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Mirenesse Thermal Wrap N Repair Hair Treatment in Cap Mask - 3 pce 3 single use masks

4.4 of 47 reviews


4 instalments of $12.38

Or 4 instalments of $12.38 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $12.38

Or 4 instalments of $12.38 with LEARN MORE

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Steam. Smooth. Protect. The Mirenesse Thermal Wrap N Repair Hair Treatment is the ultimate remedy to help hair maintain its elasticity, density and shine. Based on in-salon warm oil and serum treatments, this hair mask offers an easy and affordable at-home alternative.

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GREAT - 83% recommend

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Mirenesse Thermal Wrap N Repair Hair Treatment in Cap Mask - 3 pce Reviews

4.4 of 47 reviews

83% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Instant hydration


This has become a staple in my haircare arsenal and always reliable for sleek, smooth and shiny locks. Not only does it smell amazing, it also nourishes my dry hair and really seems to do the trick when it comes to preventing breakage and split ends.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not bad, not the best either


This isn't horrible. But your hair does not stay in the cap! It goes everywhere! Very messy and not amazing. Will not re-purchase
  1. Instant hydration


    This has become a staple in my haircare arsenal and always reliable for sleek, smooth and shiny locks. Not only does it smell amazing, it also nourishes my dry hair and really seems to do the trick when it comes to preventing breakage and split ends.
  2. Not bad, not the best either


    verified purchaser
    This isn't horrible. But your hair does not stay in the cap! It goes everywhere! Very messy and not amazing. Will not re-purchase
  3. Fabulous product


    verified purchaser
    Love this product. Treatment works so well. Tricky to get all my hair in but worth it. Once in, my hair was treated to a luscious, light mask that made a huge difference. Didn't have any product build up either.
  4. Hair Miracle


    verified purchaser
    Wow. I absolutely love the mirenesse thermal hair wrap N repair.
    I leave it on over night, wake up and wash it out and wow my hair is so soft and silky. I have thin long hair that gets so dry from the climate I live in and it transforms my hair completely
    Love love love !!!
  5. not bad but hard to use


    verified purchaser
    THe wrap is not easy to put on the head. Have been reading the instruction on how to use, but still not easy to wrap the hair. I am so disappointed on this mask.
  6. Love


    This leaves my hair feeling so soft and silky every time!
  7. It’s pretty good


    verified purchaser
    Great product -nice smell, hydrating, making hair shiny etc. Only problem is it’s difficult to evenly distribute the product through your hair with the cap on.. The cap ends up breaking or tearing. I think it would be easier to seperate the product, apply it to the hair first, then put on the cap. I ended up scooping as much product out of the cap as I could, then applying it to my hair before ...
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  8. Not bad, not fab


    An average quality hair mask. Easy enough to use with the cap design, though it was a bit hard to get all my hair in as I do have very long, thick hair.
    Left my hair feeling nice once dry, but softness only lasted about a day.
  9. Great


    By far the best hair treatment I have used . Hair was moisturised yet still had volume and was easier to blowdry . Give it a go you will not be disappointed .
  10. Love! Perfect for travel


    verified purchaser
    This is a great mask. Smells amazing and easy to use.
    Sealed individual packs are light and prefect to travel with.
    Left my hair soft and silky.
  11. Love it


    Excellent Mask, highly recommended
  12. Lovely product, but a bit awkward to use


    After using this mask, my hair was definitely softer and smoother - it's usually dry and can be a bit frizzy at times. The only reason I'm taking a star off is because the cap is a bit awkward to use and I found my hair kept sliding out from underneath it. Even though I struggled with it, I would probably repurchase as the results were pretty good.
  13. From Dry & Brittle to Soft and Healthy


    I have hair that is straight on the top, frizzy underneath. On top of that I have started lightening my hair, which made it more brittle. I use this mask once a week to provide moisture into my hair.
    The outcome is amazing. My hair is soft, doesn't tangle and breaks less. I have recommended this product to many friends, especially those who have bleached their hair.
    The product is ...
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  14. Still on the fence


    I was really looking forward to trying this product after all the positive reviews. The wrap was easy to use, although I have very long hair so I found it worked better when I scooped some of the product out and worked it through my hair before wrapping up with the foil.

    As for the results, it did indeed leave my hair very silky, glossy and manageable however - I did find that by the...
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  15. This mask works wonders!


    This mask is just amazing!! It leaves my hair feeling so soft and shiny for days and days after! I love it so much I’ve just bought the 8 pack. Definitely a product worth trying!
  16. Nice, but didn't live up to other reviews for me


    I purchased this based on other people's glowing reviews.
    It was easy to use and did smell nice. It did condition my hair nicely - but no different to other treatment masks that come in bottles and are much better value for money.
    My hair is very thick, medium length and has some highlights growing out. Unfortunately I didn't experience the soft, silkiness or lack of frizz that other ...
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  17. Soft hair


    I'm so glad I gave this a go. My hair feels so lovely after I use this and it's a great treat.
  18. Not sure about this item.


    I liked the first two hair wraps it was just the 3rd time i used it my head became itchy when i used it.
    My hair was lacking moisture and it did rehydrate it though
  19. Amazing hair mask


    This hair mask is one of a kind - it left my hair really soft and smooth for days after!
  20. This stuff is pure sorcery.


    Want to start off by saying that I have relatively healthy hair already but it’s been feeling dry lately. I have tried upgrading my shampoo etc but stumbled across these. Pretty easy to use and my hair feels absolutely freaking amazing after. How did I not know about this product earlier?
  21. Love them!


    These hair caps are amazing, my hair feels so soft and beautiful after. Even reduced my frizz! I have very thick and frizzy hair.
    Would recommend to anyone!
  22. Amazing!


    I adore this hair mask. It has become part of my weekly hair routine. I find that after use, my hair is significantly smoother and softer. I also experience less breakage and split ends look less noticeable. Highly recommend!
  23. Average


    The mask was a little underwhelming for me. Very fiddly to get on, the sticky bit never stayed in place to keep it done up. Yes it conditioned my hair but I feel there are better products for a better price than this. Would not repurchase
  24. Glamerous


    I love these! They smell just so good. Sure I look at bit odd when im wearing them but my husband enjoys the entertainment. Aside from the completely tantalizing smell, my hair feels so so soft and looks so shiney for days after. Such a lovely way to treat yourself and your hair. Xx


    I received a single sample of this in a random gift bag and was skeptical to try it but didn't want it to go to waste and I have since purchased the pack of 3 another 3 times... I dead set adore this hair mask.
    It smells SO good, and left my hair super soft and smooth. I struggle with frizz and curls that get knotted very easily, and this mask solved that problem completely. I still saw resu...
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  26. Wish there was more


    This smells incredible, and the smell lingers in your hair for the next day or two.
    The results pass the pillow test and my hair is still soft and frizz free the next day.
    I have quite thick hair and felt that massaging the treatment in through the cap wouldn't be effective... so I just scooped it out and applied it to my hair then massaged it into my scalp through the cap (which wor...
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  27. Worked


    Good design and concept. The serum in the mask smells great and definately left my hair soft. However I’m pretty sure any deep hair treatment left just as long would have the same effect.
    I have damaged bleached hair so am always looking for a good treatment. Would probably purchase this again but a tub treatment is better value for money.
  28. Nice but not sure about lasting effects


    Good smell, easy to use. Did make hair feel silly smooth after using the wrap but as for long lasting effects i really don't know if it made a difference.
  29. Love Love Love it


    These thermal wraps are amazing, i have very dry, frizzy hair but after i use one of these thermal wraps my hair feels so soft and looks so shiny and smooth, i have even been getting compliments on how better my hair looks and it smells amazing aswell
  30. Works so well!


    This product works so well, my damaged ends feel so much better. The cap is a tiny big fiddly though.
  31. Hydrating Hair Mask!


    Great hydrating hair mask for dry hair. Convenient for travel and easy to use!
  32. Great treatment


    I have very dry hair, especially my ends and this mask makes my hair feel so hydrated, soft and smooth! it smells really nice as well
  33. Great product


    This product smells absolutely amazing and my hair feels so silky and smooth. If you have long thick hair it is quite difficult to use but I would still repurchase because the results are great.
  34. Amazing


    These mask wraps are AMAZING. My hair has never felt so soft and smooth. It feels so nice to soak in the tub while this is on! It smells great too.
  35. Awesome Treatment


    This is an awesome treatment. My hair feels great right up till my next wash. Smells lovely too. I have used 2 out of the pack & plan to buy more. The only problem was that I find the tab hard to secure, I would have given a 5 star rating otherwise.
  36. Amazing


    I first received a sample of the mask and found it incredible. Once I found that Adore did the mask, I bought more and more. I even got my housemate hooked. The product smells great and the cap is useful. Can be a bit tricky to get it to stick but once it dries my hair feels amazing.
  37. Repeat purchaser


    I'm already on my second packet of these - they really work. The ends of my hair are very dry due to colouring, and gosh do these make a difference. Leave on for the full amount of time would be my recommendation.
  38. Awesome


    This treatment is AMAZING, I have damaged my hair beyond words and I have used a million masks ranging in price and I have to say this is the best I have used . My hair feels amazing and soft . Definitely will purchase again
  39. Best hair mask I've ever tried!


    My hair is naturally curly and coloured so the search for moisturising products is ongoing. I should already be using hair masks regularly but they always seemed so messy and time-consuming: not so with this product! Just pop the wrap on, massage into the hair and sit back and relax or potter about with your chores. I left mine on for about 20 minutes and rinsed off to reveal soft, silky hair- I c...
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  40. Love it


    My hair is dry and tends to go frizzy. I decided to give it a try as it is inexpensive. The cap is fiddlie to put on and i don’t get the true warm sensation after massaging and keeping my hair in the cap. I do however like the end result. My hair felt fuller softer and easier to style. Nice fragrance that lasts. I would recommend this product.
  41. It’s just ok


    It’s not the best treatment I’ve used, but it’s ok. I bought it for the novelty factor - the foil wrap.
    It wasn’t easy getting my hair in the wrap and to stay there. The masque smells nice. I didn’t get a warm heat sensation, despite massaging!
    The result? My hair is soft. But I’d rather use the Kevin Murphy hydrate me masque - Kevin murphy’s is easy to use and a little goes a long ...
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  42. Hair treatment


    It is so simple to use & hair feels amazing after use & i love the price


    Was very excited to try this product after reading about on the Beauty IQ. It leaves hair soft and nourished however it is a bit tedious to put the cap on and make sure all the strands of your hair stay inside the cap. But the product works! Do giving it 5 stars!
  44. Awesome Addition to Self-Care!


    I really loved this product. I have quite long thickish hair so found it a little hard at first to get all my hair inside the cap mask but found putting my hair in a bun worked best for me. After massaging the cap into my hair and feeling the heat, I really felt like I was at a spa or hairdresser getting a treatment. When I washed the treatment out, my hair absolutely felt amazing, so soft, smelt ...
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  45. Love this!


    My hair goes very frizzy and almost wirey when I don’t straighten it, I’m on day 4 after doing one hair mask of this and it still feels awesome! The smell is incredible too, I could still smell it for nearly 2 days after! Just wish it came with more masks in the set!
  46. Very nourishing

    Taylah (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I loved this hair mask shower cap combo,I found it extremely convenient! Most hair treatments I'm so worried about my hair getting wet while waiting in the shower for the time to pass, this one - I found fuss free. I felt the the cap warm up as soon as I started massaging the product into my hair- I was so surprised at how well the product distributed! After washing and drying, my hair was left l...
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  47. Good for a pamper sesh!


    I have long, thick hair so it took a few goes to get all my hair into the cap and have it stay there, but twisting it into a bun did the trick. Once on it was comfortable to wear, and I could feel it warming up. You really need to massage the cap to distribute all the product, especially as my hair was in a bun. After rinsing it out my hair was so soft and shiny and smelt amazing - wearing the cap...
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