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Lanolips 101 Ointment The Original Multipurpose Superbalm 17.5ml

4.7 of 201 reviews


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4 instalments of $4.74


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Lanolips 101 Ointment is a multi-purpose hydrating ointment designed to simplify your beauty regime and your life. 100% natural, this innovative formula is made from Ultra-pure Medical Grade Lanolin, so pure that it can be used on the mouths of newborn babies.

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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Lanolips 101 Ointment The Original Multipurpose Superbalm

Lanolips 101 Ointment The Original Multipurpose Superbalm

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4.7 of 201 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

The best


The best all round balm.
This is a thick consistency so works great for chapped lips, and dry cuticles. Has no scent or colour so is great if you have sensitive skin.
Love the whole range but this one is a great all rounder product.

Most Helpful Criticism

Sadly disappointing


Great texture and pleasant smell, but unfortunately this product did not live up to the hype! I found the balm dried out my lips and was not as hydrating as I expected.
  1. The best


    The best all round balm.
    This is a thick consistency so works great for chapped lips, and dry cuticles. Has no scent or colour so is great if you have sensitive skin.
    Love the whole range but this one is a great all rounder product.
  2. Cannot go anywhere without it


    verified purchaser
    This lip balm is hands down the best balm I’ve used ever. I have quite plump lips that dry out easily, and am now on accutane so my lips are insanely dry all the time. Lanolips is the only product that actually helps and I literally have tubes scattered all over my home and workplace.
  3. Great for chapped lips and hands!


    This is hands down the best lip moisturizer I have tried! It really helps with moisturizing dry lip and cuticles. It absorbs easily, isn't sticky . I have really dry cuticles and this seems to keep them hydrated for hours even after washing my hands which is very unusual for me. It also seems to keep my lips well moisturized. As of now, I would repurchase in the future.
  4. Best lip balm


    I cannot use anything else on my lips! This is nourishing and hydrating and I use it all year round.
  5. Best lip balm


    verified purchaser
    I bought this after seeing the crazy reviews. It really is the best lip balm I’ve found. I’ve always used papaw cream which has a similar consistency and moisturising effect, but this lasts much longer (I apply 3-4 a day usually after eating) and it cures chapped lips and unless I’m imagining it it plumps them up a bit. I love that it’s shiny too so I feel like I’m wearing a light gloss
  6. Good but had better


    Almost makes my lips dryer using this.. I good alternative if you're desperate but I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase again..
  7. Best lip balm


    My favourite lip balm. Only loses a star because of the price.
  8. Great for chapped lips


    Great for when my lips get really dry and chapped- especially in winter. It's good to know the product doesn't have lots of unnecessary ingredients in. It comes in cute tube too.
  9. Average


    Pretty average product. Yes it helps with dry lips and but there are other products that do the same thing for half the price.
  10. Go-to lip ointment!


    Whenever I start to get chapped and dry lips, this ointment is always my go-to and it instantly hydrates and soothes my lips. Never leave the house without it!
  11. Great for SUPER chapped lips!


    this is my go-to product both in winter and when I'm sick. I hate the feeling of chapped lips and how they eventually become so sore and for me, lead to cold sores :( this product I keep on me at all times during these times and apply regularly for the summer time lips of a healthy person!
  12. soothing


    this is good for cuticles, dry patches, lips, bites etc but I do find in the colder months it can be hard to squeeze it out of the tube.
  13. Happy Lips


    My lips are dry, Easily chapped and cracked by many lip products. I've tried many 'clean'/ non-toxic products, yet my lips remain unhealthy.

    Lanolips does what it says. My lips become soft and moisturised. I love how it feels on my lips. It is thick yet non-sticky. I love it!
  14. Hydration


    This lip balm is very hydrating. Definitely great for winter season.
  15. Love it!!


    I have so many tubes of this, in my car, at home, in my bag and at my desk. It’s my go to product for my lips and any other dry/cracked areas. Great for cuticles and any minor rashes. Find it to be a great every day lip moisturiser.
  16. Body’s best friend


    I have this product this to my bed and use it every night on my heels, knees and elbows! Keeps the dry areas hydrated when I use it regularly and doesn’t feel to sticky on the skin before bed.
  17. Love it!


    Great multipurpose balm, ideal for lips, elbows & areas of skin that is extremely dry. It has a pleasant smell also not too overpowering, I find overtime I noticed it working. My skin appeared lore hydrated & less itchy too.
  18. the original


    Really helps with the weather changes and dry lips. Best thing about this one is that you can use it anywhere, dry nail beds, cuts or as a lip balm. The cost would sway me away a bit if it didnt last as long as it does.
  19. Really helps dry cracked lips!


    I had really dry lips for a long time and nothing seemed to work. But finally, this did! I love how it feels and it really helps with cracked, dry lips. 100% recommend!
  20. Sadly disappointing


    Great texture and pleasant smell, but unfortunately this product did not live up to the hype! I found the balm dried out my lips and was not as hydrating as I expected.
  21. I love this!


    I really enjoy using this. As I'm currently on accutane, it is perfect for my very dry and crusty lips. The smell of it is pretty neutral and it keeps my lips very hydrated. It is super affordable too and easy to use.
  22. Love


    nice tint and super moisturising. very affordable too!
  23. Best lip balm!


    After reading all the reviews, I can confirm that this lip balm is amazing!! Worth the money and will repurchase again in the future. Doesn't have any taste or colour and made my lips look plumper and no longer have the flaky lips. I loved to try other lanolip product
  24. Holy grail


    The best product I’ve used for dry lips. I use it every night before bed.
  25. Soft lips


    So glad I bought this. I was so sick of having to reapply lip balm because after a while it would wear off and my lips would be cracked again. This balm retains the moisture in your lips and anywhere else you have dry spots. It's not revolutionary so don't expect a total transformation, however, it is probably one of the best ones I have used.
  26. Lip’s life saver


    This is your lip’s best friend. It moisturises and treats chapped lips. I have 3 currently and I always end up repurchasing this.
  27. I carry this with me everywhere!


    I carry this with me everywhere and apply it to dry patches on my skin. It makes a huge difference.
  28. A super hero lip balm!


    This product is superior! In fact, in a office drawer full of a number of different types of lip care, this is the one I reach for the most.
    Great value and I don't find that I am always having to reapply.
  29. Favourite lip balm


    This is my favourite lip balm. I have extremely dry lips and so I am constantly applying this. I keep a tube on my bedside table, on the coffee table and on my dressing table. It is thick and about the only thing that works for me. Will never be without it!
  30. Love


    Love Lanolips! carry it with me everywhere! I always apply this right before bed and wake up with soft hydrated lips!
  31. Disappointing - doesn't live up to the hype


    I found this worked really well the first few times, and then just like most lip treatments, was not very effective after the first few times. Does not live up to the hype.
  32. LanoLOVE


    I originally received some lanolips products in a bonus beauty bag and loved the products so much I decided to try them all. I carry this with me always and it keeps my lips soft and smooth and previously they were always dry and prone to cracking and no other products seem to work as well as the lanolips range. Best of all they are cruelty free.
  33. Best lipbalm


    This is the best lipbalm I have ever used. It is pricey but worth it! Will definitely continue to repurchase this product.
  34. The best

    Liz S

    This feels AMAZING on my lips and lasts for ages. Best lip-balm I have ever used!
  35. Hydrating & nourishing


    it leaves my lips always feeling super smooth and lush. love that it melts into your lips
  36. Favourite


    Pretty much comes with me wherever I go.
    It’s perfect for lips and any dry patches you may have over the body.
    Not thick and over greasy.
    It’s a winner
  37. Worth more than it costs.


    This balm is great when travelling as it can used for cuticles and dry patches. I even mixed it with a powdered highlighter to my skin glow.
  38. Natural Version of PawPaw Ointment


    If you're looking for something that works as well as pawpaw ointment but is a natural alternative - then this is your best bet! I absolutely love this product and works great on cuts and dry patches that need a little extra hydration!


    WOW. Just WOW. I am so in love with my balm, I was searching for a balm that made my lips super shiny but not sticky. This just blew me away, my lips feel and look great when using it! I wake up with soft and hydrated lips each day. Well worth the money!!
  40. Thick and hydrating


    Really like this as a hand cream or cuticle cream. It's very thick and hydrating and helps to sooth any cracks or irritation. Would recommend
  41. Great multipurpose balm


    I mainly use this as a lip balm at night, but it also works super well on any ripped or ragged cuticles, on bites and scrapes as a protective ointment, and on dry eyelids to help rehydrate them. You need so little that the tube lasts and lasts. Great to find such a well-priced and versatile product!
  42. Generous size


    I actually love the applicator because it helps you get a thick layer of the balm without having the mess up your fingers. The balm can be a bit difficult to work with in the cold, but easy to warm up. Goes on clear
  43. 101 uses!


    Love this lip balm, not drying or two sticky. I use it all over, cuticles, dry patches etc.
  44. Love this lip balm


    Love this lip balm! Its not too sticky or runny, and you don't need too much of it. Also used it on dry patches of skin too.
  45. Never leave home without it...


    I've heard so much about lanolips, i can't believe it's taken me this long to try it out.
    Now I never leave home without it, it's brilliant in an office environment with the air conditiong drying you out in winter - it's so hydrating and doesn't leave your lips sticky.
  46. Take it everywhere


    Love this product, its not sticky or too thick. Just a perfect every day balm.
  47. Brilliant


    Had heard all the hype about lanolin for ages - now I finally understand!! It is so hydrating on the lips, doesn't make you constantly reapply, and leaves your lips with a nice sheen. I love the packaging - super convenient and not in a pot form! A+
  48. Love this product


    I've used Lanolips for a while now and its great. Ive also used this on dry patches of skin and works a treat
  49. Lovely


    Feels lovely on the lips. A must have to keep your lips hydrated in winter.
  50. Winter saviour


    This balm is so rich and protective in winter, I walk at night and putting this on before I go out in the wind definitely helps protect my lips
  51. Great lipbalm


    I have been looking for a lip balm to use that is natural, as I am sensitive to most I try. This product is moisturising and feels really nice on. I like that it has no scent. I have also applied it to a small cut and it has been protective. I’ll continue to buy this product.
  52. Not hydrating


    I can use this when my lips are in reasonable condition as a barrier/protecting balm, to keep the moisture in (ie from wind, air conditioning) but if my lips are actually dry or chapped (unfortunately this is most of the time for me!) then this balm does nothing, or even leaves them feeling worse. Not a fan.
  53. Nice


    It’s alright! I prefer other lip balms but this is pretty good!
  54. So lush


    I use this on my lips mainly, but also warm it up in my fingers and tap it under my eyes when my concealer starts to dry!
    So many uses.


    This certainly worked at hydrating my very dry lips and did leave them feeling soft and lovely.

    It works great but the price does put me off a little... I think other cheaper alternatives can work just as well.
  56. Fast become my Fave!


    Confession. I own approximately 100,000 lip balms and this has fast become my go to! Super nourishing, wears well under lipstick, can be used for dry skin and cuticles too. I’ll forever be loyal to this!
  57. multi-use


    This is great for anything dry - lips, cuticles, elbows, you name it! Have one of these in my bag, my car and my bedside table.
  58. A must


    I do not go a day without using Lanolips. It is great to put on before bed as its super hydrating but also perfect for use throughout the day.
  59. very moisturising


    I love lanolips but find it to be too expensive
  60. Perfect for cold weather


    I use this on my eyelids, lips, even my elbows and knees. It’s so hydrating and smells nice!
  61. The original and best

    Yasamin (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I have all of the flavours but the original is definitely the best! Some of the others can dry my lips out, but this one keeps my lips nicely hydrated. It has quite a shiny finish which I love, and I won't go anywhere without it!
  62. Only lip balm I will use


    I have used this lip balm for years and while I have tried other popular lip balms, I will always go back to this. I always have at least 3 of them around the house in different spots! It is perfect for super dry and chapped lips, which I have recently experienced in a European winter. What I also love about this, is that it is a perfect multi use balm as well. I use on my cuticles and also in my ...
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  63. Not too bad but not my favourite


    It’s okay.. I don’t find it sinks in very well and just seems to sit on the skin. I prefer other products more and gave this to my boyfriends mum as she likes it.
  64. Soft


    Keeps your lips very plump and soft. must have lip balm! deeply nourishes your lips, great to use at night
  65. Hands down best lip balm ever


    I love this product. I have really dry lips and it helps to nourish them. I also love to mix it with lipstick to stain the lips the colour I like, but to avoid that dry yucky lipstick look as my lips get dry if I put lipstick straight on. Worth every penny
  66. Lovely


    I really like this for winter. It is goes a long way and doesn't smell intense.
  67. Best lip balm out there


    This is hands down the best lip balm I have ever used, I have 2 so that I’m never without it. It’s rich, thick, hydrates and stays on my lips. I find that it also soothes any lips irritations or cracks that I may have. Highly recommended.
  68. works wonders


    My lips are always chapped and dry especially in winter, and I always have to use something, this product definitely works, my lips arent chapped anymore its a miracle
  69. Holy Grail Product!


    I was introduced to Lanolips 101 Ointment The Original Multipurpose Superbalm about 2 years ago and it quickly became my go to product for just about everything! I am never without my Lanolips - I use it as a lipbalm, a salve for cracked skin, as a gloss highlighter, and occasionally I put it on my nails. There are probably 100 more uses for this stuff - it's absolutely beautiful, and if I were to...
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  70. Love it


    Makes my lips look plump and shiny without the sticky feeling! Super moisturizing. Would definitely repurchase!
  71. Just OK


    After reading so many reviews I was excited to try this lip balm for the winter as my lips can get quite dry.

    I think this is really just OK and overpriced. It does have a nice feel to it but is very expensive. I have found a much cheaper product from the chemist that works better so would not repurchase.
  72. Pretty good


    This product is really good for different purposes. Makes my lips look really glowy
  73. such a great product!


    I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my body very hydrated! I would recommend this to anyone! Another great product from the line.
  74. Awesome


    worth the type, livesaver this product is without being greasy
  75. Little bit of help.


    Perfect all rounder, handy to keep in bag especially during the cooler months when you need that extra bit of help with hydration. Even love to use on dry cuticles over night.
  76. Amazing


    I can see why everyone raves about this lip balm. I find that a lot of lip balms, whilst slippery don't actually hydrate my lips. But this is truly amazing, but lips feel hydrated and soft even in the winter wind!
  77. Expensive but worth it


    Love this as a lip balm. Works in the depths of winter when you need extra moisture and lasts for ages. Only need to use a small amount each time.
  78. Best superbalm ever!


    This pure lanolin balm is amazing for dry lips, dry cuticles and even for mosquito bites etc. It literally has 101 uses. I've been suffering from hand eczema and this has really softened the overall skin of my hands and I could not be happier.
  79. great for dry lips


    the ointment is great for dry lips, helps to moisturise them and keeps them soft all day long
  80. Happy with this purchase


    I am always sceptical ordering lip gloss online (often too sticky) but this is definitely a balm texture. Really liking it and now considering buying the tinted versions.
  81. Extremely moisturizing & great smelling product


    I bought this product as my lips weren't doing well in the harsh winter conditions and as a result I had dry, cracked lips - once I started applying this pleasant product it gave me the moisture that I needed. I did constantly have to reapply though, I would recommend this product as it had a medium affect on my dry lips.
  82. Amazing for dry skin and glow!


    I originally purchased this for my chapped lips but found so many more uses with it. It's great for super dry skin patches and as it's so nourishing that you don't need much at all. It also layers well on the lips to give matte lipsticks more dimension. Small packaging is also great for the handbag/purse/jacket pocket!
  83. A very nice lipbalm but didn't quite live up to the hype (for me)


    I have incredibly dry lips all year round and also get a weird reaction around my lips from time to time where my lips and surrounding skin gets all swollen and incredibly red, textured, and flaky (some kind of allergic reaction to something - not sure what yet). So I am constantly on the search for something that I can use to combat these issues. I think this balm is nice, but I see very similar ...
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  84. Love love!


    This is amazing. Im using it as a lipbalm and I cannot fault it!
  85. love love love


    AMAZING! I always have a tube. It moisturisers without drying. So many lip balms have to constantly reaching for more. I find that I can put this on in the morning and forget about till the bed time. And its also a good eyebrow tamer, highlighter, cuticle balm, so many things! Great price. Goes a long way!
  86. best lip balm!


    Love love love this product! Never fails to moisturise and plump my chapped lips. I have sensitive eczema prone skin, this product never irritates. Definitely recommend to anyone thinking of trying, have got so many of my friends hooked after them trying it also.
  87. HUGE fan!


    This balm seriously does it all! You can practically use it anywhere you have a dry patch, a cut, itch, sting -anything! Although there is quite the price tag attached to it, do not hesitate to purchase this miracle balm! I like to slather this on my lips overnight, and wake up with them plump, moisturized! Super convenient size as well, so you can take it with you anywhere! Cannot recommend this ...
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  88. My number one beauty product


    I have the lanolips multi in every hand bag I own, next to my bed, on the couch, at my desk, in my bathroom, in the car... nothing makes my lips feel as hydrated as this. I use it to soften my cuticles, on any scabs or dry patches to help them hydrate and heal, as a highlighter on my cheekbones, to set my brows. It is my number one beauty staple. I wish they sold it in vats!!
  89. Great!


    I have very dry lips that are always peeling. I did some research and this was the only product I hadn’t tried. It’s fantastic! A good layer at night and top ups through the day have my lips soft and smooth.
  90. Worse one!!


    This product is very thick and doesn’t sink in your lips. I find it very hard to use on my nails and as it’s says multitasking product. I feel my lips are getting extremely dry after the product wears-off.
    Won’t be buying or recommending it!
  91. All purpose must have


    This is an absolute must have for the car, hand bag, nappy bag, back pocket! This is my go to for dry lips, cuticles, dull skin and even wild brows. It’s super hydrating without feeling greasy like I suspected it might. Can’t live without!
  92. HG


    I mean, it's iconic. It's one of my HGs and I have this one, as well as the flavoured ones. Use this on dry skin in winter as well as my lips, pop it on before bed and when I wake up in the morning there is a definite difference and improvement. Run, don't walk.
  93. Really moisturising.


    I just started using this product and so far I really like it! Its a thinner, shinier consistency than I was expecting (I thought it would be more of a thick balm), but feels moisturising! It doesn't have a scent or taste, so it's very mild. The only downsides are that it doesn't seem to last ages on the lips and it is reasonably pricy. I prefer the Nuxe Reve De Miel balm for pretty much the same...
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  94. Amazing product!!!


    I have been using this for 3 months. Definitely my lip is softer and looks better! I will keep using this:)
  95. Love Love Love!


    Lanolips is one of those products that is so famous because it actually does work. It hydrates the lips and makes them feel super smooth and it's in a very convenient tube to have on the go. it is quite a thick formula, but I think that's what separates it from alot of other lip products - it doesn't wear away or sink in so fast you feel like you need another layer within the next 5 minutes
  96. Really lovely


    I'm very happy with this balm. I've been looking for a natural alternative to the pawpaw ointment with not a lot of luck but this is great and very hydrating. I've noticed I don't have to apply it as often and it has a less greasy feel. Love it!
  97. Didn't love it!


    The packaging is quite cute and its a handy cream to keep in your handy for dry skin, but I didn't love it on my lips. They felt moisturised for a short time, but then it dried them out more than most balms and I found I had to keep reapplying all the time.
  98. It's nice but not amazing


    This is a nice, silky gloss that does a good job at moisturising. I've only really used it on my lips. I really like the smooth and silky texture but for the price, I would not repurchase.
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