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Lanolips 101 Ointment The Original Multipurpose Superbalm

Lanolips Authentic
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Lanolips 101 Ointment The Original Multipurpose Superbalm by Lanolips

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Lanolips 101 Ointment is a multi-purpose hydrating ointment designed to simplify your beauty regime and your life. 100% natural, this innovative formula is made from Ultra-pure Medical Grade Lanolin, so pure that it can be used on the mouths of newborn babies.


Lanolips 101 Ointment will help:

  • Keep your lips lush and soft - it holds 200% of its weight in water!
  • Keep your cuticles hydrated and soft
  • Assist in wound healing
  • Keep your skin hydrated and lock in nourishment where it is needed
  • Look after nursing nipples

Lanolips makes natural, non-toxic products using the world's highest grade lanolin. Lanolips uses an exclusive Ultra Medical Grade Lanolin, which is three times more pure than Medical Grade Lanolin. With a global cult following and countless awards, Lanolips is free from harmful chemicals.

Lanolips is proudly free from artificial fragrances, paraben-free, petrolatum-free, mineral oil free and sulfate free.

Lanolin is the cruelty free by-product of wool, which must be sheared annually for the comfort of sheep. Lanolips is proud to be animal cruelty free.

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How to use Lanolips 101 Ointment The Original Multipurpose Superbalm


  • Apply as frequently as required.

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Reviews (13)
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- 20-10-2009 by

Nice hydrating product but not as hydrating for me as some lip treatments. I am also not a fan of the packaging - looks a little dated.

- 17-02-2010 by

I love a petroleum free lip balm. This one's good but I agree the packaging is a bit meh, I'm not a fan of the sheep logo. This is a greasy lip balm due to the lanolin so will make your lips look glossy. Only need a tiny bit so economical.

- 27-07-2009 by

I put this on before bed and my lips are always soft, nurtured, and hydrated in the morning. I’ve also worn this during the day and it makes my lips look polished and healthy. It’s lovely to apply and doesn’t leave that white line of gunk/residue on your lips. Lasts all day without the need for re-application, unscented, and super-moisturising. Definitely a keeper. Natasha

Excellent! - 15-10-2012 by

Really good not only for your lips but together with the rose handcream for very dry skin works fantastically. My cuticles have never looked this great! Love the 101!

.. - 28-05-2012 by

The formula is fantastic but the packaging begs for improvement. It cheapans a great product. This works wonders on chapped lips and because it is a natural product will soften in summer and harden in winter, small compromise.

- 31-01-2010 by

This is a very good lip balm. It outlasts a lot of other more expensive brands and the tube makes it easy to use just enough. The only problem I have is that I live in a cold part of New South Wales and, when the temperature drops, it's hard to get the ointment out of the tube. I don't have the same problem with the Lanolips tinted ointments so I will be buying those in the future.

- 20-07-2009 by

This is a wonderful, simple, multi use product. I love it for my lips, cuticles, elbows. It really does have 101 uses. You have to squeeze real hard when the tube is cold, and be very careful when the tube is warm - it will ooze out.

- 02-02-2010 by

This is truly a little gem! I use it for lips, cuts, dry nails, and even a hair smoother! Can pretty much be used for anything! Has a pleasant neutral smell, not sticky at all and one bottle lasts for ages!

Aussie Gold - 23-08-2016 by

This balm left my lips smooth, soft and totally sold! Hands down my favourite product and love the newly revamped packaging.

Can't live without it! - 13-04-2016 by

If you suffer from dry, chapped, sore lips during the change of seasons like me, you NEED this lip balm. I have tried multiple different lip balms to help rescue my lips, and nothing has come close to Lanolips. The medical grade lanolin in this product is a miracle ingredient. Highly recommend this product.

My no.1 desert island product - 19-11-2015 by

I cannot manage without Lanolips 101: I keep it on my desk, in my handbag, in my bathroom, in my bedside drawer. Lips, cuticles, elbows, heels, all stay problem free thanks to this little treasure. Absolutely recommend it.

Magic Lip balm Sorcery! - 18-08-2014 by

Lanolips 101 Ointment is the only lip balm I continue re-purchase. It works amazingly well and my lips would be cracked and miserable without it!

It's also great because it leaves your lips looking glossy without any stickiness (a big pet hate of mine).

Overall this is a standout product and I recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Instant Relief for Crack lips and ALL DRY areas! - 28-05-2014 by

Works super on cracked and dry lips. Leave it on over night and my lips were healed by the next morning! My areola area occasionally gets dry and flaky if i have too much hot showers and I have used numerous body lotion to try to sooth and moisturize the area but this product worked THE best.

Downside is the content can harden during the cold months and is quite hard to squeeze it out. Perhaps they can improve on their packaging.

Last a long time.. only require a small amount for full effect.

Q & A
1 Question Ask a question
  • From Lanolips 101 Ointment The Original Multipurpose Superbalm at 24/10/13 11:40 AM
    • Q: Could you please let me know all the ingredients for lanolips. I am highly allergic to petroleum and mineral oil.
    • A: Hi Colleen,

      This product contains only 1 ingredient , 100% Ultra Medical Grade lanolin. It is pure and 100% natural. It is also colourless and odourless.

      Please let me know if you require any further information on this product :-)

      Warm regards,
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