6 Body Care Products Every Man Should Have in His Bathroom

Let’s face it: it’s easy to prioritise caring for the skin on your face.

Not only do you look at your mug every day, but you also shave it regularly.

Taking care of the skin on your body, though, often gets neglected. This skin is just as important.

Here are my top six products for making sure you look your best all over...

1. The weightless alternative to men’s body lotion - Biologi Bf Restore Face & Body Serum

What it does: Composed of just a single ingredient—Australian Finger Lime Extract—Biologi Bf Restore Face & Body Serum offers the ultimate way to restore the skin on your body without heaviness. The phytoactives in Finger Lime restore, soothe, and repair skin while boosting hydration levels. This serum will help tackle any pigmentation on your body, restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier, and protect from free radicals.

Why we love it: If the idea of using separate hand cream and men’s body cream isn’t for you, this is a great all-in-one. The formula is also vegan and cruelty-free. It’s also sustainably and ethically sourced in Australia. Win!

2. The definitive men’s body care set - Hunter Lab Hand & Body Kit

What it does: Hunter Lab was created for the modern hunter: the man who wants to work hard, play hard, and look and smell his best. The Hunter Lab Hand & Body Kit features everything you need to start your bodycare journey. A luxurious body cleanser filled with Sea Minerals effectively cleans the skin without drying. The body lotion is weightless and can be used as a hand cream too. It’s rich in Glycerine to hydrate and luxurious plant oils to nourish and restore.

Why we love it: Not only are the formulas excellent, but the chic, modern, masculine packaging looks great in any bathroom. This duo is vegan and cruelty-free, too.

3. The pumice-powered men’s body scrub - Grown Alchemist Intensive Body Exfoliant

What it does: We all know the importance of exfoliating the skin on your face to reduce congestion and bring fresh new skin to the surface. Your body needs exactly the same treatment to prevent ingrown hairs and leave you feeling supple. Cruelty-free, vegan Grown Alchemist Intensive Body Exfoliant contains Activated Charcoal to draw out dirt and dead skin cells. Pumice Stone provides a strong physical exfoliant.

Why we love it: Men’s skin tends to be on the thicker side and benefits from truly deep exfoliation. The essential oils in the formula immediately invigorate the senses, and skin is left feeling next-level smooth.

4. The cosmeceutical kit for the cosmopolitan man - Medik8 Smooth Body Exfoliating Kit

What it does: Medik8 Smooth Body Exfoliating Kit combines chemical and physical exfoliation to create a transformative men’s body scrub. Lactic Acid exfoliates the surface of the skin while drawing in moisture. Salicylic Acid goes deep into the pores to remove blockages, congestion, and oil. Bamboo Microparticles and Pumice Stone help buff away dead skin. The body lotion is full of Shea Butter to nourish and restore skin, while Sodium Hyaluronate draws in further moisture.

Why we love it: Medik8 utilises the best of science to get the ultimate results for the skin on your face. If you’ve already discovered how much of a difference a cosmeceutical formula can make to your skin, why not invest in the same science-powered formulas for your body?

5. The hand care kit for men on the go - Aesop Adventurer Roll Up

What it does: Here’s the ultimate trio to keep your hands clean, sanitised, and hydrated on the go. Aesop Adventurer Roll Up features Rinse-Free Hand Wash, scented with Aesop’s iconic Resurrection scent, to sanitise hands instantly. This kit also has Rinse-Free Hand Mist, the latest addition to the Aesop cleansing regimen. This mist leaves hands feeling clean with zero stickiness—a side effect that can come from heavy use of gel-based sanitisers.

Why we love it: The cult classic Aromatique Hand Balm infuses hands and cuticles with intense moisture. This trifecta is all wrapped up in a recycled cotton pouch to keep your hands clean and hydrated wherever you are.

6. The chic hand cream for your desk - Grown Alchemist Hand Cream

What it does: Grown Alchemist Hand Cream is vegan and certified organic, and infuses skin with moisture without feeling greasy. Vanilla and Orange Peel smell refreshing without being too much, and Antioxidants help prevent oxidative stress. Aloe Vera helps soothe skin that’s been stripped by harsh soaps, and Sea Buckthorn Oil is rich in omega fatty acids.

Why we love it: When constantly washing and sanitising hands, it’s important that you always have a moisturising cream handy (pun intended) to ensure skin stays healthy and hydrated. You're left with a hand cream that not only looks great on your desk but also smells great and delivers on performance.

Body care tips: Now that your body care arsenal is complete, here are my two biggest men’s body care tips:

  • Remember to exfoliate your body two to three times a week to ensure smooth, healthy skin.

  • Moisturiser immediately after getting out of the shower to lock in hydration.

In no time, you’ll be glowing all over.

Body care can be incredibly simple while providing great results. Once you see how great your skin can look all over, you’re going to be hooked! Keep it simple and enjoy the glow.

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