Skindinavia Bridal Makeup Finish 118ml

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Skindinavia Bridal Makeup Finish 118ml by Skindinavia


The new Skindinavia Bridal Makeup Finish is a photo-ready makeup setting spray to keep your makeup flawless on even the most important days of your life. This setting spray extends makeup wear and controls excess shine resulting in fewer touch-ups throughout the day. Feel free to shed a happy tear, as this formula is tear and moisture resistant making sure that nothing ruins your special day. 

Features and benefits of the Skindinavia Bridal Makeup Finish:

  • Creates a luminous finish for hours
  • Fewer "touch-ups" required throughout the day
  • Extends makeup wear under high stress
  • Keeps excessive shine off makeup surface for better photography
  • Helps makeup resist heat and humidity
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • 118ml


Skindinavia Bridal Makeup Finish keeps coverage perfect, by preventing cosmetics from becoming too warm avoiding melting or sliding.

Each 118ml bottle contains over 300 sprays, which is enough for the entire bridal party, honeymoon and beyond.

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Looks pretty! Do a test - 20-06-2018 by

Amazing. Makes the highlight pop as well!
Do a test before a big event to make sure it doesn't make your foundation separate as i feel like different foundations react in different ways.

Makes my makeup last all day! - 20-06-2018 by

Highly recommend! I have combination skin, some days slightly oilier than others.

Even though I wasn’t a big fan of the scent, it made my makeup look great throughout the day, not to oily or dry looking. The spray/most is quite nice as well, not too strong.

Fantastic!! - 18-06-2018 by

I have normal to dry skin and but sweat a lot during summer so i needed a really good setting spray that would make my makeup last through the heat and sweat without drying out my skin and this worked perfectly! My makeup lasts all day without drying even now in the colder months! Definitely recommend :)

Ride or die!! - 08-06-2018 by

I could live without this setting spray, but I’d be a pain the the ass if I had to. NOTHING compares to the hold factor of this spray and how beautifully it rejuvenated the skin. I have fair, super dry skin and need my makeup to last up to twelve hours a day. Skindinavia does not disappoint.

Holds my makeup well - mascara after spraying! - 07-05-2018 by

I have combination skin and do get quite oily depending on the humidity. I received a sample of this product and was quite pleased with it. I also discovered that the very popular UD All Nighter Setting Spray is by Skindinavia and is $10 cheaper! I read somewhere that it does make your waterproof mascara run which. I use a mascara similar to the Blinc mascara (easy wash off) and it did occur to me as well. However, I negated against this by applying mascara AFTER the setting spray and its been perfect. Mascara stayed intact!

Absolute Favourite - 27-03-2018 by

I adore this setting spray, it is the best setting spray for makeup longevity that I have used. The mister on this product is very fine so it won't ruin your makeup by spraying too harshly, and makeup will last all night. I would definitely recommend this spray and have bought it multiple times- for myself and for friends.

Amazing if you want glowwy skin - 27-03-2018 by

I bought a bottle of this when I realized that my Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray was drying out my skin in the colder months. This worked beautifully for extending the longevity of my makeup and also gave my skin a wonderful glow! I love this and can't recommend it more.

Gives a dewy look - 19-03-2018 by

I haven't properly tested this product out yet, but so far it gives my skin a nice dewy look and makes my highlighter pop more.

Kept makeup on all day. - 13-03-2018 by

This is the first time I have used a spray on my face so I can't actually compare the product to any other. I thought it would make my makeup look nicer which it didn't but my understanding of what this product is supposed to do could be way off. Sprayed this on at 7.30am and makeup still looked good when I got home at 4.30pm so that was great. One thing I will say is that next time I use it I will do so before putting on my mascara as it all smudged and I had to spend the next 15 mins fixing my eyes which made me late for work Ha-Ha. I recommend this product for long lasting makeup.

A must - 21-02-2018 by

Ordered this product off perhaps an Adore newsletter I was reading & then read the reviews - I had never used a setting spray, I was not looking to buy a setting spray & previously had thought my skin would never take a setting spray (oily skin) nek minute at the check out girlfriend. It was destiny. I LOVE this product. Since then many setting sprays have somehow manifested into my life via free products, promos etc. Some of these include mecca and urban decay oil control version( UD is Skindinavia supplied by the way & more expensive). Mecca I have paid forward - no comparison & the UD oil control (by Skindinavia) just seems more 'oily' than the Bridal. Anyhooooo - you need this product in your life because it produces an air-brushed, I actually have a filter over my face right now effect & actually does set your face for the day.

HG product!! - 16-02-2018 by

I couldn't go without this product! I've been using it for years, no other setting spray compares. A full face of makeup in a hot humid climate and this stuff keeps you looking fresh. Work/gym/shopping/airplane, i still sweat underneath, but with this and estee lauder double wear liquid and powder it doesn't split, i just get a lovely glow.

NOTHING compares! - 28-11-2017 by

I absolutely love this setting spray. I use it personally and on my clients. My foundation stays perfectly in place all day. I recently went to a fair with my kids straight after I finished work so I had a full face of makeup on. It started lightly raining just enough for me to groan inside regretting having a full face on. I didn't have time to check in a mirror to see the damage but when I got home (2 hours later) I was so impressed that my face was still perfectly in place!

I don't claim it be water proof as such, as I didn't go swimming but it did stand the rain. I use it with RCMA's translucent powder and I think together they work amazingly!

Amazing setting spray! - 22-11-2017 by

Im a makeup artist and use this spray to set makeup on each of my clients face. They love the smell and the longevity of makeup this spray gives them. It works amazingly on all skin types - doesnt dry out dry skin and keeps oily skin matte. Couldnt recommend it enough, its a must, not just for brides!

Hairspray for face! - 05-11-2017 by

This product sets make up like hairspray sets your hair! It super lasting, I’ve normal skin and this can easily last 10 plus hours without touch up. The mist is fine with occasional drops. Overall a good setting spray!

The absolute best! - 17-10-2017 by

I used to swear by Urban Decay setting spray until i purchased this. WOW i am obsessed. My makeup literally does not move at all. I go to the gym, train with my makeup, sweat so much and still walk out like i walked in! i am not even kidding.

HG product - 20-08-2017 by

I have been using this product for probably about 5 years. It's the one product i will never trade brands or buy a dupe of. I have tried so many others before skindinavia and nothing compares.

I work as a nurse in a fast paced ward, also being outside in a QLD summer, everything stays put. Even after doing a nightshift i get comments in the morning that i look so fresh! Feeling like death warmed up!

I use it to dampen my beauty blender before applying my liquid foundation to help it adhere to my skin. I don't use a primer as i find this works so much better than any of the luxury brands as a primer as well. I then sprtiz my completed face as well. It isn't cheap with the amount i use, but worth every cent!

Excellent, does what it says it will - 01-07-2017 by

Keeps my makeup looking fresh. I have a toddler who touches my face all the time and this stops the makeup from being wiped off. I'd recommend it.

great product - 15-06-2017 by

wow I was sceptical when I ordered this product but it works like a dream I don't normally go to bed with makeup on but I thought I would try the product out and yes makeup was still on in the morning.

Keeps your makeup looking fresh, dewy all day - 23-10-2016 by

Absolutely love this. I wear makeup everyday and also take spin classes. I just spray a fine mist over my face after applying my makeup and it stays perfect all day. No touchups required. A must!!!

Amazing product, new HG! - 09-07-2015 by

I have been really surprised at just how good this setting spray is. Usually my makeup is slipping off or completely even completely gone by midday, especially from my chin. After using the spray my makeup remains flawless all day and well into the evening.
I admit I was a little sceptical and expected it to look good perhaps until early afternoon so this has totally blown me away.
While it is expensive I really do think it is worth the $, you only need a little bit and it really does work. Love it! Amazing product!

HG Product - 06-07-2014 by

I've always been really hesitant of using finishing sprays as I have a really oily T-zone and setting powder is out of the question for my skin.

I decided to give this a shot after reading all the reviews and I'm so glad that I did!

Applied my makeup at 6.30am for work, checked myself in the mirror at lunch and my make-up looked just like I had applied it that morning - my makeup looked flawless, and my skin looked soft and dewy - not greasy.

This has now become a staple product in my beauty tray.

love it use it everyday - 26-05-2014 by

I put a few sprays over my makeup everyday and it sets my makeup all day and night, doesn't over dry or create shine. Must have for anyone who wants their makeup to last all day.

Perfect Bridal & Everyday setting spray!!! - 05-11-2012 by

I purchased this for my wedding day and it was amazing.. Helped my makeup last all day and night! I tend to have quite oily skin and I tend to sweat a bit around my mouth/chin area so I was sceptical if it would be any good and I have been pleasantly surprised!
I have been using the setting spray every day since my wedding for my everyday makeup and it is absolutely amazing! I spray it on my face after my moisturiser then apply my foundation.. Then once I have applied the rest of my makeup I spray again (and go to town with it lol) at the end of the night I have to really scrub my makeup off... it doesn't leave your face shiny or sparkly (no glitter vampires here) if you have any doubts don't! I have the worst possible skin to test this on and it has changed my life love love love this product!!!!!!! <3

My go to for every shoot!! - 24-10-2012 by

This product if my absolute go to for any photo shoot. I work in a portrait photography studio and we use both flash photography and natural light.

I use this product on every girl that comes through our doors. It gives the skin a lovely luminosity that still looks like skin and isn't shiny. Even over full coverage matte makeup I get that nice healthy skin look after I've sprayed it on.

Makeup stays put the whole day, even under hot lights.

I use this on my own face as well... I've even been lazy and not removed my makeup at night and in the morning there are no smudges on my pillow and I could almost just walk out the door ..... it still looks good!!

I've already recommended this product to about 5 friends and even shared the URL to random people because I am so stoked with it!

I'd be soooo lost without it.

MY HOLY GRAIL! - 16-10-2012 by

Without a doubt this is a life saver! Seals my makeup like no other. I spray this after I apply my foundation and concealer then I spray it again after I apply my powder, it locks my makeup in place also it gets rid of any cakey-ness I might have from over powdering my T-zone. I don't need any touch ups during the day which is a bonus because I save makeup products. I also use this during formals and night outs it photographs beautifully and it combats any melting. Also I have not broken out one bit so I highly recommend this! Skindinavia has a wide range of setting spray choose one that suits your skin type.

; - 28-05-2012 by

I got this as I really hate sweating. On hot days my make up would gradually slide off my face. I apply my make up then spritz my face 3 times (side, middle, side) in a downwards direction using my hand to protect my fringe. I then fan my face with my face for 10 seconds to dry it off. It sometimes feels a little like you accidently sprayed yourself with hairspray but this subsides once dry. It does keep my make up and make it last longer and fresh looking. I even wear this to the gym!

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