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Lanolips 101 Ointment The Original Multipurpose Superbalm 17.5ml

4.7 of 136 reviews


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4 instalments of $4.74


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Lanolips 101 Ointment The Original Multipurpose Superbalm

Lanolips 101 Ointment The Original Multipurpose Superbalm

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4.7 of 136 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Hands down best lip balm ever
I love this product. I have really dry lips and it helps to nourish them. I also love to mix it with lipstick to stain the lips the colour I like, but to avoid that dry yucky lipstick look as my lips get dry if I put lipstick straight on. Worth every penny

Most Helpful Criticism

Just OK
After reading so many reviews I was excited to try this lip balm for the winter as my lips can get quite dry.

I think this is really just OK and overpriced. It does have a nice feel to it but is very expensive. I have found a much cheaper product from the chemist that works better so would not repurchase.
  1. Hands down best lip balm ever

    I love this product. I have really dry lips and it helps to nourish them. I also love to mix it with lipstick to stain the lips the colour I like, but to avoid that dry yucky lipstick look as my lips get dry if I put lipstick straight on. Worth every penny
  2. Lovely

    I really like this for winter. It is goes a long way and doesn't smell intense.
  3. Best lip balm out there

    This is hands down the best lip balm I have ever used, I have 2 so that I’m never without it. It’s rich, thick, hydrates and stays on my lips. I find that it also soothes any lips irritations or cracks that I may have. Highly recommended.
  4. works wonders

    My lips are always chapped and dry especially in winter, and I always have to use something, this product definitely works, my lips arent chapped anymore its a miracle
  5. Holy Grail Product!

    I was introduced to Lanolips 101 Ointment The Original Multipurpose Superbalm about 2 years ago and it quickly became my go to product for just about everything! I am never without my Lanolips - I use it as a lipbalm, a salve for cracked skin, as a gloss highlighter, and occasionally I put it on my nails. There are probably 100 more uses for this stuff - it's absolutely beautiful, and if I were to take only one product on a desert island, this one would be it!!
  6. Love it

    Makes my lips look plump and shiny without the sticky feeling! Super moisturizing. Would definitely repurchase!
  7. Just OK

    After reading so many reviews I was excited to try this lip balm for the winter as my lips can get quite dry.

    I think this is really just OK and overpriced. It does have a nice feel to it but is very expensive. I have found a much cheaper product from the chemist that works better so would not repurchase.
  8. Pretty good

    This product is really good for different purposes. Makes my lips look really glowy
  9. such a great product!

    I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my body very hydrated! I would recommend this to anyone! Another great product from the line.
  10. Awesome

    worth the type, livesaver this product is without being greasy
  11. Little bit of help.

    Perfect all rounder, handy to keep in bag especially during the cooler months when you need that extra bit of help with hydration. Even love to use on dry cuticles over night.
  12. Amazing

    I can see why everyone raves about this lip balm. I find that a lot of lip balms, whilst slippery don't actually hydrate my lips. But this is truly amazing, but lips feel hydrated and soft even in the winter wind!
  13. Expensive but worth it

    Love this as a lip balm. Works in the depths of winter when you need extra moisture and lasts for ages. Only need to use a small amount each time.
  14. Best superbalm ever!

    This pure lanolin balm is amazing for dry lips, dry cuticles and even for mosquito bites etc. It literally has 101 uses. I've been suffering from hand eczema and this has really softened the overall skin of my hands and I could not be happier.
  15. great for dry lips

    the ointment is great for dry lips, helps to moisturise them and keeps them soft all day long
  16. Happy with this purchase

    I am always sceptical ordering lip gloss online (often too sticky) but this is definitely a balm texture. Really liking it and now considering buying the tinted versions.
  17. Extremely moisturizing & great smelling product

    I bought this product as my lips weren't doing well in the harsh winter conditions and as a result I had dry, cracked lips - once I started applying this pleasant product it gave me the moisture that I needed. I did constantly have to reapply though, I would recommend this product as it had a medium affect on my dry lips.
  18. Amazing for dry skin and glow!

    I originally purchased this for my chapped lips but found so many more uses with it. It's great for super dry skin patches and as it's so nourishing that you don't need much at all. It also layers well on the lips to give matte lipsticks more dimension. Small packaging is also great for the handbag/purse/jacket pocket!
  19. A very nice lipbalm but didn't quite live up to the hype (for me)

    I have incredibly dry lips all year round and also get a weird reaction around my lips from time to time where my lips and surrounding skin gets all swollen and incredibly red, textured, and flaky (some kind of allergic reaction to something - not sure what yet). So I am constantly on the search for something that I can use to combat these issues. I think this balm is nice, but I see very similar results from this to my Aquaphor healing ointment (which costs less for a lot more product). So although I like this and will continue to use it, I didn't find it to be anything particularly special and probably won't be repurchasing.

    That said, however, I do have more issues around my lip area than most people. So the average consumer will probably really enjoy this on the lips as its extremely emollient. It's also a very clean no-fuss formula, and quite small and travel-friendly.
  20. Love love!

    This is amazing. Im using it as a lipbalm and I cannot fault it!
  21. love love love

    AMAZING! I always have a tube. It moisturisers without drying. So many lip balms have to constantly reaching for more. I find that I can put this on in the morning and forget about till the bed time. And its also a good eyebrow tamer, highlighter, cuticle balm, so many things! Great price. Goes a long way!
  22. best lip balm!

    Love love love this product! Never fails to moisturise and plump my chapped lips. I have sensitive eczema prone skin, this product never irritates. Definitely recommend to anyone thinking of trying, have got so many of my friends hooked after them trying it also.
  23. HUGE fan!

    This balm seriously does it all! You can practically use it anywhere you have a dry patch, a cut, itch, sting -anything! Although there is quite the price tag attached to it, do not hesitate to purchase this miracle balm! I like to slather this on my lips overnight, and wake up with them plump, moisturized! Super convenient size as well, so you can take it with you anywhere! Cannot recommend this enough!
  24. My number one beauty product

    I have the lanolips multi in every hand bag I own, next to my bed, on the couch, at my desk, in my bathroom, in the car... nothing makes my lips feel as hydrated as this. I use it to soften my cuticles, on any scabs or dry patches to help them hydrate and heal, as a highlighter on my cheekbones, to set my brows. It is my number one beauty staple. I wish they sold it in vats!!
  25. Great!

    I have very dry lips that are always peeling. I did some research and this was the only product I hadn’t tried. It’s fantastic! A good layer at night and top ups through the day have my lips soft and smooth.
  26. Worse one!!

    This product is very thick and doesn’t sink in your lips. I find it very hard to use on my nails and as it’s says multitasking product. I feel my lips are getting extremely dry after the product wears-off.
    Won’t be buying or recommending it!
  27. All purpose must have

    This is an absolute must have for the car, hand bag, nappy bag, back pocket! This is my go to for dry lips, cuticles, dull skin and even wild brows. It’s super hydrating without feeling greasy like I suspected it might. Can’t live without!
  28. HG

    I mean, it's iconic. It's one of my HGs and I have this one, as well as the flavoured ones. Use this on dry skin in winter as well as my lips, pop it on before bed and when I wake up in the morning there is a definite difference and improvement. Run, don't walk.
  29. Really moisturising.

    I just started using this product and so far I really like it! Its a thinner, shinier consistency than I was expecting (I thought it would be more of a thick balm), but feels moisturising! It doesn't have a scent or taste, so it's very mild. The only downsides are that it doesn't seem to last ages on the lips and it is reasonably pricy. I prefer the Nuxe Reve De Miel balm for pretty much the same price.
  30. Amazing product!!!

    I have been using this for 3 months. Definitely my lip is softer and looks better! I will keep using this:)
  31. Love Love Love!

    Lanolips is one of those products that is so famous because it actually does work. It hydrates the lips and makes them feel super smooth and it's in a very convenient tube to have on the go. it is quite a thick formula, but I think that's what separates it from alot of other lip products - it doesn't wear away or sink in so fast you feel like you need another layer within the next 5 minutes
  32. Really lovely

    I'm very happy with this balm. I've been looking for a natural alternative to the pawpaw ointment with not a lot of luck but this is great and very hydrating. I've noticed I don't have to apply it as often and it has a less greasy feel. Love it!
  33. Didn't love it!

    The packaging is quite cute and its a handy cream to keep in your handy for dry skin, but I didn't love it on my lips. They felt moisturised for a short time, but then it dried them out more than most balms and I found I had to keep reapplying all the time.
  34. It's nice but not amazing

    This is a nice, silky gloss that does a good job at moisturising. I've only really used it on my lips. I really like the smooth and silky texture but for the price, I would not repurchase.
  35. good overnight

    I like to use this at night, its thick and a little greasy but when you wake up it's perfect, not dry skin or chapped lips, soft and supple.
  36. Good but not great

    I bought Lanolips after hearing the many positive reviews about it. Compared to any other balm, Lanolips is good but not life-changing. I use it under matte lipsticks to help with moisture and also before bed to wake up with soft lips. I would get the same result from using paw paw ointment.
  37. Best lip balm

    Best lip balm - super hydrating and makes your lips so soft. It's expensive but does what it says! Will be repurchasing :)

    To be honest, I don't even know if I can put into words how much I love Lanolips. Their entire range is amazing but the original balm is my favourite. I more often than not have dry lips so I have tried a lot of different lip balms on the market but Lanolips is the only brand whose balms keep your lips hydrated hours after use. I have purchased this product 5 times and will continue to purchase it.
  39. I buy this on repeat!

    Every night I use this on my lips, cuticles and nails.
  40. super nice

    lily brown recommended this on her snapchat story and it is so good!!
  41. Soothing & Hydrating

    Lovely product that soothes my dry lips all year round!
  42. nourishing

    nice and nourishing, especially in cold climates. On holiday recently my husband ended up using it more than me after windburn!!
  43. God send!!

    This product has worked wonders on my lips and as well as my cuticles! definitely worth the money, would 100% recommend!
  44. Great product but very overhyped

    Bought this product as i heard so many good reviews about this. It is a very good moisturising lip balm (i don't really have any other use for it other than my lips) but i can't see why it would be the absolute best. I think it is a really good product for those who are happy to spend $19 on a lipbalm but for me i think it is a bit overhyped as i can buy a really good lip balm for only $6 that i feel does the same job.
  45. Fantastic lip care

    I get dry and peeling lips easily and I highly recommend this! I put on a lighter balm then this over the top and it works really well at keeping my lips hydrated or repairing them if they dry out too much.
  46. Favourite lipbalm/ointment

    Lanolips is my favourite lip balm, and because this one has no scent you can use it anywhere without the smell being too much! I use this on dry patches and my cuticles to keep them moisturized as well as my lips. Highly recommend!
  47. So many uses

    Great natural product with lots of uses. It’s pretty thick and heavy, but that means that it lasts for a long time and sinks into any dry patches. Great overnight on dry lips to completely restore them
  48. Great for dry patches

    This is so great for dry lips or super dry spots. A great natural balm for the skin
  49. 101 the best

    I can't say enough about this one but 101 Leno lips ointment is the best really hydrates my cuticles and my skin as not oily and hydrates my skin and Hands really well. 100% my staple that I need in my handbag and in my home.
  50. Its ok

    Just seems like any hydrating lip balm, does a good job but I dont find it any better than other ones on the market.
  51. Does it all

    An amazing product - so many uses, but overall an amazing multi-tasker. Love it for lips and elbows/knees. So hydrating!
  52. Great product

    I have extremely dry lips and have been using lanolin on my lips for over 10 years to avoid waking up with flaking, bleeding lips. At night, I use the chemist pot of natural lanolin which costs about $5 and lasts the whole year. However, this product is just as good to use in the day time when not wanting to carry the small pot of lanolin around. I purchased a much more expensive lip balm and it's nowhere near as effective as Lanolips.
  53. Great for most of the year

    I'm a huge fan of this product and keep it on my bedside to apply before bed and my lips feel great in the morning - not super-dry like usual. It's thicker than pawpaw ointment and feels very nourishing, but doesn't look or feel too gluggy. But come winter it's honestly nearly impossible to get this stuff out of the tube! Used for the rest of the year, it's excellent.
  54. Great For Eczema

    A few years ago my friends and I went on leavers and I had an eczema breakout near my mouth crease that was so dry and flaky and ugly. I bought this then and it helped so much I never looked back. It's helped me so much with dryness and my lips over the past 4 years! Would always recommend lanolips!
  55. Great multipurpose balm

    It’s expensive but it lasts forever and can be used for lips, dry skin and cuticles. Love it
  56. A little over hyped

    I honestly didn’t love it. It’s too thick and I feel like it doesn’t replenish my skin in anyway.
  57. HG lip balm!

    This is truly multipurpose. I used it for my lips originally as it doesn't have any peppermint or similar products that dried my lips out. I suffered from extremely dry, chapped, flaky, bleeding lips. Between this and a good quality lip scrub, my lips are now beautiful! I also use this balm for my extremely dry spots that I get due to my bad eczema. It helps clear them up and really moisturises them where typical moisturisers or oils won't do the job. If I apply this at night it stays on until morning! Everyone needs some of this.
  58. Saved my lips !

    I have always had the driest lips, to the point where they bleed and skin peels off, no matter how much water i drink or how much lipbalm I slathered on but this stuff was a lifesaver ! My lips have never been so plump and hydrated and i dont have to constantly reapply. Im always raving about how good this stuff is and have got my mum and sister hooked too !
  59. New HG

    My super dry, chapped lips have been totally transformed with this product! Leave lips plump & super hydrated. Highly recommend
  60. Ah-MAHHH-ZING!

    Truly a staple product i couldn't live without. Fixes pretty much everything. One of my favourite ways to use it is around my eyes at night as a last step in my routine - in the morning i wake up with hydrated plump skin with no pesky little dry wrinkles. Works as well as $100 eye creams!
  61. Fixes dry lips quickly

    This lip balm is super hydrating to start the day, and I pop a little on when I'm applying foundation in the morning. It doesn't seem to last too long on the lips but for as long as it's on there the feeling is lovely. Continual application does fix super dry lips and works a treat in getting it sorted quickly. No one likes dry, cracked lips especially if you need to apply lipstick!
  62. Good

    Been using this for over 6 months now, my most favourite lip balm ever! It is so nourishing, shiny, long lasting, best thing ever ever. Not only for my lips i put it on cuts, sores, dry skin and also use it on my cheeks, cupids bow, and nose for a dewy natural glowy look. AMAZING
  63. Amazing

    Honestly the best lip balm I have ever used. So luscious and perfect for night time, I apply a thick layer at night and wake up with beautifully plump and moisturised lips. Will definitely be repurchasing!
  64. Soooo hydrating!!

    I love this lip balm! It leaves my dried and cracked lips so soft and hydrated after just one day's use! A little goes a long way so you don't need much nor do you have to keep constantly re-applying it throughout the day to feel the soothing effects. It's beautiful and natural and an all over moisturising balm perfect for dry skin and lips.
  65. The best multi balm!

    This multi balm is great for your lips, dry skin and cuticles. The options are endless. As we all know, it is so much easier to take one product on a night out and this product can do it all!

    It doesn't really have taste or smell which I really like. It keeps my lips super smooth and moisturised. I highly recommend.
  66. Best. Lip balm. Ever.

    I always have dry lips, particularly at night, and have had a jar of Vaseline beside my bed for years as I can’t bear to go to sleep with dry lips. This has been an absolute game changer! It’s so lovely and luscious, it feels substantial on my lips like it’s doing good, and my lips have felt really soft since I started using it. Yes, it’s expensive, but a little goes a long way. I just wish I’d heard about it years ago!
  67. Better than most lip balms

    I have chronic dry lips and have used lip balms my whole life and reapply every 30 minutes. I haven't found a holy grail lip balm that has cured my dry lips but have found the Bite Beauty Lip Mask and the Lanolips are my top two.
  68. My only lip balm

    I’ve tried every lip balm and this is the only one that actually moisturises my lips instantly and lasts! I also use it on my cuticles and in between fingers when they are dry, wash it off in 10mins and they are so soft! Chucked out all my others, worth the money and lasts ages
  69. soothing on the skin

    I think this is.a go to product for bites, chapped lips, cuticles, scratches, dry elbows etc. I think other products or balms are as effective but the price is reasonable. I do find in winter its hard to squeeze out of the tube but in the warmer months it's softer.
  70. Not sure it’s worth the price?

    So this stuff is amazing for dry and cracked lips. I’ve suffered from dry lips forever and was previously using Burt’s bees lip balm in coconut/pear (which smells beautiful) but didn’t seem to fix the problem, whereas lanolips has actually kept my lips hydrated longer than any product I’ve previously used.

    My only problem is that you really get very little product in the tube and considering it’s recommended as an all purpose balm I would expect to get a bit more product.
    At $18.95 I think I will only use this on my lips as this isn’t something I want to run out of every two weeks.
    Would I repurchase? Probably, as I said it’s a great product for people like me who suffer from dry lips.
  71. This really works!

    I'd rather give this 4.9 rather than 5, because the little lid unscrews and is annoying (change it to a flip top and it would be perfect!) but the amazingness of this product makes the lid a minor inconvenience worth dealing with. Lanolips really soothes cracked lips and fingers - I get both, quite severely - and it doesn't leave you needing another dose an hour later. I love this stuff, well worth the price.
  72. Really works

    I LOVE this balm! I have very dry lips and have tried every sort of balm available. Most feel nice for the first 10 minutes but then I can feel that my lips aren't hydrated - just covered. This balm really hydrates and instantly soothes. I can feel my lips loving it! The hydrated feeling lasts for a long time since the balm is so thick and protective. I haven't tried it anywhere else on my body but for my lips, it truly is a superbalm! I love it!
  73. Great for dry skin

    Use anywhere that is dry! Very moisterising balm
  74. Very versatile product

    Love this product - so versatile! Can be used on lips, dry areas of skin, over cuts/wounds etc. My favourite use is as an overnight lip treatment.
  75. Finally something that works!

    This is the lip balm I wish I had had all winter! It soothes and actually hydrated even after it has worn off your lips. I am using it on dry patches also and it is working a treat of my sensitive skin. A must have for every handbag!
  76. Best

    Such a great lip balm. Makes my lips shiny and plump without making giving them that whitish look that other balms do.
  77. All rounder

    Amazing lip balm and hand cream!! Leaves every dry skin patch feeling smooth and nourished
  78. Super soothing.

    I can't be without this now that I've discovered it. Different to any other balm I've ever tried. Chapped winter lips be gone!
  79. Great multipurpose product

    Great product, I use it on my lips, cuticles and other dry patches on my body as it is really moisturising
  80. Hands down THE best product for dry lips!

    This is my absolute favourite for dry Winter lips. Great for preventing and treating cracking. Nothing else seems good enough after having tried this.
  81. Amazing product!

    I have very dry and cracked lips in Winter and this is such a saviour! Highly recommend Lanolips!
  82. Holy Grail

    I suffer from very dry lips and elbows. This stuff is honestly the only thing that helps! Love it and have gone through about 8 tubes.
  83. Great!

    I have struggled to find a lip balm to really treat dry and cracked lips. However, after one use, this changed my lips and I haven't had any issues since. Completely in love with Lanolips!
  84. The Bomb

    I was having an allergic reaction and could get no relief until I got my hands on this. Prior to the instant relief that I got on application my skin was burning, tight and dry (like nothing I have ever experienced). Upon application I felt instant relief to the pain I was experiencing and it really masked the damage to my lips. It is the absolute best lip balm I have ever come across and I think everyone should have one in their medical kit and makeup bag. I can imagine it would be really relieving for nasty burns as well.
  85. Great lip balm

    Really moisturising, feels great, and doesn't have a bad taste.
  86. So good!

    This, as well as the other lanolips products have quickly become my favourite go to lip products, they leaves your lips feeling plump and moisturized for hours after each use. I had really dry lips prior to using this product and my lips are now completely soft and smooth! Love love this product line.
  87. Awesome!!

    I switched to this lip balm after my lips got addicted to another product. Super hydrating and great for regular use. I always keep with me for use when weather is not great. Doesn’t asborb heaps but that’s what you can expect for lanolin. Love this product.
  88. It is what it is

    I wasn't blown away with this product, especially given the price. I have issues actually getting the product from the tube even when I've warmed it. This could just be mine but it's very frustrating.

    The product itself is good. It doesn't leave a bad taste and feels nice on. However I'm not sure I'd purchase again.
  89. So good :)

    I love it, it works so well on cuticles and nails! its great for protecting lips against the wind and harsh winter weather, my only problem is I don't feel like this really soaks into my lips, it feels like it just sits on top of them more, but still it works really well in winter when I'm outside.
  90. Incredible as a lip balm!

    I have fallen in love with this product recently and I adore it for my lips. I often find that in winter, my lips get very cracked and dry, but this product has fixed that completely!
    I understand the comments about it being difficult to get out of the tube if it is cold, but I haven't had an issue as I just hold the tube between my hands for a minute to warm it up for application.
  91. Saviour for dry skin

    tried this years ago and still keep repurchasing it! it's just a great multipurpose balm and it really does help severely dried out its and cuticles, hands, elbows, anything you can think of really. Just awesome!
  92. Good for when you have time

    This isn't something you can use on the go. It takes a while to absorb and for my hands to not feel greasy.

    But does a great job at making sure my skin is hydrated.
  93. Thick and rich

    I have severely dry and peeling hands and lips so I wanted to try this balm.
    It's a very very thick balm. In fact, when I first went to use it it had solidified and I couldn't get it out of the tube.
    So it is very difficult to get out, but I would actually still prefer a tube than a jar or pot where I have to stick my fingers in and get the product in my nails.
    When I rub it into my skin it melts in and takes a long time to absorb because it's so rich.
    I love how there's no scent.
    As a lipbalm it's a good amount but for an multipurpose balm I would have liked more product, this is very pricey.
    While this doesn't actually heal my skin it does provide some hydration and act as a barrier to prevent further moisture loss.
    But when this wears off my lips and hands are soon chapped again.
    But it is still a good product.
  94. I have had this for years

    It’s one of the best multi purpose balms out there, 0 smell, just a simple ointment for cuts or scratches, chapped lips, I even use this on my nose when I have a cold to stop from getting dried out , it’s a really good product that I’ll always have close by
  95. Must have product!

    I use this everyday for everything! On cuticles, on my lips, on dry nostrils when I’ve been blowing my nose. It’s a miracle product.
  96. must have

    this is the only thing that actually works for my super dry lips in the winter. there's always that time of the year in winter when my lips gets chapped, cracked, and really dry. thats why i always have this with me everywhere. always a repurchase, definitely worth it
  97. Great lip balm

    I get very dry lips in the winter and find that this works so well. It protects against harsh weather and hydrates. I also keep this in my bag because it comes in handy for so many uses like on my cuticles or as a subtle glow of highlight. I would definitely recommend this product.
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