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L'Occitane Aromachologie Relaxing Pillow Mist 100ml

4.4 of 57 reviews


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4 instalments of $8.00

Or 4 instalments of $8.00 with LEARN MORE

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The distillation of essential oils is at the heart of L’OCCITANE. A process that captures the highest concentration of a plant’s benefits, it was many years ago in Provence that our Founder, Olivier Baussan, first distilled rosemary and lavender.

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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L'Occitane Aromachologie Relaxing Pillow Mist Reviews

4.4 of 57 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Smells divine


I love this spray and I love lavender, you need to spray your pillow a little while before going to bed. It's a bit like sleeping in a field of lavender.

Most Helpful Criticism

Smells great


This smells very nice and soothing. Great for evening use. However, I’m not sure if it actually works to improve sleep. Have to be careful not to spray too much.
  1. Smells divine


    verified purchaser
    I love this spray and I love lavender, you need to spray your pillow a little while before going to bed. It's a bit like sleeping in a field of lavender.
  2. A relaxing smell.


    verified purchaser
    I didn't sleep well. This pillow spray didn't speed up my sleep, but its smell helped me relax.
  3. Perfect for insomnia


    I have suffered insomnia for over 10 years now and this is amazing to spray on my pillow and sheets when I’m about to go to sleep. Smells beautiful (so many lavender products smell nothing like real lavender but this does) just really good for winding down and relaxing at bedtime
  4. Like staying at a beautiful hotel


    verified purchaser
    I love things that make the every day feel like something special - having this at night sprayed on the pillow reminds me of being at a beautiful hotel away on holidays. It'll last forever pretty much too!!
  5. Good


    Absolutely love this product. I spray it every night across my pillows. I wasn't sure that it would help with my restless sleep habits. But it really does help. Will continue to purchase this product.
  6. Good


    Absolutely love this product. I spray it every night across my pillows. I wasn't sure that it would help with my restless sleep habits. But it really does help. Will continue to purchase this product.
  7. Sleeps bestie


    verified purchaser
    I’m such a terrible sleep on a normal day. And aside from resorting to medication. I wanted to try this first. I’ve already been through one bottle and onto second. This has helped me relax and sleep so well. I love giving my pillow a spritz just before going to sleep. Can not live without it. Love this
  8. i can sleep


    I have such a hard time falling asleep but a friend gave me this as a present and now I am out like a light! and it smells beautiful! just a couple of sprays on your pillow and it lasts a long time!
  9. My new best friend


    A work friend gifted me this at Christmas and I have been using it each night since. It's a beautiful ritual that prepares me for bed and has the most calming smell, that has a few different notes that I like to really breath in. Love this, won't be without it
  10. Great for sleeping anxiety


    I have a hard time sleeping and sometimes get anxiety. This mist always calms me down and allows me to have a deep, relaxing sleep
  11. the smell is amazing and so relaxing


    i struggle going to sleep everynight, and so far this is the only product that helps! i just spray it around my room and it instantly makes me relax and feel better. I have seen a huge difference since i started using this and will continue to buy this spray for many years to come.
  12. Relaxing and Soothing


    Pillow mists will always be a little contreversial. Do they actually work? They won't put you to sleep like a sleeping tablet, but if they relax you, then they have done their job in my books. I love the essential oils used in this pillow mist. It contains lavender, but it's also a woody scent with lots of depth. At first I thought it was a little strong, but you get used to it. I think it also wo...
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  13. Wonderful


    There is no better smell than lavender, it is just so relaxing and if I could I would smell it all day. Spraying this on my pillow just a few minutes before I go to sleep is like being in heaven.
  14. Lovely scent


    I used this for the first time and didn't tell my husband as I expected a "Don't spray that around me" or "What's that smell", but he did not even notice. Because you only need to spray it on your pillow, the smell is enough for you alone and doesn't "smell out" the whole room, so don't worry if you share a bed and think someone else will not be pleased. The bottle will last a long time as you onl...
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  15. Great for the price


    This is so relaxing and I feel like I don’t need to use it sparingly as the bottle is so big! I look forward to using this every night.
  16. Great part of the bed-time ritual


    I love this spray and I have used a few - but this is a nice blend of more than just lavender. Is a huge bottle compared to other brands so I go a bit wild with it!
  17. Wow


    I do love lavender, I spray a little bit on my pillows before I go to bed and the scent is so relaxing, I sleep like a baby.
  18. Best product


    I love the smell of lavender so I thought I would give this a try and I am impressed, just a couple of sprays on my pillow and I feel like I am in heaven.
  19. Relaxing


    Nice relaxing smell but is a bit too pricey for me for a pillow mist.
  20. Relaxing is you like Lavender


    I know alot of people do not like the scent of Lavender but the relaxing properties it has are amazing.
    I spray my pillow and the edging of my blanket before i go to bed, wash my face and when I arrive back into my room, the aroma is soothing and relaxing. Only a couple of sprits are needed as it is a strong scent.
    The first thing I noticed is that once I lay my head down on my pillow,...
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  21. yes, it is relaxing


    I first purchased this product to make up spend for a free gift and was unsure if it would actually be effective. I find the scent pleasant and my husband doesn't complain when I spray it on the pillows. I couldn't say it actually improves my sleep but I have continued to use it on a nightly basis for the pleasant smell if nothing else. This product makes a nice gift for a friend who seems like...
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  22. Smells great


    This smells very nice and soothing. Great for evening use. However, I’m not sure if it actually works to improve sleep. Have to be careful not to spray too much.
  23. Love it


    I use this product all the time, each night. Have purchased it for friends, it is a great product.
  24. Good


    I got this to help me sleep and at first I didn't think it was working but after a few weeks I found that I am so much more relaxed dropping off to sleep at night. I love the smell of lavender and this is perfect.
  25. Works


    Gorgeous pillow mist that smells amazing and really helps get in a good night sleep for people struggling and great for your kids too
  26. Lovely scent


    This mist has a really gorgeous scent, feels like you’re in an up scale spa. Not sure it helps me to sleep, but definitely helps to relax. Scent doesn’t linger a long time though.
  27. great


    I had a tough year and was recommended to try this product by one of your staff, after she listened to my woes about being a poor sleeper. Firstly, the smell was amazing, lying in bed with the delicious aroma, and how it relaxed my mind and spirit, I drifted into a blissful slumber.
    Its great to freshen up clothing or the house.
  28. Lovely scent


    This spray has a beautiful, calming scent. Really enjoy using it, promotes a restful environment and makes the whole bed smell lovely. Not sure it helped me sleep though!
  29. Calming


    This does smell lovely and calms you but unfortunately didn’t help me sleep so don’t count on it if you have a lot of trouble
  30. Works!!


    I have always struggled with sleep and this product was a god send when I used it! Works a treat for your little ones too
  31. Quite lovely


    In the past I have used the pillow spray by “this works”, thought i’d try this for something new. It’s completely diffferent to what I expected - quite masculine with less of a lavender smell than I‘m used to. I really like it though, and it doubles well as a wardrobe spray too. Will repurchase.
  32. Smells nice


    Smells nice! Spray this before I go to bed each night. Luxurious and a little expensive but worth it in my opinion
  33. love this


    I spray this on my pillow when i'm stressed. i do it about 15 minutes before i go to sleep so its not to strong. I get headaches easily and this doesn't cause them so thats a major plus!
  34. Pleasant...but not worth the money


    Very nice smell and yes, initially relaxing however, the mist wears off fast. Not worth the money.
  35. Relaxing scent


    I got this pillow mist because I tend to have trouble getting to sleep. It has a nice relaxing scent which I find quite calming. You do have to respray as the scent isn't very strong or long-lasting
  36. Calming


    I find this really helps me drift off to sleep peacefully after a few sprays in the room. It’s a beautiful fragrance, not over powering.
  37. Love it


    I absolutely love this pillow mist. I purchased it because I had trouble sleeping through the night. Now I fall asleep instantly and even if I wake up in the night, I manage to go back to sleep far easier than before. Wasn't sure about the aroma at first, but now I love that as much as the effect.
  38. smells great


    this reallly helps me get to sleep faster
  39. Relaxing


    I received this as a gift and I've never used a pillow mist before this. Quite like it though! It smells relaxing and is a nice product to have when you want to pamper yourself or take your sleeping routine to the next level
  40. Relaxing scent


    Love spraying this scent on my bed linen at night, very relaxing. Lovely for travel as well when you want a nice scent to remind you of home. Makes a great gift too
  41. A bit expensive but effective


    A bit expensive but effective! I have trouble falling asleep at night for many days of the week and this helps me to relax which is great - the scent is not too strong but impactful enough to overpower any racing thoughts you might have
  42. Good


    it is good product for present or buy only once.Fancy bottle and brand....nice smell but for very short time.
  43. Calming and promotes rest


    This mist is lovely. The spray mechanism is just the right amount to not cause anything to feel wet but to lightly miss linen and the air. The bottle is glass which feels very luxurious. The fragrance is light, fresh and relaxing. One of my favourite mists.
  44. So calming


    I love the instant calm I feel when I spray my pillows after a stressful day. Will be repurchasing many times.
  45. Helps me sleep


    I have trouble sleeping and often wake through the night. I spray this pillow mist onto my pillow to help me go back to sleep. the scent is delightful and very soothing. It induces rest relaxtion.
  46. Great product


    Purchased 2 as gifts. Very happy with the product
  47. Perfect Christmas present


    This pillow mist has a really nice lavender scent with a twist. Puts my straight to sleep and makes me feel relaxed. Have given this to so many friends and family members for presents over the years and everyone loves it!
  48. Soothing


    Nice to spray on the pillow when you're feeling a little stressed. I love the scent and find it soothing
  49. Relaxing


    Nice and relaxing smell for when I’m trying to sleep. Not too over powering at all.
  50. Love this


    I love this product, of course it’s not a miracle worker and won’t really make you fall asleep instantly. It does help to calm you down and relax after a long day.
  51. Pretty good


    this smells really nice and relaxing! although it doesn't make me fall asleep instantly, it does calm me down and gets me ready for bed
  52. Soothing before bed


    While I don't believe this spray instantly makes me fall asleep, or cures insomnia - it has still become a routine that I can't stop. I've been using it for 3 years now, and its just incredibly lovely. The smell is relaxing, and just gives this... calming vibe in my bedroom before bed.

    Definitely recommend - even if you just want your room to smell nice!
  53. Relaxing


    This product doesn't instantly put you to sleep, but the aroma helps me to relax and prepare for sleeping. I spray this just before I get into bed and read a book and the aroma relaxes me ready for sleeping.
  54. Smells great but not a sleeping potion


    I love the scent of this spray, especially the citrus notes combined with the lavender. I like to spray it not just on my bed but throughout the house. I bought this product hoping it would help me fall asleep and improve my sleep quality, but not too much has improved in that department. Although I love the scent, I doubt I will repurchase this since it seems to do the same job as a room freshene...
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  55. This didn’t work for me


    I had the Mecca “this really works” sleep spray which was fantastic but I thought I would mix it up when it ran out. I knew the brand was good and the bottle looked great so I thought I would give it a go but honestly the past two nights , it hasn’t done anything. It smells so nice in the bottle but after 5 minutes I can hardly even smell it! Think I’ll go back to my other product when it eventual...
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  56. Luxurious product


    I am absolutely obsessed with this product!
    I spray this on my bedroom pillows of an evening before I go to bed - I believe it helps me relax and I wake up feeling refreshed.

    I also use this product on my lounge room cushions and towels. You only need one spray and the bottle lasts me about 3 months how ever I use it every single day.
  57. Relaxing

    Beauty Bee

    I don't know if this mist helps me to fall asleep, but I think so because the scent is relaxing! It doesn't just smell like lavender - it's a more complex scent. The glass bottle is luxurious and would make an amazing gift. The spray is also very fine, so you get a good distribution of product over your bed.
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