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Skinstitut Rejuvenate 15 30ml

4.4 of 109 reviews

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Skinstitut Rejuvenate 15

Skinstitut Rejuvenate 15

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4.4 of 109 reviews

83% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

good value
When I use this serum it makes my face look brighter and more even toned all over. I definitely noticed a result quickly with this compared to most serums having to wait about a month to see results, I noticed some with these after a few days. Its good value for money, you don't need very much at all

Most Helpful Criticism

Don’t see any results
I used to use this everyday for about 8 months and it didn’t really do much for me, it leaves my skin looking very oily if I wear through the day. Now I only use this after skin needling treatments
  1. good value

    When I use this serum it makes my face look brighter and more even toned all over. I definitely noticed a result quickly with this compared to most serums having to wait about a month to see results, I noticed some with these after a few days. Its good value for money, you don't need very much at all
  2. Don’t see any results

    I used to use this everyday for about 8 months and it didn’t really do much for me, it leaves my skin looking very oily if I wear through the day. Now I only use this after skin needling treatments
  3. Disappointing seeing as how well it reviews

    I was sold this product (and some other skinstitut products) when I went in for some LED light therapy. I have sensitive/dry skin which I have always looked after with good skincare routines. The beauticians even commented on how nice and glowy my skin was.
    Having now switched to using this serum which I was told would be perfect for my skin type, 3 weeks in I now have 3-4 pimples on my face which is usually clear and my skin looks dull and dry. One pimple has been there for nearly two weeks now.. My skin was great before this product I should have trusted my own tried and tested skin routine and products. I know some products can make your skin worse before making it good but I don’t see the point, my skin was good. Also I can just tell this product is no good for me. My usual products leave my skin feeling soft and hydrated. This always left my skin feeling dry and irritated (even with moisturiser over the top) so I won’t be continuing with it. Back to good old rose hip oil, and simple water based hydrating moisturisers and serums. I think for my skin type, water is key and not to many so called ‘active’ ingredients.
  4. Must have product for after skin needling

    I use this religiously after having treatments such as peels and skin needling done. Really helps facilitate repair of the skin. Keep in mind you shouldn't be mixing it with any vitamin c products.
  5. Heal faster

    I use this rejuvenate serum after my microdermabrasion and laser treatment to help my skin heals faster. I use this together with the even blend serum and they work amazing together. High recommend for those who have intense skin treatment.
  6. Maybe

    This product did make my face look tightened and it absorbs really well into the skin but I did not notice a significant improvement in my skin by using this.
  7. Lightweight hydration

    I have oily skin and this is a dream serum to hydrate and provide that glow and not that shine!
  8. Didn’t see any results

    I have combination skin type. This serum is lighted weighted and doesn’t feel heavy when applying. It also didn’t break me out or have any negative reaction. I have been using this for a while now but I didn’t see any results so far.
  9. Good

    This is a great serum I have noticed my skin is more brighter and firm after using it.
  10. Lovely product

    The rejuve serum is a great product teamed up with the moisture defence moisturizer. Hydrating and helps to even skin tone. I highly recommended this product. I have drier skin so I have noticed a big difference in my complexion because it is now hydrated
  11. Unsure

    I used this serum religiously until the bottle had finished, and did not notice a huge improvement in my skin tone or overall health of my skin. At times it left my skin feeling very dry once applied. I wouldn't buy it again.
  12. Nice feel, doesn't seem to do too much

    If you want a subtle result, this would be good. I think this product is good when used with a dermaroller (I use the Skinstitut one) but on its own it doesn't really stand out. That being said I have very dry, textured skin so I think people with more normal skin would enjoy this. Very lightweight and watery.
  13. Good

    I used this after my RF treatment. It makes my skin calm and speed up the healing process. Love it
  14. Nice serum

    I use this as part of my non-retinol pm routine, every other night. It has a nice texture that's easily absorbed. Quite strongly scented, though I don't mind this.
  15. Skin Needling aftercare

    Used as aftercare product with skin needling on my chest. Such a lovely product felt fantastic on my skin, very calming and helped speed up the healing process.
  16. Healed my skin after needling

    I was recommended to use this after skin needling and found my skin healed beautifully! I love this product!
  17. Definitely hydrating.

    This product I have started using roughly over a week now & it really dose feel hydrating. It gives a really nice cooling sensation over your face & feels soft & smooth. Wasn’t sure how often to use this product so after reading other reviewers, I will start to use this product of a night & even after face masks.
  18. Love it

    I use this product instead of the retinol cream because I was pregnant and am now breastfeeding. It does the trick at keeping my skin hydrated but also helps me with my hormonal acne breakouts. My only negative comment is that I wish it were in a bigger tube! I love this stuff!
  19. Great!

    A good serum, but I prefer using other products over this. Not a stand out for me
  20. So hydrating

    I love this serum. My skin was dry and dull but since finding this amazing product my skin has improved. I use it at night and it is so hydrating that I don't need to use any other product. I wake up with fresh, smooth skin. A little goes a long way too. Fantastic!
  21. Perfection

    I absolutely love this product. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and I use it every morning and night. Best advise I have received is pat the product into the skin not rub it in. Would love it to come in a bigger container
  22. Saves my skin after needling

    This stuff is so amazing!!! I love it after needling as it makes my skin heal super quick and soothes the pain a bit. I love how hydrated and plump it makes my skin. 10/10 product!
  23. great to use every day

    I have used this for at least a year now and love to use it after dermal rolling at home for extra absorption. I also use after cleansing most days before moisturising. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and bright.
  24. Great product

    This is my third tube. I first used it only after skin needling but I just love the way it makes my skin look and feel it has become part of my daily routine. Don’t waste your money on those expensive serums this a great find in my view.
  25. Great to use with laser aid

    This product goes hand In hand with the Skinstitut Laser Aid. I use it after Dermapen treatments followed by the laser aid. It’s the perfect post treatment combo.
  26. Great

    I have sensitive/normal skin with very rosy cheeks and after a month of using this cleanser my skin is clearer and my face is less red.
  27. Hydrating/replenishing

    I was advised to use this after a chemical peel to help my skin recover. I found it hydrating although the first few days after a peel, it can be a bit stingy. I've kept it on my routine even if I've not done a peel because I use it now as moisturizer at night. It feel refreshing and it's thick enough to last me through the night and it doesn't give me comedones. I don't use it in the morning though as it tends to cake up with my sunscreen.
  28. Great but not amazing

    I really liked this product for the price point but I have definitely used better products like retinoid. I do like it but don't think its super amazing. It makes my skin have a nice glow and nice and soft. It's a great add on into the regular routine but can go without.
  29. Good but found better skinstitut serums

    This was on but I noticed better results from other skinstitut serums. This one comes out of the tube much better than their red serum however! It’s easy to only get a small amount of this serum out at once
  30. It’s great but not phenomenal

    I’ve been using this in the morning on my soft sensitive-dry skin (retinol at night, lactic acid sparingly) and it’s definitely making a slight difference. It works well as a supplement to other products. It doesn’t negatively affect the skin so it’s worth the try.
    I really like this but compared with some of their other products it’s not phenomenal. Maybe it’s unfair to compare it to the rejuvenating mask but I can’t help it.
  31. Enjoy this product

    I really enjoy this product. I wish it came in a larger bottle although a little does go a long way. I just purchased my second bottle!
  32. Great

    I use this at night after my hydrating mist but before my firming cream. I use it on its own without a moisturiser so it can feel a bit sticky. I don’t mind though. Skinstitute has saved my skin! I’ve got sensitive skin so I find if I apply it to dry skin, it stings slightly. The hydrating mist solves this problem.
  33. Does what it says

    I have been using this product for one month now. I have not looked after my skin over the years, thus have brown spots and lines on my face. While using this product those brown marks have faded and my skin looks brighter, younger and clearer. I will keep using it and I might even use it on the backs of my hands.
  34. Great product

    This is a great product. Made my skin have that much desired “glow” factor. Shame that the container is so small but it will last ages if you only use it once a week, which is all you really need anyway
  35. Great for replenishing and healing skin after treatments

    I love this
    Like a few other people have said here, it's not going to rock your world or completely change your skin like say, a retinol or acid. However, when used over time I feel my skin gains a lovely glow to it. It's especially good after having an in-salon needling/microdermabrasion treatment as it really helps heal the skin.
    I have oily skin and use rejuvenate every morning after cleansing and before other serums and moisturiser.
  36. Amazing.

    I love this product so much, I use this daily (morning) as part of my skincare regime, it is soothing and full of goodness for your skin. I was put on to this after having skin needling done and it works so well at soothing and healing my skin so quickly!
  37. Love it !!

    Perfect after my facial peels ! Great multivitamin for my skin
  38. Nothing to rave about

    This product was ok but nothing to rave about
  39. Ok product

    This product was ok but didn’t get any outstanding results like other skinstitute products
  40. Great eye cream!

    I use this as an eye cream for underneath my eyes and onto the tops of my cheekbones where I've started seeing lines. I don't know if it's reduced my lines, but it has definitely helped me feel more confident about my eyes and slowly growing older skin! I will keep topping it up and using it.
  41. Great serum

    I have oily/combination skin which can be dehydrated at times. This serum applies smooth on the skin and keeps it feeling plump and hydrated. Only a small amount of product is needed.
  42. Didn't notice much difference

    This is a nice, thin, easy to apply serum. But I didn't notice anything amazing from it. Pros: it didn't break me out or make me dry. Cons: I didn't really see a big difference. I wouldn't repurchase, but possibly my skin doesn't need this type of product yet. I received it complimentary with some other products.
  43. The best!

    The best moisturizer for everyday wear you can get. So light and refreshing on your skin. Your skin will thank you for using this. I don’t think I could ever go without it!
  44. Nice Texture

    Really nice to apply - only need a small amount. Use straight after toner
  45. Not for me

    I was recommended this by a Skinstitut supplier so i got it on adore beauty because it was much cheaper, there was so many good reveiws that i was excited to see it in action.
    I saw nothing.
    i dont know if i was using it wrong but it just never did anything for me, it would make my face sting and go red thats all but i do have sensitive skin
  46. Skinstitut rejuvenate 15

    I’ve suffered pigmentation from pregnancy and I have found this great in fighting it. It also leaves my skin feeling firm and a little goes a long way!
  47. Amazing serum

    Amazing serum! Face is plump and hydrated!! Fine lines look softer and less noticeable! Love it
  48. Worth the wait

    I purchased this on a whim, and at first wasn’t impressed. It clogged my pores, made my foundation go all cakey! But THEN I learnt how to use it properly! I now apply straight after cleansing and before moisturising (never straight onto dry skin!) and now I love it, and will certainly repurchase – it makes my skin feel super smooth and makeup applies like a dream, and on some occasions I feel confident and glowy enough to skip the make up all together!
  49. Great Serum

    Love this serum . A little goes a long way and leave the skin feeling hydrated . Mix with vitamin c powder for even better results . I use it morning & night under my moisturiser.
  50. Amazing serum

    This serum is Devine! I’m in my early 30s and this serum has been what my skin has been craving!! Leaves it glowing and beautiful! Can’t wait to try the Derma roller with it!!!
  51. Leaves skin feeling super supple

    Really like this. Leaves skin feeling moisturized and supple without causing congestion. Moisturizing enough to sue as a moisturizer on its own as well.
  52. Great serum

    Lovely serum . Glides over skin and a little goes a long way . Skin feels hydrated . Mix with vitamin c powder for even better results .
  53. Beautiful hydrating serum

    I recently changed to this serum after not seeing much results from retinol use. This was just what my skin needed, hydrating, packed full on antioxidants, bringing my dull skin back to life. A little goes a long way, it feels super hydrating when applied and doesn’t make me break out. I have seen more results using this serum then I did with regional serum
  54. 4/5

    I use this when my skin is in need of a boost or if it’s feeling irritated or like it needs some healing. The product does what it says. I just don’t like the packaging!
  55. A little goes a long way

    I have used this product before and I find it to be a tube of liquid perfection! A little goes a long way with this product and as a result it lasts for ages. It does exactly what it says - rejuvenates the skin and brings new life to what could be called dull and lifeless skin. I paired this with the Skinstitut dermal roller and wow! What a transformation! There is a slight tingling if you have blemishes that may be a little sensitive or even cracked skin, but over night this serum works its magic and my skin looks and feels like new again! I would definitely recommend this!
  56. Best.Thing.Ever.

    This is a fantastic little daily boost! I love it! So versatile too!!
  57. Love it!!

    Makes your skin feel fresh and smooth and you only need to use a very small amount. My skin felt extremely hydrated the next morning.
  58. Light gel based cream with strong fragrance

    I was recommended Skinstitut by an online AdoreBeauty consultant for my 50 year old dry, sensitive & red skin.

    This product has a strong smell but thankfully it doesn't make my eyes water. It goes on well to the skin with a light feel and sits comfortably.

    I wouldn't recommend this for daytime use as it leaves a shiny film on my skin.
  59. Don’t be fooled by the no frills packaging

    For a long while I discounted Skinstitute products - I just didn’t bother with them (maybe because of the affiliation with that laser hair removal franchise). However, for several months now, I’ve been using this product and I’ve been very satisfied. I have recommended the gel to friends and have repurchased.
  60. Better looking and feeling skin

    This serum makes my skin look and feel better. It hydrates and calms my redness.
  61. Feels Great

    LOVE!! A little goes along way so product will definitely last, feel great i use under moisturiser at night and smooths and tightens.
  62. Great when mixed with vitamin c

    This product is great when mixed with the vitamin c powder. I alternate this and the even blend serum.
  63. Good product

    I like this product, I find it very similar to the even blend serum.
  64. Great serum

    I alternate between this and the even blend serum. It helps my skin be more radiant and I’m very pleased with it.
  65. Not the best serum

    i have very dry skin and it did not do much to hydrate it. i bought it to fight my pigmentation and have been using it continuously for over 2 weeks now, i have not seen the results but the serum feels really good on my skin and it is really light weight. i would suggest that there are far better serums for pigmentation and marks (if that is your concern) than Skinstitut.
  66. Its ok

    I have been using this for about 2 weeks in conjunction with the dermaroller and it is a good consistency and spreads well. It tingles a little when applied and it seems to work. I wouldn't say its the best serum but its pretty good so far.
  67. Does the job

    I bought this product as I wanted added hydration and to support the overall look and feel of my skin. I liked that it smells nice and absorbs easily and the price point is great for a serum. It did provide some added hydration but not what I was looking for. I have sensitive, acne prone skin and was happy that this didn’t cause any irritation or breakouts but I also don’t think it made any major improvements in my skin. Overall a nice product but not for me.
  68. It's good but not great

    After having used many other Skinstitut products I was excited to give this serum a try and hearing great things. I was told by my beauty therapist that this serum works wonders when used in conjunction with the derma roller (which I now love!).
    Unfortunately I don't love this product. The serum feels refreshing when applied to cleansed skin and aborbs well but that is about as far as I would go. I didn't notice any significant differences with my skin and considering the price I would like to see a positive difference. May work great for others but did nothing special for me.
  69. Fav serum

    I’ve purchased and used all serums by Skinstitut but this is my favourite by far. My skin was noticeably hydrated and smoother after the first use. Hydration is felt as soon as it hits your skin.
  70. Gret product

    Love this serum. I use at night time daily. Brightens your skin.
  71. Great for black heads and acne

    I loved this product i apply it to my major problem areas such as my nose and acne spots and it helped clear them very quickly. My only issue with this product is that it is such a small bottle compared to all of the other Skinstitut products which are decently sized.
  72. Okay product

    This product seemed abit drying for my skin type which is oily combination. I didn't see much of a difference and would need to use the Skinstitut hydrating mask to replenish my skin from the dry feeling.
  73. Results after first application

    I have combo skin, with minor acne scaring on one cheek, pigmentation, freckles, redness and texture.
    I use this product mixed with the Vit C powder and I'm blown away by what is happening...actual improvement in my skins overall appearance. All of the concerns listed above are slowly being buffed away while I sleep.
    I will never be without this and the Vit C powder.
  74. Love the smell

    I have used this serum in the past mixed with the skinstitut vitamin c powder after I’ve toned my face. I stopped using it for some time and I don’t know why as I love this product. Definitely a staple in my skincare routine
  75. Love it!

    This product is a amazing. I've been using this product for almost a year and my skin has never looked and felt better.
  76. Smoother face

    My face feels smoother when using this product and it allows me to use less moisturer. Moisturizer normally soaks into my dry skin quickly instead of spreading which means I use a lot of product. Using this serum helps my skin few smoother and also allows me to use half as much moisturizer
  77. Life changing product

    I had constant light pigmentation, acne scarring and an uneven skin tone. Then my dermatologist recommended me this and it has made a significant difference to my skin tone/appearance and has slowed the rapid rate of my acne I used to constantly have. I will get a couple spots per month at most now
  78. Great

    I have used this for approximately a month. I have oily / acne prone skin, which is sensitive. You only need a little bit (I find) to do your whole face. It absorbs very nicely and leaves my skin feeling smooth. I wouldn’t say I’ve noticed any change in my skin yet, but it’s only early days.
  79. Like a fruit salad for the skin!

    Absolutely love this serum as it nourishes and penetrates the skin brilliantly. My skin type is sensitive and had a lacking complexion. Since using the Rejuvenate 15 serum my complexion and skin health has improved dramatically. The serum is even delicate enough to use under the eye area. Love it!
  80. beautiful serum

    I love this serum, I wish it could be purchased in larger quantities. I mix it with Skinstitut's Vitamin C powder every morning and it gives a really nice glow. I don't think I'll ever use anything else now.
  81. amazing

    used in conjunction with the cleanser and mist its been working great!!
    helps keep my skin hydrated and feel great
  82. Nice

    This is a really nice serum which I regret ignoring at the bottom of my skin care drawer until now. It gives a nice glow and didn't break me out, which is all I ask! Nice stuff.
  83. Meh

    This is okay. I added it to my skin routine and it hasn’t really changed anything to be honest. I like the formula but in comparison to other skinstitut products, it’s not particularly special unfortunately.
  84. Perfect for Sensitive Skin

    This product helped my skin feel smooth and enhanced skin texture after roughly a week of consistent use. I have dry skin, and although I don't think it moisturised my skin, it acted as a barrier against further drying out. Feels slightly tacky after initial application but smooth later. I would recommend this product for enhancing skin appearance.
  85. 2nd purchase

    This is now my second time purchasing this item and I love it!
    I recently had some sores on my face from popping acne, after using this on them they were healed after 3 days! I wish it came in a bigger bottle though.
  86. Really light and smells great!

    I love how light this formula is, and adds that extra bit of hydration underneath the moisturizer and foundation without feeling sticky at all! Most things cause me congestion, I have combination/dry skin but this feels and smells great!
  87. It helps my sensitive skin recover from acnes

    Lately I have developed acnes in my chin area but my skin is dry elsewhere especially my cheeks.. I usually put some spot treatments on my acnes which is drying. After using this serum for a couple of weeks I can feel it helps my skin recover from acnes and the treatments faster while keeping my overall skin hydrated.
  88. Great under make up

    Love Love this product before applying my make up. Absorbs easily and non greasy.
  89. Its a winner

    I use this product almost daily, it has definitely helped improve my skin tone (its now much brighter) and keeps my skin well hydrated.
  90. Great for sensitive skin

    My skin is combination of sensitive and oily/breakout, some retinol products can be a bit much but this product is great. I use it 2-3 times a week at nights only, my skin is never tight after using it.
  91. Like your veggies for your skin

    All the good stuff - great for under moisturiser before bed.
  92. A glow up!

    I just started using this again during the day, under my moisturizer and my colleague commented how bright and healthy my skin looked! I've definitely seen an improvement over the past week in my skin. It can feel a tad sticky when first applied so wait a few minutes before applying your other skincare and makeup products.
  93. Very hydrating

    I have been using this serum in the mornings for about 6 months now. It's not too thick which is great because it keeps the skin hydrated as well. I usually don't apply serums in the mornings because they don't go well under makeup but this serum is lightweight and your makeup can be applied on fine without it going flakey. I wouldn't say it has done wonders for my skin, it certainly helps with the dryness but wouldn't say it really assists with Anti-aging.
  94. Fantastic Product

    I love the results after adding this products into my skin care routine. It has helped to improve the texture and appearance of my skin over the time I've used it. It helps to hydrate and reduce the redness of my skin making it feel very healthy.
  95. Loved this product

    I don't have to use this daily to see the results. Its very soft on the skin.
  96. A must have

    A fantastic hydrating serum that reduces my redness and does not effect my sensitive skin. I've seen amazing results in my skin texture and appearance over time.
    I use it in conjunction with retinol serum, but alternate days. Using Vitamin C powder every night mixed with my moisturiser.
    Do yourself a favour and try it, you won't be disappointed.
  97. Can’t believe it

    I use this product on a daily basis. It has definitely changed the appearance of my skin. I especially like using it after dermaroll. Great product.
  98. Miracle

    Ive been using this product for 4 months now and i have never has such consistently good skin. This product goes perfectly under makeup when paired with the moisture defence moisturiser. Couldn't recommend this product more. When you first begin using it you can really feel the active ingredients working so slowly incorporate it into your routine.
  99. Very Hydrating

    I got recommended this product after having a chemical skin peel to rejuvenate my skin. It definitely does a great job in rejuvenating my skin, making it look fresh and super hydrated! My skin has never looked better using this product. I wear it underneath my foundation and it makes it look super dewy. It has helped clear up my skin and keeps it looking plump and youthful. I like to apply it each night before sleeping.
  100. Love skinstitute products

    I use this product as a serum and I love the feel. My skin soaks up the formula and I have had no problems using it.
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