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Mirenesse iCurl Twin Heated Gold Lash Curler

3.8 of 23 reviews


4 instalments of $12.50


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4 instalments of $12.50


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Time to turn up the heat with the Mirenesse iCurl Twin Heated Lash Curler. Get sky high, dramatically curled lashes that will open up the eye and last all day.

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GOOD - 52% recommend

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3.8 of 23 reviews

52% recommend this product

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Love this curls my lashes so well

Most Helpful Criticism

Not too sure


I found this terrifying to use but got this as a gift so I tried it and it worked well but it can be tricky! I’m sticking to old school curlers.
  1. fantastic results


    My lashes are basically non existent but this curler pushes them up so that I look like I'm wearing mascara. Love it!
  2. Curling lashes is the key


    I never use to curl my lashes, but after using this, I can't turn back. It's so good.
  3. So so


    It doesn’t provide lasting curling, I wouldn’t repurchase or recommend. Not much impact after use, more trouble than its worth.
  4. Amazing


    Curls my lashes so well will never use another curler
  5. Not too sure


    I found this terrifying to use but got this as a gift so I tried it and it worked well but it can be tricky! I’m sticking to old school curlers.
  6. Disappointed


    Didn't really curl any better than the manual eyelash curlers and after 6 months it stopped heating up. I threw mine in the bin and am going back to manual.
  7. Good but you need batteries constantly


    I love the results this gives but you need to change the batteries almost weekly. With Fresh batteries it’s ready to use in 60seconds and as the days go in you need 15mintues / 30mintues for it to be ready to use. Hence why you always need to change the batteries
  8. Good curler but drains batteries too quickly


    I really liked this curler when I first got it, it was simple to use and curled my lashes nicely. I had to buy the batteries for it separately which is fine however it takes a little time to warm up so I’d turn it on when I was applying my liner so that by the time I was ready to curl my lashes it would be heated up enough. I did this for a week and the batteries ran out. I put in a new set and de...
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  9. Tricky to use


    It’s a bit tricky to use but with practise it works quite well. I’m using a lash serum so my lashes are quite long but they grow straight. It also takes some time to curl but when done right lashes look really nice. No risk of burning.
  10. Good for short eyelashes


    I have really short lashes and this helps to curl them and give them some length and curl. It doesnt hurt and there is no risk of burning your eyes. I recommend watching a few YouTube videos to get a hang of it.
  11. Great


    Even though I found this quite scary to use it actually worked quite well!!
  12. Great


    My lashes are straight, point downward and have never been able to hold a curl, even though I’ve tried umpteen curling mascaras and eyelash curlers. This heated lash curler isn’t a miracle worker and doesn’t hold a curl all day on my difficult lashes, but it does hold one longer than any other curler I’ve tried. And, unlike when I tried warming my regular lash curler with a blow dryer, I don’t hav...
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  13. Ok til it stopped working


    This product feels very plasticky and in fact it stopped working after a couple of months
  14. Waste of money


    Not impressed! This stopped working after a week. Even when it was working, the results weren't that impressive. This didn't give my lashes much of a curl. I get better results using a standard mechanical lash curler.
  15. Its ok


    This is ok, it takes a while to get the effect I really want but it's ok.
  16. Defective and poor quality


    You slide it up to clamp the lashes and there's two arms but I noticed the back arm wasn't going up all the way so it doesn't touch the lashes and doesn't do anything. It is really poor quality as more than half the time it doesn't go up all the way even though I made sure to push it up all the way. The curler itself doesn't work for me in curling the edge lashes. Customer service from adorebeauty...
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  17. Good results, but...


    While the end result was pleasing, I did find it hard to use due to the bulkiness, makes it hard for me to see when curling my good eye, & the position of the slide thingy, I think it would be easier to use if it was a bit lower on the handle making it easier to push up.
  18. Great product


    I have really long lashes but they don’t curl at all! I purchased this as a normal curler does not do anything and I was amazed by the results. Defiantly worth a buy
  19. Great!


    ive never used a heated eyelash curler before so i was very skeptical, ive heard horror stories of people burning their eyes! It works well and ill never go back to a normal curler again
  20. Skeptical, but it really works!


    Oh, wow! I was skeptical even when I placed an order for one as I have Asian lashes that refuse to stay curled. I also wasn't sure this would fit my eye shape. But I am pleasantly surprised at how well this fits my eyes and works! I don't need to use waterproof mascara to hold a curl anymore. This lash curler is now part of my everyday routine. Thank you for coming out with such an amazing product...
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