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MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream offers the highest level of concealer coverage. Designed to conceal scars, severe skin damage, beauty spots, depigmentation or birthmarks, this intensely pigmented formula can even be used to hide tattoos. Water-resistant and long-lasting, this concealer holds even under extreme conditions, thanks to the highly stable formula. This product helps to even skin tone and camouflage imperfections for extended periods of time, and is best used set with powder to enhance coverage and wear even more.


Highly versatile, this camouflage cream can be used for both light and fuller correction, and is easily applied with brushes, sponges or fingers. It is also ideal for cleaning up around the edges of the lips to define and enhance lip colours, or even to define the brow bone.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover will darken as the product sets, so make sure to choose a colour two shades lighter than your skin tone.


Pro tip: On problem or acneic skin, MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover can be blended with foundation to enhance coverage. Apply and follow with powder, for a natural and well-set result.


Who Will Love MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover?

  • Anyone looking for a full coverage concealer 
  • Conceals scars, severe skin damage, beauty spots, depigmentation, birthmarks or tattoos 
  • Water-resistant and long-lasting
  • Can be used for lighter or fuller camouflage 
  • Works best when set with powder 
  • Can be applied with sponges, brushes and fingers 
  • 15ml


After cleansing the skin, apply a non-oily moisturizing cream before applying MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover.

  1. Using your fingers or a brush (try 174 or 176), lightly dab a small quantity of Full Cover on skin blemishes. 
  2. Blend the edges to avoid unnatural lines. 
  3. Set the cream by applying loose powder with a puff.
  4. Wait 2 minutes, then remove the excess of powder using a brush. 

For light corrections: Apply Full Cover using a nylon brush on clean skin or after applying a foundation to unify the complexion.

For larger areas, Full Cover can be dabbed on with fingers or a sponge until the desired coverage is achieved.


For larger corrections: Full Cover should be applied directly on the skin, before the foundation, to conceal the area. Repeat the application, leave to dry then powder using very fine, loose white or slightly pigmented powder between every layer (such as Ultra HD Powder). Application can be further repeated if needed.


In both cases, Full Cover must be applied around the corrected area and blended in with the skin tone. Subsequent makeup application is generally not necessary, but in the case of certain complexions, the makeup color should be blended with foundation or with a lightly colored loose powder.

Can also be dabbed on with fingers or a sponge

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Best Concealer EVER - 06-03-2018 by

This is the best concealer in the world! It works to cover up my under eye circles which I am really conscious about (they are purple and blue, and quite deep set). The concealer 'sets' so it doesn't move around the eye and crease. It is of course very long wearing. It's not designed perhaps for the under eye area but it works because it is quite a thin texture. You don't need to pack it on because it is so highly pigmented and I only use it on the dark circles themselves. As long as you use a very hydrating eye cream underneath (and maybe a brightening/hydrating corrector) it works without a problem. It also great for covering blemishes. I hope Adore Beauty extends the shade range so I can buy it from AB always :)

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