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Skinstitut Skin-Inject MTS Derma Roller 0.25mm

4.5 of 129 reviews

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4 instalments of $15.99

Or 4 instalments of $15.99 with LEARN MORE

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The Skinstitut Skin-Inject™ Derma Roller works to rejuvenate and revitalise skin with this comfortable, easy to use at-home skin needling system.

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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Skinstitut Skin-Inject MTS Derma Roller 0.25mm

Skinstitut Skin-Inject MTS Derma Roller 0.25mm

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Skinstitut Skin-Inject MTS Derma Roller 0.25mm Reviews

4.5 of 129 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



During lockdown, I became a skincare fanatic. I read a few blog posts about skin needling and derma rollers and instantly knew I had to try it for myself. So glad I did! I use it once a week and wake up in the morning looking and feeling incredibly fresh. Although, I should mention I once did my derma-roll then applied peptides and ended up with a rash... I think that is more my fault for putting my pale sensitive skin through too much in one night! I don't put any serums on after rolling now, I think it does enough anyway!

Most Helpful Criticism


Laura W

It’s okay! Easy to use and easy to clean. I havent used it as much as I thought I would.
  1. absorb fast


    a little bit scared to use in the beginning. But get used to it fast. Help to absorb the serum
  2. Good starter


    I purchased this to get started in my derma-rolling adventure after being told it could help to fade freckles. I have not noticed this effect yet, however, do like the way it makes my skin feel. I like to pair it with hyaluronic acid or amino acids when I derma-roll at home. After use, my skin feels more plump and fresh. I clean with rubbing alcohol before storing for next use.
  3. Interesting

    Ailish Kearney

    Not the easiest to use as the instructions are clear but it would be better with a video showing how much pressure to use the product works amazing though
  4. Does the job!


    verified purchaser
    This pretty much does the job and at this depth of needle it's not painful at all, a good intro to derma rolling for me!
  5. Love


    During lockdown, I became a skincare fanatic. I read a few blog posts about skin needling and derma rollers and instantly knew I had to try it for myself. So glad I did! I use it once a week and wake up in the morning looking and feeling incredibly fresh. Although, I should mention I once did my derma-roll then applied peptides and ended up with a rash... I think that is more my fault for putting ...
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  6. Love!


    Not the most comfortable to use but I'm loving it so far! Have been using it for 3 weeks now and have seen a little bit of improvement in my uneven skin, will keep on using it.
  7. So far so good


    verified purchaser
    I’ve used my derma roller twice and so far so good. I was nervous using it the first time as my skin can be quite sensitive and I thought it might hurt. It was fine though and it felt comfortable to use. My skin tone has already started looking more even just after two goes. Looking forward to seeing more results in the next few months. I recommend trying this product.
  8. Oily skin and pigmentation


    I have struggled with breakouts, oily skin and pigmentation for years and using this roller with Hyaluronic acid and vitamin c powder has solved all my issues. The needles are small yet sharp enough to do the job without causing too much pain. The quality on this roller is the best I’ve seen.
  9. Game Changer


    verified purchaser
    I have struggled with acne and pigmentation since I was 13 (now 23) and have slowly been getting my skin under control in the last 2 years.
    The derma roller has been a game changer in my skin routine, I use it twice a week at the moment and it helps my products penetrate the skin after use. I wake up with smooth, fresh and calm looking skin. I always follow with Skinstitute Rejuvenate 15 wh...
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    After regularly attending a salon to have treatments, this perfect little roller has been a game changer in my regime. I have been rolling for around 18 months now and cannot live without it! So easy to use, keep clean and has a dramatic effect on my face. I've heard that it can be used in other areas of the body so I might give that a go. Please don't be afraid to give this ago. You will see the...
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  11. Great Product


    I was given this product as a gift and it's great to reduce scarring on my eybrows due to lasering gone wrong.
  12. Does the job,


    Does the job, doesn't hurt - pretty easy to use regularly, clearly it will take a long while to see results from microneedling but it's worth it :) My only complaint is the plastic lid falls off easily, I think one of the inside ridges that maybe broke or became loose? Uncertain. It is a bit annoying as you really want to keep the lid on to make sure nothing blunts the spikes.
  13. Helps other products absorb better


    I started using this about once a week then worked my way up to 2 or 3 times a week depending now how sensitive my skin was and what other products I was using. It has really helped other products to absorb and my face feels so soft afterwards.
  14. Dont know what it does yet but easy to use


    I have been using this since a few weeks now and i honestly dont know what it does but it indeed is easy to use and hold. Doesnt hurt my skin when i follow the instructions on the box. Tingles a bit but that is completely fine. I will continue top use and track if it does any good!
  15. Great intro to skin needling


    I noticed my skin was more plump fine lines became less apparent and pores seemed to be smaller
    It’s not painful to use
  16. Meh

    Laura W

    It’s okay! Easy to use and easy to clean. I havent used it as much as I thought I would.
  17. Glowing face


    I started using this once a week then slowly increased to twice and sometimes 3 times a week. My face always feels so soft afterwards and my products absorb so much better. Definitely recommend, just always listen to your skin when choosing how often to use it.
  18. so far so good


    this feels like a dream on my skin. i feel so luxurious using this but for the price i expected something more durable rather than plastic.
  19. scary but good


    the idea of needling your face sounds blizzard and painful. but be gentle. the head can swivel when you unlock its position, and that helps to ensure you are not pressure too hard when going over the nose area. But I like this product.

    Remember hygiene peeps! wash after use, and every few months you should be getting a fresh new one like your toothbrushes....
  20. wow!


    I was scared to use this at first, but after finally caving in my skin has never looked better. You just have to be very gentle and use this at night before putting on your serums and trust me your skin will be tighter and brighter! This has also helped lessen my scars and I'm sooo happy I tried this
  21. It’s okay


    I was excited for this product, and it’s okay! Easy to use and easy to clean. Product is a little cheap and plastic. Would prefer something more durable and better quality handle.
  22. Yes Yes Yes


    I was a little scared at first, and yes its a little painful, but you need to be gentle, and give your face time to rest in between treatments. but stick it out. over time it works wonders on fine lines when used with the retinol cream. Really great!
  23. Good for first timers


    This Derma roller is great if you're just trying out. I've found that overtime I need a slightly deeper roller however its great that you can use this one 1 - 2 a week and recover fine from it.
  24. Good


    I’ve found the dermal roller helps to brighten my skin up. My products absorb nicely afterward. I use it about once a week. Any more than that and my skin gets too sensitive, breaks out with dermatitis etc. It is a bit of a pain to clean- would be good if it came with something to disinfect each time.
  25. Great for starters


    If youre new to dermal rollers, this is the best start. Absorbs your skin care products so much better than without using it! Although cant say it did too much for my acne scars
  26. Great homecare device!


    This needling device is great for product penetration but 0.25mm isn't going to do anything for pore size, acne scarring and pigmentation. I use this roller once a fortnight between professional needling appointments, it helps hydrating products to penetrate more effectively into the skin. It's easy to use and generally quite comfortable if used correctly.
  27. Great product


    excellent product and the instructions are easy to follow. I saw a great change in my skin just one application in. The feeling afterwards is the same as a micro dermibrasion and I would recommend buying products with hyrdolauic acid to help with the comfort level. Will be doing it again next and am excited to see the results.
  28. same effort as professional needing


    Not the most comfortable to use but I'm loving it so far! Have been using it for 3 weeks now and have seen a little bit of improvement in my uneven skin, will keep on using it. Definitely recommend for those who cannot afford to go to a salon to get professional skin needling done.
  29. Good - but go careful


    I am cautiously using this to help with texture and scaring. I find that when used as instructed (i.e., with active), then my skin does look really good the next day. I use it carefully but still find that my skin in sensitised that night. As others have commented, the lack of a replaceable head is a pain.
  30. I like it


    I like this roller, it does plump up my skin after using it. I have sensitive skin so i have to be careful not to over use it otherwise I get a tingling feeling for a while. I only ever do this at night time but its good with continued use
  31. Love it!


    Really love this derma roller, really helps product to sink in!
  32. Healed my acne scars


    At first I was a bit scared of using micro needles but after learning how to do it, I couldn't be happier. I feel like it really made a huge difference in the appearance of my acne scars and overall helped my skin condition. Definitely enhanced the product absorption as well.
  33. Great product


    This was my first experience with dermal rollers and I like this product. The next day my skin was very soft and rejuvenated. I am waiting to see if it helps with skin texture and fine lines. So far I really like the results and would recommend. The only negative is that the head isn’t replaceable.
  34. Never use!!!


    These tools are so bad for the skin if used incorrectly!
    Clinics don't use this style of skin needling because of how bad it is. They are impossible to sterilize so really they would be a single use tool to prevent skin infections, so overall that's a pretty expensive at home treatment.
    Id rather pay the money and have it done professionally where they can actually go deeper (in a safe...
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  35. Wowee


    Noticeable difference in skin texture and smoothness. My first roller - doesn't hurt at all. Give it a go!
  36. Great derma roller but wish you could replace the head


    This is a great quality derma roller. Very easy to use (not painful or dull!). My partner uses it for balding. The only disadvantage of this particular derma roller is that you can't buy replacement heads, you have to buy a whole new roller every 6 months.
  37. Great when combined with actives


    I found an improvement of skin texture and reduction on some brown spots when combined with actives. I felt an improvement to skin tightness by using the derma roller alone, but when combined with actives, I feel this has improved multiple skin concerns at once. I'm actually addicted to this now and am looking into clinical skin needling given the benefits I've seen with home use.
  38. Amazing


    Derma rolling has helped my skin look a lot tighter and clearer
  39. Easy and safe


    This is great roller that helps improve the effectiveness of the serums and moisturisers.
  40. love this


    i love using this derma roller once or twice a week, I wake up with my skin looking so fresh and glowly, highly recommend
  41. Maximises product absorption


    Using 2-3 times a week, I have noticed my skin absorbing products more effectively than before. I am however yet to see any significant reduction in the appearance of acne scarring or softening of a mild frown line.
  42. Excellent at home Microneedling


    This product is excellent aswell as the entire Skinstitut range of products. The product really helps with acne scarring and has sufficiently reduced the redness associated with some of my acne scars.
  43. Smoooooooth


    I've only started to introduce this to my skincare routine at night.
    No visible results as of yet after 2 uses but keen to keep trying this out.

    I'm using the Skinstitute rejuvenate serum after the treatment to help quicken the process of healing my acne scars.

    It doesn't hurt either, it just feels tingly. But make your skin feel super smooth the next day.
  44. Helps with scars


    Very lovely way to reduce acne scarring. Very happy I managed to find something a little more inexpensive to help me with my scars!
  45. Highly Reccomend


    I love this roller and find after using it at night I wake up with smoother and brighter skin!
  46. Worth the pain!


    I have noticed such s difference in my skin complexion and absorption of my serums. My skin is smooth, brighter and glowing. I highly recommend it.
  47. Quite nice


    I have been using this product for a month and noticed that my skin absorbs product so much better. Recommend.
  48. Good roller


    I use this twice per week for around 6 months now. Definitely help my skin care products to sink into the skin better also the skin feel more radiant too.
  49. Absorbs skin products


    I haven’t used one before and eased myself into using this by using it once a week and increasing over a few weeks. I use this every second night. I noticed my skin was softer and plump and it absorbed products better than before. I also noticed it minimising a wrinkle that is beginning to show on my forehead.
  50. Helps products penetrate deeper


    This is my first derma roller and I really like it! It doesn't hurt and I feel it helps my products penetrate deeper into my skin. It has helped fade my acne marks. Pair the derma roller with good products and you will get good results. I use mine with a vitamin a serum
  51. Easy to use


    I'm not sure if I've noticed big results yet from using this but it is easy to use and doesn't leave my skin too red after using.
  52. Resurfaced my skin!


    I use this product every other night prior to applying a vitamin A serum. Over the last couple of months I've noticed a difference in the texture of my skin: the roller and serum have really helped to resurface my skin and fade post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. I would give this a 5/5 but for the packaging - it would be great if this came with a case of some kind to store the roller when not i...
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  53. Really awesome


    This broke on me :( which sucks but I love dermarollers and definitely recommend them to everyone!!
  54. Skin absorbs products better now


    Since using this derma roller, skin absorbs so much better into my skin and my skin is now softer!
  55. Skin is plump and glowing


    I was skeptical about purchasing this as I was worried that skin needling would be painful. I am so glad I did. It has left my skin plump with a nice glow and I love that it helps my serums penetrate deeper into my skin. I use it twice a week
  56. good for texture


    I thought this was expensive at first but then remembered I can use this over and over and it doesn't run out like a product does LOL.
    It helped smooth out some of my textured skin, especially around my acne scars but you need to avoid any active pimples or sores because it definitely hurts if you go over them with this!
  57. Better texture


    I have been using this roller twice a week for 2 weeks. Before bed I cleanse, roll, and apply Alpha H Hyaluronic 8 and Alpha H Multivitamin Cream. I’ve already had two people comment on how much smoother my chin area looks, which had mild old acne scarring. I’ve definitely noticed improvement in hydration when I roll before applying the serum and cream.
  58. It’s ok


    I have been using this religiously every night for more than a month with high hope that it will improve my skin texture where I can’t see much difference...
  59. Glowing


    I’ve been using this roller for six weeks, my skin is smoother and tone much more even , I have noticed my fine lines improve, replacement head would be handy as it dulls fast.
  60. Just exfoliate


    Not sure I really saw the benefits of this. Just use glycolic acid to exfoliate and I found it to be good for my skin anyway. Maybe they have different purposes, but for better skin penetration of serum, just exfoliate
  61. Love It!


    My Beauty Therapist recommended I try a derma roller for in between treatments and I have been so happy with the Skinstitut derma roller. I have been able to extend the time between visits to the Beauty Therapist and have noticed that my skin is noticeably clearer and looks smoother.
  62. Love Dermaroller


    YES!! this is awesome, love using my derma roller.
    I also get my skin done at a beauty salon and this is great for when i cant get back.
    I used maybe 1 - 2 a month as i have very sensitive skin and works super well on my acne and acne scars.
    Have just bought another one
  63. Awesome


    really improves the blood flow to my skin looks very fresh
  64. Does the job, but rarely used


    Definitely notice some difference when using this but you can't use it when your skin is breaking out, which for me is a lot of the time. Bought it almost a year ago and I can't remember the last time I used it let alone where I've put it. I'm sure it would be good for someone without acne who has the dedication to use it regularly. I'd recommend it to people who don't feel they get enough out of ...
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  65. Great face tool


    I really enjoy using this tool. I need to incorporate it more into my skin care routine as the few times I've used it I've noticed a difference, I use a Skinstitut serum with the roller which works great.
  66. Not quite sure


    I found this very painful to do and thus didnt use it as much as i would have liked and didnt see any difference! Unless you have had professional needling done before and know what to expect, id give this product a pass
  67. Great product


    I have extremely dry skin that peels regularly. I purchased this roller to help reduce the dryness by making my skin products work harder etc. I’m in my early 30s and to help with fine lines would be great also. So far I have only used it twice, starting at once a week because I was unsure what effect it would have on my skin, make it react etc. I have to say I’m impressed with the results so far!...
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  68. Best for rejuvenating and reducing acne scars!


    Ever since I started using this skincare tool I've noticed a significant improvement on my jaw line/cheek acne scars. They have faded with regular use, and HIGHLY recommend using a good serum afterwards as the needle effect gives the best opportunity for soaking skincare products deeper. I have acne prone skin and didn't find using the product to be painful only initially annoying sensation, howev...
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  69. Quality roller


    This is a quality roller that allows my serums to penetrate my skin making my skin care routine more effective.
  70. The best face to


    I use this in conjunction with getting my skin needled and my skin is so plump and glowy. I think this would be amazing for anyone! Definitely worth a try if you haven't!
  71. In love!


    My beauty therapist who is all about natural skincare had previously recommended this and I was a bit reluctant to try it out. But I saw it on sale and thought I’d give it a go, and I am so glad I did!
    It makes me sneeze like crazy with the first few rolls, I went bright red the first use and thought “oh no, what have I done?” But I awoke the next morning to the most plump, bright skin ever...
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  72. Great investment


    Heard about micro needling at home and this the best investment. Easy instructions and use. Recommend 110%
  73. Helps remove small bumps and skin texture


    This takes a bit of getting used to as the pricking/tickling sensation isn't pleasant, however I've found it's helped smooth texture and small bumps on my face which have proven hard to get rid of with other products. It's so quick and easy to use too. Just watch out what products you put on after - some will sting a bit.
  74. Love this... doesn't hurt.. **too much!


    Love love love this thing. I'd recommend watching a video tutorial before doing and make sure you clean before and after. I use isocol which you can get from the supermarket.

    A lot of people online seem to use serums immediately after this, I tend to wait an hour or so and then use either the Ordinary Matryxil or the ordinary hyaluronic. I found putting anything else on makes my skin ...
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  75. Still unsure if this makes a difference


    I like the idea of this roller but I am unsure if I’ve noticed any difference. Will keep trying
  76. Been using this for a month


    My face is so clear
  77. Great


    Was a little apprehensive to use this at first but it really helps improve skin texture and absorb products
  78. Amazing results


    I have used this product twice now and can’t believe the difference it has made to my skin. I feel like my skincare products have been so much more effective and the bumps along my jawline have disappeared. I’m excited about the long term results.
  79. Fantastic


    100% Recommend

    Being in my 30's, I wanted to invest in my skin and try some new products.
    Did some research on dermal rollers/ micro needling and the benefits, specifically on old scarring, large pores and dull skin.

    I noticed a difference the next day! My skin was softer, brighter, and firmer! I'm excited to use it again.
    Easy to use- instructions and car...
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  80. Simple and effective


    I have been using the derma roller for a couple of months now and have noticed an improvement in my skins texture and overall appearance. It is simple to use, a Great addition to my skin care routine!
  81. So far so good


    Iv used this product every second day for about a week. I really like it. I purchased this a couple of weeks after a professional dermapen treatment so it could help maintain fresh skin. And so far im impressed. The first use I thought maybe I broke out a little, but I feel like they were superficial pimples that cleared up quickly. It tingles a little after, but nothing serious, and I don't go ov...
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  82. Great skincare add on


    This is a really cool simple device to use, I try to use it twice weekly (if I remember) and I've noticed a definite increase in plumpness and firmness in my skin after using this for the last 2mths. Definitely give it a go, a great tool to use in between skincare treatments like skin needling!
  83. Jury is still out after a few weeks, don't expect miracles


    I'll be honest - I'm really not sure if this is doing anything for my skin but it's fun using it. I have sensitive skin and I have noticed is it is red and slightly irritated immediately after using. I haven't noticed any massive improvement in the quality of my skin or fine lines since I started using it several weeks ago. It may work better on less sensitive skin types. I find if my skin is irri...
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  84. Skin feels and looks better short-term


    For a couple of days after using it my skin feels and looks plump and smooth because of the inflammation that occurs. I use it every second day followed by hyaluronic acid. I haven't noticed any long-term effects from it but like the short-term effects.
  85. Yates


    Love this tool. When I can’t afford to have a professional facial this definitely gets me through. I’ve noticed a massive change in my skin since using it. I use the derma roller along with the skinstitut Rejuvenate 15!
  86. Love this.


    This is amazing. My serums absorb so much better when using this, and my skin is less oily since I started using the roller. I would recommend this to everyone!
  87. good for beginners


    I have oily and acne-prone skin. I read a lot about micro needling online as a treatment for all sorts of skin problems. This derma roller was great at absorbing whatever serum I put on afterwards. After the first time I used it during my night time skincare routine, my skin looked magically better the next morning.
  88. Immediate results


    I have oily, ageing skin (58 years old), still have breakouts. In recent years developed small lumps along jawline. Have tried a range of professional treatments, which have varied in expense and discomfort. This was the first to show an immediate, positive result. I used it with The Ordinary Niacinamide Zinc serum, before and after. Next morning, lumps were significantly smaller and some have go...
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  89. So far so good


    First time using this and was so scared! It did hurt a little and I had a bleeding prick mark on my nose but nothing unbearable. Face was mildly red for about half hour but felt tingly and tight like sunburn.. was expecting my face to feel sensitive the next day but woke up normal.. no changes yet but was only one use to will post another review later on.. loving it so far! Do wish it came with cl...
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  90. Great for a Skin Needling Starter!


    I have only just started using skin needling, and this Derma Roller has been the perfect starting point. I use this prior to applying my retinol 1.0 or avocado and rosehip oil, and I have found it has made my products work so much more effectively! I have hormonal skin, and I believe this has also incredibly helped treat any cysts that arise. I was also getting a lot of congestion under my skin ar...
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  91. Fast results!


    Wow. I was expecting to wait 6 weeks to notice signs of rejuvenation but literally the next day my skin texture was noticeably smoother, my pores were smaller and skin started to feel strong and more 'glowy'. I have dehydrated combination skin with pigmentation , used in conjunction with multi-active oil and vitamin c powder, also great for brightening pigment and complexion - instant results!! I'...
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  92. Noticable difference


    I was reccomend this product by my beautician after concerns of trying skin needling with sensitive skin and my products not working to the best of their ability.
    I apply my serum after rolling and After 1 or 2 sessions at home ive definitely noticed a difference and will buying a 2nd one.
  93. Overpriced for a sub par product


    I feel like this does help your skin absorb the products better, but apart from that there isn't really any noticeable difference in my skin. There are other derma rollers on the market with bigger sized needles, for a cheaper price. I wouldn't recommend this, because you really need to have a bigger needle size to get noticeable results.
  94. Helps products to be absorbed better


    I have been using this product for about a month so far, a couple of times a week. The reason I got it was to help with my aging skin. When I use it it only causes mild discomfort and when putting active ingredient products on afterwards (Skinstitut Rejuvinate or Even Blend Serum) I have found I can feel the tingle of the active ingredients more, therefore I think my skin must be absorbing the p...
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  95. Love it


    Love that i can use this at home. Helps my products sink into my skin and my skin always looks so good the next morning. So easy to use but makes the world of difference. Absolutely love it
  96. Believe the Hype!


    Life changing product that showed results from the onset!

    For me personally it has helped improve the general texture of my skin, made my skin plumper, significantly reduced pores, reduced broken capillaries around my nose, slightly helped with reduction of blackheads and minimised the fine lines around my eyes.

    I would recommend this product to absolutely everyone, not ...
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  97. Amazing Results


    I have used Skinstitut products before and have had professional skin needling done, however having this little gadget at home makes things so much easier! I used it for the first time last night and paired it with Skinstitut Rejuvenate 15 serum and after just one application I saw a huge improvement! My skin initially felt very sensitive due to the needling BUT I knew this would be the case. The ...
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  98. Go ahead and buy it!!


    I have already recommended this to all of my friends. It helps to absorb products into the skin and the morning after my skin always has a beautiful glow. I was unsure if it would be hard to use but it’s really easy!!
  99. Love it.


    I think this is amazing, I really noticed a difference with my skin.
  100. Not bad


    Decent dermaroller but I feel like the description should be altered. This is NOT for collagen induction therapy - a 0.25mm dermaroller will ONLY help your skincare products to absorb better into the skin - which is great. However it is a little bit pricey for something that only does just that. I would recommend purchasing 0.5mm or higher for CIT.
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