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Skinstitut Rejuvenate 15 30ml

4.4 of 198 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.58

Or 4 instalments of $8.58 with LEARN MORE

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Skinstitut Rejuvenate 15 is a medium intensity correcting serum created to assist with skin regeneration and renewal.

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GREAT - 86% recommend

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Skinstitut Rejuvenate 15

Skinstitut Rejuvenate 15

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Skinstitut Rejuvenate 15 Reviews

4.4 of 198 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Super Hydrating!


This product is amazing. Makes skin feel super hydrated, plump and soft, without leaving oily residue.

Most Helpful Criticism

Didn't work for me


I bought this serum twice but it didn't do much for me. I'm not super experienced with serums but it was a little thicker to apply (compared to serums like Asap super B complex or Asap Radiance) and I found I had to use more product. I also didn't really notice any change in my skin.
  1. Super Hydrating!


    This product is amazing. Makes skin feel super hydrated, plump and soft, without leaving oily residue.
  2. efficient, sooth


    get it as a 10ml sample. Help to calm down the skin efficiently after using the derma roller
  3. Really good


    I use this after I get my skin needling and it really helps with the healing process. I love it, it’s super hydrating and smells so lovely as well. Would highly recommend this!
  4. Best product to use after skin needling


    i had been recommended to use this after my skin needling treatment and works like a charm. It calms, hydrates and protects my skin after my treatment.
  5. Perfect Serum


    I received a deluxe sample last order. It is very suitable for oily skin, can repair the skin, and is not greasy.
  6. A cooling serum


    I got this as a sample in my last adore order and I'm impressed with the Skinstitut Rejuvenate 15 serum. I used it at night after cleansing and followed with a moisturiser. I was surprised that the serum has a thicker consistency to it, so a little does go a long way. In saying that, lost one star due to the price and small size of the tube. My skin felt nice afterwards but no noticeable differenc...
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  7. suggested by my beautician


    this is suggested by my beautician, and a little goes a long way.
  8. Super hydrating!


    I love this serum. I was recommended it before / after skin needling and it most definitely made a difference, so I kept on using it afterwards. It’s super hydrating and soaks in quickly so no sticky residue. I’ve now moved onto more active serums but this is a great one to come back to when my skin feels tight or needs a boost!
  9. Not too bad


    I like that this wasn’t drying on my skin. And it’s thicker and dried quickly so I could apply my moisturiser on top straight away
  10. Amazing serum


    This serum packs a lot of punch for such a reasonably price! I feel a slight tingle upon application, which tells me that the active ingredients are at work. It quite a watery consistency and blends in effortlessly, leaving your skin looking plump and smooth. I am so impressed with Skinstitut’s profucts, I now own 7 products from there range
  11. rejuvenate


    personally did not work for me, did not see any results. I think it was quite calming and hydrating though
  12. Staple of my regime!


    I have been using this for over a year now and it is perfectly paired with the Skinstitut dermal roller.
    To be honest, I haven't experimented with other products of a similar category as I've been content with the Rejuvenate. The combination of using the roller and this product seem to serve my skin well, especially during lock down and unable to get professionally dermal rolled. Great pack...
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  13. Love this


    I am using this together with other Skinstitute products, Gentle Cleanser, L-Lactic Cleanser & Even Blend serum, to enhance the skin treatment I am receiving for hormonal pigmentation.
    I have noticed a marked reduction in both the darkness and the size of the area affected by the pigmentation.
    These products are fantastic, and the price very reasonable.
  14. Used with derma-roller


    I find that this product works well when applying before using my derma-roller. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated with infused with moisture.
  15. Didn't work for me


    I bought this serum twice but it didn't do much for me. I'm not super experienced with serums but it was a little thicker to apply (compared to serums like Asap super B complex or Asap Radiance) and I found I had to use more product. I also didn't really notice any change in my skin.
  16. Not too bad


    I received this in sample from AB, that my first time to hear and use this product, compare it with some higher price range anti-aging products , to be honest, it’s not too bad, very reasonable price.
  17. Didn't see much of a difference


    I really wanted to love this product but I have sensitive skin and found that it stung on application and didn't seem to make much of a difference to my uneven skin tone either.
  18. would recommend for the price


    This serum is quite nice, hydrating. Would be careful if you have sensitive skin, it tends to give me a tingly sensation or even stinging and I'm not usually sensitive.
  19. Very hydrating


    I love to use this product in the morning and I always only apply a thin layer so it sits under my makeup nicely. I often have a problem with serums in the daytime when they move my makeup around too much, but I don't have that problem with this serum. It is very hydrating, smells nice, and helps my face to glow all day.
  20. Green smoothie for the skin

    Great serum

    I love this serum. I use it every morning under my moisturiser. It’s lightweight and hydrating. Also really good following needling.
  21. Great hydrating serum!


    This is a really nice hydrating serum! Smells great and feels really luxurious going on.
  22. plump


    Really nice and cooling moisturiser, helps give me fresh plump skin.
  23. Love this product


    I use this with my morning and night routine, and after dermal rolling. It's a really lovely product, leaves your skin feeling great. Only downside is that it is a thick product so it doesn't go as far as my other serums.
  24. It really does rejuvenate


    Absolutely love this, my skin is already starting to look better and it looks so much more plump. See a difference and I couldn't be happier with my purchase
  25. Face Bestie


    This serum is great! I can’t not put it on after I have cleansed my face. It really does hydrate my skin! I have quite sensitive skin and this serum is great for my skin type.
  26. Nice skin


    This is a good serum that applies nicely on my oily skin
  27. Great soothing serum


    This is a great serum after some heavy cosmasutical use or peel. Leaves your skin feeling refreshed and takes the heat out of your face.
  28. Wasn't suprised but Wasn't Disappointed


    This product was ok, it wasn't anything outstanding, and I think at most it might have brightened my skin and maybe kept some of my pimples at bay but I can't be entirely sure.
    I love the feel of the product on my skin and it was so easy to spread and get a lot out of a little amount. It felt refreshing and smelt clean and worked well with my other products like the ordinary and my alpha A m...
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  29. Nice Serum

    Jess M

    I found this to be a really nice product to use, it made my skin tone more even and worked even better when applied after derma rolling.
  30. Smooth glowing skin


    I love Skinstitut and this is one of my daily serums - I really notice more dullness and congestion in my skin when I have stopped using this in the past.
  31. Favourite Serum!


    As with my other Skinstitute products this one is hard to fault.
    I love this serum. It feels great on and you only need a small amount. I feel like I’ve had instant results from this.
    I also love using this at night time in conjunction with the Skinstitute dermal roller.
  32. Great


    This has helped with the texture of my skin and it absorbs easily
  33. Gentle but lovely!


    I usually use quite strong actives but this is so great to use after clinic treatments or when the skin is a bit impaired. I love it after needling and peels and i use it when i needle my own skin with the Skinstitut homecare roller (feels a bit peppery on the skin when used after needling). I also reach for this if my skin is on the sensitive side if i've gone too hard with my stronger actives.
  34. Nice


    A nice basic serum that seemed to help hydrate, calm and plump my skin. I use about three times a week when I am not using actives to give my skin a break.
  35. big hit of vitamins


    I wake up after using this the night before with bright, happy skin.
  36. Works as described


    I have been a long term fan of Skinstitut products however as I have gotten older I cannot use the Retinol and Even Blend w/ Vitamin C as frequently as I used to.. I introduced the Rejuvenate a month a go and it has filled in the active gap left when I cannot use the Retinol and/or Even Blend.

    My skin now has the softest texture and my pigmentation is slowly diminishing. Will purchas...
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  37. Happy so far


    Lightweight, non greasy and I use as a moisturiser on skin that can get quite oily. This product absorbs quickly and leaves no heaviness. Seems to leave skin feeling tight/firm.
  38. Leaves skin feeling glowy and nourished


    I tend to use this when my skin is feeling a bit sensitive - it feels slightly sticky but not heavy, and always wake up to soothed, glowing skin.
  39. It works!


    Prior to the purchase of Skinstitut Moisture Defence - Normal Skin & Skinstitut Rejuvenate 15, I had dry skin. My cheeks were flaky & red. I decided to purchase both products & within one use, my painful red cheeks recovered. My skin feels so soft & well moisturised. With using Skinstitut Rejuvenate 15, I could see my uneven pigmentation getting even. Definitely, my skin feels soft & there is impr...
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  40. A nice serum


    I liked this serum. It was gentle and didn't irritate my dry sensitive skin or make me break out. I did not notice any immediate results, but I will repurchase to continue to test it out.

  41. Loving it thus far!


    Purchased a month ago, loving what it's doing for my skin so far. When I put it on at night, my skin feels smooth, soft and supple the next morning. I do find if I layer it with thick creams afterwards, it does make me break out, so prefer to put it on under a lightweight moisturiser.
  42. Feels so good


    I love this product, my skin feels so good as i usually use it after I have derma rolled my face. I always apply it after at night time
  43. Has a plumping effect


    I liked the temporary plumping effect this product has but I would look for something else as it gave me a little acne on my cheek (and that usually never happens!)
  44. Great for sun spots


    Started using this and I have noticed that my sun spots have faded. It has a lovely smell and texture so would continue to use as a peptide serum.
  45. Nice consistency


    I like the consistency of this serum, it absorbs into the skin well and feels soothing. I feel quite plump in the skin the morning after using it.
  46. Amazing


    I started using this serum after my skin needling appointments so it could really soak into the skin. It feels amazing and makes my skin glow yet is mild enough as an after treatment serum.
  47. good all-round serum


    I love this serum! it is easy to apply and is hydrating aswell as improves skins glow and texture. My skin therapist also said it is gentle enough to use straight after microdermabrasion and some peels - perfect!
  48. So Smooth


    When i first started using skinstitut range the products stung my face but thats only because its actually doing something that another more expensive range wasnt. I absolutely love Rej 15, it hydrates my face really well and makes it so smooth. I sometimes just use it over my face after cleansing before going to bed an i wake up glowing. 100% will repurchase! Oh and it smells devine! My skin has ...
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  49. Great


    This has helped with my texture issues and will buy again
  50. Calming


    Has been absolutely amazing when my skin is feeling a tad angry. Beautiful texture, a little goes a long way.
  51. Feels devine


    I have only been using this product for a week, but it honestly feels so nice on your skin. Leaves it feeling smooth and plump. I love all of the Skinstitut range!
  52. Glowing Skin!


    This product has a smooth texture. Once applied to my skin, it makes my face look extremely glowy and plump! Would recommend primarily to people who have dull looking skin.
  53. Smoothness


    I use this underneath my skinstitut moisturiser and it has helped my skin's texture
  54. so soothing


    i use this after i do my skin needling and i love it as it helps soothe the skin and speed up the recovery.
  55. Skin Needling Saviour


    Purchased this as recommended by my skin therapist for use after getting my skin needled. It has made such a difference in the overall appearance of my skin and obviously impacts the healing phase after needling (for the better).
  56. Stings, but it works...


    I use this in the mornings and I use the retinol cream at night. This leaves my skin feeling nice but it does sting on application. I do still continue to use it because I like the results but I don't think it is suitable for sensitive skin. I was told the retinol would be strong and potentially sting, but it doesn't compared to this.
  57. So good


    I love this product. I use it in the mornings before moisturiser and SPF. I'm also very Impressed with the ingredients list. Feels tingly on the skin as it works. Has improved my skin over the past 3-4 weeks.
  58. Stung my skin


    I bought this product as it sounded like something that would really suit my skin and my needs. Each time I tried it, it really stung my skin and after only using it a few times I stopped completely because it was too uncomfortable. I do have very sensitive, reactive skin and get rosacea, but from the product description I thought this would be fine, but it wasn't. Personally I would never use thi...
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  59. Plump skin


    I use this product on alternating nights with the Skinstitut Retinol. The morning after using this product though my skin feels so soft and super plump. I love it.
  60. Glowy skin


    Every time I use this product, my skin feels glowy and refreshed the next morning. However, I have noticed it breaks me out if I use it too often, perhaps this is because of the active ingredients in it.
  61. Disappointed


    I bought this product as the description mentioned reducing redness and easing skin sensitivity. Being a person with reasonably sensitive skin and moderate rosacea I believed it would be appropriate but the opposite was true. I tried it for 4 days and it made the rosacea much worse, the skin tingled and stung upon application and was very hot for hours afterwards. I emailed the company seeking adv...
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  62. Really rejuvenating


    I started using this when I had micros at spa and it made me skin feel amazing and soft and I could notice a big difference in texture and pigmentation.
  63. Good product


    I only use this when I'm using retinol twice a week. I put this on first and then the retinol. Stops my skin from drying out and reacting to the retinol but I wake up with the best glow!!
    I heard it can also be good for post skin treatments
  64. amazing for sun spots


    I have seen a reduction in visible sun spots and I feel like it has stopped more sun spots coming up in my skin, Highly recommend this product
  65. Great for after facials


    I would use this after I've had facials & it works wonderfully at keeping my skin hydrated & calm


    Love this for rehydrating my skin especially after skin needing or long day in the sun
  67. Underwhelming


    I was recommended this by my skin technician when I initially started microdermabrasion treatments with promises it would help to reduce pigmentation and brighten my skin. I can't say I've noticed a difference in comparison to use of other products that claim similar results.
  68. Nice serum


    I love to use Rejuvenate 15 in the morning to help with hydration. You only need a small amount.
  69. Not a fan


    I have purchased over a dozen products with this brand. Not impressed by many tbh. It didn't do anything to my skin, I've used it for over 6 months. These products gave me break outs, I can't pin point which ones. The only thing I liked about this is the shiny affect on my face.... Good prices. I won't reccomend this brand to anyone.
  70. Super hydrating


    This is super hydrating, feels nice under moisturiser and wears well under makeup. A little goes a long way, which makes it affordable. As a bonus, the brand isn't tested on animals.
  71. amazing


    I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth this made my skin look, an honest must have!
  72. A little goes a long way

    Holly B

    I have been using this in conjunction with professional skin needling and have been seeing great results, my skin has never been smoother, and i cannot remember the last time I had a breakout. the only downside is that my skin does go a little red and tingly after use, but that goes away within a few minutes.
  73. pretty grand


    I've been using this as a recommendation from my laser hair removal clinic as I have quite a bit of acne scarring and also the laser treatments would always leave my face red, pimply and inflamed. I have to say using this after a hair removal treatment on the face works wonders. My recovery time was drastically changed.

    Also it just makes you skin feel smooth, light and breathable. I...
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  74. Great


    Awesome in conjunction with skin needling. I think my skin looks fantastic!
  75. Amazing


    I use this at night after moisturising and my skin is much clearer and brighter. Love this and will purchase again.
  76. The bomb!


    This did a lot more for my skin than I thought it would. It helped with my mild acne pigmentation and fine lines on my forehead. Once I finished my first tube I felt like it left my skin feeling "happy". On to my second!
  77. Soothing serum


    This serum is great. Nice and lightweight and refreshing on the skin. Only thing I don’t like is the packaging. A lot can come out when you squeeze it which leads to waste.
  78. One of my favs


    I am obsessed with the Rej-15 serum
    I have just gotten back onto this serum and it never fails to do its job! I used to use this religiously and forgot just how much I love it! My skin instantly feels hydrated and glowy. I get so many compliments on my skin too after using it. Just amazing.
  79. Love, love, love


    This product has assisted in rejuvenating my skin. With regular use, my complexion is improving day by day. Definitely recommend!
  80. Great!


    This product is amazing with derma needling! Leaves my skin glowing
  81. Very gentle and calming


    This is a serum I use after skin needling and it's great! Reduces the swelling and redness and calms the skin. However, I prefer to use stronger serums for daily use in between skin needling.
  82. Great results


    Started to notice results almost straight away with this serum. Only downfall is I am not a big fan of the packaging can sometimes be a bit annoying - and I find the product does not spread as far as I would like it to leading me to needing to be very heavy handed and not getting a good length of time out of the product
  83. Okay


    Yet to see any benefit from this product.
  84. I like this


    This is probably the first product from this brand that I like. I have oily, sensitive, acne prone skin but sometimes it gets this dehydrated look and this helps. It makes my skin look healthier.
  85. Soothing


    It’s very soothing, it’s great for post procedures like skin needling, it reduces the redness and heals my skin quicker.
  86. Feels lovely


    This product feels lovely to put on after cleansing, instantly takes the tightness out of clean skin and leaves the you feeling fresh. Part of my routine day and night. I find I go through this product faster than any others as it’s the smallest tube, I wish it came in a bigger size. I generally buy two at a time when I restock on products.
  87. Smooth


    This serum makes my skin feel super soft and smooth. I use it every night before I go to bed. Definitely repurchase.
  88. Love this Serum!


    I have tried many many skin care products, but Skinstitut is the one I will be sticking too! This serum seeps into the skin beautifully, only a pea size is needed so it lasts. At night I add the Skinstitut Vitamin C to it, which gives it a little boost. It has helped to fix the dry patches I had on my face.
  89. Skins best friend


    I love how this makes my skin feel. Definitely a favourite
  90. Smooth skin


    Makes my skin feel super smooth. Not sure how much it rejuvenates yet but I’ll definitely continuing using it
  91. Not seeing results


    I have only bought the product a week ago. Waiting to see results. So far no impact.
  92. I love this product


    Rejuv is such a great item in my skincare regime. I use it every morning and it just compliments all my other products so well. It does what it says, my skin looks so fresh and lovely thanks to this product. Definitely give it a go yourself, your skin will thank you.
  93. My skin loves it


    Fantastic produce. I've tried a few other serums but always come back to this. It makes a noticeable and almost immediate difference to my skin. Use it every morning with The Ordinary niacinamide and every second evening, alternating with Skinstitut retinol. My skin has never been happier.
  94. Good base product to use if skin needling/derma rolling


    I apply this product right before derma rolling and I find it to work quite fine for me in that respect.

    No dryness, no breakouts, no irritation. Absorbs just fine though it does feel a little tacky afterwards.

    Its hard to say whether this is making a difference for my skin as I only use it when I derma roll so I know that's not too helpful for anyone wanting to know it...
    Read More
  95. Excellent product!


    I wanted something a bit different from the Buffet by the Ordinary. I was recommended this product. So far I am noticing firmer skin, and feels great! Would purchase again!
  96. Does exactly that ‘rejuvenate’


    I have tried so many serums from exclusive spa brands to ordinary products but this is by far the most economical price with the most incredible results. Might feel a bit stingy for the first few uses until your skin can tolerate the active ingredients.
  97. Lovely product


    Overall I do really like this product, the smell is gorgeous and it sinks into skin quickly. I have been using it for around 2 months (not religiously though I must admit) and I can't tell a huge difference in my skin but I do think this is a great go-to everyday serum that I would purchase again.
  98. Refreshing!


    This serum is so refreshing and works wonders when paired with the even blend serum and retinol. I use this the day after using retinol and after every beach day or long hours under the sun. Assists with managing uneven tones for a brighter complexion
  99. good value


    When I use this serum it makes my face look brighter and more even toned all over. I definitely noticed a result quickly with this compared to most serums having to wait about a month to see results, I noticed some with these after a few days. Its good value for money, you don't need very much at all
  100. Don’t see any results


    I used to use this everyday for about 8 months and it didn’t really do much for me, it leaves my skin looking very oily if I wear through the day. Now I only use this after skin needling treatments
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