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There’s nothing better than that sun kissed glow on your skin. When the skies turn grey, there is no reason for you to lose that golden colour. Enjoy safe self-tanning without the harmful sun rays, with this vast variety of fake tan products. Achieve a subtle natural-looking tan, or make yourself a glowing bronzed goddess, the options are endless.

Our variety of luxe tanning brands including (but are not limited to) Loving Tan, Eco Tan and Tan-Luxe will have all of your self-tan needs covered, leaving you glowing and bronzed in no time.

What are the different types of self-tanning?

When it comes to tanning products, there are a lot to choose from. You can find self-tanning products for face and body in many different forms. Depending on your formula preference, you can use self-tan lotions, gels, foam, liquids and oils.

How do you use fake tan?

Every type of fake tan product has its own unique application method. The general rule to ensure a seamless fake tan application is exfoliation. You want to ensure that your body is as smooth as possible, exfoliating any dead skin cells to create a smooth canvas for the tanning product.

How do you remove self-tan products?

Chances are you’re not going to get your fake tan 100% perfect every single time, and after a few days of wear, you’re probably going to want to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. That’s where fake-tan removal products come in. Designed to exfoliate your instant tan, you can remove product build-up and dead skin cells so your skin is a flawless base once again.


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Vita Liberata Body BlurVita Liberata Body Blur
Vita Liberata
Vita Liberata Body Blur

Looks gorgeous

I’m a very pale redhead and I usually use a fake tan but got this for when I forget. I got Latte Light and the colour is perfect on me. Gives lightly tanned glowy skin that looks gorgeous. My only criticism is that it rubbed off on my white bra, which I think is probably impossible not to on a hot day. It came off in the wash though!
Eco Tan Organic Face Tan WaterEco Tan Organic Face Tan Water
Eco Tan
Eco Tan Organic Face Tan Water

Ok, but not sure of the hype.

I was really excited to try this product as many of the reviews were really positive. I love the idea of it. It smells amazing and the product is easy to apply, however I was hoping that the tan would be visible after 1 application. I've tried a few nights in a row (and haven't used any other products on my face) and I'm finding it isn't affective as other face tanning products I have used. I'll b...
Eco Tan Organic Face Tan WaterEco Tan Organic Face Tan Water
Eco Tan
Eco Tan Organic Face Tan Water

Ultimate Face Glow

This stuff is the business! Having always been apprehensive about putting tan on my face due to breakouts and acne this amazing product put those fears at bay. The texture is literally like a toner and smells like rose petals. It has never caused my skin to break out or flare up and gives the nicest healthiest glow. Make sure not to be shy, you need a good 50c amount on your hands to use across fa...

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