SkinCeuticals Serum 15 AOX+ 30ml

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SkinCeuticals Serum 15 AOX+ 30ml


Designed for all but the most sensitive skin types to help restore healthy looking skin, Serum 15 neutralizes free radicals, defends against environmental damage, and helps prevent premature signs of aging.

Now formulated with AOX+ advanced antioxidant technology, this lightweight, fast-absorbing serum combines ferulic acid with 15% pure vitamin C to enhance antioxidant performance.

* AOX+ advanced antioxidant technology - combines ferulic acid with L-ascorbic acid to enhance antioxidant performance
* Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, neutralizes free radicals, defends against environmental damage, and stimulates collagen synthesis
* Using Duke-patented vitamin C technology, delivers 15% L-ascorbic acid to the skin
* Once absorbed, can't be washed or rubbed off, remaining effective for a minimum of 72 hours - an excellent addition to sunscreens
* Ideal for all but the most sensitive skin types

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Worth the investment. - 06-03-2018 by

My first time using a product from this brand. Purchased this after reading good reviews on various beauty blogs. At first application yes it does smell a little strange, but it absorbs quickly and the smell disappears. A little goes a long way and because it soaks so efficiently into my skin it doesn't interfere with other products, makeup etc. On first application I noticed my skin did look more radiant and felt less tight & dehydrated by the end of the day. After a month or so of using it I can see an obvious improvement in overall skin texture and a reduction of fine lines. I’m looking forward to trying more skinceuticals products in future, I use a lot of professional brands and I’m glad I tried this one.

Good results - 23-01-2017 by

I am 42 with dry skin and I have only used this product for 3 days and already I have noticed a difference. My skin looks fresher, more even skin tone and hydrated. I don't usually write reviews but this deserves a mention. Great product.

good. so far - 22-04-2013 by

I am probably one of the small number of men that use these products. I do so primarily because the older men in my family have endured a lot of skin trauma, primarily through neglect.

While I am yet to see any significant anti-aging effects, my skin does feel more protected and does appear healthier and more even toned.

I use a sunscreen,also, and have done everyday for thirty years

However, as stated, my goal is to keep my skin "healthy" as opposed to simply young looking

- 06-07-2008 by

After applying this Serum for 3 days, I already noticed a difference to my complexion. It felt brighter, smoother and more resilient in the face of 'the elements'. I was skeptical of the whole'serum culture', but this one (combined with Skinceuticals' Phyto+), I can proudly say, turned me completely.

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