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Loving Tan Deluxe Applicator Mitt

4.6 of 65 reviews


4 instalments of $3.74

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4 instalments of $3.74

Or 4 instalments of $3.74 with LEARN MORE

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Loving Tan Deluxe Applicator Mitt is a premium tan applicator that easily protects your hands from stains.

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GREAT - 87% recommend

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Loving Tan Deluxe Applicator Mitt Reviews

4.6 of 65 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love it


Great it to apply your tan. The lotion/mousse glides on easily and evenly.

Most Helpful Criticism

Did what it was supposed to do


The mitt did what it is advertised to do and applied the tan well. It washes just fine (I wash mine in washing bags).
  1. Love it


    Great it to apply your tan. The lotion/mousse glides on easily and evenly.
  2. skincareobsessed

    So soft

    This mitt is so soft and evenly spreads out the tan.
  3. great mitt


    this is fantastic, it gives me such a nice finish to my tan and makes the whole process easy!
  4. great mit


    this is really good quality and blends my tan in well, really good
  5. Love this!


    Applied tan really well to make it feel smooth and even. It is also really easy to wash and doesn't become worse over time after a wash.
  6. One of the best


    One of the best I have actually used, works wonders
  7. really good quality


    makes my tan go on so evenly, use it every time I tan
  8. Great applicator!


    verified purchaser
    I will only use tan applicators made with velour as they're the best for streak-free application. Tan is really easy to buff into the skin with this mitt. Would definitely recommend!
  9. like any others


    verified purchaser
    Is the same as the normal mitts you get in the supermarket, does do anything special but gets the job done
  10. great mit


    this is really good, it helps your tan go on and not go streaky.
  11. great quality


    a great quality and affordable mit,
  12. Great Product


    Love how this feels on the skin leaving for a streak-free tan
  13. Get this if you're new to tanning


    This really made a difference in the application of my tan. I'm fairly inexperienced with tan but this was super helpful in achieving a smooth, non-streaky look.
  14. Good mitt!


    Works well! Spreads tan evenly, nice and soft on the skin, mine has lasted a long time.
  15. great!


    an amazing tanning kit. evenly coats my tan and is such great quality. works amazing!
  16. Did what it was supposed to do


    The mitt did what it is advertised to do and applied the tan well. It washes just fine (I wash mine in washing bags).
  17. gives a smooth tan


    this gives me such a smooth non streaky tan and it is lasting well too
  18. Go to!


    Great mitt, perfect application.
  19. this is a really good mit


    this is a good quality mit. It has lasted me a long time when other cheaper ones are broken quickly.
  20. Great!


    Fantastic durable mitt! Lasts ages and cleans really easily
  21. Perfect applicator


    Spreads the tan nicely and doesn't leave any streaks. Can't go wrong!
  22. Essential


    I think this mitt is an essential for applying tan evenly. It's nice and soft and helps tan go on smoothly.
  23. the best mit


    the best mit. I put it in the washing machine after using and it still has not fallen apart. It also gives me a nice even tan
  24. gives me the most even tan


    this tan mitt is amazing! it is super soft and allows my tan to go on so easily and smooth. Definitely recommend!
  25. Necessary


    This mitt is great, and necessary in my opinion for applying fake tan. It’s soft, and does exactly what it’s supposed to. It also keeps its shape and softness after washing (hand wash with a bit of shampoo) which I have noticed other brands sometimes do not.
  26. Good mit - but not worth it


    This mit is great and helps deliver a streak-free tan. However, it is not any more special or effective than the other mits by cheaper brands like Le Tan or Bondi Sands. The extra $5-8 dollars you are paying for the same mit but just by loving tan goes straight to their branding and packaging. Not worth it.
  27. Makes tan easy


    Makes tanning easier, I love that it’s double sided and that it doesn’t transfer through to yours hands. I’ve been super pleased with the results I get using this glove!
  28. great


    I feel like when comes to fake tanning you need a good mitt and this definitely is a really good mitt. It blends the fake tan great into the skin.
  29. Great brand


    Great mit, works really well, but no different to any other mit I've tried.
  30. Distributes product evenly


    I use this for my gradual tanning lotion. I used to apply the lotion with my hands but I found that my hands would stain no matter how well I washed them and my tan would apply patchy. This mitt keeps my hands tan free and distributes the lotion evenly on my arms and legs.
  31. Gets the job done!


    I like the material of the mitt and definitely blends the fake tan well. I’m liking it a lot!
  32. Great


    This mitt is easy to use and appears to be of good quality. I'm interested to see how well it lasts as some mitts start to separate at the finger tips after a while. But so far so good!
  33. Good


    This mitt is what makes applying the loving tan self tanner look so good!!! Its so velvety and soft, no streaks with this guy!!
  34. Soft and even tan


    Easy to use and made putting my tan on a lot more even. It’s super soft as it goes over the skin so it’s nice to use.
  35. Essential for applying the product


    Essential for applying the product. I wouldn't apply fake tan without this mitt. It keeps things clean and ensures a nice, smooth application.
  36. Long lasting


    super soft and really good quality mit that lasts for months of applications.
  37. Great quality


    I love this mitt. It stops the tan getting through onto the hands and ensures it goes on evenly with a lovely finish
  38. Good Mitt


    The mitt works well and applies the tan evenly. Agree with other reviews in that it works just like any other applicator mitt. If you come across a cheaper option, worth trying that first.
  39. Better quality than other brands


    I like this mitt for applying thick mousse tans as it is thick enough that no mousse gets through onto the hands. Using the St Tropez mitt I often get palm stains. It also does not shed unlike some other velvet-style applicator mitts.
  40. Works well


    Pretty good tanning mitt, product goes on easy and leaves no streaks, would recommend.
  41. Best tanning glove


    Best tanning glove I have used and has never left any fluff behind on my skin whilst tanning like I have found with other brands
  42. great mitt


    works like any other tanning mitt
  43. Essential


    Gets the job done, It's easy to use and lasts as long as you need it to (just store properly). I'll continue to repurchase these guys!
  44. Works great!


    Easy to use and one of the best tan applicators I've used!
  45. All the same


    I found this to be no different from my cheap supermarket tanning mitt. It wasn't bad its just the same as all the other ones I've brought. A tanning mitt is a must though for a flawless tan.
  46. Super easy and soft application


    I was worried about this tanning mitt because of the reviews where it stated that it left black stuff on you but they seem to have fixed that in production because I didn't have an issue. Also, I wondered whether purchasing a branded tanning mitt really mattered but by golly it is worth it! It's much better quality then the one's I have bought at chemists/shops and is so soft on the skin. I slight...
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  47. Nice sturdy tanning mitt


    Really like this tanning mitt for the price, it washes up well and lasts for a long time. It would be nice if loving tan would do a more glove like shape in this mitt though.
  48. Unsure

    Courtney K

    When I first got this mitt and went to use it with my Loving tan 2 Hour mousse I was left with heaps of little black 'bits' from the mitt all over my skin. I ended up having to wash my tan off and start over with another mitt. Now the reason im unsure is because was I meant to 'wash' this the first time I use it or was it just faulty? Thats why im a bit unsure of it. probably wont try again.
  49. Flawless tan application


    Flawless tanning application with this amazing mit and best of all not stained hands!!
  50. One of the worst I’ve tried :(


    I realllly disliked this mitt! I have tried a heap and found this one absorbed the mousse quite a lot and I hate when that happens so much! The St Tropez one is a lot nicer in my opinion.
  51. Wonderful even application


    I always get a flawless tan application with this mitt!
  52. Great Mitt


    This mitt is super soft and really good quality, it makes applying fake tan super smooth. This is a must have!
  53. Good tanning mitt


    Works really well and applies a nice even tan
  54. Good quality mitt


    This mitt is of good quality and lasts for many tanning applications. It works with a range of tans and is easy to wash and re use.
  55. Great quality mitt


    An excellent quality mitt that applies tan streak free. Feels soft on the legs and is quite thick so the tan doesn't go through to your hands
  56. Need this


    If you are going to use any foamy textured tan, you'll definitely need this applicator, because it is much easier than working with your hands. With this applicator I am able to blend the product seamlessly every time and I am never left with any streaks. This mitt is a must if you are using loving tan.
  57. Awesome


    Soft, strong but durable mitt! Spreads tan seamlessly!
  58. Good quality


    This mitt is very soft and is great quality. Helps tan to apply evenly
  59. Soft but average


    I find this mitt is super soft but it’s very similar in quality to cheaper products not sure if I would re purchase :)
  60. Soft product but black comes off on skin


    I absolutely love the loving tan products but im not too keen on the applicator mit. It is extremely soft but twice now ive purchased this and as im applying tan little bits of the black mit come off all over my skin. It could just be bad luck but im not sure I would buy again :)
  61. Amazing


    Hands down the best applicator mitt on the market. Say good bye to those pesky streaks and patchy coverage.
  62. So soft


    Really soft mitt that lasts a long time
  63. Love!


    No more streaks!!!
    This product is an absolute must!
  64. All tan loves need


    No more streaks!!! If you are a constant tanner this is a must! Leaves no streaks or lines behind
  65. Best on the market


    This mitt is a life saver. It's thick and luxe feeling and makes blending your tan a dream. I love that it's also double sided so lasts ages! I even threw mine into the washing machine with no troubles.
  66. Must Have


    best tanning mitt ever. its double sided and feels amazing. it doesnt slip off your hand either
  67. You have to buy it

    Joanna (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This is the best tanning mitt ever. It's super soft, it doesn't leave any fluff behind, it washes really well, and it's double-sided so it doesn't let any tan leak through onto your hands. I use it with the Deluxe Bronzing Mousse and it gives me the most even and flawless tan application. You have to buy it if you're a fake tan wearer.
  68. NO TAN LEAKS !!


    This is the only mitt I have found that has the squishy foam on BOTH sides of the mitt so no tan leaks through onto your hands. It is the same price as the bondi sands mitt but this one is so much softer and leaves and even more streak free finish. This is a must have in your tanning routine!
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