Mirenesse iCurl Twin Heated Lash Curler

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Mirenesse iCurl Twin Heated Lash Curler


Have a Good Lash Day (GLD) everyday! 80 years since the first eyelash curler was invented, Mirenesse has created the iCurl heated eyelash curler. Leave the sticky squeezing and painful clamping of your old curler in the past! The Mirenesse iCurl Heated Eyelash Curler uses low heat to curl your eyelashes without discomfort or pulling on your lashes.


Using twin-heated silicone pads, this world-first heated eyelash curler works like curlers for your lashes by applying pressure at the base and tip of the lash for maximum curl with a single push.


Use the iCurl heated eyelash curler prior to applying mascara for long, luscious lashes.


Easy slide up system is safe and won't harm lashes for all day and night tight curls.

Works like heated curlers for your lashes to transform them from stick straight to sexy curls lifted at the base for a youthful open eye. Twin, smooth & comfortable curved silicone pads cushion your lashes and with a single push, iCurl gently provides just enough heat and pressure to curl your lashes.

Use iCurler before applying mascara and your tight curls are set to go.


1. Insert Two "AAA" batteries. Turn the iCurl button to ON to start heating, the pad turns from red to clear in 10-15 seconds when it's ready. Then slide lashes in between the gap in the iCurl and position at the base of the lashes.

2. Slide up the silver button which pushes up the twin pads at the same time to curl the lashes and hold into position for 15 seconds. Then slide the button back down and remove your lashes. TIP: FOR EXTRA LIFT & CURL AFTER YOU HAVE INSERTED YOUR LASHES AND SLID UP THE BUTTON WITH LASHES INSIDE, TILT THE CURLER AT 90 DEGREES TO YOUR FACE - HOLD FOR 10 SECS THEN REMOVE.

3. Now apply mascara for beautiful tight lash curls that last all day or night.

Note: Please turn iCurl off after each use. Wipe iCurl clean with a piece of damp cloth. Do not wash iCurl in water.

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Underwhelmed - 25-01-2012 by

Received this product around 20 days ago.
Thought it would be a great solution to my fine and impossible to curl eyelashes. It seems not work in the way I had hoped, since the eyelashes don't remain curled under the packet instructions.
I have found it to be pretty good if you follow up with a cool standard metal eyelash curler, which seems to set the warmed eyelashes.
However, one of the supposed two heated pads seems to no longer heat, as it remains the original red colour. The on/off light no longer operates. I would say the actual quality of build, for $50, is questionable.

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