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Parlux produces the finest-quality hairdryers on the market. These Italian-made tools are loved by professional stylists and praised by beauty editors around the world. High-performing Parlux hairdryers are built to withstand intensive use at salons by delivering exceptional airflow, heat, and speed. You can get salon-quality hair at home with a Parlux hairdryer.

When conceiving Parlux hairdryers, designers wanted to create easy-to-use products with simple geometric shapes and clean lines. The dryers needed to be ergonomically optimised and comfortable to use for both salon professionals and home consumers. But the clean design and ergonomic shape were only the beginning.

As technology evolved, ionic and ceramic hair dryers grew quickly in popularity. Hair stylists discovered that these new technologies reduced drying time while allowing hair to retain its natural moisture. The combination of ceramic with a negative ion charge permits heat to radiate directly inside the hair, leaving locks shiny, soft, and healthy-looking.

Parlux offers a wide range of professional hairdryers that meet the standards of the most demanding hairdressers. The brand's dryers are made with the highest-quality, most modern materials. Once you have used a Parlux, you will never go back to anything else!


24 products found
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24 products found
per page

Professional stylists are very particular about their hairdryers, which must be extremely durable, reliable, and comfortable to use. Consumers should look for these same qualities when searching for the right dryer. Whether you are looking for a lightweight, ultra-quiet, or compact design, Parlux offers a hairdryer to suit your needs.
For speed and power in a comfortable, lightweight hairdryer, the P385 PowerLight fits the bill. The PowerLight uses industry-standard ionic and ceramic technologies to help eliminate static on the hair. This tool weighs just 15.94 oz. and contains a built-in noise buffer. Both the dryer and the packaging are made of recyclable materials. The P385 is available in Tiffany Blue, Light Gold, Black, Fuchsia, Red, and Green.


If space is an issue, you can choose one of Parlux's two compact hairdryers. The Parlux 3500 Super Compact is the smaller and weighs a mere 17.99 oz. The Parlux 3200 Compact Hair Dryer weighs in at 17.28 oz. and measures just 20 cm. Both models feature powerful motors for exceptional airflow and use ionic technology to dry hair from the inside out. Each item comes with two quick-attach nozzles that can be rotated 360 degrees. These dryers have four temperature settings and two speed settings, and they are available in a variety of beautiful colours.


Whatever your lifestyle and haircare needs, Parlux offers a hairdryer to fit them. Experience how beautiful your hair can look with Parlux.


Our staff explain their processes for using a Parlux and how to get the most out of it!


"Parlux hairdryers are much quieter and less heavy than other brands of hairdryers I’ve tried. It’s also so much quicker to dry my hair! I don’t style it that much. My hair is straight, so when I use it I just blow dry my hair normally. I do like to use the hairdryer at the roots a little bit to give a bit of extra volume. If somebody is on a budget and is looking for a top-notch hairdryer, I’d definitely recommend a Parlux." - Vanessa


"I love everything about Parlux! I never bothered with hairdryers previously, as my hair takes forver to dry, but with the Parlux, doing so is effortless. It also leaves my hair feeling really silky; a salon-like finish. I’ve never had any issues with the product and would definitely re-purchase it. I think it would be great for anyone who is looking for a hairdresser-quality electrical.” - Shannon


"While my hair is quite low maintenance, with the Parlux hairdryer I style it three ways – up and away from my face (when I’m having a ‘probably should have washed my hair’ day), out with a slight wave, and slicked straight. Although the noise is quite loud compared to other hairdryers, I’ve never had any problems with my Parlux . I think it’s best suited for people with thick, long hair. This sort of mane can be a pain to dry, so with the Parlux’s power, it means your hair is dry in next to no time and always looks polished and smooth.” - Shanthi


Parlux Advance Light Ionic & Ceramic Dryer 2200W

I've been buying $20 hairdryers my entire life so when my last one carked... read more >>

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Parlux 3800 Ceramic and Ionic Hairdryer

lightweight hair dryer , but very powerful and quick.

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Parlux Power Light 385 Ionic & Ceramic Hairdryer - Green

Had the oldest hairdryer ever but never noticed until it died and a friend... read more >>

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Parlux Supercompact Ionic & Ceramic 3500 Hairdryer

great performance for an amateur with great results

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