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4.7 of 30 reviews


4 instalments of $14.75


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4 instalments of $14.75


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NIOD Flavanone Mud is a three-phase rinse-off dermal decongestion system that disrupts neither the skin surface equilibrium nor its density. While NIOD Flavanone Mud can be classified as a masque for categorical convenience, its approach varies substantially from that offered by the concept of masques today both in terms of its way of positive influence on the skin as well as its respect for dermal integrity.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan

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SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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4.7 of 30 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

So far, so great!


I've used this 5 times now since purchasing and for me the benefits really started to kick in a few days after I first used it. After doing a bit more research I'm going to try leaving it on for longer than the recommended 10 minutes; maybe 20 to start and see how I go with that although it seems some leave it on for much longer. It spreads very very thin so you don't need much at all if the price is rather daunting! And I don't notice the smell... in fact if it weren't for some of the reviews I wouldn't even have realised it had much of scent at all!

Most Helpful Criticism

I really wanted it to work!


I purchased this after reading the great reviews - sadly, my sensitive skin didn’t like this mask at all. It was burny and broke me out. I still gave it three stars because I do think this would be a great mask if not for my sensitive skin.
  1. I think its working...


    The product seems to be doing its job, but i just can't get over the stinging sensation afterwards. Not at all pleasant but its worth it
  2. So far, so great!


    I've used this 5 times now since purchasing and for me the benefits really started to kick in a few days after I first used it. After doing a bit more research I'm going to try leaving it on for longer than the recommended 10 minutes; maybe 20 to start and see how I go with that although it seems some leave it on for much longer. It spreads very very thin so you don't need much at all if the price is rather daunting! And I don't notice the smell... in fact if it weren't for some of the reviews I wouldn't even have realised it had much of scent at all!
  3. worked so well even with my sensitive skin


    i used this initially as a 5-day intensive (used it every night for 10min for 5 nights in a row) and after that used it twice a week also for 10 minutes. I noticed a big difference after my 3rd out of 5 days and over the past few weeks have seen continued improvement.
    you don't need to apply much at all so the small bottle will last ages! all things considered, I think its great value!
    I read a lot about it having a super-strong burning sensation, however, i didn't find it too be too bad at all, definitely noticeable, but nothing unbearable at all. the smell is pretty strong and a bit like that really gross cubed heavily processed bacon, but id rather that than added fragrance.
    overall a really great mask!!!!
  4. Unbelievably Effective!


    Having tried many "miracle" masks that failed to live up to the hype I was quite astounding at the effectiveness of this mask. As suggested by another reviewer I initially used the mask every other day for the first couple of weeks then once or twice a week and wow!! My stubborn little blackheads that nothing else would budge just seemed to melt away without drying out my skin. The texture and softness of my skin also feels very much improved. Be warned though ... it does sting but don't be alarmed as that's just the mask doing it's thing. I have very sensitive skin prone to eczema and my skin just loves this! My one and only gripe would be the shape of the jar does make it a bit tricky to get the product out (I used an old foundation brush which did make it much easier to use and apply).
  5. Love at first application


    I was recommended this mask in store and cannot love it any more! Results are clear and fast. The stinging sensation was mild for me and I love the feeling like something is working. Easy application and wash off.
  6. great but not for sensitive skin


    My skin isn't sensitive but I wouldn't advise those who do have sensitive skin to use this mask - it does tingle after washing off.
  7. I really wanted it to work!


    I purchased this after reading the great reviews - sadly, my sensitive skin didn’t like this mask at all. It was burny and broke me out. I still gave it three stars because I do think this would be a great mask if not for my sensitive skin.
  8. The tingle is so worth it!


    This mud mask is excellent. I'm currently doing the accelerated method of this mask by applying it 5 days in a row for quicker results and have found this mask to deep clean my skin without overdrying it like most typical masks. I dont really understand the whole science behind all of it but I see results so it's a yes from me.
  9. The tingle is working!


    I love this mud! It tingling means you know it working even after you've washed it off. Amazing for my oily acne prone skin. Smells earthy, but not unpleasant. And bonus you can scare the kids with the colour!
  10. Lovely effective mud mask


    I love NIOD and The Ordinary products - they make up the bulk of my skincare. This product is excellent and one of my favourite mud masks. Only a thin layer is needed, afterwards my skin feels soft and smooth. It is great for my combination skin, I have repurchased this product and can recommend this product.
  11. Great for oily skin


    This mask has amazing reviews and couldn't wait to check it out. i have oily skin and this makes my skin look and feel refined.

    Even though its a little pricey, a little bit goes a long way
  12. Great


    The mask help with circulation on the skin. I like the warm sensation on my face right after washing the mask out.
  13. Completely clear skin!


    I love NIOD and The Ordinary... Having tried a huge number of products from their ranges, I'd say this is the best and most innovative one of all.

    My skin was in pretty decent shape before I started using it so I wasn't expecting much difference - I just wanted to try out a new mask. I also regularly use clay masks so I didn't think it would do much more than those. I was so wrong! I was absolutely blown away after using it for the first 5 days intensively. AMAZING! It cleared a couple of little blemishes I had and some congestion, faded pigmentation from old break outs and made my skin look refined and glowy. Absolutely incredible results. Now I use it once or twice a week to keep it up, and I can't imagine I'd ever stop using it.

    It isn't the most pleasant of masks to use. It's a little stinky and, the first three times I used it, my skin was burning throughout the treatment and for 5 minutes afterwards... Luckily, the burning wore off after a few uses. On the plus side, you only need a tiny amount so one bottle will last for ages. It also doesn't flake off as it dries so no mess to deal with. Plus, knowing that you leave it on for a set 10 minutes takes out any guess work that you usually have with traditional clay masks.

    I recommend using a brush to apply it (I use an old flat/paddle foundation brush). It dries very fast so work quickly, as you only need a thin layer and don't try going back over an area once it's dried (it lifts off).

    I recommend it for everyone, even those with already good skin. Using it daily for the first 5 days is an excellent way to showcase the results.
  14. The best product I own


    I LOVE this product, am obsessed. Recommended by my facialist. I use it one to three times a week wherever and whenever I feel my skin getting a little bumpy and it draws out the congestion. A really hard worker!
  15. Good product


    I had use this product for 6 months. I use it twice a day. It is good and i never break out. Would definitely buy it again.
  16. Good mask, terrible packaging


    This mask leaves my face feeling clean and smooth without drying. Upon removal, it does burn upon removal, but after 10-15 minutes the sensation dissipates. The packaging is where this product loses a star, due to the pill bottle style jar after a number of uses I could no longer reach the product without using a spatula. Niod does sell a small spoon on its website for this purpose, but I believe that at this price, the jar should be better, or the spoon should be included in the packaging.
  17. My only mask


    I have been using this mud mask for sometime. It’s probably my third bottle now. When I started using it I would do it everyday for 4-5 days. My skin became clear, my white heads beside my nose disappeared, I Didn’t have monthly breaking out as usual. Then I continued using it 3 times a week until the bottle got emptied. Then you know this mud is your beauty essential when you stop using it and your skin got congested and break out ! I can’t live without it.
  18. Best Mud Mask


    I have sensitive breakout prone skin and I haven’t yet found a mask better than this one that leaves skin feeling brighter instantly. I don’t break out with this mud mask like I do with others and the after sting is very minimal.
  19. You definitely feel and see the product working


    I bought this after seeing Wayne Goss rave about it. It certainly doesn't disappoint. You need only such a thin layer compared to your typical mud masks, which means it also takes nowhere as long to dry. You feel the product really tingle soon after you put it on, especially when you first use it. My skin is a little sensitive and as the description says, your skin really tingles after you wash off the product...or in my case it actually feels like my skin is burning, but not to the point where it's unbearable by any means. The product is still working even after you wash it off, so I try to wait a while before finishing my skincare routine as I find some products intensifies the burning sensation. I would get some pimples the next day, but that's what mud masks are supposed to do - draw out the impurities out of your skin
  20. Love this


    If you are used to active ingredients in your skincare than this is the mask for you. I feel like my skin is thoroughly clean when I use this. The burning sensation from using the mask is a little uncomfortable but easily bearable. I usually have a breakout a couple of days after using this mask as all the nasties are drawn from the skin but it's definitely worth it in the long run for improving the texture of my skin!
  21. Awesome mask


    After 30+ years battling blackheads and (now) enlarged pores, I have come to the conclusion that the only comprehensive solution is: skin brush (once daily) + salicylic acid (once in a while) + masks + niacinamide + hyaluronic acid for hydration. This obviously falls into the "masks" step, and it is a doozy! Much thinner than other clay or mud-type masks, it doesn't need to be slathered on as thickly. And yes, it does sting once you rinse it off. But it makes an awesome difference to my skin. Once again, the other issue I have with NIOD is the packaging, and I find the larger tube of this stuff a lot easier to apply than using the small jar.


    I love this! Perfect if you have oily/congested/acne prone skin. It does sting a little bit but it’s worth it! I’ve used mine at least 10 times and I’ve hardly scratched the surface! Highly recommended!



    I've tried many types of mask but this one is by far the best at keeping my pimples at bay. I get really bad hormonal breakouts before my period and this is the only product that literally keep them away/small. second bottle nearly at its end, waiting for AB to restock this product so I can buy some more!!!
  24. Weekly deep cleanse - especially if you wear SPF every day.


    I have grown to love this mask! I have sensitive skin and had no trouble using this mask. I like to use a mud mask for a deep cleanse in summer when I wear sunscreen every day. I use this once a week and it gives me a deep clean and leaves my nose area looking smooth and pore free. Please be prepared for the sting when you wash it off - it can last for about 10 minutes. But I didn't experience any rash or redness. The sting is minimised if you wash it off with cold water and pat the water gently on with your hands, rather than rubbing with a cloth to remove. Don't use any strong actives on the same night.
  25. My new favourite mask!


    I love this face mask! It definitely tingles/ burns the skin so if you are sensitive to that then maybe this is not for you. I use KATE SOMERVILLE's ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment and Biologique Recherche Lotion P50V - I love both of these products and they make my skin burn. But the NIOD face mask burns more that any product I have ever used.....

    That being said - the results are incredible! My skin is super bright and smooth after one use. My skin is oily with large pores and black heads - this masks tightens my pores and leave is looking very smooth. It is must for me now - I use it twice a week with out fail.
  26. SOS NIOD

    Vanessa (Adore Beauty Staff)

    NIOD Flavanone Mud masque has been a life saver. I've used plenty of different type of masques to help with congestion/break outs from cheap ones from the chemist to super expensive masque from other online retailers.
    I've been pleasantly surprised with the result I've seen pretty much straight away. My break outs aren't as inflamed and also has removed a lot of redness from scarring.
    This masque is at mid range (price wise) compared to everything I've tried in the past and this particular masque has given me the best results.
  27. Effective, but unpleasant


    First of all, it does what it says on the tin, and my skin feels really clean and decongested afterwards... but oh dear, the colour and the smell are kind of awful. The orange-red colour stains all my towels (though thankfully not my skin) and it smells really chemically, which makes skincare feel like taking medicine rather than a relaxing ritual. I guess if you're not super sensitive to smells, this would work out for you, but I find myself reluctant to reach for this jar after the first time.
  28. Brilliant


    I recently bought this after reading many reviews of DECIEM products. I settled on a mixture with some NIOD and some items from The Ordinary range.

    This mask does exactly what it says. It only requires a small amount on application as it's very spreadible so it should last a while. It does start a slight tingly hot sensation on application that ramps up when you remove with water. As this was expected I felt I knew it was doing its job.

    I'm very impressed as it clears congestion, oil and my face is left feeling sparkling without the tight, dry feeling some masks can leave after use. My skin also appears brighter.

    After only a couple of uses this is one mask I know will remain in my beauty arsenal. I highly recommend

    Thanks Adore for offering this product range in Australia.
  29. Tingling mask


    This is a good clay mask that clears my skin.
    I use it once a week as instructed and does a nice job in cleaning out my pores and smoothing my skin.
    I don't think it works particularly better than my favourite Glamglow mask.
    I love the glass bottle, it's unique, but the depth and the small opening means it's a pain to get into. I use a spatula because I hate digging my fingers into products and getting it under my nails.
    The clay doesn't smell great but that's to be expected.
    It spreads well and it's easy to get a nice even layer.
    After 10 minutes I rinse this off and it rinses of really easily with no clingy bits.
    My skin looks and feels clean afterwards but I immediately put on a hydrating sheet mask afterwards because I don't want my skin to dry out.
    The tingling feeling is really strong, when I first used this my face felt so hot and irritated and it was almost too much, but it does get better the more times you use this. I don't have sensitive skin and I had this reaction, so I would not recommend this for people with sensitive skin, it might cause irritation.
    This is a nice mask that I enjoyed using but I will not repurchase.
  30. Best Mask I've Ever Used


    The title says it all, this product is by far the best mud mask that I have ever used. The tingling sensation it warns you about is definitely there after you wash it off but it always settles down rather quickly and it makes me actually trust it's doing something to my skin. I use this 2 times a week to help draw out toxins in my acne prone skin and I absolutely love it. My skin is looking a lot better than it has in years and this product is definitely a defining factor in that. I would recommend everyone check out NIOD and their parent company DECIEM for any skincare needs, their description of products and their scientifically based formulations are a game-changer! Thank you Adore Beauty for stocking such awesome products!
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