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Envious of those gorgeous loose waves every celebrity seems to be rocking these days? KEVIN.MURPHY has come to the rescue!

The KEVIN.MURPHY Wave.Clip is a revolutionary multipurpose tool that smoothes frizz and flyways, perfecting your natural curls, or created smooth waves on straight hair by adding soft movement without minus the frizz. This clip can create polished waves on straight hair by adding movement without frizz or flyaways.


WAVE.CLIP allows you to create a modern beach wave or make unruly hair have a more uniform finish. The hair will be smooth and fly-aways are kept to a minimum.


Simply section hair and click a KEVIN.MURPHY Wave.Clip onto the section after applying some product and heat with your hair dryer. Voila! Drop dead gorgeous hair, without the use of hot irons or tongs!

Please note clips are only available for purchase in single units at this time. It is recommended that 4 - 8 clips are used at a time, depending on hair length and thickness.


1 clip

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Works quickly but a little tricky for fine hair. - 10-08-2014 by

Kevin Murphy Wave Clips are an interesting product because you don't need to leave them in for to long and you can put them into dry hair, so no need to wait for wet hair to dry. They are a little tricky to use in fine hair (or layered hair) as the clips can weigh the hair down and 'slip out' or the clip may not grasp all the strands.

You definitely need to secure the ends of your hair with an additional clip if you have fine hair (like me), which is a little annoying. The actual clips give a mermaid-like wave more than, say, a retro wave. Overall though, Kevin Murphy Wave Clips are not a bad product and they don't break the bank.

Easy to use - 05-06-2014 by

I only purchased two of these clips as I was septical if they would work with hair extensions. But after a few go's at using them they achieved exactly the look I thought they would, so now I've bought more :)

Good product - 14-10-2012 by

Worked ok but needed to have them in my hair for longer or hold the dryer on for longer then kevin murphy suggested on his you tube clip. But I loved the look they created

did what it claimed - 24-09-2012 by

Good for longer hair not a great choice for someone with short or medium length hair

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