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A serum or concentrate is the best way to fast-track your skincare results.

Sodashi's range is gentle yet effective, combining the creme-de-la-creme of luxe ingredients with cutting edge technology.

Their serums infuse nourishing plant extracts right into your complexion, restoring youthfulness (Rejuvenating serum), re-equilibrating sebum production (Balancing serum) or soothing irritation (Calming serum).

Their concentrates provide a mild chemical exfoliation, helping to reveal new skin cells (Rejuvenating concentrate), flush out pores (Balancing concentrate) or strengthen capillaries (Calming concentrate)

Use daily after cleansing, followed by a moisturiser.

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Serums and Concentrates

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Sodashi Rejuvenating Concentrate

Who doesn't love a hot compress? This absolutely lovely blend smells incredible,... read more >>

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