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Shhh Silk Silk Pillowcase Queen Size x1

4.7 of 103 reviews


4 instalments of $23.75

Or 4 instalments of $23.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $23.75

Or 4 instalments of $23.75 with LEARN MORE

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Become a real sleeping beauty thanks to the luxurious Shh Silk Single Silk Pillowcases. Made from 100% Pure Mulberry Silk, this silk pillowcase feels like heaven on your skin, helping to banish face creases, while minimising hair breakage and frizzy hair. 

These glamorous silk pillowcases are loved by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, and Gisele Bundchen. 

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • First signs of ageing

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Shhh Silk Silk Pillowcase Queen Size

Shhh Silk Silk Pillowcase Queen Size

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Shhh Silk Silk Pillowcase Queen Size Reviews

4.7 of 103 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Lovely silk pillowcase


I have several silk pillow cases from different brands. This is my favourite and is a pretty pink colour. Like the zip closure. No pillow creases in my face in the morning and no flyaway hair. The queen size pillow case it quite a tight fit for a standard size pillow case though.

Most Helpful Criticism

Good, but not amazing

Natasha J

I bought this pillow in grey as I had done some research into how to improve frizzy hair, and many recommended a silk pillowcase. This pillowcase is lovely to sleep on, I love the grey colour, however, I have not noticed any great improvements in hair frizz, and have been using for over a month. It is easy to wash, and the zip means it stays on the pillow, and it does seem to keep my face wrinkle free, just not sure if it is having any benefit on my hair.
  1. Good, but not amazing

    Natasha J

    I bought this pillow in grey as I had done some research into how to improve frizzy hair, and many recommended a silk pillowcase. This pillowcase is lovely to sleep on, I love the grey colour, however, I have not noticed any great improvements in hair frizz, and have been using for over a month. It is easy to wash, and the zip means it stays on the pillow, and it does seem to keep my face wrinkle ...
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  2. Lovely silk pillowcase


    I have several silk pillow cases from different brands. This is my favourite and is a pretty pink colour. Like the zip closure. No pillow creases in my face in the morning and no flyaway hair. The queen size pillow case it quite a tight fit for a standard size pillow case though.
  3. Good investment


    I wake up looking like a princess (minus the pea) when I use my silk case. Even Mum made a comment haha! Messy frizzy hair, goodbye.
  4. Delicious


    verified purchaser
    Such a lux dream to sleep on. My husband's head migrates to my pillow during the night because its so cool soft and smooth.
    Defiantly reduces hair tangling, when going back to my old cotton pillowcases my hair get so knotty and breaks when brushing.
    Only looses a half star for lack of variety of colours.
  5. It's a bit meh


    I brought this because of all the supposed benefits to your hair and skin however I haven't really seen too much of a difference. Sure it feels nice against your skin, and yes my morning pillow face has marginally reduced but its nothing life changing. One thing I really do like is that the slip has a zip, I have a rather hefty pillow (side sleeper) so the case is pretty snug but I would imagine t...
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  6. I love it!


    I love my shhh pillowcase! It feels so nice to sleep on and it's been great for my sensitive skin.
  7. cannot live without this


    Honestly if you're not using one of these already - do yourself a favour and get one!! So soft and smooth against my skin. If i'm being honest, you probably don't feel super different when using one but you DEF realise the difference when you're not using one. I sleep so much better with it and can't live without one. I even have an extra one for travel so I can take it with me wherever.
  8. Good investment


    While quite expensive, the silk pillowcase is kind to my hair and absorbs less skincare product than a cotton one.
  9. Has made a positive difference to my hair


    This product has really helped my hair to stop knotting up at night (I move a lot in my sleep), however, I have not noticed any change in my skin. Bit expensive I feel but I am glad I have it to protect my fine hair!
  10. Silky hair!


    This is so nice to sleep on. I chose this because silk pillowcases are meant to be better for your hair and help with anti-aging. While I can’t comment on the anti-aging part my hair has been sooooo much smoother. The fabric is thick and very good quality.
  11. Love this pillowcase


    It is soft and smooth against my skin, comfortable and I noticed a difference in my hair in the morning.
  12. The product you didn't know you needed


    This is definitely the product I didn't know I needed. Truth be told, you don't feel a world of difference when you're using it - but when you're not using it, that's when you realise how great it is. I am a tosser and turner, so my face is constantly rubbing against the pillow - normal pillow cases are quite coarse and tug at the skin, but this silk doesn't. I've also noticed less knots and frizz...
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  13. Silk convert


    I’m a silk convert. I have a silk pillowcase, eye mask, scrunches. I no longer wake up with tangled birds nest hair and unexpectedly, I find my skin is much less dry.
  14. Like sleeping on a cloud


    This is so comfortable to sleep on, I never wake up with face wrinkles any more. I also notice less frizz with my hair when I sleep on this pillowcase than a cotton one.
  15. Dreamy


    I love my shhh silk pillowcase and wouldn't go back. It's a little touch of luxury and feels much smoother on my skin and hair. I move a lot in my sleep so sometimes I end up off the pillow and tangled up in the sheets but when I manage to remain on it, I do notice that my hair is smoother and I don't get sleep marks on my face!
  16. Less frizzy hair


    I've found my hair has been a lot smoother in the mornings after sleeping on these pillow cases. A bit expensive compared to other silk pillowcase brands but it is high quality
  17. Never going back!


    Silk pillow cases have changed my life! This one was given to me as a present and my hair has never looked shinier and skin is looking much smoother! The feel is also luxurious. Would recommend!
  18. Adore this, and does make a difference


    Only a recent user of Shhh Silk, previously have used other well known silk brands for their pillowcases, but am really liking my black marble pillow case. I use a lot of heavy creams and love a sleeping mask, and notice the fabric doesn't absorb anywhere near like the cotton ones do. It is one of those things I have been using for so long now that I forget just how great they are until I travel a...
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  19. Best pillowcase yet


    I sleep on my stomach so my face is always in contact with the pillow. Compared to regular cotton pillowcases - I don't wake up with marks on my face. I wake up with less frizzy hair, less tangles, and what seems like less damage to my hair.
    The pillowcase doesn't fall apart after washing compared to other brands that cost far more than this. It's durable, comfortable, does exactly what I ho...
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  20. a necessity!


    This has made such an improvement in my hairs health and softness! I think this is a necessity for everyone!
  21. Unsure


    Did I just waste $95? I’m not really sure what this does and it’s benefits as I haven’t witnessed any! Hopefully my skin products are staying on my face better now! Who knows
  22. My hair is now behaved


    After my last visit with my hair dresser she suggested I consider a silk pillowcase or hair wrap to sleep. Since buying this I’ve noticed my hair is less matted in the morning and not frizzy. I’ll certainly be buying a couple more of these!
  23. Love!


    I cannot get enough of these pillowcases. I absolutely love them and have a few sets now. Sleeping on anything else just feels so rough on my skin now so I have to take one of these slips with me whenever I go anywhere. Since using these my hair is less crazy in the morning, I have no weird sleeping creases on my face and my skincare hasn't rubbed off onto the pillowcase. Win, win, win!
  24. great for hair health


    this silk pillow case feels amazing and i have noticed that my hair has been a lot less frizzy since using it. Definitely recommend!
  25. Maximum comfort!


    I obsessed with these silk pillow covers, they're beyond comfortable to sleep on and make my bed look luxurious.
  26. Protect


    My hair is less damage after using this pillowcase. Nice.
  27. Life changing!


    This has changed the texture and quality of my hair by miles! I wake up with soft and smooth hair that is much less partial to breakage every time!
  28. Beautiful Sleep

    Sim T

    This pillowcase is beautiful and feels so soft to the skin. I definitely think it aids in keeping skin products on the skin, whereas with a normal pillow it tends to absorb all your products into the pillowcase. Would highly recommend, and will probably travel with this in the future!
  29. Great to sleep on, but is it worth it?


    Had been looking for a silk pillowcase for a while. Though this does feel nice, I haven't seen much difference in my skin or hair and as insignificant as it may sound the packaging is very basic, compared to other brands like Slip, the pillow case came all crinkled and not neatly folded, not sure if I got someones returned one but for $95 I was expecting better.
  30. More than just silky pillow


    Not only does it feel soft and silky, its healthier for your hair and better for your skin. I sleep almost one third of my 24 hours (like everyone else), so my pillow is important so my hair and skin are protected during this time
  31. Great for smoothing hair overnight


    This pillow has made a huge difference to how my hair looks in the morning. It's so much smoother!
  32. Tames frizz!


    Since using this silk pillowcase, I have woken up with noticeably smoother and more tamed hair which is a godsend in Queensland’s humidity. Best of all though sleep lines are now non-existent!
  33. Great for hair and skin


    If you really care about your skin, you need to change your pillowcase to this! The only downside is the price but i guess all silk pillowcases are expensive. Also, my hair needs less treatments because it doesnt get so easily tangled anymore! Now im just scared my skin/ hair is making the pillowcase dirty (instead of the other way around)
  34. Skincare lover BFF


    If you are into skincare, I highly recommend sleeping on silk pillowcase, it doesn’t absorb your skincare from your face. It prevent face creases, no more waking up with messy, knotty hair. Highly recommend :)
  35. Essential


    Once you get a silk pillowcase you won't go back. The feel so nice on your skin and are great for your skin and hair. I already have two. They make great gifts too.
  36. Made my hair feel so much healthier!


    I have used everything on my hair but this is the foolproof certified way to make your hair actually feel and hold nicer! Never go away without it
  37. Wonderful pillowcase


    This is not only helping my hair and skin, but feels sooo nice to sleep on, and looks great too! I bought one for myself and my husband was jealous so now he's got one too :) would highly recommend!
  38. It just feels so nice to sleep on


    I'm a bit SILK obsessed atm with my SILK scrunchies and pillowcase, so overall I think my hair is less frizzy and broken in general. It is an expensive pillowcase but I just love how it feels to sleep on!
  39. The Zip is a Game Changer!

    Renee (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I've previously owned 2 silk pillowcases that didn't have a zipper on them and were just the classic cuffed pillowcase style and I found that my pillow case was always sliding off. I dont know if this has happened to anyone else out there but doing your night time skincare and laying down, only for your cheek to touch your bare pillow is such a gross feeling and happened to me more than a few tim...
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  40. Love


    This pillowcase helps to protect my hair. Definitely recommend.
  41. Love how my hair and skin feel


    I no longer wake up with a pillow full of dry skin! My hair is also in the best condition of it’s life. Highly reccomend!
  42. Be careful of the off white


    This pillow case is very high quality and it’s definitely made a huge difference in my skin and hair. The only thing that has put me off buying another is that I bought the shade “off white” however I didn’t think the colour was going to be so different to my white bedding. If they release a pure white coloured pillow case I will definitely invest in buying more.
  43. So worth the price


    Such beautiful designs, so worth the money to protect your hair and prevent wrinkles!
  44. Best Silk Pillowcase in the market!


    I've had silk pillowcases before and they do not even compare to this one. This is my second purchase of a Shhh Silk Pillowcase so I could have one ready to swap when washing or travelling and it truly is amazing! You won't regret the purchase, my hair isn't messy when waking up and I just feel so much better sleeping on it compared to any other type of pillowcase. Do yourself a favour and buy you...
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  45. Not great in comparison to others I have purchased.


    It is ok, but for the price I was expecting more. The Slip silk is better.
  46. Beauty sleep :)


    Omg these are so much better than the brand slip, these pillows cases are to die for!
  47. Luxurious pillowcase (nautical colour)


    Just recently bought this silk pillowcase and I love it so far. It's super soft and feels amazing. It's been about week so not sure how it washes, wear and tear etc. however so far am I loving it. The only downside is that my face moisturiser has left some imprints on the pillowcase however I guess that is to be expected. I'm hopeful that they will come out in the wash. The only other negative is...
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  48. Lovely pillowcase


    I got the pink such a nice colour, love the zipper. The pillowcase had helped keep my hair nice
  49. Luxurious but is it worth it?


    I find it has definitely helped with avoiding hair damage and the pillowcase marks you get on your face in the morning! Apart from that, I haven’t noticed an improvement in my skin/breakouts.
  50. Great for my skin and hair


    Ever since using a silk pillowcase my night face creams are more effective and are no longer being absorbed by a cotton case when I roll over. The silk does not static/frizz my hair like a normal pillowcase. I really like the feel of it as well - it helps me fall asleep.
  51. It feels nice but is it worth it?


    I had been looking at buying a silk pillowcase for a long time as I have been researching the benefits for a while now. It feels nice but I haven't really noticed any change to the way I wake up with my face or my hair. I normally shower in the evening and let my hair air dry through the night and I am finding I am liking the way my hair dries even less with this pillow. I am going to continue ...
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  52. soft but not durable


    the quality of this pillow case is good, it's soft but I don't find it that durable
  53. Nice but still early days


    I've bought a few different silk pillow slips in the past and this is definitely one of high quality (so far) but I want to wait and see how it washes/wears. I think it's on the pricey end for this product and I'll have to use it for a little longer to see if it was worth the money.
  54. pink all the way


    One of my favourite pillow cases. It's so soft and my favourite is the pink shade, it's just feminine and pretty
  55. this makes a HUGE difference I don’t know why I didn’t believe the hype until now


    This will change your life. I can now wash my hair at night and it looks the same the next morning! No more making my hair damp and blow drying every morning to combat frizz caused by my cotton pillowcase. My skin feels more hydrated as my skincare is being fully absorbed and no more weird creases/lines on my face.
  56. Best thing for hair and skin


    Sleeping on silks make my hair easier to control and reduces sleep lines, won't sleep on anything else
  57. Does wonders for your hair


    I love this pillow case, i wake up with beautiful hair and not frizzy ! Definitely recommend
  58. So worth the money!


    The quality of this silk is definitely worth the money! Such a reasonable price for what you get! My hair has improved so much since sleeping on silk!
  59. Disappointing


    Was excited to try this after reading all the good reviews and wouldn’t normally spend so much on something like a pillow case but wanted to see if it made a difference as I was finding my ends being tangled and knotted when I woke up in the mornings and was concerned about getting continuous split ends. Though this pillow case is super soft and does feel nice to sleep on, I didn’t find any benefi...
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  60. Fewer creases on face


    Definitely helps with the annoying creases on my face that I used to get from cotton pillowcases. Not sure if it's making my hair less frizzy but I do think I actually sleep better!
  61. So soft and luxurious


    I received this as a gift for my birthday and its beautiful. Hair definitely not as wild in the morning and I don't wake up with creases all over my face like a cotton pillowcase. I love that it zips up so my pillow doesn't fall out.
    Its an investment but worth it.
  62. Finally listened to my Nana


    The silk pillowcase truly improves my skin and hair and is a joy to sleep on
  63. Loved it


    Loved this in black. Feels amazing. Easy to wash. Fits my pillow properly and the zip closure helps it to not slide off. Woke up with less dry hair and felt beautiful on my face. Happy knowing it isn't fully absorbing all my night skin care regime.
  64. I love this pillowcase!


    I have been using this for a few weeks now and I love it! So soft and comfortable on my skin and my hair feels smoother in the mornings. I love the cute tropical print too. Would definitely recommend.
  65. Worth the investment


    I'm obsessed with this pillow. It keeps my hair frizz free and is such a treat to sleep on.
  66. Undecided


    I'm on the fence about the silk pillowcase craze. I am enjoying waking up with no marks on my face and it does feel luxurious to lay on but I'm not sure if it's helping my hair, wrinkles etc. I got mine as a gift and I'm not sure if I would spend money on it but I will continue to test it.
  67. So nice


    Absolutely love this pillow case! I’m a tummy/face sleeper and would end up waking with a creasesd face from my pillow and started to worry about wrinkles.. this has helped so much and it doesn’t make me wake with a creased face and it is so silky and soft too
  68. Luxurious


    I have heard about the benefits of silk pillowcase but was skeptical until I tried it out for myself! I love how luxurious it feels and it is so cooling and relaxing. I have noticed that my hair is less tangled and frizzy when waking up since using a silk pillowcase and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested but not convinced yet.
  69. 100% worth the money


    Absolutely love this, so much I even purchased my husband one. Has helped by not matting my hair while I sleep. It's a little expensive but really worth it!
  70. Holy grail!


    These pillowcases are a good size and the zipper ensures that the case doesn't slip around during the night. I love that both sides are silk [cheaper versions are one side only] and love waking up without creases on my face or breakage in my hair. Seriously girls [and guys] - buy one. Or two. I bought 4.
  71. Well worth the investment


    Such a luxurious pillow slip. I sleep on mine every night. It is so soft and doesn't feel abrasive on my skin. It's well worth the investment (for your face and hair and a good nights sleep)
  72. A need for your hair


    I've always been a fan of using silk pillowcases. Absolutely love the tropical pattern, such a fun way to add a bit of colour and pattern to plain bed sheets.
  73. Slept like a queen


    Received my pillow case was so excited! Had massive expectations and they were exceeded! Loved the tropical design, fits my pillow perfectly and feels lovely! Easy to wash in the delicates bag. Will definitely repurchase ❤️
  74. Beautiful


    This is gorgeous and can’t wait to buy all of the shhh Silk products. Such a lovely colour too.
  75. silky smooth sleep


    I bought this pillowcase after reading all the recommendations on sleeping with silk. It really does feel amazing for sleeping and no more face creases. I will be sticking with sleeping on silk
  76. SO GOOD!!!


    This pillowcase is everything it claims to be and more! Soft, comfortable, non-sweaty, great on the face and hair. I love it!
  77. LOVE


    I have the grey and the silk is super soft and comfortable for sleeping. Definately recommend as either a gift to a friend or to yourself!
  78. A MUST HAVE (for me)


    I got the grey silk pillowcase which is great as it doesn't show marks from creams and serums (if you are a skincare junkie like me). My hair feels soft and never tangles when I use it. The silk feels so good on your skin, cooling, luxurious and has helped my sensitive skin absorb serums. I now wake up without creases on my face. I use the Shhh Silk pillowcase in combination with the eye mask and ...
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  79. It works !


    The silk feels so luxurious on your skin and doesn’t absorb your expensive moisturiser! I was a bit sceptical about your hair being tangle free when you wake up! I was surprised it actually worked and your hair feels silky smooth!
  80. Amazing


    So this is my second, silk pillow case. But this one is amazing. I rate 10/10 as it has a zip(I find these slip around in ur sleep and with a zip ur pillow doesn’t slip out. The colours are great. If you have never tried you need to, frizzy hair must. You don’t wanna get outta bed also hehe.
    So everyone need one of these ASAP
  81. wow


    this is such good quality material. leaves my hair tangle free in the morning, doesnt absorb my skin care, easily washable and the colour pink i chose is such a lovely tone.
  82. Amazing!


    Wow these pillowcases are so luxurious, you definitely won't go regret it.
    I love how they don't absorb my night facial creams and serums.
    And my hair...wow! I have oily hair and with my old pillowcases I found myself having to change them so frequently to stop my hair from getting greasy. Now I find that my hair is going longer in between washes and looks awesome in the morning as w...
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  83. Amazing


    Wow! I did not believe that a silk pillowcase could do so much - for your hair, skin, sleep, etc. I did not believe all the hype especially for the price, but after speaking to my beautician, hairdresser and friends, I purchased one, the best money i have ever spent on beauty products.
  84. luxurious


    I love this pillowcase! I purchased the pink pillowcase and even though it is quite expensive I have no regrets. It feels beautiful and smooth to touch and feel my hair glide easily across. I like to sleep on my side so the material helps prevents wrinkles on my skin when I toss and turn (it doesn't pull on my skin). I recommend really reading maintenance instructions and taking extra precaution...
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    After giving birth to my daughter 6 months ago my already fine hair started falling out, I’m talking constant shedding to the point I’m now left with not much at all and I’m in the process of trying to find a solution. My hairdresser recommended a silk pillowcase as a way to keep it tangle free and stop breakage while I sleep. After reading tons of positive reviews on the shhh silk pillowcases I d...
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  86. can't go back


    After using these pillows, it becomes an addiction and you can't go back. So soft and smooth, it's so nice and comfortable. Highly recommend
  87. Luxury for your skin and hair


    Since the day I started using this, I haven't looked back. I love the way it doesn't seem to rub my night cream off while I sleep. I have very short hair and often have a terrible birds nest of hair in the morning and have to wet it and re-blow dry. Since using this pillowcase, my hair has not needed as much attention in the morning and only need a quick restyle. A part from the benefits to sk...
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    This pillow case is AMAZING!! I used to wake up every morning with THE WORST frizzy bed head you could imagine but not anymore. Since using this pillow case I barely have to do anything to my hair of a morning, i just apply my serum, run my fingers through it and I'm done!! It definitely helps my hair retain moisture and decreases friction while sleeping. Can't recommend this product highly enough...
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  89. Love this


    Not only does this help with preventing damage to your skin and hair, I also found I sleep better with silk pillowcases! Possibly because it's soft and luxurious. The only qualm I had with this was fit - it's a little bit loose but may just be the one I own
  90. Luxurious


    I was initially drawn to silk pillowcases based on their hygienic and cosmetic benefits (better for skin & hair!). However, after receiving my pillowcase, the aesthetics of the pillowcase has tempted me to order even more! I absolutely love it. My boyfriend and I fight for the pillow with this pillowcase at night so I will have to order another...

    The grey colour is so beautiful and ...
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  91. Actually amazing!


    I can’t believe I didn’t buy one sooner! I have fine, somewhat damaged hair, typically I would wake up with the sides all frizzy, but ever since sleeping on this beautiful case I have actually barely had a hair out of place. No more face crinkles either! My sister has also since purchased one and I will definitely recommend one to anyone whom is trying to keep their skin and hair healthy!
  92. Luxury feeling


    Beautiful pillow slip. So good I had to order a second one
  93. Beautiful pillowcase


    I love this product, beautiful and soft. The zip closure is a nice touch
  94. Great gift


    Got these recently as a gift for someone, in the pink shade and I'm so tempted to get some for myself! They're so soft and silky and luxurious! Would make great house warming gifts
  95. Where have you been all my life?

    Shopping is my hobby

    I have frizzy curly hair, my hairdresser recommended I use a silk pillowcase, to help to retain my blow dry for a longer amount of time, and after using this pillow, it works! It feels very soft, and has left me with less frizzier hair, and no creases. I like the zip closure, and I feel like a Queen using it every night. Worth the money.
  96. Worth it!


    I finally bought one after hearing about them for years - and everything I heard was true! I wake up each morning with smooth skin, free from pillowcase wrinkles and silky hair that doesn't break or frizz during the night. I love it so much, I'm buying another for my husband!

  97. Wonderful


    Love that it is big enough for large pillows.
    Wonderful to sleep on, great quality and washes well.
    Hair seems to be less frizzy in the morning.
  98. Best pillow case!


    This pillow case is wonderful! Very pricey but definitely worth it. So soft and smooth and it keeps my hair lovely throughout the night.

    Would definitely recommend!
  99. Lovely but expensive


    I love these pillowcases and they are super modern and soft. Definitely a quality silk but still, fairly expensive for a silk pillowcase. I have some other branded ones that are way cheaper but I have to say this is the softest.
  100. This pillowcase has saved my hair

    Rebecca (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I have very fine, coloured hair that breaks easily and was a nightmare to brush in the mornings. Since I’ve swapped to this pillowcase, my hair is so much easier to brush and way less frizzy. I feel like it really is saving my hair and helping it stay strong and smooth. I can’t go back to cotton pillowcases anymore, I can practically hear them tearing out my hair!
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