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RCMA, the Research Council of Makeup, was founded in 1962 by American makeup artist Vincent JR Kehoe. Kehoe’s vision was to create a versatile, long-lasting foundation that looks like skin rather than makeup. The result is a signature formula with an ultra-high concentration of pigments.

Most mass-market foundations contain between 18% and 23% pigment, while most theatrical foundations are 35% to 40% pigment. RCMA's shades contain nearly 50% pigment. This very high saturation means that you need less foundation to achieve the desired coverage.

All RCMA foundations feature the same base of vegetable oil and wax, ensuring that all of the brand's foundations are of the same superior quality. The brand's foundations do not contain any perfume, mineral oil, lanolin, or other animal extracts.

While individual foundations are the cornerstone of RCMA, the company offers a wide range of makeup products to help you complete your look. Take RCMA foundation with you in a Five-Part 'Series Favorites' Palette, which contains 5 coordinated shades. The Cheek Color Palette features 5 creamy glow-givers that are made with the same basic ingredients as RCMA's popular foundations, so the textures are compatible.


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Stage and screen actors require makeup that stays put under hot theatrical lights and through multiple takes. Developed for the entertainment industry, RCMA’s Color Process Foundation is the go-to foundation for theatrical makeup artists. This remarkable makeup sets itself apart from most other professional products with its colour saturation and creamy texture.


Color Process Foundation is manufactured in small batches under RCMA's strict guidelines. All ingredients are weighed precisely, and each batch is tested to ensure uniform consistency and colour. These rigid manufacturing standards ensure that every Color Process Foundation meets the needs of discriminating professionals and requires minimal touch-ups.


Color Process is made with FDA-approved vegetable oils, pure waxes, and colours. RCMA uses these same base ingredients in its Counter Shadings, Shadings, Cheek Colors, and Color Wheel Rainbow shades. This ingredient consistency ensures that all accent makeup shades 'powder down' with the same degree of reflectivity.


RCMA makeup products contain a low percentage of temperature-sensitive ingredients (vegetable oil and waxes) and a high percentage of more stable ingredients (dry pigments). This ratio is what makes RCMA foundations such a popular choice.


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