Skindinavia Oil Control Makeup Finish - 118ml

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Skindinavia Oil Control Makeup Finish - 118ml by Skindinavia


The Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish is an oil-controlling makeup setting spray.

Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish controls shine and absorbs oil over the face and t-zone, while preventing makeup slippage.

Formulated for oily skin types, its features and benefits are:
* Extends makeup wear for oily and combination skin types
* Fewer required


Apply your makeup.
Shake your Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish well.
Spray the mist over your face, from 20cm away.

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Reviews (7)
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AMAZING - 25-02-2018 by

I use this on very single one of my makeup clients and all they can say is there makeup does not move. it looks exactly the same 8 hours later!!
this is the best Spray you can ever purchase!
you need this

Love this - so glad i found it! - 14-11-2017 by

I find that this setting spray really does hold my make up in place. I used to use Urban Decay oil control, which I do like but this one is definately more effective. Highly recommend.

Can't live without it now! - 12-09-2017 by

I used to use Mac Fix Plus everyday but now I am converted to Skindanavia! For everyday use I use 2-3 sprays in my T zone, but when i'm wearing a full face of makeup at night time I go to town with like 10 sprays! My face will be dripping wet, but I fan it dry and it completely takes away the powdery finish and even gives me a slightly dewy finish and controls the oil. I forgot to put it on one morning and by lunchtime I was an oil slick!

New favourite setting spray - 25-09-2016 by

I love this setting spray and will continue to purchase.
Makeup stays matte for longer.

The best setting spray! - 18-05-2016 by

The best setting spray on the market. I have tried a few others, namely, the Jane Iredale spray (which smells funny), the Mac Fix Plus (which sprays full droplets onto your face, as opposed to a mist) & the Urban Decay Oil control spray (which feels uncomfortable to wear). The skindinavia setting spray is perfect; no strong scent, neutralises the 'cakey' look & provides longevity. It lasted a whole year of daily use, so great value for money.

Keeps oil at bay - 09-09-2013 by

To provide context to the review, I have quite oily skin where shine starts showing through my makeup within 30 minutes of me leaving the house. After lots of trial and error, I managed to extend my matte look to about 4-5 hours with just make up products.

I initially tried the original setting spray from Skindinavia which I applied as a setting spray after I had completed my makeup. This extended my matte look by 1-2 hours which meant usually later in the afternoon I started to look a bit greasy then by end of day at 5-6pm I was officially a grease ball and had to blot and powder. With the 'No More Shine' version of the spray, I managed to get almost a whole day of non greasiness. Later in the afternoon I could see a little bit of shine which could be easily controlled by blotting with blotting paper or even just toilet paper. I managed to do this the whole day until the evening/end of day.

The product direction says to apply before make up and after make up. I have tried both after make up and before make up but not yet both. I have found before make up seems to control the oil a little bit better than after make up.

Overall a great product for oily skin, I would recommend this.

Best product for oily skin! - 25-02-2013 by

I have very oily skin and for years and yearsI have had so much trouble finding a great product to lessen my oiliness. I have tried changing moisturizers, liquid foundations, primers to suit my very oily skin and nothing seems to work well enough to actually notice a difference until now :) The moment I purchased Skindinavia Shine No More I loved it because it made the biggest difference on how I looked throughout the day with make up on. I touch up way less throughout the day and my skin jusst looks great without all the shine from having an oily skin. I LOVE THIS! I definitely suggest anyone with oikly skin try this product. It is a bit expensive but to me it is worth it :)

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