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Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque 125ml 125ml

4.6 of 93 reviews


4 instalments of $11.50


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4 instalments of $11.50


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Minimise pores, draw out impurities and promote a healthy complexion with the Kiehl's Rare Earth Cleansing Masque. Ideal for normal to combination skin types, this mask features Amazonian White Clay and Bentonite to purify and detox skin, removing bacteria, toxins, excess oils and dead skin cells in the skin that can often be the cause of breakouts. Added Aloe Vera and Oatmeal work to soothe and comfort skin, this purifying masque will leave your complexion clear, soft and smooth. 

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SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque 125ml

Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque 125ml

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4.6 of 93 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



After I used it, I realised my skin very good. My pores are tighter, clean and clear. My skin feels smooth and soft even days later.

Most Helpful Criticism

Still on the fence


I love clay masks for my super oily and acne prone skin and I thought I should try this out, afterall it has great reviews. It is a very thick mask that comes in a jar. It should last you a long time considering the size of it. I applied a thick layer to my damp, clean face and let it dry for 30 minutes. It is not the easiest mask to remove, I had to rub for a long time. Unfortunately I did find that my breakouts increased the next day and I don't know if this means it is cleaning my skin or not but I prefer to stay away from it.
  1. Great!


    After I used it, I realised my skin very good. My pores are tighter, clean and clear. My skin feels smooth and soft even days later.
  2. Great Clay Mask


    This came highly recommended by a friend. It's a little bit lighter in texture than most clay masks I've used, but my skin always feels fresher and clarified after using it.
  3. Fave clay mask


    This is my fave clay mask! It doesnt bother my sensitive dry skin and has a very nice smooth texture that is easy to apply and to remove. It leaves my skin feeling soft and clean and not harsh at all. I typically only use it in the summer and it really helps keep my skin fresh
  4. Great clay


    Great clay! You can actually feel it doing things to your skin. My face feels fresh and clean after using this - definitely recommended. The ONLY issue is washing it off and not getting it in your hair but I’m pretty clumsy so maybe that’s just me being an idiot.
  5. Absolutely amazing


    This is an absolute amazing mask! My pores look clear and visibly smaller. Skin is bright and glowy! Love t
  6. Great for large pores


    This mask works wonders if you have large pores or combinations skin. I will be definitely buying this mask again.
  7. great product for pores


    is clean, the skin feel good and refreshed, not tight after use but i can feel the bouncy on the my skin too. i just dont like the masque is everywhere when they dry and when i clean my face, making my whole towel dirty.
  8. Favourite mask


    This is my HG clay mask. While I have eczema, rosacea and dehydrated skin, I still get clogged pores and blackheads. This manages to help make my skin clearer without irritating. Love that it's fragrance free, too, which seems to be super hard to find in a clay mask. Not only that, but it really delivers - it works really well in bringing any deep, under the skin pimples, to a head much faster and...
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  9. Great


    This improves my pore size, skin tone and complexion. It's really amazing for oily skin
  10. weekly masque reunite itme


    i do use it 1-2 in a week at night. you should apply good moisturizing cream after this masuue for sure.
  11. Big fan


    Super nourishing and soft on my delicate skin. Leaves my face feeling refreshed, brightened and moisturised. Love it
  12. Just can’t go past Kiehl’s!


    I love Kiehl’s so I might be a bit biased, but I also have very high expectations of their products, and this definitely delivers. I use it about once a week and it’s a great clay masque for detoxifying after a good cleanse and exfoliate. It leaves my skin super soft and the next couple of days people actually tell me my skin is glowing.
    I don’t wear makeup often so having great skin is pre...
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  13. Awesome


    very thick and absorbent from oily acne-prone skin cleans my pores right out and i notice fewer pimples coming out after continuous use
  14. Nice mask


    I like this mask as it’s very gentle but effective. I can see the different after using it, my skin becomes clearer but I don’t think I can see the pore reduction effect.
  15. Amazing


    Great for nose black heads as well as enlarged pores around my face
  16. Great mask


    This is a great mask for people with oily acne prone skin. It helps to minimize pores and leaves your skin feeling fresh. It draws out the oils and leaves you with a smooth radiant complexion. However, don’t over use this product as it can dry your skin out too much. I find using it ever 4 nights is enough. It comes in a large jar and will last you forever!
  17. My go-to mask for years!


    I've tried them all, and I keep coming back to this mask - it really cleans your skin/draws out all the nasties while hydrating at the same time. I love how fresh my skin looks when I've used this mask. Suggest using a cotton pad or sponge to help rinse it off, otherwise it can take a wihle if you just try to rinse it off. Can't recommend this mask enough!
  18. Leaves you feeling so fresh


    My skin always feels amazing after using this product, I feel as though it does what it says it will do!
  19. Better than glam glow


    Better than glam glow in my opinion. Less drying but does the job.
  20. Awesome results


    The clay smells a little bit funny but it works! Pores definitely seem smaller after just one use. It also leaves skin super soft afterwards! Will definitely be part of my weekly routine!
  21. True to Its Word


    Bought this during humid summer time in Qld when my generally normal/combination skin was at times becoming oily. I felt like my pores were clogged (not matter how much niacinamide serum I applied) and I was getting a few breakouts.
    Luckily, this worked a treat!
    Does exactly what it says...
    Feels like it is sucking all the nasties out and leaves skin feeling smooth.
    So ef...
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  22. Quite strong


    I have combination and acne prone skin. This masque is quite strong when I first tried. However, it does what it says, it absorbs all the impurities off my skin and make my skin feels very clear. i use this once a week and it has improve my skin a lot. Highly recommend.
  23. Admitted Addict


    I once bought this on impulse in duty free at an airport while a flight was delayed. I have been a die-hard lover ever since. I use it maybe 1-2 times per week, it goes on beautifully and leaves my skin feeling incredible afterwards. My skin tone has improved so much since starting to use this, and the midnight recovery product. Just bought a second jar to keep my skin fresh this winter!
  24. calms my skin


    I have a little pore issue around the nose and I use this for that and it works great. I quite like the smell of this mask too
  25. will re purchase


    I use this mask once a week and follow up by the kiehls overnight moisture mask and it is my ultimate detox if I've worn full glam makeup multiple days in a row. love love love!
  26. Great product, use it once a week.


    This is my third Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque. I prefer using it in summer when my skin type is more combination-oily. It helps remove excess oils and dead skin cells, but is not too helpful in terms of minimize pores.
  27. BIG YES


    I love masks to help unclog my pores! I have an extremely oily t zone and enlargened pores. Over time I noticed my pores begin to shrink after using this product weekly. I would recommend those that have oilier skin otherwise it may be too drying.
  28. Smooth and clean


    I like this mask because it refreshes my skin without feeling terribly tight. I will double cleanse before applying and leave it on for longer than recommended, especially on and around my nose. I have fair, combination skin with only minor oil control needed and I find it is a good fit for me outside of my regular exfoliant. I only ever get the odd pimple and I will apply rubbing alcohol with a c...
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  29. Really Useful on congested skin


    I have congested skin and occasional acne breakout.
    So I use this product once a week.
    Not only it clears up my congested skin but the acne scars do fade over time.
    Love it, it brings out the oil in pores and every time after washing it off, it leaves my skin bright, light weighted, soft and cleaned!
  30. Instant Results


    Really draws everything to the surface and you get so much in the jar it’ll last me ages!!
  31. did the job

    perfecting skin

    results from this masque were okay but not so extraordinary. i think it will do its job but slowly. it does makes ur skin looks fresher and clean but i was expecting it to reduce the inflammation of my pimples just a little bit. but i guess it would do that after more frequent use. i have dry and sensitive skin and this masque does not irritate my skin
  32. Love this mask!


    I adore this mask as a traditional clay mask. It's fantastic at drawing out impurities and leaving your skin feeling squeaky clean. I have oily, acne-prone skin and I find when I use this mask, the next day my skin is a lot clearer and calmer if I do have any breakouts lurking. Dries down to a clay and is very easy to wash off as well!
  33. Detox


    Draw out impurities and cleanse the skin making pores smaller
  34. fresh, instant results.


    this is a staple piece, instantly leaves my skin looking refreshed and pores smaller and tight.
    Has helped with blackheads a whole heap too.
  35. Still on the fence


    I love clay masks for my super oily and acne prone skin and I thought I should try this out, afterall it has great reviews. It is a very thick mask that comes in a jar. It should last you a long time considering the size of it. I applied a thick layer to my damp, clean face and let it dry for 30 minutes. It is not the easiest mask to remove, I had to rub for a long time. Unfortunately I did find t...
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  36. Really works


    Really draws everything to the surface and you get so much in the jar it’ll last me ages!!
  37. Gentle mask


    Slightly disappointed with this mask. I think I’m used to more strong masks which you can really feel working and see the difference immediately. This mask didn’t do that. Maybe good that it’s more gentle? Not what I was after but i will continue to use as I like having a mask in my routine and don’t want to waste it.
  38. Experienced an increase in breakouts :(


    I bought this mask roughly over 3 weeks ago and used it around 4 times. I had to stop though as the mask caused an increase in my breakouts. I have combination skill and bought this product to try and minimize the breakouts. I know a lot of people commented that they experienced more breakouts during the initial use however they persisted and it seems to work. I have given it a rest for the time b...
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  39. A pore tightener


    Nice clay mask, little tingling when first applied but after you wash can def see the results. Tightens pores well.
  40. Classic clay mask


    I have tried a few clay masks over time, and this one is the best of those - but for my combination/sensitive skin I found it a little stripping - particularly in the cooler months. It was perfect in summer for those blocked pores/breakouts you get from sweat & sunscreen!
  41. Use for your face and body


    I use this mask on my face and my back because I can feel it drawing out all the gunk. Because you get such a generous amount, you can easily get your whole back covered multiple times
  42. Fantastic value for money!


    I have tried a LOT of face masks and this is by far my favourite. I am a mum and my skin always looks very dull and tired (lack of sleep will do that) but since using this my skin has actually become far more plump and glowy! I use this once or twice a week when I feel like my skin needs a pick-me-up or if I get a breakout, and NO JOKE my pimple is ‘deflated’ the next morning.
    Not to mentio...
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  43. Easy & nice mask


    This mask is a great clay mask - lovely to put on and skin feels great after! It always brings all my pimples to the surface - works great.
  44. It is okay


    I used this in hope for really deep cleansing my pores on my chin, which can be my acne prone area at times. Although this mask feels nice to put on, there is no significant effect after washing it off.. I still see whiteheads on my chin.. I used this weekly for about 3 months now and I haven’t seen improvements yet. I’ll still continue to use it weekly because it feels nice while I have it on my ...
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  45. Makes your skin feel super soft and clean


    I love this addition to my weekly beauty routine. My skin was going through a really bad breakout, on top of generally having a rough texture with little bumps. My skin feels smoother and fresher and over a few days the little bumps disappeared.
  46. Reaction


    Purchased as Christmas present for my daughter. She experienced a nasty reaction immediately after using and required a prescribed cream to treat. Redness and irritation is still visible a week later and I have to pay $8 return postage to get a refund from Adore. No confidence in purchasing unknown products from Adore anymore. I will be sticking with Myer and David Jones for free returns.
  47. Clean black head


    This mask is amazing! When I first use it I found the blackhead on my nose seems smaller and clear( even though not completely disappeared) I’m very satisfied to see it makes a difference to my stubborn black heads!
  48. Number one go to mask


    This mask is great.
    I've always struggled with stubborn black heads that NO MATTER what I do, they won't budged.
    I bought this in the hopes that it would help and I'm glad I bought it.
    This isn't those promised 'BAM and they are gone' type masks. I use this a couple times a week and I've noticed a considerable change in my skin. My black heads are coming out a lot easier, my po...
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  49. LOVE!


    I absolutely LOVE this mask! I've tried a lot of masks but this is the best one by far. It's gentle but really works on your pores. The masks I've tried in the past always promised to help clean your pores but most of them never worked and if they did, it felt very harsh on your face.
  50. Amazing


    Ive been using this mask for few months and I love it. My skin feels cleaner and softer and my pimples dried out.
  51. Great value deep cleanse


    I was looking for an alternative to the very pricey sand and sky pink sand mask and think I have found it. This mask comes in a large tub, goes on smooth, is unscented and seems to do a good job of cleaning out my pores. I am enjoying it so far and definitely a cost effective alternative!
  52. Didn't work


    Felt nice on my skin and didn't cause any irritation ( I have very sensitive skin ) however, after using the mask twice my skin starting breaking out really bad. Stopped using and my skin cleared up so have put it down to this mask causing it.
  53. Great mask, a bit pricey


    This is no doubt a great mask for decongesting and deep cleansing your skin. Having combination/oily skin and love Kiehl's products, I gave it a try and has gone through half the pot. I love it, it does everything it says, however, I've discovered that there are other Australian products that can do the same with a fractional cost (Swisse manuka detoxifying for example), so I won't be purchasing a...
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  54. Good at bringing acne to surface


    Beware when first using the mask it will bring any acne to the surface of your skin, making your face look worst than before. However, this might be what you need to clear your skin. Also, this mask only requires a small amount, therefore it can last up to a year.
  55. Holy grail of clay masks


    This clay mask is unlike any I have ever tried! It provides such a deep cleanse and leaves my face feeling super smooth. The texture of skin has improved and my pores have drastically minimised.
  56. Good for any skin


    Both my husband and I use this mask. He has oily skin and I have normal/dry skin and we both like it. It doesn’t dry out your skin too much either, it basically just freshens it. Helps with pimples too!
  57. Amazing


    Absolutely adore this mask! My go to mask for when I just want to have super clean skin!
  58. Beautiful


    Such great value for the price! Large tub that lasts for ages! You only need a tiny amount! It says to use it once a week but I like to use it twice weekly to suck out all the grime and grease from my pores. My skin is so radiant after, pores definitely cleaner and smaller. I feel really special after using this! First time I’ve starting using masks again in years and after much research this one ...
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  59. Amazing


    I've tried many face masks and this one is by far my favourite. After one use my skin felt instantly better
  60. New favourite


    I originally used the dernalogica charcoal mask, which was great. However I was in the market for something more affordable but just as effective. I found Kiehl's deep pore cleansing clay mask and I was very excited to try it. Firstly, the product is very affordable. The entire tub has lasts me so long ( so far 3 months and I'm not even half way through). Secondly, it works!. My skin is significan...
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  61. Nice mask


    I have oily combo skin, especially enlarged pores in my t zone. This does a good job at cleaning out my pores but I have used better clay masks. However at this price and value, I cannot fault this product. This leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh, great for summer time use.
  62. Tightens pores like nothing else!


    I leave this on for a bit longer than recommended and I don't break out, but my skin feels so incredibly soft and my pores are 1000x smaller! This also reduces my forehead wrinkles heaps- love, love love!!!
  63. Really happy


    This is a great product. I have never been a fan of face masks but this one has changed my thinking and made me a big fan of Kiehl’s product. I got it as a sample and will order the full pack now. Thanks Kiehl’s and Adore beauty.
  64. No ordinary Clay mask


    This clay mask is unlike any I have ever tried! it cleans and detoxes the skin so deeply. This paired with my new favourite peel has given me the best skin of my life. I am getting less hormonal breakouts and the texture of skin and little bumps have all disappeared.
  65. Absolutely amazing, I have recommended to all my friends already


    I brought this product after months of research and I have never looked back!
    I have used multiple other masks and yeah they made my skin feel soft, but then eventually oil and really they did nothing. Then I tried this and it makes your skin soft, doesn’t hurt sensitive skin, you can see that it is taking the oils and dead skin off! But the best thing is I brought this when I had a lot of ...
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  66. Detox mask!


    Great detox face mask to clean pores and tighten skin!
  67. Love this


    I really like this mask! Glad that you can use it more than once a week and my skin doesn't get overly sensitised! Lasts ages too!
  68. Yes!


    Such a good product! I like to rub it in a swirly motion before I let it dry to really get it into my pores. But after I remove it my skin is so clear and bright it's almost magic. Love this product from Kiehl's
  69. I keep coming back to this


    Mud masks are the trend right now, however no matter what I use, I find myself coming back to this pore cleansing masque. there is so much product in this tub , it never ends. I have oily skin and use this on my t-zone and chin on a weekly basis, and then all over the face once a month.

    I love how clean my face feels after using it, and instantly brighter. I would recommend this as ...
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  70. wow wow wow


    This mask has to be one of my absolute favourites. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean with results of minimised pores. It deeply cleans the face, pulling all the excess oil and left my skin feeling firmer.
  71. great mask


    I adore this clay mask! Better than any of the others I've tried (although admittedly I haven't exactly tried them all). It gives the skin a deep and thorough cleanse right down to the bottom of the pores! I have delicate sensitive skin that usually is clear, but every so often I do need a clay mask. I find it really amazing for after I've been wearing a lot of products and my skin needs a proper ...
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  72. Amazing product


    Just used this masque for the first time today and I am so amazed at how my skin looks after just one use. Pores already look smaller! Don't need much so will last ages! Would highly recommend.
  73. Is this the best mask in the world?


    WOW! I tried this for the first time last night and was BLOWN AWAY! I have used so many masks and mud treatments over the years, and this is hands down the most incredible one ever. After just one use my pores were clearer, blackheads diminished and pore size less noticeable. It didn't aggravate my sensitive skin, didn't leave my skin feeling dry, and hasn't given me a break out the day after. Lov...
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  74. Favourite product ever


    I have never been happier with a product in my life.
    I struggle with huge pores and blackheads, and not matter what I try that is supposed to work, nothing works! Nothing except this mask! I add it into my skin routine about once a week (twice if my skin is having a rough time) and it works wonders. It has noticeably cleaned my pores and shrunk them dramatically! Not only that, it helps a lo...
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  75. Love


    Love this stuff. The mask is so good and my skin always looks better after I use it.
  76. Great mask


    My skin has been really troublesome lately so I decided to give this Kiehl's mask a go. I'm glad I did, my skin feels less oily and smooth after each use. My skin has begun to clear as I have been using the mask more often combined with the Rare Earth daily cleanser.

    Given the size of the tub, and the fact limited product is needed per use, I think it will last quite a long time and ...
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  77. Amazing!


    This mask is absolutely amazing! My skin feels so soft and clean after using this.
    It took a couple of uses to see the positive effects, but it was worth the wait.


    I am 25 years old with oily skin and get whiteheads around my mouth/jaw line that leave red marks. I recently changed my pill and even after 4 months, was having new pimples pop up overnight, every night. I had tried a bunch of things and was looking at trying the sand & sky pink clay mask but wanted something cheaper. After reading the reviews on this I purchased it and couldn’t be happier! Liter...
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  79. Impurities be gone


    Seriously works. Brings pimples and blackheads to the surface super quickly, and gets them out within the day. I've noticed a lot of my blemishes, etc will hang around for weeks otherwise. It's a very strong product, so don't need to use very often. Great value for money.
  80. lovely!


    This makes my skin feel so clean and soft! m=My poles feel refines and I love the sensation when you put it on your skin! Doesn't smell weird like some masks!
  81. It does its job


    I have fairly clear, even skin and this mask is just a nice finisher once or twice a week to help my skin feel clean and fresh. It’s not a ‘wow’ product but it does the job. I think next time I’d purchase something different as I was looking for a mask to help minimise pores appearance.
  82. Amazing


    I have tried several brands of this type of mud/clay mask (Think Sephora and Vichy) and Kiehl's brand is by far the best! Such high quality ingredients and I love the experience of using this product. Slightly warming sensation upon application and a little goes a long way. My favorite things about this mask are that there is no overwhelming scent and the texture of the mask itself is so creamy an...
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  83. Amazing


    After using this mask only once, my skin feels cleaner, clearer and looks airbrushed! It has helped my blackheads already and cleared away any bacteria and pimples! My skin feels fantastic and it looks great!
  84. Awesome mask


    This leaves your skin feeling amazing. Its safe to use regularly without drying your skin out, its gentle but definitely gets the job done. Skin is left refreshed and squeeky clean.
  85. Lovely


    Because I simply must try every clay mask ever made - and will immediately rush out and buy anything with "pore cleansing" in the name - I bought this direct from Kiehl's last year. They even printed my name on the jar, which was a nice touch, and filled the delivery bag with potpourri - which I promptly got all over the carpet.

    This is indeed a lovely mask: effective and non-drying....
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  86. Love this mask

    Jestastic via kiehls.com.au

    This is the first clay mask I've used that actually doesn't completely dry my skin out, but still leaves it feeling cleansed. I'm in love.
  87. My favourite mask!

    Nick via kiehls.com.au

    I always look forward to using this mask each week as I have oily skin during the day and it really feels like it's doing something and I can definitely see the benefits. It's refreshingly cooling and unlike other clay masks, it is extremely light and feels amazing on. Another plus is tub lasts for a really long time! worth every cent!
  88. First Time User - but not without experience

    SkinCare Lover via kiehls.com.au

    I am professional from corporate in the natural skin care industry so I am very aware of the ranges of product out there. I therefore have high expectations on efficacy of any product in this category. I have great skin. I'm 38 and am often mistaken for my early to mid 20's based on my skins health. So for me to get notable visible result can be tricky. I've also been using extremely good products...
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  89. Best clay mask!

    Allyglowstick via kiehls.com.au

    I have purchased it a few times now. At first when I started using it I didn't think it was working but after a couple of weeks of using it twice a week my face was not oily (I have the oiliest t section, and the rest is dry) and it didn't dry out the areas that are normally dry. Even though I use it twice a week it has lasted for about 6 months! I love this mask and will continue to repurchase it...
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  90. Gets to work quickly!

    GraceCD via kiehls.com.au

    I’ve used the mask 4 times over two weeks and I can already see a considerable reduction in my pores and blackheads around my nose and chin, even my partner has commented on how clear my skin is looking.

    It’s a great big pot and you only need a thin layer, I can see it lasting a long time!
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