How Can I Stop Makeup from Rubbing off on My Clothes?

Some women have resigned themselves to clothes covered in makeup. But if you're tired of foundation-smeared tops, changing your wardrobe isn't necessary. You can take a few steps to prevent skin-coloured blotches from ruining your style.

How Can I Stop Makeup from Rubbing off on My Clothes?How Can I Stop Makeup from Rubbing off on My Clothes?

Wear a Robe or Smock While You Get Ready

Apply your makeup in a robe or clothing you don’t actually plan to wear that day. This seems simple, but it really does make all the difference. It doesn't take that long to slip into and out of something protective.

If you're wearing something with a tight collar, such as a turtleneck, put it on first. Otherwise, you're sure to find makeup on your top after you pull it over your freshly made-up face. Because a robe won't reach your neck, stuff a couple of hankies into your collar until you're finished with your cosmetics routine.

Look for Foundations With Staying Power

Ensure your makeup is formulated to remain on your face for as long as possible. Long-wear liquid, stick, and cream foundations generally have better staying power, with sticks and creams at the top of the list.

Choose a formulation that's specifically advertised not to budge all day. Such makeup is less likely to transfer to your clothing. Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Long-Wear Foundation SPF15 is a solid formula that won’t rub off, all day long.

Tried and tested in extreme heat and humidity, this 16-hour formula is sweat and humidity-resistant. Flexible coverage won’t crease or streak and stays colour-true with a natural, multidimensional matte finish that’s comfortable, breathable, and weightless.

Prep Your Skin for Maximum Makeup Wear

Prep your skin so it's in optimal condition to keep makeup on throughout the day. If your skin is dry or dehydrated OR too moist or oily, foundation stains are far more likely to appear on your clothes. Proper cleansingexfoliation, and moisturisation before application are musts.

Try to find the best primer for your skin type with the least amount of silicone as possible. Although lots of great primers contain silicone or dimethicone, these ingredients can be a super-slippery slope. If your skin is even a touch oily, silicone is likely to cause your makeup to slide right off. Try Nude by Nature Airbrush Primer, which is silicone free.

Give your makeup a sultry, airbrushed finish by prepping skin with Nude by Nature Airbrush Primer. A transparent, whisper-light formula, this silky formula glides over skin, infusing your complexion with hydration and creating a smooth, even canvas for makeup application. This seamless-finish primer goes deeper than just perfecting in the moment, with a formula enriched with antioxidants for a unique dash of anti-ageing skincare that leaves the skin smooth, primed, and protected against environmental damage.

If you want a primer that really sinks in and almost grips the skin, not one meant to provide a smooth surface and no staying power. Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer - GOLD is a perfect water-based formula.

How Can I Stop Makeup from Rubbing off on My Clothes?How Can I Stop Makeup from Rubbing off on My Clothes?

Set Your Makeup to Keep It in Place

Set your foundation with a powder or spray. This last step is definitely one of the most important. Sheer sprays are your best bet for ensuring no marks are left on your clothing. Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray has been an essential in makeup artist kits for years. Powder is a little riskier, especially if it's not translucent, but do what you have to do to get that makeup to stick to your skin all day.

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray 118ml

Formualted for all skin types, the Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray is the Original Makeup Saver. This spray greatly extends makeup wear and refreshes fatigued colour, so your makeup will look flawless all day, and all night long.

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray 118ml

Hands-Off Maintenance

Little itches and stray hairs throughout the day may give you the urge to touch. But even the best foundation isn’t solid enough to resist budging during a hearty scratch or temple massage.

If you want to keep your makeup from smudging, don't put your hands near your face. Bonus points if you can train yourself to touch your face as little as possible on an everyday basis: you’ll see fewer breakouts.

Bear in mind that none of these strategies are foolproof. Your skin sometimes has a mind of its own. But these tips should help 99.9999% of you radically decrease the number of foundation stains on your clothes. Happy laundry days, as well as happy foundation days, are ahead.

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