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Shhh Silk Eye Mask

4.5 of 28 reviews


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4 instalments of $13.75


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Uninterrupted sleep has never been so easy, thanks to the luxurious Shhh Silk Eye Masks. Made from 100% Pure Mulberry Silk, these masks help block out even the brightest light to ensure you can sleep anywhere, anytime. This eye mask will become your new favourite travel buddy, super comfortable to wear on long haul flights, or just to indulge yourself in a sleep-in on lazy Sunday morning. 

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GREAT - 82% recommend

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4.5 of 28 reviews

82% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Super Soft


This eye mask is super soft and comfortable. Great for traveling.

Most Helpful Criticism



while the mask itself is great all and doesn't irritated me while i sleep i think he price is a bit steep..
  1. comfy


    I have the pink and it's a lovely colour. I always hate sleeping on flights and this eye mask helps, it's soft and comfortable

  2. Super Soft


    This eye mask is super soft and comfortable. Great for traveling.
  3. Great


    I love an eye mask and this one works great! Super soft on the eye. A little bit pricey but it does the job for a good nights sleep!
  4. average


    while the mask itself is great all and doesn't irritated me while i sleep i think he price is a bit steep..
  5. Great eyemask


    Lovely material, I like that the mask itself is oversized. What I don't like is how tight the elastic is, I have a smaller head and find it quite tight so if you have a larger head I wouldn't recommend it
  6. great travel product


    I have the pink and it's a lovely colour. I always hate sleeping on flights and this eye mask helps, it's soft and comfortable
  7. LOVE this mask!


    Obsessed with anything silk and this mask does not disappoint! I’ve tried lots of cotton sleep masks and other silk ones but this is by far the softest and most luxurious!!! Will definitely be buying more for friends!
  8. Unsure


    I like wearing silk eye masks to bed and this one was pricier than my normal purchases so I had high hopes. Although it feels nice on, I don't think it washes well (even though I wash delicately) and I'm not sure that I would repurchase.
  9. Not good if you have a small head


    I really wanted to give this 5 stars - it's luxurious, super silky and a real treat for your eyes - HOWEVER, if like me you have a small head you'll be disappointed. The band is loose and very generous in size. There's no option to adjust it so it constantly slips down. Such a pity as it's a lovely mask.
  10. 8/10


    These are soo soft and block light really well. Holds up well in comparison to the slip silk ones.
  11. Seriously amazing


    Sooo soft and also a bit padded, like a perfect pillow for your eyes
  12. so soft


    This eye mask feels so soft and is a really great travel must have!
  13. Love it


    This is so great! I used this when I had lash extensions to stop them breaking while sleeping! Very silky and soft on the eye
  14. Better than the rest


    Have previously used sleep masks and they always came off, felt too firm or dug in somewhere. I was excited to give this a try in hopes it would be better.
    It’s so lovely being oversized it doesn’t dig in and allows no light to creep in. I usually toss and turn all night but this is a game changer! Won’t be sleeping with out it x definitely recommend to anyone who travels or just wants a good night sleep!
  15. Great for travel


    If you travel a lot then this I reckon is a must have. I always have trouble sleeping on planes and this helps me relax! The silk is super soft.
  16. A MUST HAVE (for me)


    I joke that I am a high maintenance sleeper because I need ear plugs and an eye mask but ever since the first night I wore the Shhh Silk eye mask I won't ever look back. I got the grey eye mask which is great if you don't manage to get all your mascara off as it doesn't stain like I imagine a lighter colour would. My eyes are never puffy in the morning now and I can imagine it would provide benefits in the long term as the skin around the eyes is so delicate. I also got the grey pillowcase and the combination of the two has changed my skin, hair and sleep game. I recommend this to anyone, especially high maintenance sleepers.
  17. impressed


    this matched with the pillow case and you are defiantly feeling like a princess, so luxurious and really helps keep the light out. doesnt tangle hair
  18. So soft!


    I love this eye mask for every day use but especially when i travel. Eye masks usually annoy me as the material is scratchy/digs in but as this one is made of silk its soft on delicate skin.
  19. Luxurious


    If you’re willing to pay the price it’s silky, luxurious and comfortable
  20. Silky soft


    I love this eye mask. It's super soft and fits well without being too tight or squashing your eyes. I sleep with it on every night and it blocks the early morning light wonderfully. Can't really comment on it's anti-aging properties but it feels luxurious to wear and I do believe it is benefiting my skin.
  21. Black Marble


    Beautifully soft, fits well without pressuring eyes or back of head. Not a fan of the black marble design as it looks somewhat pixellated. Expensive however similar masks are in this price range and the benefit of a good nights sleep using a non-irritating mask is worth it.
  22. Its too big!


    This is a great mask, soft silky & a good size covering your eyes. The elastic band is too big though & from the first night I wore it I was super dissapointed that it comes off several times throughout the night.
    Im a tall person with a normal size head & Im a heavy sleeper.
    Not impressed that they can charge so much & that its such big sizing or they dont offer a size range. I understand why you wouldnt want it too tight but whats the point if it comes off?
  23. Expensive but great quality


    A lovely eye mask that makes a wonderful gift or treat for yourself. It is expensive but its great quality.

    Would recommend
  24. Amazing


    This is so soft and soothing on my face!!! I love the pink colour and now I can't sleep without it!
  25. Beauty sleep!


    I received both the ssh pillowcase and this eye mask from a friend last Christmas and i am in love! While I have used silk pillow cases for many years, I have never been fussed on the idea of the mask because in the past I have found them uncomfortable and suffocating. Not this one! It is sooooo soft that you barely feel it on your skin. It sits gently across your eyes, doesn't leave you with crinkled bent eyelashes in the morning and is a general delight to use. I now never travel without mine. The one thing to note though is colour choice - I was given a pink one but in the future I'll purchase a darker colour for myself because I have a few marks I can't seem to wash out from eye makeup that I didn't remove properly.
  26. Adore Beauty Staff


    I did a big trip recently and I can’t believe I spent all those months on planes and trains and buses without this eye mask! I wear my silk mask with my matching pillowcase every night - so luxe and so comfy! Its one of those products you didnt know you needed until you try it... I’m converted!
  27. The Perfect Sleep

    Shanthi (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I started using the Shhh Silk Eye Mask on my trip to Europe. It was a godsend! From traveling on planes and trains to sleeping in hotels at random times of the day to adjust to the time difference, this eye mask proved a valuable little asset and a must-have for the perfect sleep. The silk fabric is so gentle which means no matter how much you toss and turn at night, the skin around your eyes will be protected. I now use this every night along with my pillow mist and essential oil diffuser for the ultimate in relaxation. Treat yourself!
  28. I'm converted

    Alexina (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Before I used the Shhh Silk Eye Mask the only ones I had tried were rubbish airline freebies, so I really didn't know what the benefits of a decent silk mask could be!

    The Shhh Silk masks are quite thick and padded, but not heavy so they don't make you feel suffocated. They do block out all the light but my favourite thing is how cool they stay, which feels really nice on tired eyes.

    I'm definitely a new convert to eye masks, and this one will be coming with me whenever I'm travelling too.
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