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M.A.C Cosmetics Pro Longwear Paint Pot 5g

4.6 of 181 reviews


4 instalments of $9.75

Or 4 instalments of $9.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $9.75

Or 4 instalments of $9.75 with LEARN MORE

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The one and only. M.A.C Cosmetics Pro Longwear Paint Pot is an iconic cream eyeshadow with a long-wear finish like no other. Available in a range of finishes and shades, the M.A.C Cosmetics Pro Longwear Paint Pot not only adds buildable colour but primes the eye area for you to create eye looks that last.

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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Finish - Powders:

  • Full shimmer
  • Slight shimmer

Finish - Foundation:

  • Full shimmer
  • Slight shimmer

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M.A.C Cosmetics Pro Longwear Paint Pot Reviews

4.6 of 181 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Make up kit staple

Mrs S

I don't know what I did before I owned this product. It is a make up kit staple and makes every eye look better and is great worn alone too. Highly recommend!

Most Helpful Criticism



It creases for me which was disappointing to use because I was so excited to try it. Now I feel like I have wasted a fair bit of money. I put translucent power over it so stop the creasing but it makes it a powdered texture, so I may as well have just bought a powder eyeshadow. I think NYX products do just the same job and are much more affordable.
  1. Make up kit staple

    Mrs S

    I don't know what I did before I owned this product. It is a make up kit staple and makes every eye look better and is great worn alone too. Highly recommend!
  2. Still a staple after many years


    I own a few MAC Paint Pots and my most used one is Soft Ochre. It’s the perfect eyeshadow base for those with warm light skin tones. I have really oily lids and this works really well to keep my eyeshadow in place.
  3. Amazing product


    I love the paint pots and I use soft ochre pretty much everyday either as a concealer on my eyelids to give them a bit of colour, to carve my brows or as an eyeshadow base but it’s always amazing. Only disappointing thing is that it does dry out quite quickly and shrinks in the pot
  4. Makeup doesn't move!


    This is such a great product and very versatile, not just for your eyes. Love how this makes my eyeshadow pop but I also use this on the end of my nose which becomes really oily. Helps my foundation stay on for longer
  5. Great makeup staples


    verified purchaser
    These are great as a base for eyeshadow, i also use the taupe coloured one as an eye colour on its own when i'm feeling too lazy to blend multiple shadows onto my eye. The pigment is lovely and they don't feel heavy or tacky on the lids.
  6. Okay


    Not sure about all the hype - I purchased painterly as a shadow primer but I don't find it applies shadow any easier then if I just use foundation as my primer.

    I feel like using a coloured variant as an eyeshadow would turn out nicely.

  7. Great eyeshadow base


    This makes a great eyeshadow base in shade painterly. Not as lasting as some other eyeshadow primers, but still a good product.
  8. Soft ocre


    I got almost all the shades of these paint pots but my favourite is soft ochre as it gives a nice base for my eye shadow and u don’t even have to put a lot just a pinch and it does the job
  9. Cult classic for a reason


    I am fair, NW18 and while I was recommended painterly I chose soft ochre to help cancel out the redness. This works so well at giving me a clean slate to do my eyeshadow magic on. It helps the eyeshadow last all day too. I top it all off with some Modelrock setting spray and I am good to go.
  10. Great Eyelid Primer!


    I have oily eyelids and love using this as an eyelid primer. It has great coverage (not all eyelid primers do) and covers the veins and discoloration in my eyelid area. I find it is pretty heavy duty and makes a huge difference in the longevity of my eye makeup. When I don't wear this I find my mascara transfers super fast to the skin above my eyelid (I have hooded eyes) and my eyeshadow fades and...
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  11. Good for pigmentation, but not as a primer


    Find this is really good to create an even-coloured base for my eyeshadow. Find I need to use a separate eyeshadow primer underneath though because my eyelids are super oily!
  12. Soft Ochre perfect eyeshadow base


    I have a lot of veins on my lids and find this works so well in covering them before eyeshadow, or even on days for one and done makeup. My partner dropped it and its cracked and dried out but i will be repurchasing!
  13. A must have


    This is an essential in my makeup bag. It’s the perfect eye primer and great for covering pimples. It blends so well and sits smooth and creaseless
  14. Good stuff!


    I actually purchased this mainly to try on my oily large pore nose after seeing makeup hacks using it this way from a few years ago. And it actually works well for that. I generally put it over a normal primer and application is key. It matches my skin tone well so I usually don’t put additional, or much, foundation over the top, just setting powder. I’ve used it on my eyes, it’s a good base. Only...
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  15. Beautiful Shimmer


    I love this stuff! It has a beautiful shimmer and glides on like a dream. Such a pretty, coppery colour.
  16. Good Base


    This product in the shade 'Ochre' works as a really good eyeshadow base.

    Picks up eyeshadow pigment better and increases longevity.

    If used as a eyeshadow base I dont think it is really necessary unless you have quite oily eyelids or you have an event.
  17. Great base


    Love this product as an eye shadow, would definitely recommend!
  18. Lovely product. Regret shade choice.


    I was really excited to try a MAC paint pot in the shade of Painterly due to the look of the shade. However, in real life it looks lighter. It does go on beautifully, but I feel that now I have an expensive concealer instead of a subtle-colour cream eyeshadow. I think I should've purchased Groundwork instead. I's still a beautiful product.
  19. Bare study


    i recently got the shade bare study. i see there aren't many reviews about the bare study but i felt is very nice base too. it has a bit of a shimmer that complements the eyeshadows in its own way. super creamy and eye shadows goes on it very nicely. i think i am ready to purchase the soft ocre now after reading all these reviews about it
  20. drying


    I've used Painterly and Soft Ochre as eyeshadow bases and they seem to nicely even out the eyelids so the eyeshadows appear more true to color. A fresh pot is creamy and easy to work with. After using the product for awhile, I find that it feels drying on my eyelids...almost crepe-like. I've never been able to use up the entire product because it would start to dry out and shrink away from the wal...
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  21. Awesome Eyeshadow Primer


    I use the shade Soft Ochre as a primer for my eyeshadow (if you are quite fair I recommend Painterly). It keeps my makeup in place all day and eyeshadow will not crease! I recommend using your finger to apply to the eyelid. If you are using a matte eyeshadow set it first with a light colour. If you are going for a shimmer, this will help the product stick.
  22. More than just an eyeshadow!


    I purchased this recently after seeing it used in a makeup tutorial. I love it, and have started using it every day, even though I don't wear a lot of makeup! It's not just an eyeshadow, but acts like a primer and a concealer, because it hides my old lady veins in my eye lids. Ha! It also really opens up the eye. I will definitely be repurchasing, and I'm tempted to try some more shades. :)
  23. Splash of colour


    I purchase this after Joanna advised she uses it, and let’s be honest who doesn’t want to look as good as her? I love this!! It sits on the lids nice without getting oily or heavy as the day goes on, is a great based for a powder and just gives a nice amount of colour when also looking natural. The texture is very creamy, just recommend CLOSE THE LID CORRECTLY AND TIGHT, will last forever then!
  24. Great Eyelid Primer


    I always had trouble with my eye shadow fading, creasing, basically disappearing within a few hours of applying it (I have hooded eyes and maybe slightly oily eyelids). It made me so frustrated because I'd spend all this time doing my eye shadow only for it to look rubbish pretty quickly. A makeup artist recommended this and I've been hooked ever since.

    I use the shade Soft Ochre and...
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  25. Great product


    I love using this product as an eye base as it hides everything and makes my eye shadow look amazing and last all day. I wish this came in other shades as I have very pale/pink based skin colour so I would not be able to use this on areas other than my eyelids.
  26. Great coverage


    I really love this concealer, however i find the shade range very limited however since i use it on my eyelids and put eye shadow on top it is not and issue.
  27. so pretty


    these are gorgeous, and so easy to use. i love using them as a one colour and i can just swipe them accross my lids and it brightens up my eyes and it looks like i put in more effort in my makeup than i really did. its a yes for me
  28. Perfect base


    I watch a lot of YouTube tutorials and have seen this Mac pot used many times , especially the shade Soft Ochre because it compliments any eyeshadow . Can be applied with a concealer brush but using your fingers works as well . My eyeshadow lasts all day without creasing and holds the pigment of the eyeshadow well .
  29. Good buildable base


    Good cream eyeshadow in a workable formula. Great that it can be built up and layered to create a depth with 1 shade. Stays out and doesn’t move much which is a plus for a cream. Good size for the cost.
  30. This will last forever!


    After reading the reviews, I decided to get this product as my new eyeshadow base.
    As others say, this little jar will last for absolute ages. I use a concealer brush to get the product out and dab on to my eyelids, and then just blend it in with my fingers. It provides a nice cover to eyelid veins and I do find my eyeshadow lasts longer after use.
    I bought the "Soft Ochre - Yellow b...
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  31. Must have shadow


    This must have creme shadow is one of my favourites. It is so versatile it can be used as a base, or you can build upon it to create an effective smokey eye look with any shade.
  32. Best eyeshadow base


    This is the best eyeshadow base! It reduces creasing and helps the eyeshadow stay on for a long time! It also conceals any veins on the lids.
  33. Good base


    This is really good for cancelling any colour on your eyelids. it is very pigmented so a little goes a long way.

    However, I'd suggest setting paint pot with a base eyeshadow so that blending other shadows is easier and doesn't drag
  34. Love this!


    I have this in groundwork and love it. It takes my eyeshadow to the next level. Pot will last for ages as a small amount goes a long way.
  35. painterly


    it is a good eyeshadow base but it is something i could've gone without. but it applies easily and smoothly over my eyes and creates the best base for eyeshadow application.
  36. a staple


    An absolute staple in your makeup collection, perfect for cancelling out any discolouration and a great base for eyeshadow!
  37. Perfect base


    I bought this is soft ochre following the youtuber craze of using this as an eyeshadow primer. I have to say it works incredibly well. It is blends out beautifully and provides an even base and it really does make my eyeshadow hold up all day. Plus you only use a tiny bit so this will last forever.
  38. So far, so good!


    After stumbling on a few reviews of this product when I had been looking for a new eye primer, I thought I would give it a go.
    I bought the shade "Soft Ochre - Yellow beige" and find it is a little lighter than my current foundation colour but it should be not too far off when I move on to my lighter winter foundation colour. Plus, once I added my eyeshadow, that lighter colour was not noti...
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  39. Good


    For the days, I don't want to wear any eyeshadow and use just this and works a treat. It also works as a base for a quick smokey eye for me. Lasts throughout the day.
  40. great!


    particularly love how it just brightens the eyelids allowing me to do eyeshadow properly. worth the price and really happy with this purchase. I got it cheaper in-store, which was great
  41. Amazing!


    Does such a great job of holding onto the eyeshadow and making the colours pop!
  42. What I’ve been looking for


    I use the shade ground work and it’s the perfect base for powder eyeshadow and great by itself as a natural shade that enhances your eye shape without being too full on. Super creamy and blendable, love it.
  43. Amazing shadow base


    I love this for priming my eyelids. It cancels out all any discolouration give a beautiful even base to for shadow work. I apply with my fingers as it creates a really even layer, but make sure you hydrate and apply eye cream before application.
  44. Good as primer or on its own


    I like a really natural makeup look and use this as an eyeshadow. If i'm going out at night, I use it as a primer and then layer heavier eyeshadow over the top. It has a matte finish and spreads easily, but also dries quickly upon application - work it well with a good brush.
  45. very very nice


    I love the paint pots by mac! The shades are great and also it is such a great eyeshadow primer!
  46. So good!!!

    Emma Loves Makeup

    I really like this product! I have tried so many eyeshadow bases but I keep going back to this one. It's such a great base for the eyes but also a fantastic concealer for the rest of the face. I'm really happy with it and it takes so long to get through it. I highly recommend it :)
  47. Disappointing


    It creases for me which was disappointing to use because I was so excited to try it. Now I feel like I have wasted a fair bit of money. I put translucent power over it so stop the creasing but it makes it a powdered texture, so I may as well have just bought a powder eyeshadow. I think NYX products do just the same job and are much more affordable.
  48. Nice eyeshadow


    Really pretty eyeshadow with a great finish. It does crease a bit though so I find I have to blend it out during the day.
  49. love it!!


    Love this paint pot. It applies super easily, the texture is super soft and makes my eyeshadow pop. I will also use this on it own for natural makeup days
  50. Best eyeshadow base


    love using this MAC paint pot! So easy to apply by using your ring finger or pinky to swipe in the pot, then onto the eyelid. I have Vintage Selection, which is a frosted light peach shade. It adds a light shimmer to my lids and works as a nice base to add other shadows on tops.
  51. Could stay for days!


    Love this product! Bought after listening to the podcast and it is the best base I have ever used. Heavily pigmented so don't use for every day but amazing for events and nights out!
  52. Easy use


    Iam not so good with eyeshadow, but using this is so easy and makes my eyes look really good!
  53. Not sure


    It goes patchy and bunches no matter if I use a brush or a sponge or my finger. Even if I use a tiny amount it still does this. However, if you can get it even, it is a nice base.
  54. Smooth and creamy


    Smooth and creamy base. Great range of colours. Staying power is average, but will last a few hours, definitely not all day (especially if you are mote oily)
  55. Perfect Base


    I love using Paint Pots. They are easy to apply with just your fingertips. They work well as a base or as a replacement for eyeshadow if you're pressed for time. I usually use Groundwork as a base for a bronze smokey eye and it's fabulous. They are super pigmented and long lasting. They also don't crease or cake your eyelids. I have been using these for years and will continue to! A pot lasts a VE...
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  56. amazing


    I love using eyeshadow pots. There easy to use. I use is daily and my favourite colour is groundwork. It such creamy eyeshadow pot and its long-wearing. IT has Intensely pigmented. I apply with my fingers.
  57. Love


    Love this when I am in a rush to do my eye makeup. Great base.
  58. Felt a bit heavy for an eye primer


    I used this in soft ochre for a while (NC 25-30). Skin tone match was good, however I found this product quite drying and heavy. I would not repurchase to use as an eye primer, there are better options out there.
  59. Best primer for eyeshadow


    This is my favourite product to use for priming my eyelids prior to eyeshadow. They are creamy but also hold shadow in place and are great for oily lids. My favourites are "Soft Ochre" and "Painterly". Product will last you for ages also!
  60. Lovely eye base


    I love this eye base on the eyelids! Helps my eyeshadow stay on longer. I love the shade painterly for my skin tone! The one pot with also last you for so long!!
  61. Great eye base


    I like this a lot. It’s great before a really intense eye look as it conceals absolutely everything and allows for a new base on the eyes. Wonderful
  62. Natural summer look


    I love these shadows as they create the perfect natural sun kissed bronze eye looks!
  63. Pro


    Professional product makes great eye base
  64. Great eye primer and no issues with wrinkles


    This is just so beautiful. With ageing skin on my eyes I was worried if this would stick to all the “cracks” and “crinkles” but it is just gorgeous. I have tried many eye primers but this pot just gives me exactly what I want without much fuss
  65. Great eye primer!


    I have repurchased this 3 times now! I use the colour painterly for annexe primer, and recently purchased groundwork. I have used for years, it is a great base for eyeshadow, or to wear alone as a shadow!
  66. Go to eye primer


    I love this for priming my eyelids. It cancels out all my veins and discolouration on the kids and provides a beautiful base to apply shadow. I use painterly and love it. My tip would be to set it, if you have very dry lids prep the skin with hydration before use.
  67. Good eye primer


    I use the shade soft ochre as my eye shadow primer and it works beautifully. It blends out very well and easily and makes my eyeshadow last the entire day with zero creasing or fading. Highly recommended.
  68. Wonderful


    Great eye base and I’m really glad I got it. It’s perfect and makes my eyeshadows look vibrant and pretty!
  69. Love Painterly


    If you have fair skin Painterly is a great pot to use as a primer and it makes everything go on smoother and last longer. Amazing product.
  70. great base


    I love this product. I started out just using it as an eye shadow base but then tried it under my eyes to cover dark circles. I use it everyday to cover dark cirlces under my eyes and even blemishes and red patches on my face. It's a great base for anywhere on your face, not just eyelids.
  71. Wonderful base


    Such a good, solid base. Makes my eyeshadow last forever and cancels out any of my veins.
  72. Best Base


    Painterly works as a fab eyeshadow base, but really - any of the colours do! They work as cream eyeshadows that SET or eyeshadow bases. They do dry out a little with time, but I can still use mine. They last forever!
  73. Beautiful Base


    I love this product as an eye shadow base, however for the price is does seem to dry out very quickly in the tub!
  74. Great as eyeshadow base


    I use this as a base to my eyeshadow - it makes the eyeshadow stay on all day as well as neutralising any pigmentation / discolouration on my eyelids.

    A little goes a long way, so don't over apply as it can cause creasing on the eyelids. To help blend ability, dust over with a base eyeshadow or powder first!
  75. Great product


    Really makes the eye shadow stand out so much more than without it. It's very thick though so you just need a tiny bit.
  76. Great as a primer


    I use my Paint Pot as a primer base for eyeshadows. It provides a smooth base and helps to build deeper colour without creasing. It's dried out a bit over the couple of years I've been using it (it lasts forever as you only need a bit) but it still looks great - just doesn't blend quite as well as it did initially.
  77. My Go To


    This product is perfect for all over your eyelid and is my go-to when i am in a rush of a morning. It is very pigmented and has a beautiful shine.
  78. Not as good as everyone makes it out to be


    I bought this product expecting it to be the best thing ever, after all I had seen so many amazing youtubers use it and love it. And don’t get me wrong it is good and it is a great base for eyeshadow, however I feel it is very hard to blend out and the shade I got (soft ochure) turns very orange on the eyes and doesn’t do anything good for the eyeshadow that’s goes on top.
  79. Excellent eyeshadow primer.

    Emma C

    I use this product in the shade "Painterly" exclusively as an eye shadow primer and really like it. It creates a smooth base for my eye shadow and helps it last longer without creasing. I find it best if I set it with pressed powder before I apply shadow. I've been using my original pot for over 2 years and it's still going strong - the formula has dried out a little but it still works just as wel...
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  80. Classic


    This is one of the oldest products in the makeup collection and it is a holy grail because I always use this before I begin my eyeshadow application and it creates the most perfect base. My eyeshadow goes on smoother and looks more vibrant and a little goes a long way and this pot has lasted me ages. Definitely recommend for eyeshadow fanatics!
  81. Excellent eye base


    I love using this as an eyeshadow base. It is good for my oily eyelids, and it makes my eyeshadow not crease as much, and makes less oily. It also extends the longevity of my eyesadow. It is really easy to blend using your fingers to apply/pat on. Recommend to set it with a translucent powder so that you can blend your eyeshadow more easily. Groundwork shade works for tanned to darker skin tones ...
    Read More
  82. My "work face" staple


    I use a variety of these every day when I get ready for my office job. They last the entire day and wear really beautifully, and definitely easy to apply compared to doing a multi-shade look.
  83. Love MAC Paint Pots


    Love this as an eyeshadow primer or as eyeshadow on its own. Groundwork is my go to shade. Lasts all day!!
  84. Great Eyeshadow Primer


    I love Mac paint pots! Keeps eyeshadow from creasing! Lasts all day. I like wearing it on its own or with eyeshadow on top. These are a must have. Love this shade too.
  85. Works amazing


    Eye shadow stays for ages and goes on so pigmented. Don't put it under the eyes though
  86. Lasts!


    The pot is definitely on par with chanel’s ombré eyeshadow pot - applies easily, lasts all day and doesn’t dry out in the pot. Colour ‘groundwork’ looks great with green eyes.
  87. Great base but drying


    I use Soft Ochre as an eyeshadow base or on its own - the colour and coverage magically knocks the darkness of my eyelids out, and helps eyeshadow last the day. However this product is drying and I can feel it on my lids in a way that I can't feel a concealer so I won't be buying this colour again for the purpose of priming (not that I'll ever need to, these pots last forever). One tip is the top ...
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  88. smoke eye


    These Mac paint pots became so easy to use for me that I never had to be in front of the mirror trying to give myself a smokey eye all day. I simply blended the paint pot
  89. Perfect base to make my eyeshadow pop


    This is been a product thats been in my kit for the longest time and can never be replaced ! Although I tend to save this for special occasions when I really want my makeup to pop. Sometimes the product can be a bit stiff in the pot, but easily warms up once you put it to the skin or the back of your hand.
  90. Great


    Perfect base for eyeshadows. I have a few different colours of these
  91. Amazing eyeshadow primer


    I absolutely love MAC paint pots they are fantastic as an eyeshadow primer ensuring eyeshadows are crease free and last all day. I also use the paint pots on their own for a subtle eyeshadow when I’m going for a casual day look
  92. great base


    great eyeshadow base! it doesn't crease and it makes the eyeshadow pigment look really bright and makes it also all day.
  93. Love it


    I love Mac products. This does not crease on my eyes. Best thing I have brought for my eyes ever!
  94. Still working it out


    With the product I have had a bit of trouble with, I’m used to creamy concealer that looks like it’s not even there but that does crease a bit. With this, you can totally tell it’s on your eyes, the problem I have it makes my eyes look super dry! I’m slowly learning how to use it, I always use some sort of beauty sponge and it NEVER looks nice, so I turned to a brush and it’s helping! They key is ...
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  95. My fav eye product!


    SO much love for this product. A perfect primer but also amazing on its own to colour correct veins and brighten the eye area. So easy to apply, creamy and long wearing.
  96. Great product


    Such a good eye primer! Eyeshadow application is much easier and more and lasts longer
  97. Groundwork


    Nice colour but it dries up quickly. It probably lasts half a year considering it dries up so quickly.
  98. great eyeprimer


    perfect for priming the eyelids, eyeshadows look more vibrant and last longer on the eyes when used with the paint pot also perfect for cutting the crease. lasts all day and doesnt crease when set.
  99. Great product but there's so many out there


    Beautiful product that I love to use as an eyeshadow base but I have found other some from other brands that are just as good but cheaper, if not even better. Ochre and Painterly are my fave shades to apply as an eye base.
  100. makes makeup last!


    this is a great eyeshadow base, and i also find it great to put around the nose area under foundation where it usually sweats off. it makes it last all day!
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