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Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation 20g

4.4 of 9 reviews


$18.50 x 4

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$18.50 x 4

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Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation

Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation

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4.4 of 9 reviews

78% recommend this product

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Dry skin
Love how much moisture this foundation brings back to the skin, highly recommend this to those who are suffering dry skin.
  1. I like it a lot!

    Really makes the skin look super pretty! Very plump and natural. Definitely a must have!
  2. Cakey - go with the Aqua Foundation instead

    After finishing a bottle of the amazing Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Aqua Foundation, I decided to give this a try to compare the two.

    The only positive about this foundation is that it's a perfect match for my super pale skin. Apart from that, this didn't work for my skin at all.

    After immediate application the foundation looked smooth and glowy... but within an hour it was a patchy, shiny mess.

    I tried different primers/setting powders etc. to make it work, but unfortunately it wasn't for me.

    I can't recommend the Aqua foundation highly enough though, so if you're deciding between the two, go for that one!
  3. Dry skin

    Love how much moisture this foundation brings back to the skin, highly recommend this to those who are suffering dry skin.
  4. Love

    Really awesome foundation for those who struggle with dry skin, really helped bring the life back into my skin.
  5. Only negative is the price

    This foundation feels like a mineral foundation, it is so light to wear, covers and leaves my skin glowing however the price is what will stop me buying it again. I'm happy to pay more for foundation however this one is just too much.
    Great product though!
  6. Dry skin HG

    For context: I have really dry skin that is recently experiencing a bit of sensitivity.

    This foundation gives amazing HD finish, ideal for close ups photos. More importantly, it doesn't dry my skin out! I've been using it for approximately a year now and every time I want to try a new foundation, I always end up coming back to this. You don't that awful dried-up feeling that you can get with other foundations when you take it off at the end of the day, and somehow occasionally my skin looks better than it did before I applied the foundation. I'd say the level of coverage is medium, but I think this can be build up.
    I found the best way to apply this foundation is to squeeze out two pea-sized dots and then apply with wet beauty sponge. Make sure to shake before squeezing the tube as the foundation can separate.
    The packaging probably isn't my favourite design because of my partiality for pretty glass bottles, however it is incredibly convenient for travelling.
    I don't have anything bad to say about this foundation (except for the colour range) and if you have dry skin I think it's definitely worth the investment. My absolute HG for sure!
  7. Skin-like coverage with impressive skin treatment benefits

    This review is specifically for my skin type which is lipid dry and does not produce visible surface oil, is blemish free, has very fine pores, some fine lines, some freckles and no dry patches. My skin care routine consists of oil, oil and more oil.

    On my skin, this foundation was lovely. It gives a sheen for about 10 minutes (very rare) and then dries matte. People have described this as 'like your own skin but better'. This is a good description. I use a pea-size amount which gives a light coverage. You can still see skin and freckles clearly. It does not look like foundation on the skin, does not settle into lines and skin just looks 'perfected'.

    The very fine consistency of this product leant itself best to finger application. I would not try and build this to a medium coverage as I think it would defeat the purpose of this product and also be an expensive way to use this foundation. I did have to re-apply on cheeks, nose and chin after 3-4 hours but this is usual for me as I'm a serial face toucher.

    If you need additional coverage for the occasional blemish or redness, buy the Moisture Fit Concealer with this. It didn't dry out like other concealers do on my skin and it is more suited to the consistency of this very fine textured foundation. However, like the foundation, I did need to reapply through the day.

    In terms of colours, I bought the 112 which is slightly pale. I'm a yellow-based fair skin and a more correct shade would be a mix of 112 and 113. The concealer is 02-Light which is a perfect match for my skin colour. I normally use I2 in Shiseido or a mix of 110 and 120 in Maybelline's Fit Me foundation.

    If your dry skin is in good condition with no dry patches, this is a beautiful skin-like foundation with a light, natural coverage. It will not cover blemishes if your aim is to hide them and I would recommend the Moisture Fit concealer for slight redness/pigmentation. The real benefit of this foundation is that it makes your skin look better after you remove it. I'm really not sure how that works but it does.
  8. Great brand for plae skin

    After purchasing the Aqua Foundation in this brand, I jumped online in excitement to try more of their products. I wanted something with a little more coverage, so I opted for this one in the same colour. Yes it was thicker, but you don't get as much product for your money. I also found if I smoothed it on in a thin layer, it really wasn't too much different in coverage to the Aqua Foundation! But it can be built upon.
  9. KimK's favourite = My favourite

    When I saw that KimK's Makeup Artist uses this foundation for her, I knew I had to have it! And after using it a couple of times, you'd want it too! If you've got dry skin, this product goes on like a dream, providing just the right amount of coverage and hydration. Its medium to full coverage and a little goes a long way. The only thing is they don't have a wide shade range which is a bummer!
  10. Dreamy full coverage for dry skin

    If you want HD full coverage but hate fiddling around with professional foundation formulas or find that they're too heavy for your skin, you're going to be delighted by this one. Best for normal to dry, and very dry skin types, Moisture Foundation gives medium to full coverage without irritating the skin.

    While it's not the best foundation for me, as I prefer lighter coverage and I can get oily throughout the day, this stuff looks INCREDIBLE on camera and to cover up redness and discolouration. This is my go-to event foundation, as it gives a matte finish without looking flat or fake, but you definitely need to set this one if you don't have dry skin!

    Another bonus - the lightest shades run extremely light! If you normally struggle to find a shade that matches you and your skintone is both light & pink-toned, you'll love this. My skintone leans a bit too yellow for the 001 shade to be a perfect match tone-wise, but colour level wise it was great!

    The best way that I found to use this was very sparingly (one tube lasts forever) and treat it like a concealer - concentrate the product where you need it, blend it out as much as you can, and focus on the centre of your face.

    If you want full coverage this foundation will give it to you while maintaining a skin-like finish - but if your skin can get oily make sure you set this well!

    I'm giving this 5 stars because although my skin is a bit too yellow and the wrong skin type for this, it's a seriously fantastic foundation and one I'd whole-heartedly recommend to dry skin types.
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