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SALT BY HENDRIX Jade Face Roller

4.6 of 105 reviews


4 instalments of $9.99

Or 4 instalments of $9.99 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $9.99

Or 4 instalments of $9.99 with LEARN MORE

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Enhance the effectiveness of your beauty routine with the SALT BY HENDRIX Jade Face Roller. Designed to be used as a tool to promote circulation and encourage skin cell rejuvenation, this face roller will also work to stimulate the lymphatic system helping to combat puffiness and water retention. Made from Jade, this stone instils confidence, calms the nervous system and promotes healing and balance. 

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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SALT BY HENDRIX Jade Face Roller

SALT BY HENDRIX Jade Face Roller

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4.6 of 105 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

LOVE this roller


I use this roller every morning as part of my beauty routine. I really enjoy using this product and it makes me feel good after every time I use it

Most Helpful Criticism



This feels so nice and relaxing as a facial massager but I'm not sure if it's actually doing anything to my skin.
  1. Hype


    Definitely a lot of hype around these rollers at the moment, it feels luxurious to use but I'm not sure if theres any noticeable changes.
  2. Love the feeling of jade rolling!


    Using a jade roller is so therapeutic that I love using this to help me just relax and de stress. It makes my skin look extra radiant the next day and it helps de-puff and with lymphatic drainage. Not a necessity but definitely something I love doing on occasion.
  3. LOVE this roller


    verified purchaser
    I use this roller every morning as part of my beauty routine. I really enjoy using this product and it makes me feel good after every time I use it
  4. Beautiful jade roller


    The face rolling steps added to my daily routine feels very relaxing, and helps my skincare absorb better into my skin. I love the colour of the roller, it's a beautiful natural green. I love it so much that I got my mom one too, this is a great addition to self care.
  5. Use it More than i thought i would


    Honeslty just bought this because of the hype but have found it to be pretty good, I dont think i have noticed any huge differences but the feeling i get from using it on my face is worth it to me
  6. Lovely, relaxing treat for your face


    I love facials and face massages so I decided to buy this as a little chrissy gift to myself. Like some of the other reviews say, it's definitely not a necessary tool but it makes applying my serums feel very luxurious.

    The stone feels nice and cool on your face and there is a smaller roller for under your eye area. Feels amazing if you are tired and shows a noticeable difference if ...
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  7. Lovely treat for the face


    Lovely to use to help smush in your skin care products, feels nice and cool on your face. Not sure about any beauty claims it has... but either way it is a lovely addition to my routine and feels very glamorous!
  8. Non-essential but very pampering


    verified purchaser
    I wouldn't normally purchase this but I had been given a gift voucher so thought I'd treat myself. It feels so relaxing and like a lovely face massage. It also helps more of my product to be absorbed into my skin as it isn't taken in by my fingers.

    The jade is a beautiful rich green and I love the natural uniqueness of the stone.

    I'd definitely recommend this if you're w...
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  9. Soothe puffy skin


    verified purchaser
    This tool has become part of my nightly ritual. I love to use it to soothe and depuff my face - it has a nice cooling sensation. Great way to calm the skin!
  10. very relaxing


    this roller helps be relax so much! i love how the bottom is a smaller ball and it helps get into the small parts of the face. Definitely recommend!
  11. Relaxing


    This Jade Face Roller feels so nice on the skin, its very cooling/ soothing. I like to use it at night to rub in oils or serums, it helps me to relax and wind down.
  12. Relaxing


    I feel like this product is just an extra step in your skincare routine. I leave it in my fridge and use it in the morning to depuff my skin and undereyes (I wake up with heavy eye bags). I find that it plumps my face after use. Removed one star due to the price tag.
  13. calming


    I love how this depuffs my face. I have this roller in the rose quartz and amethyst and I love using different rollers for different moods. They all relax me and improve blood circulation around my face and gives me a glow
  14. Treat yoself


    Did I expect any magical results from this contraption? No. But do I love it? Yes.

    So cool and soothing on my face, it really helps to evenly distribute products onto the skin. It feels therapeutic, like it IS doing something magical to my skin... but it is? I really don't care. It feels GREAT.

    Loved using it, until I dropped a perfume bottle on it and it split in two. N...
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  15. A must staple in every girls beauty cabinet

    K Custom

    Great for pushing products deeper into skin. Amazing for breaking down those pesky notts in muscles and also gives a lifting effect due to working the Fascia..
    A+ a MUST HAVE ITEM ...
  16. Great for pampering


    I bought this for skin care Saturday's...the first one being today. Used it with a sheet facial mask to roll more product into my skin. Definately felt like a mini facial! Next level home indulgence. Loved it!! Loved the jade!!
  17. Feel luxurious


    It feels very luxurious to use, and it feel very well made, and great to use during hot summer nights and days. But, I’m not sure that it does anything beneficial to skin or helps my products absorb into my skin.
  18. On A Roll


    I've never used one of these before so I didn't know what to expect. I'm not one for crystal and gemstone mysticism but it did give me a really gentle and soothing facial massage.

    Having a touch of serum or other cosmetic oil on my face really helped it to roll smoothly. The larger roller is great for cheeks, forehead, neck and decolletage while the smaller roller is much more suited...
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  19. works great


    love this and use it every day, helps improves circulation in the skin, improves the appearance of skin aswell as helping reduce redness
  20. gorgeous


    Love this roller! It calms me at night before bed but also wakes me up in the morning! Not too sure if it actually does anything, but its a lovely addition to your routine anyway. Its sort of like a face massage- LOVE!
  21. Face roller


    This face roller feels really nice and reduces puffiness around the eyes.
  22. Must have beauty tool


    Very cool to the skin which helps to depuffing face. I feel like my complexion got better due to better circulation.
  23. Great product


    I feel so luxe when using this! It feels so nice on the skin! I have been using it to roll in my nightly face oil and my skin looks great the next day
  24. Great


    Super calming and fun to use, I have experienced great results. Makes great gifts too!
  25. Face mask application more effective


    I initially bought this product to help with my jawline & under eyes, I'm in my early 40's & am sadly losing my jawline however, as my Monday night ritual I used this to help apply my tissue face mask & found that I was able to get a much better application that using my fingers alone. Not only did the mask cover & sit much better on my skin but I also got the benefit of the roller massage during ...
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  26. Relaxing


    I have just started to use the Jade face roller and have loved how it helps to push my serum into my face. My skin feels so lovely after I have used it.
  27. Wonderfully relaxing


    This face roller is so calming to use - it helps massage your serums into your skin but for me the key is how calming it helps me feel. While it feels like an extra step, it's worth it when I'm feeling a little agitated as it helps me relax and calms my anxiety.
  28. De-puffs


    I use this in the morning and it de-puffs my skin and lets the blood circulate. my skin always glows afterwards.
  29. So relaxing


    I love this more than I thought I would, really helps products soak into the skin! I’ve noticed my face feels less tight and stressed too, great product.
  30. one of the best tools


    This is an awesome tool. it really helped me relaxed and at the same time deepen my serums on my face. Plus, it's different from the cheap kind of face rollers.
  31. So Relaxing


    It feels lovely when massaging it into your skin, very cooling and relaxing and a great way to apply serum to the face.
  32. So relaxing!


    I love using this to apply oils to my face before bed each night or rolling my face with a face mask(sheet) on. It is soothing and feels like a treat at home!
  33. Skin texture improved!


    Woah!! I thought this was a gimmick, but I was so wrong. I use this after a serum application and it feels great. I feel like it’s massaging product into my skin. Also closes the pores. Make sure to keep it in the fridge for a refreshing feel!
  34. Definitely recommended


    I been using this roller almost very night after apply my s skincare products, it give a good face massage and help products soak into the skin better.
  35. Really nice


    I bought this during the hype of jade rollers and tossed it aside but recently picked it up and I am glad I did. It feels so soothing on the skin and doing it of a morning is a bit of relaxation before busy work. Make sure you keep it in the fridge though!
  36. Easy to use in the morning


    I use the rose quartz gua sha tool at night, but i found this more time consuming to use in the morning before work. So the face roller becomes handy then! Cooling sensation near the eyes after i get out of bed helps me wake up.
  37. Eye de puff


    I have the rose one. I used to put a teaspoon in the fridge overnight and use it in the morning after cleansing to de-puff my eye area. It’s a grandma trick, and it works. The roller makes the process easier and is super cute and a bit more glam than a metal spoon. Not nearly as expensive as other ones out there, so buy it and give it a go! Just make sure you use it cold - I think that’s where the...
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  38. Eye de puff


    I have the rose one. I used to put a teaspoon in the fridge overnight and use it in the morning after cleansing to de-puff my eye area. It’s a grandma trick, and it works. The roller makes the process easier and is super cute and a bit more glam than a metal spoon. Not nearly as expensive as other ones out there, so buy it and give it a go! Just make sure you use it cold - I think that’s where the...
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  39. Best Buy!


    One of the best tools i've bought from Adore Beauty! You would know that this is not the cheap kind of roller and really helps you penetrate the serum/oils into your skin.
  40. relaxing!


    this roller feels cooling and relaxing on the skin. i enjoy using it when i feel like pampering myself a bit more than usual. the only downside is that it takes 5 minutes or longer of rolling to see result.
  41. BFF in the morning


    Got this tool specifically for my early morning concerns on my face — I would say I have this “bao” puffy face whenever I wake up lol — this is a superb tool in helping me not to look that I just woke up especially when I’m working at 6am. Rolling/massaging 4x on each area of my face really helps!
  42. Relaxing


    This feels so nice and relaxing as a facial massager but I'm not sure if it's actually doing anything to my skin.
  43. Relaxing and soothing


    I really like applying serums with this and the light massage it provides. It’s easy to clean and is soothing and cooling along my jawline, which I find relieves a bit of tension.
  44. Amazing


    I was skeptics about it at first but now I love it! It really does what it claims to do. I’ve noticed how my face is a lot less puffy now and I’ve only been using it for 2 weeks.
  45. Soothing


    Love using this roller. It really helps my serums penetrate the skin. Tightens my pores. Love, love, love.
  46. Must have item


    I would definitely recommend the Jade roller, Give my skin good massage and definitely help other product to sink into the skin much faster and more effective. Last forever too ;)
  47. Good!


    I like this. It’s nice! Nothing incredible but it does do the job.
  48. coooling


    nice and cooling
    feels like a nice facial massage
    good that I don't waste products on my hands
    unsure if its actually doing anything though


    My perfect tool for my skincare product! Very effective and easy to use! So relaxing too when i use it before bedtime.
  50. NOT made from jade


    Salt by Hendrix customer service advised me this roller is made from grade A Brazilian stone ie grade A bs
  51. Doesn’t spread germs


    I love using this because I’m no longer spreading the germs from my hands, into my products and then onto my face. This also gives my fave a lovely massage
  52. Amazing


    No more wasted product! If your like me and spend lots of money on skincare you don’t wanna be wasting any excess on your hands so this is perfect at ensuring your products don’t get wasted and are absorbed properly into the skin. With the added benefit of improving circulation from rolling your skin. I should also note the smaller end is perfect for under your eyes and around your lips!
  53. Nothing really


    It’s nice and fancy and all but honestly doesn’t do anything. Nice idea!
  54. Prefer the Gua Sha


    If you are tossing up between the Gua Sha and the jade roller like I was, definitely go the Gua Sha. The jade roller is nice and feels especially great cold and over masks however I see a noticeable after I have used the Gua Sha in comparison.
  55. Love it!


    Such a great roller, really soothing on the face and neck and feels amazing! Used with the mermaid oil and felt my skin was glowing after one use!
  56. Nice.


    I chill this roller in the fridge and use it after I have applied my face il. It feels nice especially around the eyes but it is not an essential part of my routine. I'm not sure if it is actually benefiting my skin in any way but ill keep using it because it is a nice way to apply serum to the face.
  57. Nice


    I use this after I moisturise. I chill it in the fridge and use it with my face oil. It feels nice and refreshing chilled. I like the eye roller too, not sure if I notice a difference in the way my skin looks though.
  58. Lovely massage


    This jade face roller is a nice way to pamper yourself. It feels lovely when massaging it into your skin. It is a great way to apply serum to the face.
  59. Great for a relaxing facial massage


    I love using this tool after I have moisturised my face and it feels very relaxing. I'm still not sure if the other benefits actually work but regardless, I love the way it feels on my skin. Its nice and cool and very cathartic.
  60. Rose quartz vs jade


    Honestly, the choice between rose quartz vs jade was a matter of which colour i liked better (as opposed to the supposed "differences" in the qualities and benefits of the material/mineral). Still, this is apparently better for circulation (rose quartz more for cooling) so i prefer this one better for my needs (cold body, hot face hence acne on face)
  61. Great for massage


    Very relaxing when using it. Give my face a good massage and help to observe skincare products better.
  62. Perfect Gift


    Bought this jade roller for my Mum's birthday. She loved it! really helps her relaxed after her skincare routine! Glowing as well the next day she wakes up.
  63. Super relaxing


    Find this super and calming, use it with serums to feel like they're really getting deep into the skin
  64. Can’t go wrong


    Feels pretty amazing! Feels as though I’m giving myself a mini massage when I use it !
  65. So extra but a great beauty tool!


    Love using my jade roller after I have applied my moisturizer. I also suffer from Fibromyalgia and get shooting nerve pains in my face. This roller soothes and cools my face when I am having a pain attach. Love love love it!
  66. So relaxing!


    Easy to use. Love how my skin looks and feels after each use. I definitely use it daily as it feels like a mini facial!
  67. Great


    Great addition to my skin care routine! Not sure if it makes a huge difference but is good for rubbing in serums and feels nice!
  68. Cant live with out it


    What a great purchase, I use it after my serum and have it the fridge so its cool. It helps with inflammation, reduces redness as I suffer from rosace and in the winter weather it flares up. It great for blood circulation especially using it around the neck area, I am very happy with this jade roller I can totally recommend it :)
  69. Love


    Really love this little tool and has been such a nice improvement into my skincare routine. Feels so lovely and relaxing on the skin!
  70. great product, i was gonna buy a $99 one from MECCA but thisis great!


    i use this to calm my puffiness, especially when I wear a mask...to really absorb the "juiciness" of it! it works a treat, however i prefer the rose quartz one!
  71. Obsessed!!


    Loving the Jade roller! It’s just so soothing when you use it. Super refreshed and de-puffs the face after using!
  72. Great!


    Love it! This one is super nice and great quality. A must have now!
  73. So good


    Amazing product! Feels so good on the skin especially now that it’s winter and feels cooler to touch
  74. Cooling and Rejuvenating


    I was super skeptical about this trend of face rollers, but I'm sold after purchasing this one! I use it with my serums and ampoules - it visibly depuffs eyes and lifts and plumps the skin! Have already recommended it to all my friends! A must buy! :)
  75. A great step to add into your skincare


    Soo cooling and soothing, an instant massage to the face. Love using it morning and evening with serums and oils.
  76. Perfect for settling in serums into the skin


    The roller is a perfect cooling sensation that makes the skin feel firmer and glowy, defiantly worth the hype.
  77. Put in the fridge


    Soooo relaxing and depuffs. Chuck it in the fridge before each use! amazing.
  78. Cooling

    Tea Sommelier

    I like to roll oil into my face with this Jade Face Roller from Salt By Hendrix. It speeds up the soaking in process, so I can apply a thin layer of moisturiser on top. This roller doesn't make too many squeaky noises, which is a bonus cause some on the market do. The cooling affect is particularly nice if you have inflamed or irritable skin. I'm not certain what the jade material is meant to acco...
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  79. Great introduction to Skincare Routine


    I love cooling my puffy eyes & face in the morning with a beautiful jade roller and this roller has been exactly what I have been searching for. The quality is amazing and the feel is awesome - I would definitely recommend to introduce this roller into your every day skincare routine.
  80. Very pleasant product


    Great for applying before any creams in the morning and at night - it de-puffs my under eye area & groggy morning face
  81. Lovely edition to my skincare routine


    I really enjoy using this after letting my oils and serums soak into my skin. I’m not sure if I’ve noticed much change in my overall skin, although it does seem plumper in the morning. Will continue if only for the mindfulness and therapeutic effect!
  82. Great for jaw pain


    I brought this to help with my jaw pain and to release the swelling that I had each morning. Its relaxing and pushes the products deeper into your skin. Highly recommend
  83. Obsessed!


    I love this - it's so soothing and beautiful on my skin and gives a great face massage. Would definitely recommend.
  84. My second roller...because I love them!


    I have this roller in the rose quartz, and couldn't resist this one. I enjoy rolling in the oils and it makes you spend a bit more time on the process rather than applying and moving onto the next application.
  85. Loved it until it broke!


    So l watch the beauty hags on utube. A jade roller was recommended and as l suffer with my body/face bloat l thought l would try it. I was amazed each morning and night l would roll it on my face. I was really impressed when a friend mentioned that my face had slimmed down (she did not know about the roller) but unfortunately the little rubbers that hold the roller in place came off within weeks!...
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  86. Absolutely amazing


    Using the roller fresh from the fridge in combination with my oils feels so soothing and calming. Perfect before bed to feel relaxed and rested.
  87. Daily ritual!


    I got this after tool after being recommended to try lymph massage on my face to help reduce my redness (especially in cheeks and jaw), and it totally worked!
    I watched a few videos on the correct technique for what I wanted to achieve and I swear my redness has reduced.
    I use it at night after I put on all my skincare to help massage in the products.
  88. high quality jade roller


    I love this product. It helps with my TMJ pain and bruxism. It's cooling and relaxing and great for pre makeup prep
  89. Luxe!


    Put this baby in the fridge and then use with facial oil or serum and glide across clean face to feel like a million dollars! If you are looking for a bit of affordable luxury to add to your weekly skin routine, look no further.
  90. Relaxing and Cooling


    I have really enjoyed the ritual of using this roller nightly when I apply my serums/creams. I keep it in the fridge and it provides such a cooling experience with a massage effect. I do feel like my serums and creams do absorb better when using this. I think I would get more out of it if I used it in the morning as well, but I'm always so time poor I haven'y quite worked it into my routine yet.
  91. My new favourite go to product during the day


    I was so happy with this roller that I bought a second one to keep in the fridge at work. It is extremely refreshing to be able to apply throughout the day - especially when I need a little pick me up at work.
  92. Good quality roller


    This feels nice and relaxing to use and does not squeak or have a metallic smell, which some rollers do.
  93. A nice treat for myself


    Unfortunately when it arrived the larger roller head fell off as soon as I took it out of the box. However, I received a replacement and am very happy with it. I’ve been using it almost every morning after applying a serum - I’m not really sure if it makes a significant difference but it feels luxurious and definitely has some what of a de-puffing effect.
  94. Seems Useless, but is Amazing


    At first I was all Pfffffft at these crystal rollers at first, but these Salt ones are affordable, so pretty and feel amazing on your skin.
    I use mine every morning to massage serums in and it's a relaxing little wake up, actually brings colour to your cheeks and relaxes tight facial muscles. Love it!
  95. Cooling but made me breakout


    Loved the cooling sensation but the roller made me break out quite badly. It may have been because I used the roller with a face oil. Also not sure about the quality of the roller, as my hand was covered in gold paint after I used it for the first time.
  96. Love it!


    I love my jade roller. I use it to push my serums into my skin after I dermal roll.
    It’s such a nice relaxing feeling and deffinetly helps to push the products in as I notice my serums absorbing quicker. I use this twice a week and look forward to doing it!
  97. Feels nice


    I like this product. The jade feels nice, especially after being kept in the fridge so it's cool. I'm not sure if it does anything apart from feeling nice though.
  98. Fell apart


    I took this out the box and the wider roller fell off the handle, so I don’t think it’s very well made. It does feel nice on your face though.
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