What Bronzer is Best for Medium or Olive Skin?

Bronzers are great at enhancing medium and olive skin tones. In fact, to make the most of your complexion, a bronzer should be an essential step in your makeup routine.

But choosing the right shade of bronzer is often difficult. A product that's too light can wash you out, and something too dark will look muddy. Once you’ve found the perfect shade using our tips, you can enjoy all the benefits a bronzer can bring, including a sun-kissed glow and a healthier appearance.


What Bronzer is Best for Medium or Olive Skin?What Bronzer is Best for Medium or Olive Skin?

Why is it Important to Know My Skin's Undertone?

Choosing your bronzing shade isn’t all about your outright skin tone. Making the best colour choice really comes down to your skin’s natural undertone. Your undertones can be warm, cool, or neutral, and it’s important to know which you have in order to pick the perfect bronzing shade.

Your undertone determines how natural the bronzer looks on your own complexion. If you pick a bronzer with the wrong undertones, it will be immediately obvious and unnatural-looking.

If you have cool undertones, you will:

  • Suit silver jewellery better

  • Have visibly blue veins

  • Burn easily in the sun

If you have warm undertones, your will:

  • Look better in gold jewellery

  • Have greenish-looking veins

  • Tan easily

Neutral undertones can be more difficult to determine, as you may suit both metal types and either tan or burn. Olive skin is nearly always warm or neutral.


What Bronzer is Best for Medium or Olive Skin?What Bronzer is Best for Medium or Olive Skin?


What Bronzer Should I be Using for My Skin's Undertone?

Here are our recommendations for medium and olive skin tones, grouped by undertone:

Those with warm undertones will have the most choice out of everyone. Golden bronzers are the most popular on the market.

With a top of the line formula, this bronzing powder is the perfect choice for achieving a warm, sun-kissed look. Easy to blend and applies smoothly and evenly.

If you have neutral skin, a coppery shade that's neither too golden nor too pink will suit your complexion.

Benefit's bestselling Hoola Bronzing Powder, with a stunning bronze shade is perfect for creating an overall radiant and healthy look. Can be used as bronzer, contour and eyeshadow.

If you have cool undertones, you'll have a harder job picking an appropriate bronzer, but there are options out there. Consider a bronzer/blusher combination as the pink tones will favour your cool-toned skin. Think of rose gold as opposed to yellow gold or copper when looking at colours. Deliberate application is a must for a natural bronze look on cool skin, since tanning doesn't come naturally to you. You may be unfamiliar with how a tan would look on your own face!

Benefit Dallas bronzer/blush powder 9g

Giddy up! This combination bronzer and blush powder is here to save the day! With a lightweight, blendable formula, this will give your skin a beautiful and healthy radiance.

Benefit Dallas bronzer/blush powder 9g

Determining your undertone is just one aspect of choosing a bronzing shade. A colour intensity that complements your medium or olive skin tone is as important. Your bronzer should be one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone. It’s crucial that you don’t go too light, as this can wash you out.

The most flattering type of bronzer for a medium or olive skin tone is a matte bronzer, as this will enhance your skin’s natural warmth. If you want to add shimmer, try using a highlighter as well as bronzing.

Liquid, cream, and gel bronzers work well on medium and olive skin tones, as you can achieve a matte finish whilst still looking dewy—not sparkly.

If you have medium or olive skin, chances are you're already enjoying natural warmth in your complexion. Using a matte bronzer will only help enhance this warmth, and once you’ve found the perfect shade, it will become a beneficial step in your makeup routine.