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NIOD Lip Bio-lipid Concentrate by NIOD


A comprehensive treatment for short-, medium- and longer-term enhancement of lip colour, volume, texture, softness and contour, combining a wide borrowing from peptide technology and bio-technology.

This serum targets production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and lipids, as well as retainment of water, while multiple age prevention and age correction technologies work synergistically. 


Apply this lipid-based serum with your fingertips to both upper and lower lips twice daily for 30 days initially. Reduce application to once per day thereafter. Avoid the eyes and the surrounding skin. Wash hands after application

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Nice Product - 26-03-2018 by

This product is good, I tend to agree with the below comment it does seem to dry my lips a little. The moisture definately doesn't stay afterwards and I haven't seen a big improvement, it's nice when it's actually on my lips.

I've been using this product over a month now. Not sure i'd buy it again.

a nice suprise - 19-03-2018 by

i have only been using this product for a few weeks and most people say it takes about a month to show a difference, however my lips are very aged and sun damaged but since starting this they are starting to lose the sun damaged pigment and returning to nice pink , the only downside for me is it dries my lips out so i need plenty of balm at all times , but overall i'm very happy, yes its quite expensive but pretty sure i spent more on useless lip pumping balm etc that didn't work and this will last as you need very little will re purchase

Great lip plumper - 25-02-2018 by

Have been using this product on and off for a few months and I quite enjoy the lip plumping qualities. It's great to dab on in the morning before putting on my matte lipsticks. Only down side is that I find it quite oily so takes a while to absorb and it has quite a bitter taste when you accidently lick some. However you only need the tiniest dab to cover your lips. It's expensive, but it's a nice splurge for your lips.

grail product! - 10-10-2017 by

absolutely incredible...words actually cannot describe how good this product is! i was a bit skeptical at first but once you actually try the product and see the results, it's worth every dollar you paid for it in the first place.

i'll usually just put it on at the start of the day now when i leave the house and surprisingly it leaves my lips hydrated for about 3 hours....not to mention they look plump

Yes!!! - 18-05-2017 by

Amazing product! I was real skeptical at first and I have had my lips done before, restalyne over the past few years and this product gives me the oomph/confidence between so I could push out appointments! Although I'm only a few days into using I highly recommend! Fills the lines, helps add colour back to your lips and with no discomfort.

It works - 08-04-2017 by

I do really love this. I can't really speak for its long term effects but using it definitely swells the lips without being painful, and gives them a fuller appearance. And despite the price, the bottle will last a LONG time, you only need the smallest amount to spread across your lips and get the effect. I would repurchase

Omg it works - 06-09-2016 by

What a great product! Although expensive the 15ml bottle will last forever as you only need a drop. You dab it on your lips and literally before your eyes your lips plump up and colour up. Over time it still seems to have an effect even when I haven't used it ie middle of the day my lips are still better.
Very impressed didn't expect it to work this well.

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