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SALT BY HENDRIX Body Glow 100ml 100ml


4 instalments of $9.99

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4 instalments of $9.99

Or 4 instalments of $9.99 with LEARN MORE

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Looking for sun-kissed, glowing skin? The SALT BY HENDRIX Body Glow Oils are your answer. Available in three shades, a gorgeous golden bronze, a luminous gold pearl, and a shimmering blush pink, these body oils will intensely hydrate your body while coating your skin in a stunning natural lust-worthy radiance. 

  • Vegan
  • Australian Made

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GREAT - 76% recommend

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  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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SALT BY HENDRIX Body Glow 100ml Reviews

76% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



wish there were more shades for tanned skin. The blush skies one looks gorgeous and glowy in the sun.

Most Helpful Criticism

Nice luxury but not necessary


I received a very generous sample from Adore. The bottle is super super cute, the packaging is minimalistic, so it looks awesome on the shelf and I have every intention of repurposing it once the oil is finished…but this isn’t something I would include regularly in my beauty routine. I used this on my legs, and while I liked how hydrated they looked, the “bronzing” feature of the oil just didn’t do it for me. I was expecting it to be more pigmented. I already have medium-tanned skin (though my legs could be more tanned!), so perhaps it’s not as effective for people with darker skin..? The oil itself is alright – I’ve been adding it to my regular body moisturiser for now. I really wanted to like this one, but I think the packaging is probably worth more than the oil itself.
  1. Nice but not the best out there


    I received a very generous/full size sample of this and it is a lovely product that looks pretty, but I think that there are better body bronzers and tanners out there
  2. Love the idea, but slightly underwhelmed


    Got this as a sample, nothing bad about it, it is slightly hydrating, however I have not noticed any slight tan/colour. Would prefer this if it was more tanning and less shimmer/glitter
  3. Nice luxury but not necessary


    I received a very generous sample from Adore. The bottle is super super cute, the packaging is minimalistic, so it looks awesome on the shelf and I have every intention of repurposing it once the oil is finished…but this isn’t something I would include regularly in my beauty routine. I used this on my legs, and while I liked how hydrated they looked, the “bronzing” feature of the oil just didn’t d...
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  4. Moisturising Glow


    Shade: Golden Hour

    Received this as a (very generous sized) sample and found it to be a really nice oil to use. It absorbed quickly, was very hydrating and left a beautiful subtle shimmer to my skin. It has a pleasant orange and citrus smell that's not too overpowering and the glass bottle is lovely
  5. lovely


    wish there were more shades for tanned skin. The blush skies one looks gorgeous and glowy in the sun.
  6. Love this


    I love this product and have in both shades, the more bronzed one is used more when I want to look like I have a bit more of colour and the other one is more a day to day use where I just want to have some dewiness to my skin. I have relatively sensitive skin and find I dont react to this product like some which can give you a bit of colour.
    These also make great little gifts.
  7. Amazing on the skin


    Really blown away by this lovely product - the scent is amazing and not overpowering, the oil spreads so easily and is readily absorbed by the skin and doesn't leave you feeling super greasy. The shimmer is at a perfect level. Would use this every day if I could!
  8. Fantastic dewy oil


    I’ve bought this oil a few times now and it doesn’t disappoint!

    I use it on my face even though it’s probably meant for body and gives me a nice glow and moisture

    Good under make up

    My boyfriend even loves it
  9. Super Versatile!


    I love this stuff! super cute packaging and can be used on its own or mixed in with moisturiser. I didn't find it to be greasy/oily at all and skin looks way more hydrated straight away.
  10. Poor quality


    verified purchaser
    This is the worst body glow I have ever used. The fragrance is more like a tanning / mozzie spray product than what it says it is which is Jasmine I could not smell Jasmine at all. When the gold dust settles in the bottle you can see the top oil looks very cloudy with bits of something floating I don’t know what. In my opinion compared to other glows I have had this seems like poor quality.
  11. Smells beautiful!


    This smells so nice and looks pretty on the skin - nice, subtle shimmer, like a healthy glow. It’s also very hydrating.
  12. Love it


    Great body glow, I use a few drops in my moisture for that natural everyday glow. For an evening I will use it on its own for the perfect glow! Isn’t oily.
  13. Doesnt realy do much


    I wanted to love this product, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous, but it was greasy and didn't add much of a glow at all to my skin (I would say I am a medium-toned olive complexion), I was expecting more pigment to it. You can kinda see it when you are out in the sun, but when putting it on inside, you would hardly know you had used anything but just plain oil. I also don't like how it separat...
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  14. Pretty


    Received as a promotion
    This is very pretty,, but it’s too oily for me , very slippery, I prefer a dry oil
  15. Super glow


    Great affordable body oil. Gives you a great glow and smells great too! I am excited to use this in summer. Dropper makes it super easy to use as well.
  16. Shiny


    This makes me feel like a princess! SO luxourious and hydrating
  17. Lovely Oil, not dark enough for medium tanned skin

    Sim T

    This is a beautiful smelling and moisturising oil, however I didn't feel that it showed up at all, for my darker complexion. I think it might work better for lighter complexions but definitely just not bronze enough for more tanned skin. I used the bronze shade, and for reference my skin is medium tan - I use NC40 in Mac shades.
    The Oil smells beautiful, but I probably wouldn't recommend it...
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  18. Sunshine and shimmer!


    I received a deluxe sample of Blush Skies and in direct sunlight this illuminator is gorgeous. A radiant, shimmery glow. Not as effective or noticeable in artificial light, but if you’re headed outdoors I’d recommend! Also love it’s natural and organic!


    I love this for parties! I add this all over my legs, arms and chest and adds a sunkissed shimmer and a healthy glow! im in love with this product!
  20. Lovely


    Sinks into the skin without feeling greasy! Blush is quite pink but it is a lovely glow. Put moisturiser before applying for a super glow!
  21. Blush glow


    Blush glow is far rosier than the pics had me believe, but I like how it sinks into the skin without feeling greasy
  22. Flawless Legs


    I use before going out, mainly on my legs and it makes my legs look like flawless, bronze, glowy model legs! I love this stuff and the oil isnt too heavy and doesnt smudge off!
  23. love


    I always take this with me when I’m travelling! Great to use in the summer! very flattering
  24. Lovely body oil


    Beautiful body glow oil! Makes my skin look lovely and bronze. Would recommend
  25. great product


    Very nice and natural application!. It is very hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely scent afterwards, would recommend to anyone!
  26. Surprisingly good


    I am liking this product so far. The shimmery effect is not too full on or glittery, but definitely noticeable. I have the rose one and the gold one and they both smell really good. The scent lingers for a good while without being overpowering. The texture is nice - not greasy and makes skin feel quite soft. It's very liquid so have to be careful when applying not to get it everywhere. Can b...
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  27. Touch of sparkle


    It definitely needs a good shake before you apply. It was very lightweight to apply to the skin a bit tricky. Doesn't leave a sticky feel to my skin which was good.
    I enjoyed the subtle shimmer i saw indoors when i tested it. i can imagine using it more when i go to the beach or have a day out in the sun.
  28. give it a go!


    This is pretty on the skin and not sticky, but separates in the bottle so you really have to shake it up each time you use it.
  29. expensive glitter


    Smells lovely/feminine, dropper application is nice, but this is... glitter powder in oil. It does not have any bronzing quality whatsoever; the glitter is gold, that's it, so this product is not capable of building on the skin into a fake tan-glow. Would only recommend purchase if you are looking for an oil moisturiser to use of an evening (day wear = sunburn).
  30. Gives beautiful iridescent fairy skin!


    I feel like people giving this a bad review didn’t see it in the sun or under a decent light. You also need to shake this very well before each use, because of the natural oils it will settle & seperate. When you apply indoors, you won’t see much at all. But step into some direct sunlight or under a bright light (even just turn the torch on your phone onto your skin!) & you will see just how inten...
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  31. Disappointing


    This product was a disappointment to use and a waste of money. It gave no glow to my skin at all, only a slight shimmmer. I also didn't like the consistency as it was quite runny to use. Using a standard moisturiser gives better results then this product.
  32. Great product!


    Such a nice natural glow and doesn't feel oily or anything! Super hydrating and nice on the skin
  33. Perfect Subtle Summer Glow


    This oil is not too thick so it doesn't feel yucky and sticky after you've applied it. I would say the bronze/shimmer is quite subtle which is perfect for people with pale skin as a lot of bronze products go on too dark and muddy looking on pale tones. Also has a nice fresh smell, kind of citrusy.
  34. A lovely glow


    I received this as a gift with purchase. It's not usually my type of thing but I used it on my shoulders while wearing an off the shoulder top. It gave a lovely glow and shine but not too obvious and sparkly. It smells nice and goes a long way.
  35. Natural GLOW


    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I purchased this product but I am pleasantly surprised. I use this by mixing with my tinted moisturiser or foundation for extra glow and supple skin. The glow factor isn’t that strong but it looks natural and I love that all the ingredients are good for my skin! Would definitely recommend if your looking for a natural added GLOW!
  36. Summer essential


    I bought this as a last minute treat not knowing if I'd really like the product... I generally am extremely wary of tan products etc . because I hate that fake look on skin. This blew my expectations away - applies easily, instant natural glow and sparkle , but not too obvious or gaudy looking whatsoever., Gives a preexisting Tan that extra Ummph . Absolute bonus on the moisturizing properties , a...
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  37. Don’t buy it


    This does nothing that it claims a moisturiser looks better on the skin then this does I personally didn’t like it at all I purchased it and so did a friend I tried hers and returned mine
  38. Waste of money


    I was so excited when I purchased this product, and was very dissapointed when I used it, it didn’t give me any sort of glow that I was hoping for. Definitely not worth money


    I love all sorts of body oils as I find it lasts longer than a simple moisturizer. This product ticks all the boxes, and the fact that it has a bit of a shimmer effects, it just stands out among all other body oils. I love the golden bronze as I have olive skin and it just melts perfectly away without any residue.
  40. How glow can you go?

    Hannah F (Adore Beauty Staff)

    With this product... you'll be goddess glowing!

    The moment I saw a bottle of this sitting in the office, I knew it was the body oil for me! I have olive skin and just love adding an extra glow to my summer (fake!) tan so this is going to be my go-to summer product. I also love the bottle and the fact it features a dropper so you don't end up with way too much product.
  41. Glow you good thing!

    Danii (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I'm a recent convert to body oils over moisturisers, simply because I think they absorb better and the moisturising effect is longer lasting. I jumped at the chance to use Golden Hour and the little specs of sparkly dust in the argan oil formula are magic! Word of warning: SHAKE EXTREMELY WELL before use as being a completely natural formulation, you need vigorious dispersion of the specs for ulti...
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