The 12 Best Mineral Makeup & Cosmetics Products in 2019

Venture into the world of mineral makeup and mineral cosmetics to nurture your skin.

With its typically non-clogging formulas and shine-free finishes, mineral makeup is worthy of love—and our skin loves us for it too! Discover some of our top picks, whether you’re looking to try mineral makeup and cosmetics for the first time or just fancy expanding your collection.

Inika Loose Mineral Foundation 8g

A 3-in-1 concealer, foundation, and powder, perfect for enhancing natural skin tone and suitable for all skin types. Enriched with powerful antioxidants, which work to reduce inflammation and protect skin against environmental aggressors, Inika Loose Mineral Foundation is as much skincare as it is makeup. Like all Inika products, this foundation is perfect for those who suffer from skin sensitivities and flare-ups. It’s also an ideal pick for those who want to use fewer harsh chemicals on their skin.

Inika Loose Mineral Foundation

Inika Loose Mineral Foundation is the perfect way to even out your complexion and add SPF protection without clogging skin and pores. Acting as a concealer, foundation, and powder, this vegan loose powder is perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin, dry skin, and oilier complexions.

Available in a selection of natural skin shades and tones, this powder foundation blends flawlessly. Only a small amount of product is needed to even out your complexion and eradicate discolouration. To apply, simply dip the bristles of a kabuki brush into the powder and sweep down the centre of your face, working outwards. For full coverage, buff the powder into your skin using circular motions.

Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream 50ml

Blur the boundaries between makeup and skincare: enjoy the coverage of foundation along with the benefits of a moisturiser. Antioxidant-rich Grapefruit Extract helps protect skin from environmental aggressors and also brightens dull skin. Apple Fruit Extract lightly tones the skin for a fresher and more hydrated look and feel. Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream also contains Tamarind Extract, a natural alpha-hydroxy acid, which removes dead skin cells for a smoother complexion. This makeup-and-skincare hybrid is infused with broad-spectrum SPF. The water-resistant formula makes it the perfect product for days in the sun.

Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream

Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream provides flawless coverage to enhance your complexion but is also full of skin-loving ingredients to protect and nourish your skin from morning to night.

Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream is suitable for all skin types, but we love this one for dry skin. While most mineral foundations are loose powders best suited to normal and oily skin, this BB cream applies seamlessly to even the driest of complexions and provides the hydration boost skin needs.

Youngblood Loose Mineral Foundation

Ideal for building coverage from sheer to full, while remaining undetectable and skin-like. Youngblood Loose Mineral Foundation was originally invented to help camouflage post-surgical scarring, defeating the myth that mineral foundations can’t offer a high-coverage finish. Perfectly buildable, from sheer to full, the Youngblood Loose Mineral Foundation remains natural-looking on the skin, boosting vitality and radiance while providing a flawless base. Suitable for all skin types and available in several shades, Loose Mineral Foundation uses light-reflecting Mica to provide colour and radiance, Titanium Dioxide to protect skin from UV rays, and Iron Oxides for additional colour.

Youngblood Loose Mineral Foundation

Youngblood Loose Mineral Foundation is best for combination and oily skin, but the finely milled formulation won’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles on mature skin. This foundation is also perfect for sensitive skin and for covering everything from birthmarks and tattoos to acne and scars.

Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation

The perfect mineral foundation for providing intense hydration to dry skin. Containing Youngblood’s unique Deep Sea Hydrating Complex, the Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation is also rich in ocean minerals. Iron, potassium, magnesium, and copper deliver an instant hydration surge and then lock in moisture all day long. This product is also infused with active ingredients such as Green Tea, Cucumber, and Calendula to soothe and protect the skin. Providing medium coverage, the Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation can be worn alone for a dewy finish or under Loose Mineral Foundation for extra coverage.

Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation

Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation is more than a foundation designed to perfect the appearance of skin. This foundation is bursting with hydrators to nourish normal and dry complexions, offering smoother makeup application and a radiant look and feel.

asap pure base mineral makeup 7g

The best product to prepare your skin for makeup and minimise shine throughout the day. A light-diffusing loose powder with translucent colour, designed to prime your skin before mineral makeup application for a smooth and shine-free finish. This unique powder has an ultra-fine, non-greasy texture that minimises shine and reduces excess oils without dulling skin. Instead, you see a gorgeous, natural glow. Asap pure base mineral makeup uses natural clay Kaolin to absorb excess oils. Titanium Dioxide provides UV protection and diffuses light for a soft-focus finish. This powder is non-comedogenic, making it perfect for all skin types, including congested and oily complexions.

asap pure base mineral makeup

To apply, simply sweep over the face with a large, fluffy brush, concentrating on typically oily areas such as the T-zone. asap pure base mineral makeup can be used on its own to control shine or worn underneath makeup.

Jane Iredale PurePressed Pressed Minerals Refill

An effortless way to top up SPF throughout the day while providing coverage and controlling shine. This oil-free formula is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin that may react to non-mineral sunscreens. But SPF isn’t the only skincare benefit of this anti-ageing face powder. It also contains antioxidants such as Pine Bark Extract and Pomegranate Seed to protect and repair skin. Algae Extract, which is rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, is added to boost collagen production. Because this makeup contains Boron Nitride, a natural astringent to calm redness and skin irritation, the sheer coverage can camouflage discolouration of the skin as it soothes sensitivity.

Jane Iredale PurePressed Pressed Minerals Refill

Topping up your sunscreen can be difficult, especially if you’re already wearing makeup. Jane Iredale PurePressed Pressed Minerals Refill is an easy solution that includes broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection in a sheer, semi-matte finish. Feeling completely weightless on the skin, this compact pressed powder can be reapplied throughout the day to ensure maximum protection against environmental aggressors.

Colorescience Even Up 30ml

Perfect for providing SPF protection, and smoothing and unifying skin ahead of makeup application. Using light-diffusing pigments, Even Up instantly boosts skin radiance for a youthful and healthy glow. Although this product can be worn alone as a skin perfector, it can also be worn under makeup to ensure even makeup application and lock a look down from morning to night. To apply, smooth a small amount over the face. Concentrate on areas of need, such as hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Colorescience Even Up

Colorescience Even Up is a high-performance face primer and sunscreen that has as many skincare benefits as it does makeup benefits. Containing a cocktail of Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide to protect skin from sun damage, this primer also helps brighten skin and minimise hyperpigmentation over time with Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Even Up primer also contains Cotton Seed Oil and Linseed Oil, which work in unison to keep skin hydrated and healthy.

Designer Brands Natural Ground Minerals – Finishing Illuminator

Ideal for finishing off your makeup look and imparting a natural radiance to your complexion. This is the perfect final step in any beauty routine, designed to brighten your complexion with a natural glow. However, as with all mineral makeup, this product isn’t just gorgeous; it’s also packed full of nourishing mineral ingredients to care for your skin over time.

Designer Brands Natural Ground Minerals – Finishing Illuminator

Enclosed in an innovative grinder, Designer Brands Natural Ground Minerals – Finishing Illuminator transforms from a pressed powder to a loose powder, guaranteeing less mess and even product application.

This illuminator contains an expertly crafted cocktail of:

  • Poly-Peptides, which plump and firm your skin

  • Vitamin C and Vitamin E to provide antioxidant protection and reduce pigmentation

  • Green Tea Extract for its antibacterial properties

  • Sericite Mica to deliver a soft to touch feel to your skin

The mineral powder also contains natural SPF to protect against UVA and UVB rays.

Nude by Nature Pressed Matte Mineral Bronzer 10g

Boost your complexion with a natural-looking sunkissed tan, anytime. Not only does this mineral bronzer look gorgeous on skin; it’s also infused with skin-loving ingredients. Australian Kakadu Plum is rich in Vitamin C to protect and brighten your complexion. Cehami Extract provides extra hydration. Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Shea Butter nourish and soften the skin for a healthy look and feel. Offering complete versatility, this buildable bronzer can be applied lightly for a subtle glow or layered up for a darker contour.

Nude by Nature Pressed Matte Mineral Bronzer

Nude by Nature Pressed Matte Mineral Bronzer is the perfect pick for enhancing your skin with a natural-looking tan. This powder bronzer boasts a highly pigmented formula, with pigments that adapt naturally to your skin tone for subtle sculpting and warmth. Nude by Nature Pressed Matte Mineral Bronzer has a semi-matte finish for a skin-like effect. The product also contains light-reflecting microparticles, which allow for seamless blending and natural luminosity.

Priori Minerals fx350 Uber Finishing Powder 12g

The ultimate companion for setting makeup in place and minimising free-radical damage. Beyond setting your makeup look, Priori Minerals fx350 Uber Finishing Powder also provides powerful antioxidant protection. The product is infused with 30 antioxidants, including Acai, Grape Seed, and Green Tea. These ingredients work together to protect skin against environmental aggressors, making this mineral powder a perfect choice for sensitive and reactive skin. Bonus: this powder can also be applied lightly to hair roots to absorb excess oil.

Priori Minerals fx350 Uber Finishing Powder 12g

Boost makeup longevity with Priori Minerals fx350 Uber Finishing Powder 12g, a mineral-based loose powder designed to set makeup in place and reduce shine. Simply dust the lightly milled Cornstarch formula over your finished makeup, and it’ll stay put from day to night.

Inika Mineral Eyeshadow 1.2g

Versatile, loose eyeshadows can be applied wet or dry and are perfect for even the most sensitive eyes. Extend your mineral makeup collection to eye makeup with long-lasting Inika Mineral Eyeshadow. Available in a selection of rich and vibrant shades, these highly pigmented powders can be applied wet or dry as both eyeshadow and eyeliner. Containing only the purest of ingredients, these eyeshadows are a great addition to any beauty arsenal, especially if you suffer from sensitivity around the eye area.

Inika Mineral Eyeshadow

To use Inika Mineral Eyeshadow, simply pick up a small amount of powder with the brush. Tap off the excess and apply as desired. We recommend applying your eye makeup prior to your face makeup when using loose powders. This approach prevents product fallout from ruining your makeup look.

These Inika Mineral Eyeshadow powders can be layered to create iridescent looks and blended with water for greater intensity.

M.A.C Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish 10g

Perfect for providing instant radiance, whether it’s an all-over glow or a stunning highlight. A finely milled, baked-powder formula, M.A.C Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish blends seamlessly into the skin for a liquid-highlighter finish and satin texture. This product can be applied dry for sheer coverage or applied wet for a more dramatic effect. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, these compact powders don’t accentuate pores, fine lines, or imperfections. Instead, you see only a skin-like, blurred finish. M.A.C Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish powders are available in a range of iridescent shades with different sheens.

M.A.C Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish

M.A.C Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish compact powders, known for their versatility and natural finishes, have gained cult status in the beauty industry. Whether you want to impart a sheer, luminous glow to your skin with all-over application, or highlight the highest points of your face for a sculpted look, these mineral powders are perfect for the job in hand.

The 12 Best Mineral Makeup & Cosmetics ProductsThe 12 Best Mineral Makeup & Cosmetics Products

So, let's recap the 12 Best Mineral Makeup & Cosmetics Products

  1. Inika Loose Mineral Foundation

  2. Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream

  3. Youngblood Loose Mineral Foundation

  4. Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation

  5. asap pure base mineral makeup

  6. Jane Iredale PurePressed Pressed Minerals Refill

  7. Colorescience Even Up

  8. Designer Brands Natural Ground Minerals – Finishing Illuminator

  9. Nude by Nature Pressed Matte Mineral Bronzer

  10. Priori Minerals fx350 Uber Finishing Powder 12g

  11. Inika Mineral Eyeshadow

  12. M.A.C Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish