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SALT BY HENDRIX Mermaid Facial Oil 30ml 30ml

4.2 of 131 reviews


4 instalments of $11.24

Or 4 instalments of $11.24 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $11.24

Or 4 instalments of $11.24 with LEARN MORE

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Glow like the babes in the sea with the SALT BY HENDRIX Mermaid Facial Oil. This highly moisturising formula is rich in Omega’s 6 and 9 to help support skin health, lock in moisture and stimulate cell regeneration, while Vitamins A and E fight free radical damage, preventing and reducing premature ageing. Despite its indulgent formula, this superfood facial oil is feather light and easily absorbs into skin, leaving no oily residue behind.

  • Australian Made

What customers say

GREAT - 81% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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SALT BY HENDRIX Mermaid Facial Oil 30ml Reviews

4.2 of 131 reviews

81% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Not bad, but not great


Not completely sold on this one. It’s passable but certainly not as impactful as some of the other reviews lead me to believe! Worth a try, but probably wouldn’t purchase again. Just didn’t seem to tick the box for my skin...

Most Helpful Criticism

100% Jojoba oil is better


Got this as a free gift and I think the name & packaging is what sells this product the most. Have been using on my decolletage since I got it to not let it go to waste!
  1. Not bad, but not great


    Not completely sold on this one. It’s passable but certainly not as impactful as some of the other reviews lead me to believe! Worth a try, but probably wouldn’t purchase again. Just didn’t seem to tick the box for my skin...
  2. smelly


    I just could not stand the smell of this. The packaging is nice and the oil did hydrate my skin and lock in the moisture, but I could not use this for long periods of time.
  3. Skincare essentials


    verified purchaser
    I absolutely love this product. I’ve always had super sensitive skin and this oil just worked perfectly on my face! I had no reactions from it what so ever. It’s part of my daily night time routine. I have paired this up with the quartz face roller. Skin feels super soft in the morning. Have purchased this product three times already!
  4. Love this product


    Makes my skin look glowy, I always get compliments when ever I use this oil. My skin feels so soft and plump after I’ve used this. It leaves a nice shine without being overly oily, a small amount goes a long way so great value for money.
  5. Average


    I was drawn in by the name and colour, but found it to be underwhelming overall. It's a thick oil, so hydrating but I didn't notice much/if any difference using.
  6. Great smell


    I’ve purchased this facial oil with the rose quartz face roller and is good combo. Great smell and my skin is soo smooth.
  7. My skin loved it


    verified purchaser
    This oil really agreed with my skin. I loved the herbal smell and found that it dissipated quickly, bearing no real impact on my experience. The oil sunk in quickly, calmed irritation and never misbehaved or interacted strangely with other products I used. I have repurchased and will do so again.
  8. Good cold weather oil


    Quite a heavy oil with a strong but lovely smell. Only need a little each time, and I only use it at night when my skin feels particularly dry. The packaging looks great on the shelf.
  9. amazing to clear skin


    Love the packaging and hydrates the skin. I have dry acne-prone skin and stops flakiness and doesn't clog the pores
  10. Good benefits bad consistency


    verified purchaser
    This product is an odd consistency which is hard to describe, it’s not sticky but thick oil and a little difficult to spread. However, it makes your skin feel amazing the next day.

    Not for every day use but a good treatment
  11. Creative


    A nice which would pair well with other SALT products for a nice present for a friend
  12. not overly impressed


    Got this product as a sample, it looked super cute in a green little dropper bottle with a cute name.. smelt alright.
    I applied it over a few days (I actually tried several times to like it) and it did not absorb, it just kind of sat on my face, all day.
    It made my face look shiny as, felt really quite gross and I even scored a few pimples from it.
    I won't be purchasing it, wa...
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  13. In love!


    At first I wasn’t so sure about this oil, because the smell is... interesting. But after one use my skin was so soft! And now I love the scent. It goes on nicely under makeup and doesn’t make my skin too oily. I’d definitely recommend to everyone.
  14. Smells so good


    I love this, and it doesn't have that weird smell that some oils have
  15. Part of my nightly routine


    I use this oil as the last step in my nighttime routine. It feels nourishing and hydrating which is great for my dry skin! The smell is pleasant too.


    wow this is so good!!! works super well on dry skin, probably not the best for oily skin as it is an oil, but it feels super luxurious and smells divine. keeps my skin super hydrated
  17. Surprised


    Had an allergic reaction my face is till recovering & very oily.
    For me it wasn’t as described at all.
    I’ll never try anything new again.
  18. Not amazing for oily skin, but good for curly hair


    Got this as a sample. It really made my skin break out, which is maybe because I have very oily combination skin. But because it smelled salty I put in my baby hair and it gave them a lovely spring. I know that's not what it's for but it is great for that.
  19. Super nourishing


    I love this product it really sinks into your skin so fast and really helped my flaky dehydrated skin quick! And the scent is so heavenly
  20. Oil Obsessed


    I just love all the SALT by HENDRIX products I have tried. I am obsessed with face oils & this has to be the best. Have used high end face oils - but this hands down beats them all. So light yet my skin instantly responds - and the fragrance is pure joy!
  21. Yuck


    Smells so gross, immediately washed it off my face. Smell cheap, wouldn’t trust my skin not reacting to it
  22. Got this as a gift, not sure i would buy


    Its ok but I find it doesn't have strong results.
  23. So silky smooth!


    I use this with my rose quartz face roller I keep In my beauty fridge and I love applying it I feel so fancy and my skin soaks up the oil before I apply a face cream. Also it doesn’t leave you feeling oily.
  24. Holy Grail! This product changed my life!!


    I am totally converted after getting a free sample of this in a previous order. Mermaid Oil is light enough that I can use it every morning and evening but is SO hydrating! My once flaky, dry, always irritated skin is now hydrated and nourished! I cannot believe how much I love this product
  25. Luxurious


    I really like applying this before my moisturiser a few times a week. It soaks into the skin nicely and feels silky but not oily. I think it will be especially great during winter.
  26. Nice on


    My skin feels really refreshed when I apply this and pop a nice, hydrating moisturiser over the top. I
  27. Not as bad as I thought


    I’m not sure I’d use it everyday as it is an oil and I have aging combination skin. I use it only every so often (maybe once or twice a week) and it is a bit heavy, but not as bad as I thought. It hasn’t broken me out either. In the morning after I wash my face, it feels great, nice and hydrated. The smell can be a bit of a turn off, but it’s not nearly as strong as some oils.
  28. Love!


    Got this as a little gift with purchase and I absolutely love it. My skin has never felt so hydrated before. I use it most mornings and nights and I find my make up goes on beautifully after using it
  29. Lightweight, great smell and fun


    I bought this about a month ago and have been using it daily since. I put it on straight out of the shower to moisturise my skin followed by my usual makeup routine. It's lightweight, smells great and fun, just look at the bottle!

    I've used so many facial oils, so much disappointment or so expensive for the ones I love. Not anymore! will definitely buy again.
  30. Love it


    I love this facial serum. It's really hydrating and sinks in well. Would recommend
  31. Lovely facial oil


    I received this as a sample and really like it. I don't find it too heavy and it sits well under makeup. It really gives me a beautiful glow and makes my skin so soft and supple the next morning. It has a distinct smell but I actually really like it, it gives me beachy vibes and smells fresh and earthy.

    I do think my 100% hemp seed oil has a better balance of Omega acids and vitamins ...
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  32. Nice face oil


    This is nice for a face oil. Absorbs quickly, no residue, haven't tried this under makeup yet as I use it at night. This has a unique smell which I like. I would definitely consider repurchasing.
  33. one of my all-time staple face oils


    My dry skin basically drinks this oil up. It does have a slight smell, which disappears once I apply it to my skin - it does take a little getting used to. Definitely leaves my skin hydrated, and glowy. Also helps cut my skincare routine by half if I'm in a bit of a rush to get out the door!
  34. I prefer 100% Rose hip


    I prefer my usual brand of oil but this has a nice blend of oils so still gets four stars from me.
  35. Did not like the smell

    Perfecting Skin

    i got it as a gift with purchase but i did not like the smell of it. also upon applying to my face it left it all greasy and oily and i have dry skin. so this is not for me.
  36. Love the bottle


    Love the bottle but hate the product. So oily and smells so gross
  37. 100% Jojoba oil is better


    Got this as a free gift and I think the name & packaging is what sells this product the most. Have been using on my decolletage since I got it to not let it go to waste!
  38. Very hydrating


    I got this as a sample it has a pleasant smell and overall nice feeling on my skin. I havent been using it long enough to say I'm getting any results
  39. Quite good


    I received this product as a free sample, which was great. Love the elegant packaging and even love the smell (others have said it’s not great, but I like the botanical smell it reassures me of the active ingredients). This product is lovely, you don’t need much and you will wake with with lovely soft skin!
  40. cheap and effective


    for years I'd been using pricier serums such a Sunday Riley Juno (which I do love) but I found this serum to work just as well and give me clearer glowing skin. my skin is sensitive and breaks out easily but I had no bad reactions to this.
  41. Stunning product


    I received this as a freebie and I love it! Absorbs really well not leaving your face greasy. Beautiful scent. Non irritating.
  42. Hydration


    Nice packing and pretty bottle. Would look nice as a gift. This oil is good for hydration, but feels very greasy and makes your face shiny. I would only use at night or if I was just at home for the day without makeup. I feel it’s too greasy for under make up. The smell is hard to describe and very strong. Overall an average product. Probably wouldn’t buy again.
  43. lifesaver


    I initially got this product as a GWP and I love it. All I need is 3 drops as a little goes a long way. My skin is left feeling moisturized and hydrated. Even though I have oily skin it has somehow managed to eliminate all oil on my skin as well which I love!!
  44. Not sure of the point?


    Don’t really get the point of this oil?! Just makes my skin look and feel super greasy..
  45. Highly recommended


    This is a really nice facial oil. It has a really pleasant smell and feels really nice on application with being heavy or greasy. I really recommend it. Also a little bit goes a long way so it lasts a long time.
  46. Mermaid Oil


    this mermaid oil is super cute! not sticky feels nice on the face! cute packaging!
  47. Great everyday oil


    I do really like this oil, although it wasn't anything amazing, i bought it to go with the rose quartz roller and have found myself opting for my normal rosehip oil instead... wouldn't purchase again
  48. cute


    smells great and super moisturizing but can feel a bit too oily
  49. Okay oil


    This oil is pretty average. I originally purchased it as it looked like a dupe for herbivore botanicals. I have found nothing too amazing with it. I’ve been pretty underwhelmed bu the “treatment”. The smell is a little unpleasant. The texture is pretty heavy and doesn’t soak or sink in easily. You get what you pay for with this oil and I will not repurchase.
  50. okay


    it was okay, but I do feel though it broke my skin on the cheeks. It did, however, make my skin feel brighter.
  51. Mermaid facial oil


    this mermaid facial oil is super cute and makes a great gift!
  52. Love this oil


    I received this oil in the mini size as a gift with purchase and have since purchased the full size. I found that a little goes a long way. I've been using this oil in the mornings because if is so light weight and doesn't leave me feeling greasy during the day and it gives my skin a nice glow for the day since I don't wear makeup to work often. The packaging so beautiful as well!!
  53. Surprising


    I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I do! I have skin that is prone to dehydration and I have to be careful as it's quite sensitive and prone to breakouts, so I tried the small size first. This was very nourishing and left my skin glowy and plump looking. It was non irritating and didn't cause breakouts. I actually mix a little bit of this oil with my foundation (powder foundation) and it g...
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  54. I figured out it must be the citrus aurantium oil


    AKA Petitgrain/amara /neroli oil that causes dry patches and breakouts, apparently it has a sensitising effect so just be aware if you have sensitive skin!
  55. Works so well with the quartz tool


    I love using this on my cheeks as my cheeks can get dry and I like to use the sculpting tool on them. I wouldn’t use it on my chin as I can be prone to breaking out there but for my cheeks it’s amazing
  56. Nice oil


    The actual product is lovely- it smells great and feels amazing, plus the packaging is awesome.. BUT be careful if you have acne-prone skin. Maybe only use this once a week as more of treatment because I was using it daily and I broke out. Beautiful product though, super-rich and hydrating.
  57. Lovely oil


    I was really impressed with this oil. I’ve been using it as the last step in my skin care routine a few nights a week and my skin is so soft In the mornings after using this. Doesn’t make me break out or make my skin oily. A great oil, especially for the price.
  58. Skin feels plump and soft overnight


    I’ve been using this face oil 2-3 times a week for about a month now. I use it at night underneath my moisturiser and my skin feels much smoother and plump in the morning.
  59. Impressive Facial Oil


    I'm a huge fan of facial oils and always have one incorporated in my daily routine.
    I received Mermaid Oil as a free sample which is lucky as it isn't an oil I would have considered otherwise (unless by recommendation).
    I fell in love with this product instantly. I have thick-ish skin which is often dehydrated and has a tendency to break out (especially when super dehydrated).
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  60. Great for lighter days


    This oil is super lightweight and smells incredible! Perfect for days you dont need a heavy oil.
  61. Great for lighter days


    This oil is super lightweight and smells incredible! Perfect for days you dont need a heavy oil.
  62. Love the scent!


    I saw some reviews before buying that some people hated how this facial oil smelled, but i personally LOVED it. The scent reminds me of a herbal concoction and the oil itself, mixed with my gel moisturiser works well together.
  63. Gorgeous packaging


    Admittedly when looking for a face oil I was drawn to this cute packaging and naming. I don’t love the smell of the oil, but the application is nice. However it left me with little breakouts on my face.
  64. Great all rounder and no breakouts!


    I got this along with the eye-babe oil (admittedly mainly I was drawn to the cute packaging). I think this is a great oil! I have heaps of oils but am always on the lookout for one that has lots of different antioxidants jammed in - this fits the bill for that, but more importantly for me it doesn’t seem to make me break out. I chop and change between lots of products but find myself reaching for ...
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  65. Love it!


    I received a sample of this a little while ago and only started using it recently. I don't know why I waited so long, it's wonderful. I roll it in with a jade roller 1-2 times a week, it's light and absorbs well and my skin is always soft and glowy the next day.
    Used weekly it doesn't aggravate my redness or cause any breakouts so I'm sold
  66. Super hydrating


    I’ve been using this for a week now and it has improved my complexion. I always have red patches on my cheeks in winter, this has fixed it right up!

    Would recommend this to anyone looking for extra hydration.
  67. Not so great


    i bought this from reading the reviews and hoping it would help out the dry areas on my face but it really hasn't helped me at all, it does absorb into my skin but it has made me break out every time and the smell is the biggest turn off, i have stopped using it because of the smell.
  68. So good!!


    Amazing facial oil! This hydrates my dry skin so well and actually works better than any other serum I have tried. It soaks in easily and looks great under makeup.
  69. Light texture and good value


    I was surprised by all the negative reviews about the scent - I really like it! This oil has quite a light texture and a small amount spreads easily over the face without leaving greasy residue. It's refreshing and hydrating. The packaging is lovely and it is a very generous size for the price.
  70. Skin Revival


    After using this oil for several weeks as part of my normal skincare routine I have definitely noticed a difference in the balance of oiliness within my skin. The breakouts that was getting have decreased and my skin isn't feeling that horrible winter tightness that it has been lately.
  71. Prefer it in the mini


    I received the mini size of this facial oil as a gift with purchase and liked it so much I went and bought the full size. Unfortunately I've been disappointed by it. The feel of the product is still good but the smell is totally different! Whilst I really liked the scent of this oil in the mini sized bottle (very sensual) the smell of it in the larger bottle is a real turn-off for me. I've also br...
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  72. Oriental / Herbal scent facial oil


    Personally, I love the scent although some other reviewers might differ. This dry oil hydrates and plumps my skin without the sticky/oily feeling, absorbs really well too. I would recommend to warm up the oil in your palms (gently) and then pat onto the skin (don't swipe as it might 'ball up' when combined with other products)
  73. Hydrating


    This is a great oil, hydrating and soaks right into your skin. Friends have commented on my glowing skin.
  74. Deeply hydrating with a gorgeous scent


    I received a free tester of the mermaid oil, before purchasing the full size. You only need about 3 drops for your whole face. It's deeply hydrating, leaves skin soft and can be worn under makeup for a beautiful non-oily glow! The scent is divine!
  75. If you're an oil lover, this prod is average


    I recently purchased this oil and I must say it's actually so average. Firstly the packaging was broken when I received it - the little dropper was off to one side. Secondly, it can't be worn with some actives as it pills. So I can't wear it in the morning with my vit c serum. Thirdly, it doesn't absorb into my skin as well as other oils on the market. For the price point, I honestly think you're ...
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  76. Moisturising


    I received this product as a gift with one of my purchases. My face was really dry and oily before using this facial oil but from the first application I felt my face was less oily throughout the day and remained moisturised. I also feel like my face is softer after a few uses. It is also absorbed quickly by the skin so would recommend.
  77. Do it


    Got a free trial size of this product and then immediately purchased the full size!

    I apply at night, and wake up with soft, clear skin.

    I have oily skin and so far so good with no breakouts.

    Many people have said the smell is off-putting... and whilst it’s not floral or amazing, it is kinda comforting. It reminds me of ointments my Nanna used and in my op...
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  78. Worth the try!


    I should say that this oil is perfect for the face roller. Not oily or sticky on your face. Plus it didn't clog my pores not giving me any breakouts. Love it!
  79. Gorgeous affordable oil


    I initially bought this because its such a gorgeous looking bottle and i wanted to spoil myself. I love using oils on my combo skin, especially in winter, so i don't have to change up my foundation or day-t-day moisturizer and i have used oils that are 2X the price of this and this is just as good! I use maybe before bed because i like to allow enough time for it to sink in or on make up free days...
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  80. Favorite face oil with all the good stuff


    Amazing oil !
    I was getting a combination of severe acné and extremely dry skin with the cold winter weather. My naturopath recommended an organic oil from jojoba, rosehip or seabuckthorn.
    I found the mermaid oil which has all the above and more and have fallen in love!
    My acne and dry skin have since cleared.
    The consistency is quite thick and therefore quite difficult to ...
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  81. Healthy, hydrated skin


    I have sensitive and super dry skin and after using this for about 2 weeks, I noticed my skin was looking much healthier and hydrated. Super impressed, will be repurchasing.
  82. Love it


    I am enjoying using this oil I have been using it for around 7 days and have not experienced any breakout (unlike with other oils) it feels very lightweight on the skin and my skin is less dry.
    Would definitely recommend!
  83. I love this


    Awesome price for how great this is. Sinks right in and feels super luxurious. I love it!
  84. This oil is thick


    I must admit I bought this because of the packaging/colour and my belief that there was no such thing as a bad facial oil but I’m pretty disappointed in this one. The smell is not for me, not sure how to describe it maybe botanical? But I don’t think in a good way personally, but I also don’t like the smell of rosehip oil or a lot of flowers so that may be just me. The texture though is sooooo thi...
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  85. My favourite new products


    This stuff smells amazing soaks straight in and doesn’t leave that oily feel and it’s all very natural.
  86. Best facial oil I have used


    I often fly and work away in a hot environment, leaving my skin pretty dehydrated at times. This facial oil works wonders for restoring moisture to my skin and absorbs quickly. You do not need much and is a bargain. I use it before my moisturiser and find my skin feels softer and my foundation sits much better. I use it day and night but for those who don’t suffer too much with dehydration, once a...
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  87. Beautiful


    I love, love, love this facial oil. It's so light, yet so hydrating and it smells divine. I cannot recommend this highly enough, will definitely buy again.
  88. A mermaid's dream


    I feel like this is such a treat for my skin -- enjoying it very much! Feels lovely on and actually sinks in so my skin reaps the benefits. With some oils I just feel oily and still dry but this one actually feels like it is hydrating my skin asap.
  89. Not for sensitive skin


    I wanted to love this so badly, but unfortunately the mermaid oil didn't react well with my skin.
    My skin has recently become quite sensitive and when I bought this I had hoped it would help me sort my skin out. However I noticed that my skin was becoming more harsh around the jawline and less smooth overall.
    I've read amazing reviews on this item so I am sure it works for some people,...
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  90. Love eye pads


    this is one of my go too's. not too heavy and provides good hydration.
  91. Lightweight & moisture rich


    I am loving this product. Not sure why some reviewers stated that it smelt awful. I love the smell, it feels very lightweight on the skin and my skin is noticeably less dry in this winter chill. Would definitely recommend!
  92. Pretty but stinky


    I'm really glad I received a sample of this before buying because the smell is incredibly off-putting. It's such a shame because it's a great product and the packaging is gorgeous.
  93. Glowing Skin!


    I purchased this along with the Star Dust serum and have been using both for a while now, and I can safely say that my skin looks as radiant as when I used higher end oils. I have also been getting a lot of compliments on how clear and glowing my skin looks! The oil is quite thick compared to others I have used, so a little goes a long way and you definitely have to wait a while for the product to...
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  94. Love This!!


    I apply this of the night time and I wake up looking so clean skinned and feeling smooth as./ Takes away any redness and is really just a sensational face oil. No oily looking face either!!
  95. Nice product


    I have received this as a gift and found it very cute. It is good facial oil, not greasy, absorb very well but the smell. It is bearable though if you think of all the good ingreadients in int.
  96. Great value


    Super hydrating oil that leaves my skin supple without the heaviness of some other oils. Huge fan of the dropper for practical and hygiene reasons. Barely-there scent. Comparable to other facial oils that are at higher price point.
  97. Smells like old lady


    I was excited to try this product due to all the positive reviews. I love the bottle and admittedly it feel nice in my skin however the horrible scent of this oil makes it almost unusable. It smells like an old lady's overpowering fragrance. I even got some friends to smell it just to make sure. I regret buying this product.
  98. Mermaid oil


    this little beauty is so cute & smells amazing!
  99. Glowing!


    A beautiful oil, makes my skin glow! So hydrating. Highly recommended.
  100. Cute bottle and hydrating


    This little gem is so cute! Cute packaging and great face oil!
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