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Medik8 Super C30 Potent Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum 30ml 30ml

4.5 of 55 reviews


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4 instalments of $22.25

Or 4 instalments of $22.25 with LEARN MORE

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High performance, high strength. If you want to banish pigmentation and fight visible signs of ageing, the Medik8 Super C30 is for you! This fast-absorbing serum will work to smooth the appearance of lines, even skin tone and banish dull skin to unveil a youthful, radiant and healthy-looking complexion. 

  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

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GREAT - 89% recommend

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Medik8 Super C30 Potent Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum 30ml

Medik8 Super C30 Potent Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum 30ml

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Medik8 Super C30 Potent Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum 30ml Reviews

4.5 of 55 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love it


Much more effective than the c tetra range. Big improvement in post inflammatory pigmentation. Oily consistency but absorbs into the skin so fast.

Most Helpful Criticism

This is intense as the name suggests


41 yo with combination fair skin. This is much too strong And irritating for my skin. Leaves me red with dry patches on my face and neck and causes my moisturiser to sting afterwards. I much prefer the aspect vitamin c serum which made my skin clear and glowy.
  1. Super strong Vitamin C serum

    Cara Marrone

    The packaging on this product is correct - it is potent. A little bit goes a long way. I only need 2-3 drops for my whole face. It smells beautiful. It is in a silky texture base as vit c is unstable in water. I would recommend using this without toner as it can sting. I love the packaging with the dropper and the dark glass that protects it from UV light. Be careful, I get acne (mainly hormonal) ...
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  2. Love it


    Much more effective than the c tetra range. Big improvement in post inflammatory pigmentation. Oily consistency but absorbs into the skin so fast.
  3. Good


    verified purchaser
    I have been using this serum for at least 1 year and is awesome. Is a littl bit oily when you just applied bur dry outs fast leaving a nice sensation on the skin. Be careful with the bottle !! mine broke one time.
  4. This is intense as the name suggests


    41 yo with combination fair skin. This is much too strong And irritating for my skin. Leaves me red with dry patches on my face and neck and causes my moisturiser to sting afterwards. I much prefer the aspect vitamin c serum which made my skin clear and glowy.
  5. Too strong for me


    verified purchaser
    For reference: 47 yo, dry skin. (Adorebeauty: can you please include an option for reviews where people enter their age/skin type - makes a big difference to what products will suit !!!) I found this too strong for me. Lovely very light oil-type formula / texture, but irritated my skin. I've had this reaction to other strong Vitamin C's and TBH not sure what exactly Vitamin C does for my s...
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  6. Definity worth the investment.


    I've been consistently using this product for quite a while & the result are outstanding. Been using it every morning & skin appears youthful, radiant & the serum is fast-absorbing.

    Haven't had any irritations using this product.
    Definity worth the investment.
  7. Love the oily consistency


    verified purchaser
    I love the oily consistency of this product, my skin is on the drier side so it gives me great hydration and leaves it looking nice and glowy. Sits really well with my other products and under make-up.
  8. Greasy, not really help for pigmentation


    verified purchaser
    I have been using this for a month.
    At first, I was a bit worried because of the strong percentage of vitaC, but it was not really irritate my skin much, just a little tingling for a minute and then gone.
    For the brightening effect, i have not seen much different.
    Maybe need longer time of use or my pigmentation is too difficult to treat.
    The texture is a bit greasy, still ...
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  9. love!


    I've been looking for a quality vitamin c product to encorporate into my skincare for a while. Some that a tried were a weaker concentration and did nothing for me. Recently I read about how powerful vitamin c is for not only skin brightening but pigmentation, fighting signs only aging and acne as well.
    This product is more of an oil which i was nervous about at the start. No need to be thou...
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  10. Super hydrating and brightening


    verified purchaser
    I use this every single morning and have experienced no irritation at all. Has a bit of an oily texture and might not be great for someone with oily skin - but my dry skin loves it! Has definitely helped with the pigmentation on my face and made my skin look brighter!
  11. Love it


    The first vitamin C I've ever used, and it's been nearly 6 months now and I still look forward to using it every day. I have used about half a bottle, and I've been applying it every day.
    My skin is brighter, and has a glow. I also love the tingle it gives my skin!
  12. ouch


    I usually love everything by Medik8, and have recommended them to many people. However, this product gave my skin an awful reaction! My skin went bright red with lumps and bumps and dryness. Itchy and gross. Will take at least a week to fix. I checked it on my neck to make sure that it was the product that did it and sure enough! Ouch :/
  13. Great for beginners!


    It’s my first time using a Vitamin C and I was recommended to start on this product from a girlfriend who is a beautician. I generally have quite sensitive skin, and this didn’t cause any irritation at all. I’m a week into this product now and I it’s really changing my skin positively!
  14. For pigmentation (rather than aging, etc)


    The vita c ingredient is this product targets pigmentation (rather than aging skin etc, which uses a different type of vita c ingredient). Its amazing! But you need to be very patient with this, give it 6-8 weeks for real results (people say it takes 6-8 weeks without any vita c for post-acne pigmentation to fade, but using this product really helped me expedite the process)
  15. Super strong vit C


    I've been looking for a high potency vitamin C serum for so long, so glad I found this which has 30%, which is amazing for your skin! Still, early days to notice results but I think because of how strong the serum is it's been stinging my face which I haven't experienced before from a vit c serum.
  16. Orange & intense


    This oil goes on well and you don’t need a lot. It has quite a strong orange scent which is nice. Some days I feel a stinging sensation when I use it, but after a minute or so it subsided. I feel like my skin has never looked better.
  17. My everyday go to!


    This product has become my daily staple and to be honest I can't see me ever giving it up! It has made a huge difference to my skin, it's brighter and more even and has really helped to plump it up and reduce fine lines (I use it in conjunction with Medik8 Retinol at night). Really lovely product and will definitely keep using!!
  18. Bright and glowy


    I saw an instant glow when I started using this, sadly the top cracked because I closed it too tightly and I was only halfway through the bottle. I would repurchase but it's something to be wary of
  19. Love this product!


    After finishing a couple of bottles of the C-Tetra product, i decided to move on to a stronger Vitamin C level and i am loving the results! The Super C30 has effectively faded my pigmentation (combination, acne prone skin) and brightened my complexion. I have had great results!
  20. my favourite

    ashley wild

    I love the medik8 cosmeceutical range. I've used many vitamin C brands in the past 8 years and this is the one I'd repurchase. This vitamin C absorbs quickly, has a great texture and has helped brightened my complexion in conjunction with skin needling. nil odour either!
  21. My skin already feels softer and more hydrated


    I expected a good result from this as it was recommended to me by a beautician. So far, my skin feels softer, more hydrated and is even glowing. It tingled when I first used it - but not anymore. I feel like my skin texture and tone have improved a bit too, however, I'm still in the first month of using this product, so may need a bit longer to really see all the results.
  22. Awesome


    I love this vitamin c serum. It sinks straight in and your leaves your skin hydrated and dry to touch. I have sensitive skin, prone to redness and this has hasn't caused any irritation and I have been using every morning. Great product!
  23. Great vitamin c


    I previously used the Kora Organics Vitamin c, and thought I would change to a cosmeceutical vitamin c. I use this every morning after cleansing and before moisturiser.
    I haven’t had any irritation at all. I’m about half way through the bottle and can see a change, my skin looks smoother.
    It has a nice citrus smell, and absorbs nicely.
  24. IT WORKS!!


    I have been using medik8 c30 just over a week now
    already starting to see results
    My dark spots are starting to fade away.
    Have tried many vitamin c products this is
    THE BEST!! it actually WORKS!!

    will repurchase again.
  25. This is fantastic!


    I’ve tried a few vitamin c products but none has worked as well as this one. It has made a noticeable difference to my pigmentation in quite a short period of time - I love it.
  26. Excellent


    Best vitamin C I've used. I was worried at first about it being too "potent" on my sensitive skin but this did not cause any irritations. This leaves my skin glow and hydrated!
  27. The best Vitamin C Serum.


    People who have irritation, please be advised that you need to use C-Tetra first. Never start with intense+ or super c30 products. The skin needs basically time to adopt before you can use other stronger formulas. I don't also understand why some are applying Vitamin C at night? That's not how it works. Please do some research first or consult your dermatologist. You need to use Retinol (vitamin ...
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  28. Glowing skin!


    So far this product has been amazing. It has a light citrus scent, sinks in immediately and everytime I use it it leaves my skin absolutely glowing. Normally vitamin C serums have left my skin dried out, but not this one. I would definetly consider repurchasing.
    I haven't experienced any tingling on application, but I have used vitamin C before so maybe this is why? This is a great option to...
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  29. Take this product slowly - for me every second night gives the best results!


    This a great vitamin C serum - but for me every 2nd to 3rd night only as it can cause irritation.
    My mature skin has dulled over the years so I do need a product like this & the result has made people comment.
    Love the fresh citrus aroma when I apply it!
  30. My new fave!


    I have sensitive, normal/dry skin and have been using this product for quite a few months with great success. I didn't realise how gentle it was until I recently had an unfortunate experience of another Vit C product (with (L-ascorbic acid) severely burning my skin in a facial. I never feel irritated with this product, worth the price. Very impressed with Medik8 products!
  31. glow


    glowing skin! love this product
  32. Definitely works! Amazing Vitamin C


    This product has definitely changed the texture and hyper-pigmentation of my skin. You will feel a tingling sensation if your skin is slightly dry or damaged (scratch or sun damage), so keep that in mind. Overall, effective Vitamin C. Will re-purchase again!
  33. Amazing


    I received a luxury sample of this. The vitamin C serum is really moist and has the effect of brightening. Will buy full size next time.
  34. Great Vitamin C


    I really love this Vitamin C and it's the best I've used so far. I like the slight citrusy smell, it goes on beautifully and gets absorbed quickly. I think it contributes to better overall skin as part of my skin regime.
  35. Great for mature skins


    I bought this for my mum after a recommendation from the Adore Beauty chat people.

    Mum and I have both noticed a change in her skin, it looks more bright and alive.

    After just a month of using it we have definitely seen changes and I can't wait to see the continual improvements!

    If you have mature skin you should definitely give this a try!
  36. This brand is just so good


    I’ve only been using this product a few weeks so not seeing the full effects yet but you can tell the quality of the ingredients straight away.
    It has a warm tingling sensation when applied which is what I want from a potent vitamin c.
    I have an oily skin type and find this is ok on its own or sealed in with a light moisturiser - it does have a slightly tacky consistency
  37. Great product


    Really likes this serum. It was quickly soaked up into my skin and feels lovely when applied. I oddly like the slight chemical smell too :) Saw brightening results on this too and leaves my skin feeling really bright and light. Adding it to my favourites for sure.
  38. Love it !


    I absolutely love the feel of this vitamin c, my skin seems a little brighter already and it’s only been a week . Can’t wait to see after a month .
  39. Love love love


    I love this! So much better than other much more expensive brands I’ve used. Brightens and has definitely lightened my pigmentation in a matter of weeks
  40. Potent, non-irritating, nice scent and fades pigmentation


    I have tried so many vitamin c serums and I ALWAYS find myself coming back to this product - it is just amazing. It reminds me of a dry oil almost because it absorbs into the skin almost immediately and I notice an instant brightening in my overall complexion and fading of pigmentation. The scent is lovely and the formulation is not oily, sticky or anything unpleasant. This really is a wonderful p...
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  41. Amazing


    I am currently using the Vitamin C serum with the B5 serum. It dries so quick then I put on my sunscreen and leave for the day. My skin looks brighter and pigmentation marks are slowly settling.
  42. I love this Serum!


    I am on my third bottle of this serum and I love it. I have had a lot of skin pigmentation in the past but have had a Dermamelan peel to remove most of it, but this serum was great as a preventative when used with sunscreen in the morning.
  43. Strong Vitamin C


    I usually use the Medik8 C Tetra which I finds works well with my sensitive skin.
    I bought the C30 Potent to try and find its too strong for my skin type. It has a more distinctive citrus scent unlike the C Tetra and stings on any sensitive or open nicks on the skin. Most probably more ideal for someone with normal to dry skin wanting a rich vitamin C serum. I'll most probably go back to my...
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  44. Experienced Vit C Users Only - This irritated my skin badly


    I purchased this after reading all the amazing reviews and wanting to incorporate a Vitamin C Serum into my regime to combat pigmentation and wrinkles.
    I only used a tiny amount in the AM and by night my skin was angry, red, itchy and I had hundreds of small bumps under my skin. It was just way too strong for my skin. My skin is not sensitive and is normally really hardy. I’m devastated that...
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  45. Amazing vitamin C serum


    This is such a great vitamin C serum and leaves you with such a nice glow! I use in the morning on top of my Medik8 B5 and the two together are a dream. Calms any redness, gives you a lovely glow, absorbs so well and is dry to touch very quickly. Makeup also sits well and looks great.
  46. Instant result


    I have used Vitamin C serums in the past, and have seen nice results in about 1.5-2 weeks of continuous use. With this serum it took just couple of days to see the first result. My skin tone got more even and bright, and the fine lines appear minimised.
    You only need few drops of this serum, so it will last long. Great product!
  47. Beautiful vitamin c


    Medik8 is such a beautiful brand. High potency vitamin c...I have used a few different ones and this medik8 is my favourite. My skin is much more healthy and gooey looking. Smells lovely and helping fade the last of my areas of pigmentation. Quite pricey brand but their products last ages as you don’t need to use much each time. I’ll be sticking with this vitc for a while
  48. Luminous Skin

    Forever Young

    As a dermal therapist I am all about results - Vitamin C enhances collagen production and the Medik8 Super c30 is one of the best I have ever used - its stabilised formulation is lightweight and leaves no residue.
    Super C30 is the perfect serum if your wanting brighter more luminous skin!
  49. Very tingly


    I use this along side hydrate B5 serum, it's very tingly on my sensitive skin but has not irritated it.
    Sits well under make up, haven't seen huge changes but have only started using it.
  50. Great product


    I am really liking this serum, I have been using it now for a few weeks and think it is making a difference to the texture & appearance of my skin. I use a vitamin A cream and this compliments it nicely. I can’t use it every day as it is a strong serum so I use it on alternate mornings and that is working well.
  51. Effective Vitamin C Serum


    This clear, lightweight, dry-touch serum absorbs very quickly, I found that I would experience a tingle if my skin wasn’t dry after cleansing, otherwise I experienced no irritation. I never had any interactions with my other skincare as this has no tacky finish, and sunscreen and makeup layer as if nothing is under it.

    This serum has noticeably brightened and kept my pigmentation down...
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  52. Great vitamin C serum


    One of the best I’ve used. Feels great on skin, layers nicely under makeup. Notice improvement in condition of skin.
  53. A must have product


    Ive tried numerous vitamin c products and I’m always scrptical but in truth this is by far the product that has had the most positive effect on my skin appearance. The significant visual difference to the overall appearance on my partially sun damaged skin has proven its claims to do so.
    It’s worth the money and an excellent addition to my daily skincare regimen.
  54. Calming


    I suffer from mild rosacea and this calms the redness down a lot!! Lightweight product, don't need a lot. Use it morning and night and have seen a major difference.
  55. Too strong for sensitive skin

    Amy T

    I am a massive fan of Vitamin C serums and have loved and repurchased the old CE Tetra and C Tetra countless times but won’t be repurchasing this one. This product is just way too strong for my sensitive skin- it really stings for a while after application- which, if it left me looking like a Disney Princess I would be ok with. Realistically I have had the same results with the other “weaker” vita...
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  56. the best


    Love this product, it really works. my essential beauty prduct for sure
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