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Smith's Rosebud Salve - Original 22.68g

4.4 of 106 reviews


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4 instalments of $3.74

Or 4 instalments of $3.74 with LEARN MORE

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Loved by beauty editors and celebrities; Smith's Rosebud Salve ideal as a lip balm but with a multitude of other uses, this salve was first made in 1892.

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GREAT - 86% recommend

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Smith's Rosebud Salve - Original Reviews

4.4 of 106 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Glossy and not sticky!


Love a good thick balm that’s comfortable to wear!
It also smells amazing like Turkish delight!
Adds the most subtle amount of pink tint

Most Helpful Criticism

Over rated


Nice but nothing special, too much petroleum jelly and not enough emollient to keep my lips hydrated.
  1. love it


    Wow this lip balm is incredible!!! My lips have never been more plump and soft!! Amazing product and smells good too
  2. Glossy and not sticky!


    Love a good thick balm that’s comfortable to wear!
    It also smells amazing like Turkish delight!
    Adds the most subtle amount of pink tint
  3. smooth balm


    verified purchaser
    this balm smells so good! leaves lips feeling so soft and smooth and honestly would last foreve as you only need a little bit everytime.
  4. Beautiful scent, super glossy


    verified purchaser
    Smells absolutely divine. It's ultra glossy and the perfect way to go from barefaced to a little bit glam. Doesn't wear off quickly and is a great price. Love!
  5. Over rated


    Nice but nothing special, too much petroleum jelly and not enough emollient to keep my lips hydrated.
  6. Love it


    Cult buy that is hydrating, moisturising and long lasting. The only negative is the packaging.
  7. Nice smelling but I feel like I have to apply it often


    It smells great and has an amazing texture but I do find I have to apply this product constantly so it makes me wonder if it is causing dryness (even though my lips feel hydrated).
  8. Awesome product but


    Love the balm! The smell is divine and it really hydrates
    It also gives a soft pink tint
    I really dislike the packaging in the tin. It’s hard to open and the lid gets stuck
  9. Beautiful lip balm


    verified purchaser
    I love this lip balm. I’m using it before my lipstick and evening before bed.
  10. very nice


    lasts for a really long time and has cute packaging
  11. So good


    So good and great for gifts. I especially like the way it is packaged.
  12. Nice


    I found it very similar to Vaseline, the packaging is really cute though with a nice scent
  13. This is a great lip balm to have in you hand bag


    This is a great lip balm to have in your handbag. I like the tin as it makes the balm really easy to access.
  14. broke me out


    I used this lip balm for months and it made my lips feel amazing but then it started breaking me out around my mouth, I'm sad because it was an awesome lip balm
  15. Cute


    Great to have in my bag at all times, it keeps my lips nice and soft.
  16. awesome!!!!


    so good, I would recommend this to everyone to try.
  17. Cute packaging


    A small tin of lip balm last me really really long time, love the smell and colour, only down side is not that hygienic since I need to apply with my finger.
  18. Smith's Rosebud Salve - Original


    Love the packaging, love the scent, but find it to be a bit drying after a while.
  19. Beautiful all rounder


    Love this as a lip balm. Beautiful texture (not sticky) beautiful scent. And heals my lips fast when they are cracked
  20. Good balm


    Best lip balm for dry lips, very hydrating and moisturising. love using this before bed to keep my lips hydrated. stops my lips from chapping
  21. Cute packaging


    Works like other petroleum-based lip balm but where it stands out is the cute & convenient packaging and lovely rose fragrance!
  22. Nourishing lipbalm


    Love this. It keeps my lips very nourished especially in the colder weather it also gives them a beautiful natrual tint
  23. So nourishing


    This makes my lips sooo soft and it is so hydrating. I love the smell and slight rosy colour.
  24. Beautiful Lip Gloss


    This gloss is absolutely gorgeous, the packaging is beautiful, the scent is lovely and the texture perfect! Highly recommend for every day lip conditioning, but I would use something a bit heavier duty for the winter months.
  25. Pot of balm


    Love how this gives a subtle rosy no makeup tint to my lips. However, I don't love how it feels coating my lips and not super hydrating for a long time. Seems to give a nice sheen for a few hours with not many lasting effects unfortunately
  26. Great balm


    Quite a nice balm that works great on the lips or as a cuticle balm. I love the scent and the packaging is really nice
  27. Best lip balm ever


    This has made my lips
    So soft and smooth. It is my go to lip product. It protects and nourishes my lips everyday.
  28. Not my favourite


    This can make my lips feel a little bit Moreno chapped. I don’t think it works very well... I have others I reach for much more than this!
  29. Reapply


    Classic lip balm! But I find I must reapply every few hours so not the best for longevity. I do appreciate the packaging though!
  30. Lovely product


    Good sized pretty tin of rose scented balm is really beautiful. I just found I have to reapply more often than lanolips.
  31. Depends if you like using petrolatum on your lips


    This cult lip balm comes in a gorgeous vintage tin and smells deliciously of roses. Silly me for not realising when I bought it that it's made of petrolatum (like vaseline) which although considered safe is derived from crude oil... I have used the balm on my feet after moisturising to lock in the moisture which I've found quite effective but will stick to Lanolips for my mouth!!
  32. Not for me


    I don’t love this as it has Vaseline in it. It makes me feel like it’s not very moisturising.
  33. My lip saviour!!


    Can not recommend this product enough! It cured my dry, peeling wind-burned lips within a few days. I cant remember the last time my lips were this smooth and soft!
    The rose scent is very subtle and only lasts for a few seconds, and the product itself is not sticky or tacky unlike other salves I've tried in the past. It give a nice natural gloss to your lips and is not tinted when applied. M...
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  34. Great


    It's great for chapped lips and dry cuticles but I've also used other products that are just as great, but cheaper.
  35. Bought it for the tin, but love it!


    I'll be perfectly honest, I bought it because I loved the tin! But it does work incredibly well as an overnight treatment for very dry lips, and the sheen is perfect for a no-makeup lip glow. My husband complains that it smells 'like old woman' but I adore the smell.
  36. Love


    I discovered this salve in a boutique and was so happy to find it on adore beauty. This is the best balm I’ve ever used. If you put it on dry sore lips at night they are perfect by morning. During the day it gives a nice glossy sheen and smells so good. I also use it on chapped skin like my nose during a cold or cuticles. Worth the price as it lasts a long time too.
  37. great quality


    this lip balm is very hydrating, and has a gorgeous rose scent. i would highly recommend it
  38. Good lip balm, cute tin


    I don't normally buy lip balms in tins because I find them less convenient but purchased this after buying the minted rose version for a friend and liking the look of it. The tin is cute and it is quite a generous size for the price. I like the scent but it's fairly subtle (I usually like quite strongly scented lip balms). Very hydrating on the lips and I've also put a bit on my cuticles as the...
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  39. very hydrating


    it is a good lip balm it hydrates my lips instantly the only downside is that i don't like the tub that it comes in. i would prefer a stick. but otherwise a great product
  40. lovely


    beautiful lip balm with a realistic rose scent, very expensive smelling and lasts a long time :)
  41. Softly nourishing


    Nice and soothing. Feels light on application and has a subtle scent.
  42. Best lip balm/overnight treatment


    I have always had dry lips, especially in winter and I couldn't find anything that would last at least an hour without having to reapply until I bought Smith's Rosebud Salve. Because of the tin container I tend to leave this one at home and apply before I leave the house and before I go to sleep. It has great lasting power and is moisturising without being sticky. It also lasts a really long time,...
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    Beautiful rose tint and smell!
    I didn't find it overly hydrating but it is nice enough and works well if you're wanting some subtle colour.
  44. My lips have never felt softer


    I suffer from dry lips and and tend to use medical ones when they are really severe. But when I feel like my lips need a treat I use Smith’s Rosebud salve for the tint and feel. I absolutely love how it feels on my lips, and you will too!
  45. A bit underwhelming


    it is an alright lip balm. the vaseline rose lip balm in the tin does the exact same thing. Smells good.
  46. OG classic


    A cult classic, only drawbacks for me are the packaging and is less hydrating than other products on the market. Beautiful rosy tint and lovely fragrance.
  47. Protects lips from getting drier


    This salve works well on the lips at night or if you are going out into windy weather or want your lips to stay moisturised for a few hours. This is because it leaves a sort of 'film' of moisture on the lips, much like vaseline. So it works well as a protective layer of moisture on the lips, but doesn't deeply moisturise lips if they are really dry or cracked. It will stop them from getting any dr...
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  48. It's fine but I prefer other lip balms


    So I wouldn't recommend
  49. Lovely


    This is the best lip balm I’ve tried and I’ve tried a few. I get very dry lips and use this a few times a day and it’s fabulous. Very hydrating, nice texture and smell too.
  50. Love Love Love


    LOVE. Tin is cute, colour great, nice smell. I put it on before bed and my lips are soft and lovely in the morning. I get terribly dry lips, this product is an absolute lifesaver in winter.
  51. Great


    I have used this every night before bed for two years and I wake up with soft/smooth lips every morning. If I am particularly dry on my face or elbows (or anywhere, really) I will put some of this on that area. When I wake up the salve is gone and the area is no longer dry/flaking. Perfect in the winter. This product looks good alone or over a lip color as a gloss/moisturizer. Its the most perfect...
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  52. Lovely lip balm


    Great lip balm- it hydrates my lips and the formula is great. I really like the packaging and the price is great. Would recommend
  53. Handbag staple


    I carry this with my everywhere. It's the perfect lip balm, plus sometimes I use it under my liquid lipsticks to give the colour more life/longevity.

    In a tight spot, I also use it to tame my frizzy hair, nourish cuticles, add a little touch of glow to my cheekbones and/or eyelids, and I haven't needed to use it on a rash or burn yet, but I love that this is such a versatile product! ...
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  54. Amazing!


    Love this lip balm - adds a wonderful pop of colour to lips without being too over-powering. Very moisturising and lasts a long time - would definitely recommend!


    i use this daily for everything dry especially my lips smells amazing and does the job so welll.
  56. Once the product wears off, my lips feel more dry


    I was so excited to try this as I remember reading ages ago in some magazines that celebrities like Liv Tyler love this stuff but once I finally tried it, my lips didn’t feel moisturised or hydrated at all. It is a bit like scented Vaseline in that it might provide a temporary barrier on the lips but doesn’t really moisturise them, in fact after a couple of hours my lips felt more dry after using ...
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  57. Great


    Really like this lippie, keeps my lips feeling hydrated so much longer then cheaper balms. And the smell is beautiful
  58. A classic lip care item for your handbag


    I bought this because of the beautiful, nostalgic packaging. It reminds me of something my grandmother would have used 'back in her day'. Has a beautiful smell and works well. It's basically just Vaseline fragranced with roses, but there is something about this product that brings a smile to my face every time I use it.
  59. Best Lip Balm Ever!


    Hands down the best Balm I have ever used. It smells amazing and provides such good hydration for the lips.
  60. Not that great


    It didn't live up to the hype for me. It smelt great and was slightly moisturising, but wasn't enough for my ridiculously chapped lips. My natural lip colour is also darker, so the rose tint was non-existent for me.
  61. Beautiful lip gloss


    Perfect amount of hydration for my lips and smells lovely! Cute tin and easy to apply. Will be my go to from now on!
  62. So good!


    Great lip balm. Just wish I had discovered this before spending $100 on the By Terry rose lip balm. I personally love the rose scent. I apply this liberally before bed and wake up with soft and conditioned lips ready for any lipstick.
  63. Too much like Vaseline :(


    The fragrance was the only reason I kept this salve because I was so sad that something so delicious wasn't helping hydrate my lips. It was honestly just the same as putting a layer of vaseline on my lips - it didn't help with hydration at all.
  64. Beautiful pot and lightly moisturising


    I’ve never met a lip balm I didn’t like and this was cute pot, a nice lip balm with lovely natural pink tint. It wasn’t overly hydrating but I keep this on my desk and apply throughout the day. It’s good everyday product
  65. The best!


    This is a beautiful, easy to apply lip gloss! It has a beautiful tint, scent and feel - it leaves my lips in great condition! The tin is pretty big - will last a long time! Cant recommend more highly!
  66. Pretty good


    The tin is soooo cute! the smell is so amazing and its so nice on the lips!
  67. Smells amazing


    I would buy this product just for the smell, it's so lovely. It is also so moisturising for my dry lips and provides a subtle glossy look
  68. Like Vaseline but much better


    A great lip balm that has such an amazing smell! It’s like roses but there’s something else I can’t quite pick , it just smells so beautiful and keeps my lips moisturised
  69. SO glad I listened to the reviews!


    by far the most amazing lip balm I've had.. it actually works so well I will never be without this lip balm!
    the smell is sooo pretty and the lip balm keeps my lips really plump and moisturised all day long, definitely gotta try this one if you're after a lip balm that really works!
  70. LIves up to the hype


    I bought this lip balm after researching online for the best lip products. It certainly lives up the hype - leaves lips soft, eliminates cracking, flaking and peeling and does all this very quickly. A few drawbacks, tins can be hard to open, and I bought several of the Smith's salves thinking they would be quite colour-tinted (they look like they are), but they're not. The slightest smidge of colo...
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  71. THE BEST


    everyone should try this. hands down the best lip balm I've ever used, actually makes your lips so soft and you don't need to use anything else!!
  72. Most kissable lips!


    An iconic lip balm worth all the hype.

    Amazing formula, leaves lips feeling baby soft and mositurised. Just the right amount of gloss and a beautiful natural/healthy colour.

    The tin is a great size and handbag friendly.

    Have since repurchased a few other Smiths lip products and love them all!
  73. softest lips of my life !


    Have already recommended this product to everyone I know !
    I've tried so many lip balms and none work like this. if you have dry lips put this on before bed and you will wake up with super soft lips. I've tried the other lips balms in this range but the original is by far the best in my opinion. All of them work amazingly but the smell in this one is so comforting.
  74. Overhyped


    I purchased this for my mum after reading all the good reviews thinking this would be great for prepping lips before using lipsticks. I felt the formula was a let down it’s basically petrolatum and cotton seed oil with a drop of rose oil. Not convinced, feels cheap on the lips.
  75. Giving me kissable lips 24/7


    This lip product is amazing! I purchased it when i had a cold to remedy dry chapped lips - and it delivered above and beyond my expectations. The formula smells lovely, glides on the lips and heals and moisturizes - leaving soft, smooth, kissable lips! The tin is quite large and will last for ages! Great value for money! Very comparable to high end expensive lip products for a fraction of the pric...
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  76. Brilliant


    I have spent a small fortune over the years searching for the perfect lip balm and I finally found it! I suffer very badly from dry, cracked lips and this is the solution. I recently took it on a trip to Bali and loved that it didn’t turn to mush being carted around in my bag all day. This is the only lip balm I have found that I don’t have to reapply every 5 minutes. I would go hours before re...
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  77. Holy grail


    Smells, looks and is amazing. Everyone should own one of these!
  78. Lovely lip balm


    I love this lip balm, it is so soothing and moisturising, smells beautiful, and has a nice touch of pink tint.
  79. Welcome to Lip Heaven


    I bought this to try as part of a selection, with the Mandarin variety and the Brambleberry one.
    I figured I would almost certainly regret spending $45 on lip balms - it was hard enough to convince myself to spend $15 on one, but then once I'd decided to, I couldn't pick from those three which one I most wanted, so I was a bit cheeky and just got them all - but I had been eyeing off the Ros...
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  80. obsession


    I have been using this salve for about 6 years and it's honestly the best. It's so multi purpose and such a dreamy light rose scent. I have huge dry lips and this salve always gets me compliments as soon as I smack some on.
  81. Will Never Use Another Lip Balm Again


    Wow! So initially I added this to my cart to round out my total and claim a discount, although I had heard great things about this product I didnt expect much more than just a nice smelling lip balm. I have always suffered with chapped and cracked lips, really badly. I began only applying rosebud salve before bed with my skin care routine to savour it due to how much it cost, but now I carry it ev...
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  82. I use this for EVERYTHING


    This stuff is seriously amazing!! It works so well for dry lips, and it sounds crazy but my nose gets really dry and sore from constantly using tissues because of hayfever. I put this stuff around my nostrils and it literally solves all my problems. Also using this is a brow gel is amazing as it has a slight tint to it. Definitely recommend 10/10
  83. Wow!!


    I love love love this!! I have tried so many lip palms for my dry cracked lips and this is the only thing that really worked. It smells great and it comes in such a cute tin. Also for the price this has lasted me over a year now.
  84. Best thing I've ever have


    It smells so great and feels so soft and silky. My lips are very dry but only with one touch, it keeps my lips so moist and soften all the dry bits. I also use it on my hand cuts, it helps the cuts to heal so quickly. Also great for pimple! The best thing ever, great value. A must have!
  85. Love it!


    I discovered Smith's Rosebud Salve around 10 years ago and I haven't found anything better! It smells great with a subtle rose scent, its not sticky, and the packaging is so cute!!
  86. Best Lip Balm!

    Rosebud Salve

    I have tried countless lip products as i do have extremely dry, cracked lips and this product is the only lip balm that doesn't make them worse than they already are. It has a faint Rose oil scent but its nothing dramatic. I like to lather it on my lips before i go to bed and wake up with silky smooth lips the next day. I also like to put a tiny bit through my hair if it becomes frizzy. Although i...
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  87. Love the product but a little exxy


    Smith's Rosebud Salve is a beautiful and luxurious product. Love the smell, love the cute vintage tin but I think it's a little expensive. However it is long-lasting so I'll continue to buy it because I suffer from terribly dry and cracking lips all the time, as well as cracked knuckle skin.
  88. Best all round thing in a long time


    I bought this on an impulse for myself and my daughters to try.
    It's proving to be the best thing I've done in a long time. Our lips are soft and smooth with a slight gloss.
    My cracked and peeling farmers cuticles have turned into normal "real peoples" nails.
    I love it
    I've tossed everything else out of my bag and just carry my rosebud salve.
  89. Top overall product


    This is a fantastic product and a must in your beauty bag. Great for lips, rough hands and even to highlight cheek bones! I even used it on a sore nose after having a cold. Will be buying this again.
  90. Love it


    I absolutely love this product!
    I've been buying it for quite a few years & don't know how I managed without it.
    It's great as a lip balm my teenage daughters love it for blemishes
    I've used it on my grand daughters nappy rash
    I recommend it to everyone from the girl who makes my coffee every morning to the lady at woolies:)
  91. Great multi purpose product


    I love this product. It is great as a lip blam, keeps your lips soft with a nice subtle gloss. It has a very pleasant smell. I have been using this balm on my cuticles and rough patches on my hands and it has helped a lot. Very cute packaging too!
  92. HilaryL.0.V.E

    I love this product for three reasons: 1. The package is cute and good value for money 2. It is a fantastic all round beauty product i have used it as a lip balm (ofcourse),an eye shadow base, a cheek tint for a dewy glow, a hand cream and on occasion i have used it as an emergency hair styling cream. 3. I was recently a bit of a kluts and burnt my hand on my GHD, i applyed the salve all night ...
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  93. Kazzz

    Wow!! so cute. For lip,hand,fingers..I can use it what I need!!! Someone! please let me know what is the best way to apply it as the cheek(^o^)v
  94. Anonymous

    Such a beautiful product. I lvoe this on lips and any super dry bit like elbows and knees before a fake tan. My hands are prone to a bit of occasional eczema and I found this soo soothing and protecting. Love the packaging too. So cute and easy to have in the handbag. Can definitely see why it such a best seller!! *hearts*
  95. Anonymous

    I originally fell in love with Rosebud Salve because of the gorgeous, vintage style tin, it's just so cute. This balm is great value for money, the tin is huge and it usually last me around 6 months with daily use. I will often use this in place of lip gloss as it gives a lovely shine and is very moisturising.
  96. Anonymous

    This is my "holy grail" of lip balms. I purchased a tin over a year ago, and it's still 3/4 full. Excellent value for money. I love the texture, and the subtle scent. The tin is incredibly adorable also. Would definately purchase again!
  97. Anonymous

    I haven't found this as nourishing or as long lasting as other lip balms - maybe because it contains pertroleum? cute packaging though and smells yummy
  98. Anonymous

    Great lip balm fells good on not at all sticky. Also works wonders on sore and chapped noses and cuticles. A great staple to have in your beauty bag.
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