Our Top 5 Best Primers for Redness in 2020

Neutralise redness in your complexion by adding a primer to your beauty routine.

Tackling redness with your skincare routine is a great start. But applying an anti-redness primer before your makeup is the perfect way to further neutralise discolouration. We’ve picked out some of our favourite primers for the job.

Clinique Superprimer Face Primer - model touches chin and has 3 different shades of primer on her cheek -  500 x 386Clinique Superprimer Face Primer - model touches chin and has 3 different shades of primer on her cheek -  500 x 386

"I really enjoy this primer! It's so good at correcting redness and smooths out my skin as well! Primers are what Napoleon does best! " - Anna ★★★★★

The best way to counteract redness is with green pigments. Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Calming Primer has a green-tinted formula to actively balance red tones in the skin. However, this primer is more than just a colour-corrector. It’s bursting with soothing ingredients to help combat the causes of redness and protect skin against environmental aggressors and dehydration.

Don’t just tackle the appearance of redness with your primer; combat the causes too. Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Calming Primer contains antioxidant Vitamin E, which not only shields skin from free radical damage but also works to actively calm inflammation and sensitivity. This product is also enriched with hydrators Erythritol and Sorbitol to nourish the skin and prevent dryness and dehydration.

Creating the perfect canvas for makeup application, the Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Calming Primer effortlessly smooths and evens out both skin texture and tone for a truly flawless finish. The primer can also be worn on its own to minimise redness on no-makeup days.

"I love the texture of this primer! I have sensitive skin and this primer makes it a perfect base for my makeup - leaving the skin feeling smooth, velvety and even." - Ellie ★★★★★

Clinique Superprimer Face Primer comes in a variety of finishes and tints, depending on your skincare concerns. Superprimer for redness is perfect for banishing florid skin tones and creating a perfectly even complexion that’s ready for makeup application.

Creates the perfect makeup base for long-lasting and even coverage. With its lightweight texture, the Clinique Superprimer Face Primer applies smoothly to skin, diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, and imperfections to create your makeup canvas. This primer is perfect for all skin types, and the oil-free formula doesn’t clog pores or cause skin congestion.

The light tint of the redness primer helps neutralise redness, applies evenly, and stays colour-true from application to removal. To apply the face primer, either smooth it all over the entire face or concentrate on particular areas of redness. Superprimer can be applied with a makeup sponge or fingertips; either way, the Clinique Superprimer Face Primer makes for seamless makeup application.

"This is my favourite primer, I've tried others but always go back to this one. I think it reduces redness only slightly, which is all I think you can really hope for. But it works wonders under foundation for all day wear. Love it." - Taryn ★★★★★

Dry and dehydrated skin can be prone to redness, especially during a sensitivity flare-up. Although your skincare routine can rebalance your skin and reduce inflammation, MAKE UP FOR EVER Redness Correcting Primer will improve the appearance of redness and further boost hydration and radiance.

Boost radiance and hydration in dry skin while neutralising redness for a perfect makeup canvas. Containing unique Green Spectraflex pigments, which apply transparently to subtly while effectively neutralising red tones within the skin.

These special green pigments also help to boost radiance in dull and dehydrated skin, for a brighter and clearer complexion. In addition to balancing uneven skin tones, this primer smooths the skin with moisturising agents so makeup applies seamlessly and skin stays hydrated throughout the day.

"I get redness around my nose and have hyperpigmentation on my forehead and this primer helps cover that all up" - B ★★★★☆

If you have an intensive skincare regimen and like to wear a full face of makeup, you may be averse to adding another step to your beauty regimen. If you fear clogging your complexion with too many products, you may want to avoid silicone-based primers and rich primer creams. But L'Oreal Paris Infallible Primer - 02 Anti Redness has an incredibly lightweight formulation, so you can still tackle redness while allowing your skin to breathe.

The most lightweight primer formula to tackle redness while letting skin breathe. Leaving just an ultra-thin film behind without any greasy or oily residue, Infallible Primer Anti Redness manages to tackle redness head-on with green micropigments, which restore balance and neutralise discolouration. Working just like a photo filter, this primer creates the perfect makeup canvas and can even be worn on its own to reduce redness on no-makeup days. Adding a primer to your routine doesn’t have to overwhelm your skin. You can still enjoy the anti-redness benefits of primer without a heavy feeling.

"I was very late to the party on this one, wasted money on colour correctors and never felt it blended or made my skin look any better. This product is honestly a god send. I have paper white skin but deal with redness and it colour corrected everything and looked like my bare skin. If you have fair skin this will be a everyday go to for you. Works wonders under foundation too." - Robyn ★★★★★

Discolouration in the skin is common, and it’s even more common to struggle with multiple different pigmentation issues as opposed to one problem area. Mirenesse 10 Collagen Cushion Tone Correcting Primer aims to tackle all aspects of discolouration with one gorgeous compact.

The ultimate all-in-one, colour-correcting primer for combating unwanted skin tones. The primer formula is infused with skin-loving ingredients to boost hydration and stimulate collagen production for a healthier and more radiant complexion. To use, apply directly to the face and neck all over. Or use as individual colour-correctors. Mirenesse 10 Collagen Cushion Tone Correcting Primer can be worn beneath makeup to create an even skin tone, or worn alone to combat discolouration on no-makeup days. Use the 3 shades individually for targeted spot-correcting or mixed together to create a flawless canvas that supports your makeup application.

This marbled compact includes:

  • Mint to correct redness

  • Apricot to correct dark circles, sunspots, and veins

  • Banana to combat dullness and brighten the complexion

Best Primers for Redness in 2019 - Napleon Perdis Auto Pilot Calming PrimerBest Primers for Redness in 2019 - Napleon Perdis Auto Pilot Calming Primer

So, let's recap our Top 5 Best Primers For Redness

  1. Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Calming Primer

  2. Clinique Superprimer Face Primer

  3. MAKE UP FOR EVER Redness Correcting Primer

  4. L'Oreal Paris Infallible Primer - 02 Anti Redness

  5. Mirenesse 10 Collagen Cushion Tone Correcting Primer

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