for daily use.
  51. Mary-lou manizer

    i have this and the becca champagne pop and they are so similar, this highlighter was my go to for ages and it looks high end on but without the price tags, its such a nice glowy finish
  52. You’d think it was high end

    This highlighter is my ride or die. I have really pale skin and this just looks so flawless every time. So pigmented and is so so blinding. I love it and always use it, so insanely cheap for what it is.
  53. MaryLouManizer

    This just continues to amaze me. The colour is unlike any highlighter I own with hints of gold, champagne and pearl. I will have one of these in my collection as long as I live.
  54. A great highlighter - Mary-Lou Manizer

    This was one of my first highlighters and definitely a great one. The texture is fine, smooth and blends effortlessly on the skin, leaving a beautiful glow. I find this shade to look great on light - medium complexions. It lasts for a long time on the skin and is suitable for the day and buildable to achieve a beaming highlight for the night time. Overall a great highlight product at a appropriate price point.
  55. A good bet!

    I've had Mary-Lou in my makeup bag for a while now and it's one of my go to highlighters. It has a nice champagne sheen with a slight gold (ish) undertone. This product is very buildable and I like to occasionally mix with other highlighters to get the specific look I want and it works well in that way too. I'd especially recommend for those who want the option of having the natural highlighter look or the more heavy (beaming) highlighter look because imo this product is great for both!
  56. Not for deep tan/dark/deep skin tones!

    I love love love peach highlighters,I think they are super flattering and really wanted it to work for me but my skin is too dark for this highlighter. Light/medium/tan would look AMAZING in this highlighter. The manizer highlighters are AMAZING and super buttery, pure sheen rather than glittery (which i hate and routinely avoid). This particular colour is just not for me, IF YOU LOOK GOOD INMARY then you will look good in this
  57. Betty-Lou, oh my stars

    It's an EXTREMELY buttery highlighter!!! Sometimes that's my undoing because it's hard to put on a brush to face (for me personally) but i have both betty and mary and i prefer betty because Im a deep tan skin colour (MAC NC45 for reference)
  58. Love it

    Cindy Lou-Manizer is such a beautiful shimery blush, but the Mary-Loumanizer is one of my favourite highlighters of all time!!! Gives a beautiful, smooth glow to the skin and leaves the face looking smooth and lit from within. Such a great price also.
  59. Great affordable highlighters

    Mary Lou Ma user is a lovely highlight shade for my skin which is light. Really nice quality for an affordable product
  60. Great for tan skin

    Tried all manizers except bonnie. I have pale skin and they looked ok on me, but on my sister who has more tan skin - just WOW. the highlight really popped on her skin and the bronzer wasn't too orange.
  61. Best affordable highlighter!

    Mary-Lou Manizer is my go to highlighter for every day and for a good reason! It's affordable but still one of the best on the market today. On days when I want a subtle highlight I will just add one layer but I love how I can also layer it up on days when I need a more blinding highlight. This highlighter also works when I am pale and with fake tan. When I try new highlighters I always find myself going back to this one and now I keep back ups of this stuff so I never run out!
  62. Beautiful highlighters and bronzers

    Betty Lou-manizer is a beautiful shimmery bronzer for my fair skin. Mary Lou-manizer is beautiful for a highlighter. I do find that it is not as fine as some other powders I have so it does come out as a more glittery look
  63. Beaming!

    I bought the Mary Lou-Manizer due to a few people saying it was great and it was definitely worth it! It is perfect for my olive skin tone, and looks amazing on the inner corners of my eyes. It leaves me looking shimmery after just one application, and I get so many compliments when wearing it. For an ultra gliterry look, wet the brush/blender you are applying it with!
  64. Mary Luminizer Power

    If you're into super shimmer/highlight (and don't mind a chunkier shimmer) then you will love this. It does a very intense job and highlighting the face (but I prefer the more subtle Hourglass highlighters...) Would still recommend if this is your thing though!
  65. Gives the perfect smooth illumination

    I always have trouble with highlighters being too sparkly/frosty/shimmery, how’ve the Mary-loumaniser is the first highlight I’ve had that leaves a really smooth silky glow without bringing out the texture on my face. However it still gives enough of a sheen for night time as it’s very buildable!
  66. SO bright

    Gives me such a lovely and glowy look! A little product goes such a long way and everyone always compliments me on it!
  67. Pretty good

    A really nice highlighter, blends well and gives me a nice glow. also love the packaging
  68. Intense highlighter

    I was really excited to try this highlighter based on the reviews but it is just a little too intense for me. It's great for a glam look on a night out but to wear during the day it is just a little too white and bright. I also find it wears off quickly on the cupids bow and can end up looking cake on the inner corners of the eyes.. Still I will keep using it when I want to ramp it up on a night out
  69. Love it!

    I LOVE this and is definately a must buy. Highlighting perfection!
  70. Favourite

    Mary-Lou is a must-have cult favourite, literally a highlighter junkie's staple. Great formula!
  71. Love these!

    I love these highlighters. They are my go to for every day looks. So pigmented, apply great - not chalky or clumpy, and this pack is great for trying all three shades!
  72. All time fav Mary Lou

    I absolutely love this highlighter! I have tried so many different highlighters both high end and drugstore ones, and this still tops the list for me :')! Would def recommend to girls with olive skin complexion like me.
  73. LOVE!

    I have the set of three manizers and love all of them! I use each of them every single day. I find they're suitable for my pale, untanned skin but also look great when I do have a fake tan on. LOVE. Highly recommend.
  74. Mary-Lou is my homegirl

    This product is gorgeous. Buildable so you can wear it to work or glow on a night out. The color compliments everyone who uses it and the actual compact will last you forever. My absolute favorite highlighter.
  75. Cult Favourite! and so affordable

    This is probably the best "cheap" highlighters on the market. It gives a gorgeous champagne glow and it lasts forever!

    I adore this highlight for an intense wet look shine to the cheeks for a reasonable price. Love it
  76. Must try

    I've used Mary-Lou and I really love it. I have medium skin tone and this highlighter gives me a lovely glow. The highlighter itself is quite pigmented/shimmery champagne colour. You only need a little, but it is easily buildable for a more dramatic effect.

  77. LOVE

    love, love, love! the mary loumanizer is my absolute favourite highlight!! gives such a nice, glowy look!
  78. Amazing!

    This is honestly my favourite highlighter ever! It is so incredibly pigmented and gives the most amazing radiant glow. I use this all over my face for a glowing and luminous look, focussing on the high points of my face.This highlighter doesn't make me look oily or shiny at all, just really healthy and glowing! I would definitely recommend this for all skin tones.
  79. Blinding!

    Mary-Lou is BLINDINGLY gorgeous, definitely beats a lot of high end highlighters.
  80. Just WOW!!!

    I have plenty of highlighters yet this is the one that I keep coming back to. It’s such a lovely colour and really makes my face pop and gives me a radiant glow.
  81. Mary-Lou is a must-have

    Mary-Lou was one of the first highlighters I bought and it still holds a special place. The champagne tone suits a variety of skin tones and it blends beautifully into the skin. Not glittery or chunky, its truly a beautiful product.
  82. Good Highlighter but better out there!

    I bought this highlighter to use for everyday use with minimal makeup! It is a good highlighter and is quite pigmented but I do believe there is better out there! However, it is pretty good value for money compared to other highlighters out there that are much more expensive! I probably wouldn't purchase again as I'd rather use a more pigmented one such as MAC but if you are wanting one for everyday use at a decent price then this one is good!
  83. AMAZING.

    I absolutely love mary lou-manizer! I would compare it to an affordable version of Rodeo Drive by Ofra!
  84. Mary Lou is truly the best

    The Mary Loumanizer is one of the best highlighters on the market. It's a beautiful finely milled and bendable, highly pigmented and buttery formula and is a stunning champagne yellow gold shade. It blends into the skin seamlesly and finishes off any makeup look. I also love using it on my eyes. An all round excellent product.
  85. mary lou is a fave

    I love Mary Lou and has been using it non stop since i got it. A little bit goes a long way but i think it can be build up for a more intense glow. The consistency is really soft and easily blended. A must have in my makeup collection!
  86. Holy Grail

    I love love love this highlighter! It is fantastic on my very pale skin. A little goes a long way, if used lightly it is great to give you an everyday glow, but can be built up to a brilliant gleam. I use it on my cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, brow bone, as an inner eye highlight & occasionally with eyeshadow- probably one of my all time favourite products.
  87. Definitely does it's job

    the marylou definitely does it's job. I read all the rave reviews so tried it -and it live up to it's rep. I personally prefer cream highlighters and this is maybe just s little too intense for my style so don't think I'll get this on again- but If you like powders this a strong high lighters then this is a for you. it is a beautiful highlighter and a little goes a long way.

    I have bonnie-lou and it is a gorgeoussss gold highlight. I have NC45 skin, and it suits me very well. It is a true gold, or just slightly deeper than a true gold. I severely dislike highlighters with glitter in it and am thrilled to say that this does not have a single bit of glitter. Pure glow! Would recommend 10/10!

    I got this as a gift and am absolutely in love with it!! mary loumaniser is a beautiful shade for any skin tone and can be used for a sheer glow or layered onto wet skin for an intense highlight
  90. Beautiful on pale skin!

    Love this on my pale skin. It’s not glittery, but still gives you that bright shine or subtle glow depending how oh apply it! A+++
  91. Mary lou is the PERFECT highlight shade

    I am so obsessed with this highlight, looks beautiful on my skin tone and stays on all day. Will be repurchasing this forever!
  92. Perfect glow!

    I have the Mary-Lou Manizer after seeing all the rave recommendations. I have fair skin and this works perfectly for natural day to day office wear and also you can build it up for more blinding highlight. The powder is very finely milled and little fall out. It is a great price for the quality of the highlighter.
  93. Perfect highlighter

    I have the Mary-Lou Manizer and I love it. I have pretty fair skin and its the perfect colour. This is my go-to highlighter when I'm wearing a full face of makeup. I usually apply it lightly for a more natural glow but it can definitely be built up for a more dramatic look. It's really finely milled and blends perfectly.
  94. Beautiful!

    I love this highlighter. It’s such a great colour and looks great as an inner eye corner highlight too
  95. Favourite highlighter ever!

    I own so many highlighters it's not funny but I always come back to this one - Mary-Lou Manizer. It's so pretty and blinding on my fair skin and lats forever even though I'm so oily. Definitely get this you won't regret it!
  96. The best!

    The best highlighter a girl could ever have.
    I always got comments whenever I used this product.
    Definitely considering purchasing again.
    Beautiful product - Soft, yet just enough highlighter.
    It's really an amazing product and great value, considering what's out there!
    Sad I ran out of mine really!

    I've wanted this highlighter for months but it was always sold out. I finally found it while on a trip to New York City and it was worth the wait. It's great for those pale girls like me. It's buildable and gives you a great glow. Worth the money.
  98. Mary lou is actually good for pale skin

    Initially I wasn't sure because of the colour but its actually very pretty on pale NW8-10 skin.
  99. Best highlighter I've found

    This is my favourite highlighter, I found it better than the hourglass one. Has a nice sheen, reasonable price and lasts forever. Highly recommend!
  100. My saviour

    I’ve been looking for a simple, subtle and tonally appropriate way to add a touch of glow to my skin as I approach my mid-50s. Beauty experts tell me a subtle dewy shine will help reflect/deflect light and make my complexion appear more youthful and translucent. Well this stuff is IT. I simply adore Mary-Lou for all over face highlighting. Everything I could want and more. A soft glow if I use just a touch here and there for daytime; a sexy glamour glow if I go a bit heavier for nighttime. I am also a person who prefers nude style eyeshadows and I prefer to accentuate my eyes with liners and mascara, so Mary-Lou also goes on my lids. Such a simple quick step for a fantastic result over my entire face. I also use Cindy-Lou for blush on special occasions. I should be keeping this to myself but the more people who buy this product the more likely it will be available forever. So buy up girls!!!! But save some for me.
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