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Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid 17.5ml

4.6 of 65 reviews


4 instalments of $3.99


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4 instalments of $3.99


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Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid

Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid

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4.6 of 65 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

My lips are always chapped and dry especially in winter time, and this product does wonders, its so nourishing and my lips arent chapped anymore, love the smell too its like fresh lemons

Most Helpful Criticism

love this brand!
this product is still super hydrating and somewhat exfoliating for the lips however it doesn't feel as thick and hydrating as the lanolips original products! still a great product though!
  1. Hydrating lip balm

    I really like this lip balm, perfect for days when you want hydration and nourishment but don't want colour pay off. This has a gorgeous shimmer/glitter to it as well. I used to wear before bed but think it's better for during the day so you can see the shimmer. I love the feel of this on my lips, more so than the tinted balm.
  2. love this brand!

    this product is still super hydrating and somewhat exfoliating for the lips however it doesn't feel as thick and hydrating as the lanolips original products! still a great product though!
  3. amazing

    My lips are always chapped and dry especially in winter time, and this product does wonders, its so nourishing and my lips arent chapped anymore, love the smell too its like fresh lemons
  4. Smells great, does the trick!

    Perfect for my cracked and sensitive lips. Smells amazing, is thick and definitely lasts!
  5. Awesome

    is a bit pricey but i a nice and lighter consistency than their other products
  6. Lovely lemony goodness

    I’m not a huge fan of lemon flavour - that is my only criticism. This is a super nourishing lip treatment and definitely a win for winter. It lasts well and has a slight shimmer which was a nice surprise and slightly more exciting than a balm option.
  7. Extremely hydrating

    This is super hydrating on lips and has a nice, fresh scent. I also feel as though it slightly plumped my lips.
  8. Makes lips look more plump

    I have been using this a few days in a row, during the day but also at night. I noticed that when I saw myself in the mirror that my lips looked a fair bit plumper. Even when this balm has worn off it seems to leave this plumping effect. My lipsticks are applying nicer and look a lot better. I do have dry skin so it is probably just the balm adding some much needed moisture but whatever it is I’all take it.
  9. One of my all time favourites!

    The scent and texture of this lip balm are so lovely- it is long lasting and highly moisturising and I love anything lemony. The finish is very glossy with subtle micro glitters- not what I usually go for but looks so nice on the lips! This is a must-try and very reasonable price, the tube lasts a long time. The only frustrating thing is I've had a few tubes split which has been messy and hard to use the product afterwards.
  10. love this

    This lipgloss is very hydrating. I love it’s thick, whipped texture and lemon scent. It really helps to exfoliate my dry lips. It leaves a pretty shine to your lips even though it’s clear. For extra hydration I put this on before bed! I also put this on after using lip scrubs to lock in moisture.
  11. Wet lip look

    This gives me such juicy and lucious looking lips I absolutely love it! It’s got tiny micro glitters that you can barely see unless you’re in the sun or light. Does not feel gritty at all and smells so yummy. Don’t eat it though it doesn’t taste as good as it smells I learnt that the hard way!
  12. Holy grail of lip balms!

    This is the holy grail of lip balms. I used to use paw paw ointment but I found if I didn't use it everyday then my lips would just stay cracked. I was in heaven when I discovered lanolips lemonade lip balm!
    The scent is to die for also! And it repairs my cracked lips. Also great to put over any lipstick to stay hydrated. Highly recommend!
  13. Nourishing and love the scent

    Really love how hydrating and lovely this feels. Only giving four stars because i found that it sometimes left a noticeable film on my lips after it dried.
  14. Love Lemon!

    Amazing lemon scent, nourishing and hydrating. I use this while I’m at work (in a hospital) and it works great to keep my lips smooth and hydrated. Non sticky!
  15. So good!

    Such a yummy lip balm! The formula makes my lips nice and soft and I love the packaging. Would definitely recommend
  16. not for sensitive lips

    have never had an issue with lanolips before until i tried the lemonaid lip aid. smells heavenly but due to the citrus it made my lips irritated. high recommend the other flavours though.
  17. Amazing

    I use this every night after exfoliating my lips and between those two things, my lips have been perfect. I work in an air conditioned office and my lips were always dry and wrecked, but this really helped fix it. I love the smell, and it sticks so well I swear I can still feel it on my lips when I wake up (and since I smush my face into the pillow when I sleep, that's very impressive). I have soft, smooth lips every day, will definitely buy again!
  18. 3rd tube

    on my third tube and I am addicted! use it right before bed!
  19. Best lip treatment I've ever used

    Bought this on a recommendation and absolutely love it. Whenever my lips are dry I use it and they feel good within an hour or so. Will be purchasing this again.
  20. Smells so yum

    I love it already! Makes my lips feel so soft, hydrated and I love the smell.
  21. Ride or die lip product

    My favourite lip balm, absolutely perfect pocket size for hydrated, glossy lips on the go! Love the lemon scent and the slight sheen to it.
  22. Converted from Lucas' Paw Paw!

    I was a diehard Lucas' Paw Paw ointment girl having used it for a solid decade knowing it was mostly petroleum jelly, but I had no cause for complaint for the price point and performance. However, after a bout of stomach flu where I was severely dehydrated and had terrible chapped lips, Lucas could no longer cut the mustard. It did nothing for my severely chapped and flaking lips which is when I tried this Lanolips Lemon Aid, it is now my all time favourite lip balm (I also prefer it over the 101 ointments). It is supremely hydrating, smells like a dream and the lemon oil helps to exfoliate while adding the tiniest bit of shimmer. Perfect to use before bed for overnight moisturising, but wouldn't recommend it as a base for lipstick, it's a bit too emollient and I find my lip colour tends to slide off.
  23. Lemon Delight

    An amazing product - love this on the lips and love the lemon scent, so refreshing! The only thing that actually locks the moisture into my lips
  24. Strong lemon smell

    I didn't notice any intense hydrating effect. I think it works the same as any other lip balm. I prefer Nivea Hydro Care if you're after hydration for your lips. In saying that, this product is still okay to use if you have dry lips. It has a very intense lemon smell so if you don't like lemon, I'd definitely recommend a different smell or another product altogether. The hydration definitely doesn't last long as other lip balms but it still does the trick but I wouldn't pay $16 for it again though.
  25. Love this lippy will never go back!

    A friend got me into lanolips and I love their stuff now, I love this lemony scent but can be strong if you're not used to it. Kris lips hydrated for hours and has a nice gloss to it. I can't go back to other brands like Burt's bees etc.
  26. Lanolips second best

    Still a lovely and hydrating lipbalm, and I personally love the lemon aspect, however, for me nothing will compare to the lanolips 101 superbalm
  27. Too intense smell

    I bought this but can’t get into using it, the fake lemonade scent is so strong that it gives me a headache as soon as I put it on. Have switched to the nude version which isn’t scented.
  28. Lovely lip balm

    Love the scent of this lip balm and the formula is great! I love how it hydrates and plumps my lips and the packaging is really convenient. Would definitely recommend
  29. Overnight repair

    This is great to use overnight - i slather it on before bed then in the morning sort of rub it off using my finger, it lifts any flakey patches right off. My lips look plump, lush and super good. Highly recommend.
  30. Great

    It smells so wonderful and makes your lips feel extremely soft and smooth. A little goes a long way and is just so juicy! Only gripe is that sometimes it takes a lot of effort to get it out of the tube on cold mornings - but this is the same for all products in similar tubes.

    This is my favourite out of the Lanolips range, really moisturising and keeps my lips so soft. Also smells really delicious and applies beautifully. I love how this is not tinted yet contains sparkles. This is truely easy to apply - no mirror needed.
  32. Great overnight lip treatment

    I have been pleasantly surprised by the Lanolips range of products! This is a particularly great one and I use it overnight as a lip treatment. It lasts all night without being sticky and uncomfortable. When I wake in the morning my lips are soft and hydrated,ready for lipstick application. I had been using a much more expensive lip treatment from mecca, but this is equally as good and about third the price! A tiny amount goes a long way, and it smells delicious!!
  33. Best Lip Balm Ever

    I cannot recommend this enough, whenever my lips are chapped or feeling dry I put this on and my lips improve so quickly! It smells amazing and really helps almost immediately with any burnt lips and cracks. I always carry this around with my for emergencies because it works so well. Have already recommended to so many friends
  34. Smells Amazing!!!!

    Bought this a few weeks ago and I will seriously be buying more from this brand! I suffer from really dry and chapped lips and this has worked so well for me. It smells so yum! Like lemon (obviously) but not artificial smelling at all.
  35. Moisturising

    Thick, protective barrier to prevent dry lips. Smells good too.
  36. Great lipbalm!

    This is one of my favourite lipbalms, it's really hydrating and smells great. If your lips get really super chapped like mine, you'll still need to constantly reapply, so I feel this sorts of just forms a (thick) barrier. Still, it's great while it's on.
  37. I wanted to love it more than I do

    I do really like this product but mostly because I love the scent. I do find my lips can get so dry that this isn't enough to hydrate them overnight but it looks nice on and I would probably repurchase for the smell and hope that it sometimes becomes enough to hydrate when my lips get super dry
  38. Hydrating and nice scent

    My lips are constantly chapped, and in winter can be prone to cracked lips alot of the time and even bleeding! This product is really good for sealing your lips with a thick (but comfortable) layer of hydration, smoothing over cracks while your skin heals. The scent/flavour is a nice bonus!
  39. Hydrates beautifully

    Lanolips are the best when it comes to providing continuous hydration that lasts throughout the day. I like the untinted version under my lipstick as it helps prevent feathering.
  40. Delicious!

    Has a beautiful scent and taste and leaves a beautiful glow on the skin. I can even layer this one with lipsticks to add more of a glow.
    It provides hydration with an added glow. Would highly recommend!
  41. Lemon Delicious

    I have bought this as gifts for people I like it so much. It is quite thick to push out of the tube especially when the weather is cold, but the benefit of it is that it stays in a nice layer on your lips and remains for longer compared with thinner products. It has a nice refreshing real lemon scent. Makes your lips shiny and smooth. The best!
  42. Lovely lip balm!

    This is such a great moisturising lipbalm and has a lovely taste :)
  43. Incredible - must have!

    This is my favourite Lanoilps Ointment flavour. I feel as though it works a lot better than the other flavours. It smells zesty, which really makes my day. It deeply hydrates my lips and is a do-or-die for me during winter.
  44. Best smelling lip balm!

    What more can I say they finally listened and made a lip balm that is a treatment and true to its word it fixes my dry lips. It's super moisturising and bonus it smells amazing. Go on try it your lips will thank you!
  45. Hardworking all-time favourite

    I first discovered this product when I had terrible food poisoning and as a result was very dehydrated with super chapped, raw lips that nothing could save. I had read about this product previously and was a bit skeptical but figured I had nothing to lose given the state I was in. Gosh, upon first application it was such a soothing salve to my poor lips, the lemon oil smells delicious and helps with gentle exfoliation. I have gone through close to ten tubes of this and it's by far my favourite product in the entire range. Would highly recommend over the classic but less performance-driven paw paw!
  46. amazing until you stop

    i really loved this lip balm... until i realised it didn't actually help my lips stay nourished. it works wonderfully when applied religiously every hour or so, but as soon as you stop reapplying, your lips crave it. i don't want to be a slave to a lip balm, so i'll continue to hunt for the best lip balm.
  47. Nourishing and smells great!

    Love this lip aid - it's moisurising, light and gives off a faint shimmer. Not to mention, it smells delicious!
  48. Low key want to eat this

    This, as well as the other lanolips products have quickly become my favourite go to lip products, they leaves your lips feeling plump and moisturized for hours after each use. The lemon taste and smell is sooo nice! I really enjoy this one. I had really dry lips prior to using this product and my lips are now completely soft and smooth! Love love this product line
  49. Lifesaver

    I have really dry and flaky lips and have tried just about every lip balm/product on the market only to find that some actually made them worse. I have only been using this product for a few days and my lips haven’t felt so smooth and so hydrated in years. The product is a little bit sticky and the smell is a bit sickly sweet but with the changes I have seen to my lips in such a small timeframe I’m definitely willing to put up with it.
  50. Not for me..

    This didn't really moisturise my lips too much, it seemed to sit on the surface and when I woke up in the morning it didn't feel like it had soaked into my lips, it did smell really nice and I love that it's natural but unfortunately it didn't work well on me ): I do like the other lanolips flavours though as they seemed to work better on my lips (:
  51. Love the original

    I love the original lanolips 101 ointment, and just couldn't love this one, it actually felt like it dried my lips out a bit? is that even possible !? maybe thats just me, but I still love the other lanolips products :)
  52. Holy grail lip balm

    I was a bit hesitant purchasing this lip balm at first because of the price tag compared to other lip balms but it is so worth it! Each tube lasts forever as you only need a little amount and it moisturisers my lips like no other lip balm I have tried, it soaks into the lips to keep them moisturised all day but leaves a beautiful glossy finish with the tiniest little bit of glitter thay doesn’t look like glitter but makes your lips shimmer in the sun, it just makes them look so plump and juicy. It’s also not sticky at all so my hair doesn’t stick to my face.
  53. Amazing

    I have extremely dry skin and in particular my lips can crack and bleed and just be very sore and irritated when dehydrated for too long. Most other lip balms id have to reapply every 10 minutes and most of the time they could actually dry out my lips more! This balm does the complete oposite it does exactly what it says and exfoliates and nourishes my lips leaving them plump and hydrated. And it smells so good! I only have to use a small amount each day this tube can last me up to 3/4 months. I will never use a different lip balm again!
  54. 5 stars all the way

    My lips would get so dry and peel over night. This has seriously made a great difference to my lips. They're so hydrated! I am so happy with this. I will end up buying the whole range.
  55. Here starts a love affair

    First product I have ever tried from this brand and let me say I am very impressed. It's coming into the start of winter and my lips have been getting very dry and sore. In just 24hrs it feels like this product has completly restored my lips! I can't wait to try more from this brand.
  56. Very surprised

    I was looking for something for my lips to add into my skin care routine. I was so happy I came across this product and brought it becuase of the hype around it. Let me say I am glad I did. My lips instantly felt like they were saying thank you as soon as I applied this. I really like the texture of this too! I am not a huge fan of the lemon scent but I can make an exception for this.
  57. Lemonaid sparkle in a tube

    I bought this Lip Aid after reading all the hype and the fact it was a beauty awards winner. I wasn't disappointed! This Lip Aid goes onto lips beautifully, immediately soothing them. It smells amazing and leaves a glossy, subtle sparkle on the lips. This was the first Lanolips product I ever tried and was the start of my love affair with Lanolips.
  58. Nice Product

    This product not only works very well it tastes delicious.
  59. love it

    This little packet of lemon moisture is great. Love the feel, love the smell of freshness.
  60. Brilliant product

    This is an amazing product it actually does what company espouses .. Have been using for about three years now and would not be without it ..:
  61. Definitely worth it!

    Was optimistic at first, but I have to say its an amazing product. This lip balm makes my lips nice and smooth as I have a tendency to get dry lips.. It also smells amazing so thats an added bonus. Definitely would recommend it.
  62. My lips feel wonderful......

    My lips feel wonderful. love the smell of the lemon .
  63. _love_ this!

    I was quite sceptical abt this since my lips were quite irritated around the time I bought it...

    but I needed have worried. This has restored them to their formal glory! ;) Light and pleasant smelling. Just the slightest hint of sparkle. I keep it with me everyday and a little goes a long way!

    Would def repurchase!
  64. Highly recommended

    I love this stuff!! It smells beautiful!!! It moisturises your lips really well and is so smooth. It leaves you with a nice subtle shine, without feeling sticky.

    It would be better if they changed the packaging though, so it was easier to put on your lips without having to place on your finger first.
  65. I wish I had found this sooner!

    I swear by this lip balm. I have lips that have a tendency to be quite dry and peel, and I found a lot of lip balms would actually make it worse! I've tried a number of different lip balms, but this is the only one that not only moisturised my lips, but improved their overall condition! It's a great one to put on at night before going to bed.
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