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Back in 2002, the founders of Smile Makers made a disappointing trip to a sex shop. Inside, all they could find were tasteless and offensive products that did not respect women’s sexual wants and needs. For the founders, it felt like real, everyday women were being ignored, and disempowered to make choices about their sex lives. This unfortunate event sparked a positive journey to create a brand that understands and respects women’s wants and needs in the bedroom. After conducting intensive research on women’s preferences and years of development, Smile Makers was finally launched in 2013.

As a brand that knows women and speaks respectfully to women, Smile Makers have made it their priority to create a positive brand experience for all women. Starting with elegant award-winning designs of their products, each vibrator has been designed to be discreet so there will not be any embarrassment when bringing them where you need it to be. Only food grade silicone that has been cryogenically polished is used, meaning these products are safe for use and are all 100% latex-free. You’ll also be glad to know they are waterproof and unbelievably quiet when in function. Now we’re talking!

Smile Makers cater to the majority of people all around the world. Avoiding the usual adult toy shops that look dodgy and are shunned by many, the brand deliberately makes their products available through regular health and beauty retail shops to create a familiar shopping experience, especially for first-time buyers. These shops are where people can browse and purchase comfortably without fear of judgement or stares. Whether you achieve pleasure from oral stimulation, external or internal stimulation, Smile Maker has your back. Discover a whole new experience towards orgasm, on your own or with a partner, that’s sure to bring a smile on your face.

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