What's the Best Way to Apply Pressed Powder?

Pressed powder is easier to work with than loose powder and more portable. Still, it's important to know the best way to apply your pressed powder for a flawless-looking complexion.

Loose powder has its advantages but comes in bulky packages and spills easily. The ingenious addition of waxes and emollients to loose powder resulted in convenient compacts of pressed powder.

Pressed powder has a heavier finish than loose powder, so a light handed is needed, but the former is generally a lot less messy! Here's how to apply your pressed powder in order to prevent a cakey finish and ensure a flawless-looking complexion.


What's the Best Way to Apply Pressed Powder?What's the Best Way to Apply Pressed Powder?

Prepping your skin for powder and other makeup

Before you tackle any kind of makeup, you should properly moisturise your skin. Moisturiser nourishes, protects, and forms an even base for makeup application.

Once you've moisturised, use a primer to smooth the skin and add extra hold to makeup. You can get additional benefits from primers too, such as radiance, extra hydration, oil control, or pore minimisation. Using a primer is essential if you want your makeup to go on evenly and stay all day.


What's the Best Way to Apply Pressed Powder?What's the Best Way to Apply Pressed Powder?


Applying pressed powder

Powder can be used either over foundation to set makeup in place, or as coverage itself for a lightweight base. We don't recommend you use a tinted powder on top of a heavy foundation base though, as things can go a bit too cakey!

If you're using a powder foundation, use a large, full brush to evenly distribute the product over your face for an even finish. Use light sweeping motions, and then gently buff the product in. We recommend the Real Techniques Powder Brush  for a smooth finish.

If you're using a setting powder or mattifying powder, it's best to apply the product judiciously. If you have oily skin, concentrate your powder on the oilier areas. Dab with a small brush such as the Inika Blush Brush  and just lightly sweep over other parts of your face. If you have normal, combination, or dry skin, then sweep all over and avoid pressing powder in.

Some powders, such as Bobbi Brown Nude Finish Illuminating Powder Nude , leave a beautiful and subtle highlight whilst helping to set makeup. Apply such powders with a large brush only to areas you want to glow. Focus on the cheekbones, forehead, centre of the nose, chin, and décolletage.

Most pressed powder compacts come with a sponge or puff that works well for dabbing on powder but may be too dense for a light sweep. Use a specific powder brush instead with a light hand for natural and even results.

What's the Best Way to Apply Pressed Powder?What's the Best Way to Apply Pressed Powder?

Topping up your powder

One of the best things about pressed powder is that it's much better for topping up makeup throughout the day without coating yourself in a dusting of powder.

Before powdering, it's important to use blotting paper or a tissue to remove excess oil from your face. Otherwise, your powder won't sit evenly. Reapply your powder as you applied it initially, patting it into oily areas and sweeping over other areas for light distribution.

Using pressed powder is one of the best ways to ensure your makeup looks flawless all day long. Remember to use a light hand and dust only those areas that actually need powdering for a beautiful final look.


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