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Pixi Glow Peel Pads 60 pads

4.5 of 37 reviews


4 instalments of $11.00


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4 instalments of $11.00


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Pixi Glow Peel Pads are advanced exfoliating pads that make getting your glow on simpler than ever.  Infused with 20% glycolic acid, these pads give effective exfoliation to reveal a bright, radiant and energized complexion.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+


  • Sheer

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Pixi Glow Peel Pads

Pixi Glow Peel Pads

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Customer Reviews

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4.5 of 37 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love it


Great for lightening dark spots and acne scars! It’s helped me a lot and they’re not going to break the bank either.

Most Helpful Criticism

No difference in pigmentation


I use this as a spot treatment. I find the pads quite dry and not overly-soaked with products which may be either good or bad. I found there was no improvement of skin tone or any other quality,
  1. Good


    I love to keep these in the fridge. Feels very soothing applying a cold pad on irritated skin. I find it does slightly help to brighten my face
  2. good product


    I like to use this product in the morning after waking up and I keep it in the fridge, I use one side for my face, put it back in the tub and next day use other side of it, I feel it then lasts double and the only minus for this product is that there is not more of it for the price.
  3. drying


    Flattens developing acne bumps very quickly but can be drying on the skin. use sparingly
  4. Love it


    Great for lightening dark spots and acne scars! It’s helped me a lot and they’re not going to break the bank either.
  5. Great


    These pads have helped in clearing up a few scarring on my face. Definitely great product for mild hyperpigmentation
  6. Smell funny and average results


    I really don't like the smell of these pads. Additionally, I don't think they are that effective compare to other products (e.g. Alpha-H Liquid Gold).

    Like all Pixi products, the packaging is super cute and feminine.
  7. love this


    Such a must have for those with problematic skin! I always take this with me when I’m travelling! Life changing
  8. Better skin


    I love the ingredients of this product and it has helped so much with my acne scarring and acne. Really recommend for oily and acne prone skin
  9. A powerful wipe with salon results


    Love the Glow Peel Pads. The only peel on the market at a reasonable price to contain the big three acids being glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids. I use these pads to help keep my skin clear, clean and soft. It’s a treatment product and depending on your skin and if your currently doing glycolic acids can be used more or less frequently. If my skin starts purging I’ll use less frequently. Love to use this at night and follow with Glow Overnight Serum and Collagen & Retinol Serum. I awake to softer and more refined skin that is just as good as salon results.
  10. Cleared my acne and makes skin smooth and glowy


    I had a lot of acne on my cheeks and I believe this product has played the biggest role in completely clearing up my skin. When my skin was it’s worst I used this almost every night to clear it up, I never had any issues with sensitivity. I still use it (less frequently) now that my skin is completely clear and straight afterwards I can notice a massive difference in how smooth it is and how much it glows.
  11. Great


    I received a sample of the glow tonic through my Ipsy subscription and loved the difference it made in my skin in such a short time that I went and bought more products when it ran out. I am had issues with acne after I turned 34. My skin has been more sensitive and due to the climate in my city, it worsens in winter weather. Anyhow, I have noticed a great deal of improvement and although it has not been over a month since I have consistently been using the products, glow tonic and glow peel pads, I’m excited to see the long term effects! Thanks!
  12. Pixi Glow Peel Pads


    My skin was feeling particularly dull and lacking the brightness that it usually has and I have used glycolic acid products in the past (alpha-h) and remember being quite impressed. I liked that these pads were pre-soaked so they are quick and easy to use. They are quite concentrated on their own, and I definitely feel an uncomfortable stinging when applying it; bearable though! While the directions say to wash after 2-3 mins, I tend to keep it on and spritz a facial mist to calm the stinging a bit and layer on my facial oils -I love the results I get from doing this! I try to minimize their use to 2-3 times a week because I find they're quite strong and my skin definitely becomes more sensitive to the sun. If you are looking for a pick me up for your skin, I definitely recommend these but I do suggest testing it out on a patch of skin before applying it to your whole face.
  13. Good but be careful


    This is very good but sensitive skin people need to be careful
  14. Easy to use peel pads.


    Agree with previous reviewers on the tingle factor. The high amount of glycolic really packs a punch. In a good way though. The tingling is present, but not overwhelming. The results are bright clear skin. I don’t rinse, but layer a serum and moisturiser right on top prior to bed. So easy and great results. I use once a week on my dry and sensitive skin.
  15. No difference in pigmentation


    I use this as a spot treatment. I find the pads quite dry and not overly-soaked with products which may be either good or bad. I found there was no improvement of skin tone or any other quality,
  16. Great product that is easy to use


    Great product that is deceptively simple to use. Results can be seen the next day when skin is smoother. Do not leave longer than the recommended time or it stings a little. Still a great easy to use product. The only downside is the pads dry out a little as you get through it. Perhaps it was just me as I progressed through it slowly.
  17. Brighter skin in the morning


    I haven't gone through all the pads as this is a new purchase, however, my skin has never looked brighter and cleaner!! It tingles a little and although I personally dislike the fact that you have to wash it off afterwards, I leave it on for a few more minutes than instructed and find it works wonders this way! I wash it off completely, rather than 'neutralizing' with a spray. I use this whenever I feel like I need it and it's such a good price as this will last me a long time!! Highly recommend
  18. Works well


    Bought this product to to introduce myself to chemical peels / exfoliators, the first few times i used this i didn't notice the difference, then i left it on for 10 minutes and the next day my skin was so bright and clean! I really recommend this product for someone who wants introduce chemical peels into their skincare routine
  19. Overall Good


    I like these pads, but not the residue left. It seems to do its job but I wish it was a little stronger for me
  20. Easy To Use & Friendly To Sensitive Skin


    I apply after washing my face nightly and wake up with a whole new glow! I wouldn't say it banished my blemishes instantly but they defs grew smaller and less red.
  21. Great


    absolutely love this product. clears my skin and makes it look fresh
  22. Holy Grail Product


    One of the best acid toning pads on the market - high in glycolic but gentle on the skin. Perfect for travel with their compact packaging and easy use. I have dry/sensitive skin and have not had any issues with this - would recommend a moisture spritz afterwards before your serum and moisturiser.
  23. Amazing -


    I've never experienced the kind of difference in my skin from a single use of a single product before. My sister convinced me to try this before getting a professional chemical peel, and I actually noticed an immediate difference. I'm now using them twice a week and my skin is not perfect, but the texture, look and acne has improved so much. I don't think I'm going to even bother with a professional appointment, I'm so happy with what these pads are doing!

    If you're like me and have never tried a chemical exfoliant before, give it a go. It stings a bit the first time, but it is much less noticeable now. It seems to sting less with each use.

    I have sensitive, dry-combination skin with acne scarring and some acne around my chin (I'm 33).
  24. I'm Amazed


    I have only been using this product for a week and I can already notice a huge difference. My red acne scars are fading and any active bumps and lumps have drastically reduced in size as has my pore size. I use one pad a night, sweep over my whole face, neck and chest. Wait a few minutes and then I spray with rose water to neutralize. It does itch a little after a few seconds but once I spray with rose water that goes away. Would definitely repurchase and could not recommend enough.
  25. Strong and Super Effective!


    Initially purchased these as a 'travel' option for my usual chemical exfoliant. Although I came to discover that the packaging was quite cumbersome, so this did not turn out as desired. Aside from this, the product is seriously effective. The size of the pad is great, and is enough to ensure that the whole face and neck is treated. Although any open acne spots do sting when this is applied, it definitely helps to kill any bacteria and treat that area. The smell is quite strong but not overly unbearable. After wiping the whole face, allowing the product to sit for around 5 minutes, ensures that the whole face is exfoliant. I would however rinse with cool water after 5-10 minutes, to avoid chemical burn/aggravation. Really love these and would repurchase.
  26. Perfect product


    These pads are amazing. When used as apart of your night time regime, you skin looks brighter and clearer.
  27. good but I prefer the dr Dennis gross ones!


    I do like these, I find that if I us them consistently enough I do see my skin become smoother and less blemished but I feel I have to be really diligent with them. I find the Dennis gross ones work faster.
  28. Better & Cheaper than Dr Dennis Gross


    I have had the unfortunate luck of being blessed with adult acne, ugh. And I have been trying EVERYTHING to make it go away. I was using the Dr Dennis Gross peel and after a while did see some improvement, but it was so friggen expensive I just couldn't financially keep on using it. I am a huge fan of Pixi products already, so decided to give these pads a go. I am not even exaggerating when I say this, I saw an overnight improvement immediately! With each day of use, my skin gets clearer and clearer. I did not see such good results with the Dr Dennis Gross peel (which, mind you, cost more, took longer to do as its a two-part program, and actually really hurt while using it). It says the pads may cause stinging but I haven't really experienced anything too major to complain about. And for the first time in MONTHS I feel OK leaving the house with no makeup on. I just wish I had found these sooner. I am telling everyone about them! You get 60 pads, and while I am using them each day, I think once my skin clears up I could cut it down to just a few times a week - but even then, 60 would be a two-month every day supply, which is SO CHEAP compared to the Dennis Gross peel (which is about $220 for a 60 day supply). Just give it a go, you will not be disappointed!
  29. It is a nice product so far


    I really wondered if this was going to work but after just one application my skin feels softer. I used 3 pads to do my face, hands, neck and chest area. Certainly felt tingling over the area treated. So I'll see how it improves over time I guess. Didn't feel that I had wasted my money.
  30. my skin feels so smooth


    I really like how smooth this makes my skin feel
  31. Amazing addition to the line!


    I absolutely love the normal Pixi toner and bought these thinking they were just a pre-soaked version - they're not! These have a heavier acid level than the normal Glow Tonic, so I only use them every third or fourth night (and usually with a heavier oil/cream afterwards), but have ended up really loving it! Since adding this into my rotation, I really see a difference. My skin feels so much softer and looks a LOT clearer than a few months ago. Best of all, I think this might have been what ended up kicking my hormonal acne. Will definitely purchase again when I run out.
  32. Goodbye texture!


    Saved my life when I forgot to bring my Alpha H liquid gold with me. Very convenient to have this in wipe form and really helps with texture!
  33. Amazing!


    I purchased these after struggling to get rid of the remaining stubborn under the surface acne on my forehead and they are amazing! It left my skin so clear and truly radiant without drying out my skin. There's 60 pads in it so it lasts a really long time if you use them a couple times a week. They're well worth the price and are a no brainer compared to other more expensive brands. They also have a high concentrate of active ingredients which i think makes them so effective. I'll definitely be repurchasing these and recommend everyone to give them a try.
  34. Hard-core peeling!


    Pixi's Glow Peel Pads (with 20% glycolic acid) shouldn't be confused with Pixi's glow-tonic-in-a-pad (which is basically their 5% toner formulation in a peel pad format). These are more like Peter Thomas Roth's "Unwrinkle Peel Pads" - you swipe them over the face, leave it as long as recommended (or as long as you can bear!) and then neutralise by either washing your face or using a hydrating mist. For 60 pads, the Pixi Glow Peel Pads are MUCH cheaper than a lot of comparable brands, but in my opinion, work just as well. A+++
  35. Super Convenient!


    I LOVE (underline) the convenience of this product. Say goodbye to messing around with pipettes and beauty pads. Just undo the lid and pull out a wipe. Easy! There are 60 wipes in a tub and all are perfectly moist (yes, I just used the word moist). I find this product value for money just because it makes my life easier. The instructions say to wash off after a few minutes but nobody has time for that. I use it at night between cleansing and moisturising and wake up with yummy skin.
  36. Okay but won't repurchase


    I wanted to love these because I like that the toner is on the pads ready to use so great for travel. I do like that the pads have a exfoliating and smooth side which is nice. The toner its self is nice and I did notice my skin was more radiant in the morning but it just wasn't as noticeable as when I tried alpha h liquid gold.
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