Sachajuan Overnight Hair Repair

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Sachajuan Overnight Hair Repair by Sachajuan

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Sachajuan Overnight Hair Repair is a gel product based on pure water. It cares for your hair gently and deeply while you sleep. It is designed to build the elasticity and to strengthen the hair as well as give it fabulous shine.


Sachajuan Overnight Hair Repair has the highest concentration of Ocean Silk Technology of all SACHAJUAN products and contains algaes of rhodophycea and Chondrus crispus. Rhodophycea penetrates the hair and strengthens it from inside while chondrus crispus adds moist and shine from the outside creating wonderful hair feeling. The algaes also adds natural trace elements and minerals to the hair.




Clean the hair with a suitable product from SACHAJUAN. apply in the evening starting at the lengths and leave in for the entire night. the product is fat free and will not stain regular bed linen. it can, but does not have to be rinsed out in the morning. in the morning style as usual or rinse and style as desired. it all depends on the hair feeling you want.

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this is a wonder product, it makes my split ends disappear! - 30-04-2018 by

This product is seriously amazing not sticky or heavy or greasy! really helps smooth my split ends from bleaching it blonde.

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